Quarantine Earth: Genetic Next Dimension for ET and AI Survival:

Physics of Plasma Negentropy - Key to AI vs Self Empowerment

"IF there is a FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE between biological evolution and machine evolution- we are going to need to get crystal clear on that real fast- if humanity is to survive recognizeably"

Some say AI is not a problem as long as humans direct it- BUT if humans don't actually know what differentiates human from machine evolution- then we say- disaster looms quickly.

by Dan Winter - inventor of commercially global implosion technologies- plasma rejuvenation theraphi.net , water theimploder.com , brainwaves flameinmind.com , more: implosiongroup.com

Oct, 2019 , this article is a prequel to fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood <Dan Winter updated summary of the state of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth.


In this amazing new wide ranging intelligent interview of Dan Winter with Patrick Haize- we cover Aura Health / Plasma Projection / Kundalini Physics / Trauma Healing / ET Current Events - and Teaching Psychic Kids- - the AI Coherence article: (below) fractalfield.com/aicontroltheonlyescape/ , Teaching kids EEG for Psychic Perception www.flameinmind.com/outervision Kundalini Physics www.goldenmean.info/kundalini

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-- With the exploding problem of AI - Artificial Intelligence - and the so called Borg centered soul-less nature of current Earth governments - it becomes clear that some definitive physics
may be the only alternative to humanity on Earth being mechanically "AI" swallowed by their own failure to understand the electrical physics of biological life and the evolution of mind.
We have spoken of this problem extensively - both in terms of why religion wars are inevitable until there is a true shared physics of spirituality (see 'Ending Religion Wars') - and also in terms of why the very concept of politics and government have a solid biological definition - which is absolutely not understood by Earth's governments: namely the the physics of the ability to radiate a coherent collective ('bliss' ) plasma field. This is the ONLY possible way to navigate for a beehive swarming or a starling bird flock murmuration. That collective flock navigation by coherence field- literally the real meaning of BODY POLIS- or POLITICS by bliss field- is abolutely the climax possible form of government- and so completely transcends our childish notions of government- that the ignorance of every government on this planet to that physics is why one of the fastest way to get put in jail in practically any country on this planet- is to teach a large group of people HOW to have collective and synchronized bliss. Governments (example China) - IMMEDIATELY recognize that ANY collective bliss process which actually succeed and propagate- is by definition a REPLACEMENT for government! This is because biologically self aware plasma implosion (individual and group bliss) - BIOLOGICALLY DEFINES SELF DIRECTION! The new information here- is that this is PRECISELY the biologic evolution climax of forms of government - AND what needs to happen if Earth humanity is to become anything but a borg machine AI empire ( rather like a Star Wars - ending gone wrong). As we have documented the phyics exhaustively- not only is bliss or charge radiance by implosion- the ONLY real way to get immune health (creating for example the implosive bliss induced fractal harmonic inclusiveness in HRV which is practically the ONLY way to categorically measure immune health) - AND the only way to evolve the longitudinal emf coherence bubble- which is the ONLY part of us that measureably survives- and takes memory through death! ( goldenmean.info/immortality )

Once Aura Growth and Measurement is scientifically understood and properly medically assessed, science can finally use the correct legal / medical criteria not just to determine whether we are growing immune health- viability / but also measure the plasma cocoon which takes us to lucid dreaming and immortality. This is the real plasma physics of spirituality- and the only way to connect with science- ensoulment and spirituality to political decisions. (and to defeat 'the borg' with the real meaning of humanity).
Supporting collective bliss is the only REAL PHYSICS OF POLITICS!: In effect then our POLITICS will actually deserve its name- what bee swarms have known since creation- you do NOT HAVE A BODY POLIS- until the collective hive has enough plasma coherence- LIERALLY COLLECTIVE BLISS- TO BE NAVIGABLE AS A COLLECTIVE PLASMA COCOON!
www.auraseer.com , theraphi.net/updated-london-theraphi-gdv-study-shows-28-increased-body-energyaura-20-min/

