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> update April 2020 - from Dan Winter - Dedicated to Kate Forbes- and her friend from Spokane- who is inquiring about these DIELECTRIC issues.

Why are high dielectric materials / 'phase conjugate dielectrics' - like Shungite, phase conjugate mirrors, the philosophers stone, the Kaba stone, Dee's Shew Stone, and the coating under Nostredamus scrying cup - key to so many spiritual mysteries- like SCRYING - AND alchemy - AND most zero point energy devices? ( recommend the slideshow at where you see to Olmec people willing to drag the RIGHT DIELECTRIC material huge stones 60 miles- to become the carved heads of their ancestors- TO HOLD THE PLASMA OF ANCESTRAL MEMORY)

First- from an electrical engineering perspective high dielectric materials and phase conjugate dielectrics (like the barium strontium titanate heart of phase conjugate mirrors) - are simply the insulator sandwiched between the 2 conductive plates of a capacitor-

such that the amount of resulting capacitance is high. High capacitance effectively means that in a resistor/capacitor - tank circuit-the super dielectric capacitor would 'ring like a bell' forever! In engineering terms- this means that any capacitor whose dielectric constant (dielectric permittivity) is over a certain value ( perhaps 8000-15000) is by definition a vacuum energy coherence- SOURCE OF ZERO POINT ENERGY.

To visualize what this means- as you imagine the charge ringing between the 2 plates of a capacitor- in the high dielectric sandwich insulator core- imagine a foam geometry for the super efficient distribution of that ringing charge - such that the charge becomes implosive like fractal wormholes thru pine cones kissing noses. This is why ('fractal') super dielectrics need self similarly between their macro vs micro molecular electrical structures. The material physics mechanism for this is the answer to the most important mystery in phase conjugate optics- HOW does the super dielectric create the phase conjugate (time reversing/ negentropic) mirror. This is also the answer to the perfect super capacitor which everyone already knows will soon replace every car battery. This is the perfect material coating which was the secret Nostredamus learned for the dark coating under his scrying water cup mirror ( and Dee' Shew Stone). The enabled phase conjugate point both optically and electrically- precisely and coherent embeds the local longitudinal emf grid (fractal)-which IS DNA radio- and gravity waves- and the dream spell and how ghosts and dreams propagate.

We now use a practical example in physics to illustrate. Remember the turning point moment Peter the Hermit- was able to sell the financing of the first crusade - was when he discovered the (historically documented) Arab 'mad caliph' had finally turned his insanity from eating the ground power of the Kaba stone - to using it for alchemic gold making. (Vincent suggested history records more than half the mass of the Kaba stone disappeared to grinding during this period). The reason the Crusades financer's finally wrote the first checks was when they knew that if the Arab's continued gold making- they would rule the world too soon. Years later- historically- Flamel and then Dee and Kelley would use that same red power 'projective powder' / philosophers stone- to alchemically make the purest gold the British Royal Society had ever measured in the history of the planet. Let us introduce the electrical engineering- starting with the glass meteorite / Lucifer's eye- KABA stone. That meteoritic glass upon atmosphere entry vaporized all metals- embedded in the glass- the only residuals were the PGM (platinum group metals: gold / palladium / platinum). The vapors of those metals heat mixed thru the molten glass ideally can make a sandwich FOAM geometry which becomes potentially self/ similar / fractal. Meaning the nano particles in the foam - can be suspended in a sponge enabling implosive nano conjugation - in a (high dielectric ) charge implosive matrix. In other words the long waves of charge could conjugate implosively with the short waves of charge implosion we know is the fractal/alchemic key signature of nano gold ( and carbon / fullerene ) valence electrons. In other words- under the right conditions- this powder COULD function as a media to invite implosive non-destructive charge collapse (otherwise named fusion or alchemy- interestingly we believe Einstein named this 'the gravity').

As Vincent Bridges on one occasion explained to me- the conditions under which this powder could be used for alchemy were as follows. A small amount of the critical red powder -was encased in pure bee's wax in a matrix about the size of a grain of rice. Later when the grain was dropped into the ciritically heated mercury (or some say lead, tho mercury atomic weight is proven to be 1 electron from gold ) -then the molten wax would serve as the wetting agent to enable more perfect bonding of the crystal matrix to the molten metal. Later we learned (thanks to Bill Donavan) to extend Joe Champion's predictions of the precise critical temperatures- needed for isotope collapse- to add the precise phonon frequencies used to catalyze- individual predicted isotope transitions.