The purpose of this article is to move the physics with further clarity: -electrically defining the difference between biologic evolution vs the actual soul-less limitations of AI evolution. And then we - electrically define HOW 'evolution into the next dimension' for DNA (braid embedded by the phonons of bliss) - actually introduces us to the gravity physics of propulsion- which differentiates- how we navigate as a soul group- with the SAME (Hanibu / mercury vortex) propulsion physics which allowed the Nazi's to take over South Pole- and now their huge Nazi base on Ceres (largest asteroid between Mars and Jupiter) ref: Jason Rice. This spreading human virus- is profoundly symbolic of the problem of Earth quarantine - in part enforced by the quarantine which our physics caused on Earth- by refusing to learn 'why objects fall to the ground'. If they don't have a clue- how to actually navigate gravity- they CANNOT know how soul groups- and living plasma - take wing. In effect - it is precisely THIS stupidity which condemns our race to the soul-less AI disaster (which our ET friends assure us is a galaxy wide problem). >Tell your kids- the star navigators must convene NOW! ..They will be enthused- but then tell them to do it - they MUST learn what Einstein didn't: why objects fall to the ground.

Essential to our dilemna is the refusal of human physics to understand that "A plasma cloud can be alive and have a mind / navigation of its own" . Because of this- we don't teach our children how to talk to -ghosts, -elementals,- ball lightning - and more. This is a disaster for humanity- whose elementals appropriately regard us as 'drunk' for not working with them- as for this reason precisely our tornados go unsteered .- & the rain doesn't get made! (as California burns) - AND we continue to be subjected to stupid engineers- looking for THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE- when these engineers do not have the first clue how to electrically design a ghost. Designing a spirit (tell DAEMEN COLLEGE- in Buffalo- a name I chose- we now have the REAL meaning for their name!) - absolutely REQUIRES understanding how plasma can implode and become 'self aware'. The NEW information for our electrical engineers (of which I am one) - is that electrical circuits in computers as we know them today- HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO POSSIBILITY OF BIRTHING / LAUNCHING LIVING PLASMA! ( the closest human civilization has come to that so far- in my view is at theraphi.net ). Of course some will say there will eventually be forms of quantum computing which could implode living plasma negentropically - but I remain highly skeptical there will EVER be a machine which gives a human/ shaman the tornado steering / star inhabiting centripetal force/ plasma power which comes from real biologic bliss and enlightenment.

SO- those same electrical engineers looking for evolution- in computer circuits, without knowledge of the evolution of living plasma - are doomed - to repeat the ('borg') disaster- called the ORION WARS- - which our ET friends call the 'expansion wars' ( see inset quote below). This is a MUCH bigger picture than Earth local history - my early work -orion history - goldenmean.info/orion became goldenmean.info/invasion - more recently fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood . Even today- our ET sources tell us the Draco- key players in the scourage to humanity of the Orion wars ( cause of the humanoid disaspora from Lyra) - admit- even their key challenge- is dealing with ubiquitous AI control! Our friends the Ummites ( see introduction- to their sciences ummo-sciences.org , notably ummo-sciences.org/livres/LIVRES_UAJ/ , Oummo - livre 5 - Technologie - V1.pdf try Chrome' autotranslate)- seem to make no apology for the fact it is their AI control which tells them when to live- and when they must die.

By way of studying the physics turning points - in AI history - it is immensely instructive- to see how the key sacred tools of history - like - the ark of the covenant, the Kaba stone (which when ground was Kelley's alchemic red powder), black goo, Dee's shew stone, etc- even the so called cup of the grail- all have one necessary electrical feature: implosive capacitance / very high dielectric constant. Today - the holy grail of science- is to make a machine that can think. Yet those same confused scientists are without a clue WHY golden ratio in EEG ( flameinmind.com ) - identifies and teaches how thoughts are processed most densely (charge implosion / peak perception / bliss). Plasma implosion (and resulting negentropy / self-awareness) - are the ORIGIN of thinking- just like phase conjugation - is the ORIGIN of perception ( fractalfield.com/conjugateperception ,also see my lecture to hundreds of vision scientists- with powerpoint: theraphi.net/plasma-and-vision-dans-premier-university-lecture-for-2019-frequency-key-to-feed-the-eyes/

The gravity of this phyics is simple - the way the famous Vimana / Nazi Bell / Hanibu 'mercury vortex' flew- (discussion fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood ) - was pumping implosive hydrodynamic / magnetic flux (red iron powder doped mercury) - on the golden spiral on the vortex- which is the origin of mechanical propulsion ( so called 'impulse power'- equations for hydraulic propulsion fractalfield.com/propulsion ) - for the same reason it is the origin of sacred alphabets (Hebrew / Sanskrit) www.goldenmean.info/dnaring . Namely that choosing propulsion vector directions is the ONLY tool you have to steer WHEN you are a plasma cloud (which in addition to pretty much describing the useful part of the human brain, is ALL you are when you dream and when you die - AND is what the non-heavy metal / only advanced - ET craft are made of). Star navigators- like the lucid dreamers who designed the galaxy map at the ceiling of Dendera, centuries ago (see goldenmean.info/gravitycode ) - start with the book Psychonavigation- and finish with Jedi (propulsion) School physics ( jedischool.science ).

Those brave enough to study the Ummo physics of propulsion above will note their craft propulsion is clearly a simple torus (likely analog to Vimana/Nazi Bell 'mercury vortex' principle) nested inside of conjugate gas argon cushioning. This need for cushioning suggests their magnetic propulsion toroidal inertial field has not reached the critical threshold where you take your own inertial field with you- so you don't feel acceleration in the turn (advanced ET craft often witnessed turning on a dime at incredible speeds). I speculate this limitation in the Ummite physics is directly related to their succumbing to AI control - which is I believe part of why our United Federation of Planets- has warned Earth humans greatest danger with the Ummites- is being sucked in to their AI control. I speculate (speculation only- have not studied enough) those famous Ummites- in fact COULD NOT produce the plasma steering, star inhabiting, tornado steering, - plasma projection which characterizes human bliss /enlightenment! We would suggest more confidence in the branch of (hundreds) of Zetas/ 'greys'- call Ponti - who offer a specific curriculum for humans to learn alpha EEG- critical to telepathy AND bliss (part of our flameinmind.com brainwave biofeedback training).

The more evolved 'warp' form of propulsion ( see Bill's book: Kowskey Frost /crystal propulsion fractalfield.com/propulsion )- allow this evolution. Lithium niobate conjugate dielectrics (Star War's Niobium) - are an example- of super high dielectric materials which are then implosively susceptible to the necessary phase conjugate pump wave trigger. The Kowsky frost crystal made 800 times its own weight in gravity propulsion. This is a more direct introduction to the longitudinal by conjugation EMF - interferometry which is the deep physics of star gates and portals (the only true wave mechanics of real action at a distance - which Einstein tried to condemn in his ignorance by calling it 'spooky'). A simpler example would be the structural cavity dielectric effect of certain insect skeletons which make their own gravity www.goldenmean.info/gravitypolitics

Herein lies the gravity of our main point - I am suggesting: AFTER We Define the (gravity making) Physics of Conscious Growth- THEN Earth Humans Might be Something More than a Pig Farm for ET's and AI.

==at this point in our discussion I would like to draw attention to exerpts from the following segment HUMANITY's CHALLENGE- from our stellar MEDiator friend: 'Quickly Brushed Celestial History' ( I have noted by underlining 3 specific phrases whose physics I would like to explicate)

Med (Interstellar Mediator)- project- ref: https://involutionproject.wordpress.com/pdfs-audios/ -- n° 5 – Humanity’s Challenge at the Dawn of the OFC

letter - involutionproject.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/en-2019-09-19-lalettre-5-humanitys-challenge-1.pdf

exerpt - - " Here is, a short, quickly brushed part of Celestial History:
...millions of years ago, powerful conquering species arrived from another universe, in the Lyra constellation and Sun Vega. The arrival of the Alpha-Draconians (Lineage of Dragons) and Urmahs (Lineage of Felines) triggered the Great Wars of Orion and resulted in what the stellars call the 'Great Expansion'. The Lyrian populations fled, in broken groups, and took refuge on other planets. Over time, allied species helped, drove out the invaders and drove off their descendants, including the Draconians-Kingus and Usungals (Lineage of reptiles), and imprisoned them in an electro-magnetic bubble to prevent them from colonizing other planets of the Milky Way.

The outer limits of the bubble are at the level of Van Allen belt, and it encloses the Earth. And also all that is there: fauna, flora, terrestrial extraterrestrials and ... humans. The electromagnetic bubble was put in place 10,500 years ago; it is still active and artificially maintained from the Moon by 12 nuclear generators managed by Artificial Intelligences. The Kingus and Usungals lineages, mentally and telepathically far superior to humans, hacked the Artificial Intelligence and used it for their benefit.

The hacked and transformed AI is what the researchers call the Matrix and it keeps all the inside of the bubble in 3D.
Everything that is outside the buble and beyond the Van Allen's belt is in 5D.
Everything that is inside the bubble is in 3D.