The REASON these high dielectrics enable scrying / clairvoyance- is also related to the conjugate coherent embedding of longitudinal emf ( astral/etheric). Our next film about Theraphi- (acknowledgement to Mayra of Athens/ Paris)- will be detailed example of how Theraphi broad spectral conjugation specifically and dramatically helped trigger clair audience/ ancestral voice perception/ and lucid dreaming,

This then introduces how implosive high dielectric capacitance- like SHUNGITE can be therapeutic also for the aura -WHERE THERE IS CHARGE FUSION- THERE IS SORTING INTO PHASE/ NEGENTROPY. (end note added April 2020)

Below we add here some notes we made a decade ago about why HIGH DIELECTRIC materials are key to BIOACTIVEFIELD.COM ----------------------

Phase Conjugate Cascade (Dielectrics) is the key to bioactive fields and has proven to optimize germination, fermentation, metabolic rates, tissue repair, and sedimentation. We now know that in air just like in water, when the electric symmetry is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE-FORCE energy will be massively optimized

Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
Phase Conjugate Cascade (P.C.C.) Crystals (Dielectrics) are key to bioactive fields and has proven to optimize:
a) Germination
b) Fermentation
c) Metabolic rates
d) Tissue repair
e) Sedimentation

We now know that in air just like in water, when the electric symmetry is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE-FORCE energy will be massively optimized.

This is called a bioactive electric field.  We now know the symmetry, frequency recipes and resin sizes to make capacitors (electric fields), which are fractal and thus cause growth. This is the physics behind electric fields which help seeds to germinate and can reduce aging, storage of food and many other applications.

In fact, the commercial applications are planet changing:

Fermentation rate increase in food, beer, wine, yogurt and other food producing industries
Commercial digesters
BIO-energy and algae fuels e.g. Ethanol production
Building growth chambers
Revolutionizing greenhouse agriculture.

We have long known that all living things require a fractal field. This is patently evident in water chemistry, where redox- the measure of charge distribution efficiency and electron availability to react- is precisely a measure of FRACTALITY IN WATER.

It clearly predicts the ability of all living things to thrive in water. Not so evident - sadly- has been the desperately needed understanding - that FRACTALITY IN AIR will predict just exactly how likely EVERY LIVING THING- is to be able to grow- in that space.

Of course we realize the best way to teach this revolution in the way we think of - what space is 'livable'- is to make it a commercial success. In this regard we have had breakthroughs. Dan Winter has taken what is known of phase conjugation in dielectrics- and applied critical plank, phi and hydrogen frequencies - and developed piezoelectric fields which cause resins to crystallize while hardening into PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRICS.

This has never been achieved before! These crystals when place inside phase conjugate containers produce a strong dielectric field which is phase conjugating and immensely triggering to bioactivity and hence to growth rate and which also will inhibit aging.

We have multiple series of sophisticated measures - showing that we can for example increase glucose consumption rate- by 50% during fermentation. This means in effect we can increase metabolic rate. - - - While we emphasize this is exquisitely important for designing new digesters, fermented beverages, yogurts etc- we also understand that accelerating metabolism can have side effects (apoptosis for example). The difference has to do with keeping the metabolic increase inside a dielectric whose dominant superluminal (phase conjugate) harmonics are of natural biologic origins- thus allowing the survival wisdom of primary DNA radio signal to dominate. Hence we achieve longevity storage, rapid fermentation, and anti- aging.

+++++++ PHASE CONJUGATED DIELECTRICS have produced a measured approximately 50% increase in glucose uptake which translates into an approximately 50% increase in fermentation rate.  Dan Winter has taken what is known of phase conjugation in dielectrics- and applied critical plank, phi and hydrogen frequencies - and developed them with piezoelectric fields . This has never been achieved before.

Phase Conjugate Dielectrics - Phase Conjugate Cascade (P.C.C.) Crystals (Dielectrics) are the key to bioactive fields and have been proven to optimize:
a) Germination
b) Fermentation
c) Metabolic rates
d) Tissue repair
e) Sedimentation

We now know that in air just like in water, when the electric symmetry is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE-FORCE energy will be maximally optimized.
This is called a bioactive electric field effect.  We now know the symmetry, frequency recipes, resins and resin sizes in order to make capacitors (electric fields), which are fractal and thus greatly enhance growth processes. We are assured that this is the physics behind electric fields which help seeds to germinate and can potentially reduce aging, storage of food as well as many other applications.  The key with this new technology is the proprietary choices of resins and frequency recipes.