The Draconian lineages (which you call 'reptilian') developed on Earth and organized themselves in multiple clans and a pyramidal societal structure, with unique governance, which is theirs: it is the society in which you live. - Terrestrial society is not a society that you have created, but structures set up by the many reptilian clans to manage populations on Earth and control them. A little like a farmer organizing and managing his farm and the animals he has for multiple purposes: land ownership, labor, enrichment, consumption, power and all the rest.

On your side, you live within these structures you consider yours because you are educated from birth to be part of it, under penalty of finding you excluded socially. It's natural and normal: you think you're in your own society. there is no doubt. Scientists prove it, Religions make you believe it.

But it's not yours. - It is a reptilian-type construction in which you live and which you accept by consensus. In fact, from a strictly stellar point of view, humans are considered to be neither their own species nor to have their own society. And the current stake is this precise point: YOU and YOUR OWN SOCIETY. You, as an autonomous species, human members considering themselves as such, respectful of each others ; evolving in an organized unit, working, as a whole, on the construction of their own society.

Asking for help will only comfort the millions of aliens who are watching you closely, in the belief that you are not capable to build YOUR OWN SOCIETY, or fully assume who you are or your own kind. - Do you now understand the importance of the challenge?

L05.3 The 3D Transition To 5D : -We are now, in the last hours of the end of the Great Orion War, and the opening of the human race to its TRUE identity, its true reality, its true History.

The generators on the Moon are very old and they are breaking down. Eight are already out of service. Everything outside the Van Allen Belt is in 5D. Generators maintain the Earth in 3D. And as they are not repairable, EVERYTHING ON EARTH slowly finds its own energy back to 5D. Including you.

This is the real reason why everyone is talking about Ascension and why so many people are awakening to a reality still unknown until today. That's why the world is changing so quickly and why you're able to read these lines, and realize that these are the pieces of the puzzle you were missing to understand.

All generators will be out of service by 2031. There is no way back. It is final, irreversible and uncontrollable, except that the transition is slowed down so that the terrestrial populations will move calmly and gently towards this new reality. You are 65% ALREADY in 5D !!!

You now understand why the stellars MUST IMPERATIVELY show themselves out and be present; if they do not do so, the terrestrial populations will discover by then all that they do not yet SEE because the totality of the human being (vision, perception, emotion, mental, spiritual ..) is restrained and artificially reduced by 50hz to Schumann resonance and the visual spectrum will widen out ! .. Imagine the consequences !! "

It is this author's firm contention that the ONLY way to break the bonds of the reptilians and AI - keeping the 'human farm' - is to educate those humans in the self empowering physics principles behind which they are kept fenced in!

First of all if you are universally skeptical of all forms of ET communication (skepticism based on reason is noble)- I remind you the overwhelming conclusion of the astro-physics community today- is that there MUST be countlesss intelligent civilizations in our universe. I also remind you that the key parts of the above communication - echo the same ideas- coming at us from dozens of sources- like the fact that some kind of 'frequency fence' is radiating from the moon. Remember when Ingo Swann- returned from his military grade remote viewing of the back side of the moon- scared out of his pants ( - his book Penetration, also see "Why We Abandoned the Moon" , and Secretly Spying on the Moon ).

What could possibly be the physics of nuclear generators radiating control frequencies from inside the moon? In order to understand that- we must understand in general the physics of what the new age wu wu'ss say about 'being trapped in 3D' - since this is also the key concept of frequency quarantine referred to above.

So this brings us back to the essential physics of what it means to be trapped in a lower dimension. - I used my climax lecture at our international conference this year- to try to answer that question (see longitudinal science video series below).

Short thumbnal: When DNA strands are mechanically and recursively braided coherently by the measureable phonon ( heart/ brain / spine liquid) harmonics of human bliss / kundalini / peak perception- the nesting in DNA (thread to string to rope to fat rope to torus) by recursive enveloping can become conjugate / charge implosive. www.goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto This point is brought home nicely by the new fad in new car commercials where they show drivers HAIR STANDING UP with bliss. Conventional biology explanation for hair standing up - making us bigger to fight predators- argument- seems pathetic compared to the real exciting physics. Your hair stands up when you become charge implosive with bliss!! Importantly - the same physics which by braiding and recursive nesting / embedding (so called entanglement- perfected by conjugation)- simultaneously by enabling charge implosion / charge attraction (and bliss ) - ALSO enables charge distribution efficiency.

Charge distribution efficiency is precisely what is meant by HEAVEN- or PLANES OF SHARON - or CHAMPS ELYSEE - and for example what phase conjugate dielectrics ( see ALICE IN BARIUM TITANATE LAND- ) - like alchemy's red powder, and the Kaba stone gold doped meteoritic glass, scrying crystals like John Dee Shewstone, the bottom coating of Nostredamus scrying water cup- - etc . SO- to understand the physics- let us examine what religious fundamentalists say: -AT THE TIME OF THE RAPTURE - GUNS WILL MELT. The metal in your guns- is the opposite of high dielectric- meaning they will extremely concentrate heat- when subjected to implosively dense capacitance (the 'rapture'). A practical example of this- is why the famous (mono-hydrogen) Brown's Gas- will melt steel but not burn your hand. SO- what the ET's and the Wu Wu's call- being in the next dimension- is precisely the charge distribution efficiency enabled which phase conjugate - so called 'fractal fields' allow. Recursive braiding in DNA to enable this (longitudinal coherent) field embedding is just one example- of 'going to the next dimension'. Do you see how there is a precise relationship between THE NUMBER OF AXES OF SYMMETRY OF CHARGE ROTATION - AND THUS THE NUMBER OF EMBEDDED DIMENSIONS- and that braiding process. We see that beyond tetra cubing symmetries- the ONLY way to non-destructively braid embed a higher order axis of spin symmetry (in the wratcheted dodeca helix of DNA for example) -IS to use golden ratio- many visuals at dnamanifesto link above. This relates also to the so called ANU symmetry recipe - 5 spins inside/ 7 spins outside - visuals: sevenarrows.net - which is exactly the symmetry picture of the heart of hydrogen, the human heart muscle, the heart of the Sun- AND how DNA braids: 5 axes of spin in the slinky that is the Dodeca wratchet of one DNA thread, then 7 axes outside- as that thread is recursively braided SEVEN TIMES - thread- to rope-to fat rope- to fatter rope- ultimately to toroidal DNA charge implosion. Also explaining with physics our wu wu's (misleading) saying 'your DNA must grow to 12 'strands'.

The critical threshold of charge embedding unto implosion is precisely the rotations superposed process of 'entering the next dimension' - WHICH IS EXACTLY AND ONLY THE CHARGE DISTRIBUTION WHICH PHASE CONJUGATE AND LONGITUDINAL EMBEDDED CHARGE IMPLOSION PERMITS!

Now with this insight- let's examine what a frequency fence or quarantine by frequency generators (in the moon?) might mean. First it is also necessary to understand that all the advanced species travel interstellar distances - using longitudinal interferometry wave nodes- so called STARGATES or PORTALs. To set these up requires extreme attention to longitudinal emf grid cross points. To get a handle on this - try asking the physics question your government desperately doesn't want you to know. My friend- Bruce Cathie - impressively proved that THERE WA S A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE IN THE NUCLEAR CRITICAL MASS TO TRIGGER NUCLEAR REACTION- AT MAJOR EARTH GRID NODE CROSS POINTS (also see his 'Harmonic 33') What he did not do- was explain to you the physics of why. The physics is similar to why radioactivity / half life is reduced in charge implosive structures like- the ark of the Covenant, or in focused human attention ( Uri Geller measured)- or inside nano material capacitance (Keshe's misguided claims to fame). THE PRINCIPLE- is longitudinal emf coherence cross points- create the compressional wave symmetry ( the nature of gravity itself)- which CAN be implosive (radioactivity is the opposite of charge implosion by definition) in a way which is NEVER possible simply for transverse EMF (see lecture). This same enabling of net centripetal effect which ONLY longitudinal EMF permits is why ( as Bearden properly emphasized -re Priore, in physics of Theraphi )- only longitudinal EMF coherence makes healing / negentropic field effect.

So these stargates or portals require a harmonic series recipe which enables conjugate implosion / dimpling (or 'gating' into superluminal phase discipline at the planck threshold )- to plasma accelerate from the wormhole. Remember entanglement perfected- HOW conventional physics defines access to faster than light speeds- is precisely what phase conjugation enables. If you wish to shut down all the local star gates or portals ( to keep those damn local Draco's and Kingu from escaping Earth)- all you need to do - is massively poison the harmonic conjugation around the local grid. Interestingly - when our friends - describe how the frequencies of the quarantine were propagated they mention - 50 hz and the Schumann harmonics- - EACH of which rather accurately fit my equation for phase conjugate charge collapse to planck - according to my new equation- origin of negentropy: fractalfield.com/physics - planck x golden ratio ^ integer exponents .