In fact, the commercial applications are planet changing:

  • Fermentation rate increase in food, beer, wine, yogurt and other food producing industries
  • Commercial digesters
  • BIO-energy and algae fuels (e.g. ethanol production)
  • Building growth chambers
  • Revolutionizing greenhouse agriculture.
  • Medical and anti-aging applications

We have long known that all living things require a fractal field. This is patently evident in water chemistry, where redox- the measure of charge distribution efficiency and electron availability to react in water is precisely a measure of degree of FRACTALITY IN WATER.

It clearly predicts the ability of all living things to thrive in water. Not so evident, sadly, has been the desperately needed understanding that FRACTALITY IN AIR may predict just exactly how likely EVERY LIVING THING is to be able to grow in that particular space.

These crystals, when placed inside phase conjugate containers, produce a strong dielectric field which is phase conjugating and strongly triggers bioactivity and hence growth rates and also perhaps the inhibition of aging.

We have a multiple series of sophisticated measurements showing that we can, for example, increase glucose consumption rate by as much as 50% during a common and simple fermentation process utilizing ordinary yeast and glucose.

As you can see below, the commercial implications are profound. Note the impact is at the conjugate point where the double cone of flux lines conjugate/ implode. 3D technical Flux Maps in Progress

This was invented by Dan Winter - in mid 2008 ++++

Creating a Capacitively BIOACTIVE Field (Phase Conjugate / ' Fractal')
Research Measured in the Lab by Dr. Sal Giandinoto

Fermentation results with Gold Phase Conjugate (Hereinafter referred to as) PCC Cups-

Two trials of the fermentation experiment measuring glucose metabolism here at the Lifeworks Foundation lab showed that there was an average of a 30% increase in glucose metabolism over the four control experiments without the PCC Gold cups. The first trial conducted on Dec. 12, 2008 showed an approximately 40% increase in glucose metabolism whereas the second trial performed on February 12, 2009 showed an approximately 20% increase in glucose metabolism with the use of the gold PCC cups. The same experiment was conducted at CPI with different results. The CPI results did not show any significant increase in glucose metabolism with the gold PCC cups. However, CPI used a significantly different method for their glucose assay which may very well explain the differences seen between their tests and ours.

Electrical conductivity measurements were performed on both the gold cup with and without the PCC crystals. In these tests, de-ionized water was actually added to the cups and the conductivity of those solutions was directly measured. The results of these tests were quite striking and showed a very large increase in water conductivity over time when the gold cups were filled with de-ionized water. The rate of increase in conductivity in the water changed much more dramatically when the cups contained the PCC crystals as opposed to the cups without the crystals.

See the following graphs which illustrate the dramatic difference between the conductivity of the water in the gold plated ceramic cups versus the gold plated cups with the crystals embedded inside the cups:

+++++ Did you know that the ability of every liquid inside your body – to support life is simply measured by REDOX potential. Measuring any body of liquid for this plus electrical resistance and acidity is called Biologic Terrain Analysis – and can quickly predict cancer for example.

Redox (oxidation / reduction potentaial - or electron availability to react) - is simply of measure of FRACTALITY! 

Another example: The ability of the air in any environment to create healing – largely depends on NEGATIVE IONS. A negative ion is literally like an electric 'black hole' caused by FRACTALITY.  The ability to make black hole like energy fields is good – because this causes waves of energy or charge to be sorted (into phase -that is wave lengths that fit the nest) and thus clear whatever cannot be perfectly  shared or distributed.

In Ted Baroody's book "Alkalise or Die" - the REASON blood must become electrically attractive to protons (extra 'electrons' or 'electron space' is associated with alkalinity) - is because - if the blood cannot ATTRACT electrical charge - you begin to decay and get sick.