We are studying this is the context of our many global measurements of sacred space ( flameinmind.com/lifeforce ) - where we CONSISTENTLY MEASURE 53 HZ (image below) - which we now understand is what RESULTS when you phase conjugate by golden ratio exactly from the Schumann dominant harmonic 7.83 (X POWERS OF GOLDEN RATIO)- set by resonance to the ionosphere- WHICH IS CLOSE BUT NOT EXACT TO THE FREQUENCY ACCURATELY TUNED TO PLANCK: 7.29 HZ- WHICH WOULD PRODUCE 50HZ- AS FAMOUSLY CENTRAL TO CANCER THERAPIES- NOT 53 HZ- AS WE HAVE MEASURED.

This is just an example - studying harmonics in the physics of sacred space -(3 ways sacred space is measured - at link)- - (sacred space iS charge distribution perfected) as doorways to 'the next dimension' -

The next dimension electrically is always just as close or as far as we are from the frequency recipe of implosive and negentropic charge compression.

SO- the difference between being 3D vs 5D as simplistically referred to by non-technical and therefore imprecise sources- should more accurately be described as entering the fractal conjugate physics of electric fields embedded and nested to enable higher orders of spin symmetry -AND THUS CHARGE DISTRIBUTION ENABLED ( for example look at the dramatic benefit to plant growth , to water, to DNA ordering- and much more- enabled by the conjugate plasma from Theraphi: theraphi.net/blog

Of course engineers would be insulted with the simplistic statement - the way out of the ET and AI 'animal farm' is to go from 3D to 5D. But now we see- the process could be more accurately described as embedding in a more conjugate and charge distribution enabled or fractal field. Actually evolution in a technical sense- is precisely the move to more charge embedding and therefore distribution efficiency (the physics of 'he-ave-n')- in the same way that fractality by conjugation (a bliss enabling physics) ANSWERS the core problem of almost EVERY SCIENTIFIC ENDEAVOR (from computers, to urban design, to alchemy. to mathematics, to unified fields, to HOW to survive deaths)

And THAT my friends is the answer to not only stargates- but the ONLY way into the next dimension -- -- AND the physics which is almost certainly the only self empowered escape for the human race from the AI animal farm.


Appendix- Longitudinal wave mechanics of spiritual evolution- video review and primer:

Longitudinal EMF Physics from Dan Winter- exerpt from our www.fractalfield.com/2019 International Conference

Dan Winter- lecture 1
"Longitudinal Wave Immortality"

 Last years conference -longitudinal wave science of spirituality videos with dan: www.fractalfield.com/2018 , original article: www.fractalfield.com/conjugatemind , conjugation vs compression and vision lecture/ powerpoint: theraphi.net/plasma-and-vision-dans-premier-university-lecture-for-2019-frequency-key-to-feed-the-eyes/

Dan Winter: lecture 2
DNA Braid Next Dimension-Turning Point from ET Control
(+Stargates / Portals Physics)

Below next 2 lectures exerpted from our 2018 International Breakthru Tech conference June 8-12,2018 - see www.fractalfield.com/2018

Dan Winter -lecture 1- "Longitudinal Secrets:Physics AND Spirituality" above in higher res.(sound glitch at end- so use other version> youtu.be/3ul9s9av3jo just below for the finish)
- more on longitudinal science- www.fractalfield.com/conjugatemind - conjugate cause of gravity- www.fractalfield.com/conjugategravity

Dan Winter - lecture 2- Hi res version (thanks to Roger- filming)

 Longitudinal field-THE Way Thru Lucid Dream, Bliss & Successful Death--Dan Winter - more on longitudinal science of spirit- www.fractalfield.com/conjugatemind


 Longitudinal Embedding: Fractal Conjugate Fire at the Core of Physics and Spiritual Mysteries- with Dan Winter, June 1,2018- Alchemy & Reunification of Religions - Conference- Izmir Turkey-

Real Physics of Real Alchemy: Science And Spirit- with Dan Winter -
Talk 2: Alchemical Reunion Conference Turkey- June 2, 2018
WHY only longitudinal waves create alchemic charge implosion / healing.

Lecture 3 from Turkey conference
Alchemy in the Aura- Longitudinal physics
of Bliss/Lucid Dreaming & Successful Death
w/Dan Winter- lecture 3 Turkey series-

See also FractalU.com -top course film-Longitudinals Science