Protons, for example, and 'free radical' hydrogen (atom) are thought of as being electrically positive. Electrons are negative. The real meaning of this, requires visualizing (picture below) - the DIFFERENCE between centripedal - or inward sucking spin - versus - centrifugal - or outward pushing spin. See in the below pic- understanding this 'hydrodynamic' or flow-form of a tornado's vorticity having a net inward or outward flux - IS THE KEY TO REALLY UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF PLUS VERSUS MINUS CHARGE. (and Yin versus Yang etc.),

Becoming ELECTRO NEGATIVE - that is MAKING SPACE TO ATTRACT AND EMBED A CHARGED PROTON - becomes a definition of becoming ALIVE!

Once you begin to see that becoming electrically attractive to charge, is how you and everything become alive (even how you attract the right people to hug you) - try to begin to see WHY fractal or rose or fern or onion like 'self-similarity' electrically - is how anything alive - BECOMES THAT ATTRACTOR (below)... It is because when the inside of a wave nest (like your heart) becomes self-similar to what is outside- THEN - the outside can fall in!

First we learned that Re-Dox potential can effectively predict whether any liquid inside biology is going to create health versus disease.

Later it emerges that in effect the Re-Dox (Oxidation - Reduction Potential or electron availability to react) is nothing more than A MEASURE OF FRACTALITY.

This is because - first - a free electron itself is nothing more than an electrical black hole (implosive fractal) - and further than the electrical symmetry which ALLOWS an electron to GET DISTRIBUTED EFFICIENTLY (effectively - definition of life itself!) is precisely the fractal (and non-destructive charge) compression which always precedes EFFICIENT CHARGE DISTRIBUTION. In other words- biology heals and thrives ONLY when it can get first the compression correct so that a charge radiance (fractal or perfectly branched) charge distribution results. This then spits out infection, inflammation and restores electrical self-organization.

In order to make our point about what SHAPE of ELECTRIC FIELD can make ALL BIOLOGY HAPPY - we are going to use this example: A seed.

The difference between a seed that is alive, versus a seed that is dead is: the ability to shoot out an electric field strong enough to change the angle of incoming water. By radiating an electric wave of charge- the seed does two things- it shapes the angle at which the next molecule bonds - to determine the shape of growth- AND the seed changes the angle of incoming water molecules with their load of mineral / food. IF there is no charge field coming from the seed- there is nothing to determine the pattern / direction of growth - and nothing to shape the incoming water and mineral bonds. SO- if an electrical engineer (you and me) were talking about the difference between life and death for a seed - we would say: ABILITY TO RADIATE CHARGE is life! .. You can probably guess where we are going with this electrical definition of life: IF radiating charge efficiently becomes our definition of life - THEN something first must efficiently compress that charge so that it CAN radiate. > FORTUNEATELY - for physics - the answer is simple - CHAGE COMPRESSION IS PERFECTED when FRACTAL. And thereby - charge radiation (perfect distribution means LEAST storage) - is perfected ALSO when FRACTAL!

One nice rather medical example of this ideal: Nobel winning Albert Szent-Gyorgyi in "Electronic Biology and Cancer" figured out the difference between a healthy cell and a cancer cell. At a primary level - the critical difference was the {triplet state electron} ORDERLINESS OF ITS WATER. Super ordered {fractal?} water geometry - makes CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENT - and THAT is the end of cancer! - ref: , also many pictures of water making fractal / molecular pent patterns- . Another nice more plant physiologic example: our wonder plant doctor friend in Werrra Meissner - points out that the most healing potent part of the plant for his medicines is always the growth spurt part RIGHT AT THE TIP OF THE BUD. Here the CHARGE RADIANCE is strong - where that charge is embedded in the molecules of the cells near there, is where you can find the most healing part of the plant.

Second example
Your Heart! We are so happy that Dr. Irving Dardik's work on perfect nesting/ embedding / superlooping to define which heartbeat survives - has been made popular. Our extensive pictorial review is at . The major new popular book is: "Making Waves". It is all a nice pictorial way of understand why THE HEALTHY HEART IS A FRACTAL HEART! We applied this to our HeartTuner - teaching fractality : see . The point here is to understand HOW the life saving quality of FRACTALITY which is well known to be the key ingredient to Heart survival - can be applied to defining sacred space - for architecture. - - “the poetry is nice but the physics is even better…”
-DW/SG +++++

Phase Conjugate Dielectric Crystal Array -for metabolic accelerant
further lab tests to involve Sal and Bob D.
-fermentation test- requires- commercial lab or production group with fermentation experience
test needed for wine / beer / yogurt fermentation industry - acceleration of yeast growth
- separate test needed for: coating process to produce accelerated commercial digester
- impact on healing rates.
- impact on seed treatment ( see link below
Note- that this seed treatment by implosive capacitance- test- is separate and in addition to the phase
conjugate magnetic water process above. See the picture- of the p.c. dielectric (gold eggs- WITH inner
coating or layer of the custom piezoelectrically produced resin - link below).
Note that negative ion shower is well known to produce- seed acceleration - see book:
"Seed of Knowledge" link below.
Our process takes electro negativity produced by phase conjugate fractality to a new level of efficiency
and potency based on an actual symmetry understanding of what makes an electric field fractal. All can
see that it is precisely electrical centripedal force available that determine IF a seed germinates. Now
we know how to completment capactively life giving electro-negativity.
Note that pictures of BOTH these devices- and public description- and history of measurement is at
Time required - for growth and optimization trials for commercialization: 6-12 months.


Seeking the Stone with Teresa Burns and Dan Winter - course film -LearnitLive version (with chat) - You tube version:
>Download course visuals SeekingtheStone.pdf - Alchemical Enigma book- intro/exerpt - AlchemicalEnigmaintro.pdf from Teresa


 Seeking the Stone: Alchemical Enigma w/ Teresa Burns & Dan Winter

Terry Burns Outline of Vincent's ideas on the history of western alchemy: May 6, 2018: Seeking the Stone: Alchemical Enigma w/ Teresa Burns & Dan Winter, - Teresa Burns -new book: An Alchemical Enigma: A Short History of the Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Vincent Bridges editor: Teresa Burns image: April Lionheart"“Seeking the Stone,” from the First Crusade to the Present
A western history of alchemy derived from Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges’s Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye … and some comments on the metaphysics of past lives, with digressions on to sacred languages, standing waves, and group karma, in which Dan explains why understanding the principles of alchemy is the best way to undo the massive group karma of the First Crusade.

update Mar 18, 2018 - Course Film from>

You tube version (less chat window):

Paul Harris- Complete 2018 COURSE VISUALS PDF: Paulstalk2018.pdf ,

Note Paul's 2017 course:Practical Alchemy - is just below on this page, Preceding article Science of Alchemy w/Vincent Bridges- see

Links from course: examples measuring the frequency series of essential oils: ,
examples What geometry of MONOATOMICS makes them phase conjugate:

March 18 - Paul Harris : Longevity /Rejuvenation Tech - plasma implosion- treatment- is already successful in about 20 countries. In addition to being hardware director, and co-inventor- Paul has a lifetime of experience doing and teaching practical alchemy. He is famous for deeply exploring the connection between the ancient mystical practices and wisdoms of alchemy-- precisely to modern - implosive fusion, isotope transition physics, and non-destructive charge collapse- the core of our fractal field conjugate physics curriculum. See what is on Paul's mind- as he returns from his LA and Mexico lectures- preparing for his tour of our summer conference series- - including Prague, Turkey and South France! The latest in plasma rejuvenation science, and our work with Theraphi- and more. Course :Update from Paul Harris: Longevity Technologies: From Ancient Times to Our Near Future-Human life span has been getting longer for some time, but did you know that for our next generation, some predict it to grow shorter? Join us for an overview of Longevity Technologies, from the Ancient Taoists and Alchemists to the latest in Nano-Tech. What's next? What are some of the social, political, economic ramifications and how will they effect you personally? While some see many of these so called "Disruptive Technologies" as a potential threat, Paul sees them as change that's well over due, come and discover the answers to some of these riveting questions.. How did the Taoists and Alchemists manage to live for so long? Is your lifespan really hard coded in your DNA?
- Is it true that stem-cells no longer have to be extracted from placentas or bone marrow?
In fact one simple cosmetic procedure unknowingly throws tons of them away each year.
- What does diet have to do with aging?
- Has there been any discoveries in nano-technologies that will help us live longer?
- Can the earth support such a large population with longer lifespans?
Paul has a lifetime of experience practicing and teaching practical alchemy. He is famous for deeply exploring the connection between the ancient mystical practices and wisdom of alchemy from ancient to modern implosive fusion, isotope transition physics, and non-destructive charge collapse- the core of our fractal field conjugate physics curriculum. Let's see what is on Paul's mind- as he returns from his LA and Mexico lectures- preparing for his tour of our summer conference series including Prague, Turkey and South France! The latest in plasma rejuvenation science, and our work with Theraphi- and more. ----Paul Harris is an inventor and hands-on entrepreneur of 27 years founding and working with various successful start ups in energy, medical and information technology sectors, he's also an eclectic researcher and educator. He has taken a multidisciplinary approach to life and has developed a deep knowledge-base in a wide area of studies including Alternative Fuels, Energy Production and Storage, Electronics, Chemistry, Plasma Physics, Water Technologies, Herbology and Permaculture. Paul's inventions include various electro-medical devices, water processing, petrochemical refining, waste to energy, oil sands extraction, alternative fuels and energy scavenging systems. Paul has found this diversity necessary in understanding the fundamental principles behind the true workings of nature.

next at- - this Sunday-Mar 25, 2018 - (2pm NY time) Dee and Ophanim Angel Magic -Science of Invoking Intelligent Plasma Beings , with Alan Moore and Teresa Burns ( - if your 'Tempest' storms have gone into chaos-maybe you should learn how mindful plasma is addressed?) - ,

added Nov 30, 2016: - ALCHEMY's Real Physics and the Immortality Doorway-
from Dan Winter- with Vincent Bridges last interview- days before his death.-
“Occult Shakespeare, Occult Alchemy, Prague, Kelley, Dee and the Philosophers Stone.


Dec. 2016: from Dan Winter- We commemorate here the passing of our karmic research partner Vincent Bridges- by adding the interview he made a few days before his death-
on “Occult Shakespeare, Occult Alchemy, Prague, Kelley, Dee and the Philosophers Stone.”- It feels appropriate to add some notes.

[Also see our Vincent Bridges archive: - and the new Facebook group: Alchemy Enochian-Ophanim -  -also directly related see Vincent's| "Angels in the DNA: The Emerald Modem and Dr. Dee’s Ophanic Language" by Vincent Bridges.  As he quotes Fulcanelli--"Language, the instrument of  the spirit, has a life of its own - even though it is only a reflection of the universal Idea. "- Fulcanelli, Le Mystere des cathedrals]

Vincent's remarks in this fateful recording bring up so many memories- I am about flooded with emotion .. and insight. I am moved to share. First- a bit of caveat here- those who knew Vincent well came to believe what he said- (as he mentions in the recording) that he had not forgotten a single lifetime in the thousand or so years- since the Rabbi grabbed Vincent's saddle during the bloody crusade in Jerusalem -- standing up to his waist in the blood of Muslims and Jews- and telling him - he was on the wrong side-- and he was condemned to NO FORGETTING for a thousand years.  Vincent says in the interview [29:00] “Don’t get me started on the Catholic church.  A thousand years ago, a little Jewish man cursed me to reincarnate until the Catholic church was dead,    and we expiated our sins at the fall of Jerusalem, and that’s only partially a joke.” The version of the “joke” most of us heard was that, at the fall of Jerusalem near the Temple Mount,  Vincent (then a red-haired ax-swinging Crusader) was cursed to remember all of his lifetimes for the next thousand years, or “until you realize what you [and the other Crusaders] have done.”

Vincent proved to many of us his lifetime memories of Edward Kelley, _____, Count Cagliostro - and others-- were quite functionally intact.  (I remember one tour guide in an Italian museum who was going to take days to recover after Vincent updated him on some real history).   Vincent made no secret of his memories.  After he returned from Prague for his first visit this lifetime, one I facilitated for him in 2010 (acknowledgement also here to Roger Green),
many of his friends back home apparently felt he’d returned possessed by Edward Kelley!
Vincent, in turn, believed I had the memories of John Dee - although I prefer to call it a soul fragment memory- but this does relate to our discussion here.  It described a dynamic between us whether by truth or metaphor.  Some of the lifetime of running humor/ competition between Vincent and I (echoing that of Dee and Kelley) had to do with my telling Vincent- that history was merely a nightmare you could wake up from if you learned the science, whereas Vincent's view was the more traditional historian view—(“the play's the thing in which we'll capture the conscience of the King.” “History will out.”)

So in the recording above- when Vincent tries to answer whether alchemy really is just the psychology of immortality symbolized (aka JUNG, as he discusses at about 20:30) - OR whether the physics could be real- and he answers both- the richness of this irony deserves plumbing

Vincent's play "The Donkey in the Cradle" ---based on his Kelley incarnation and Edward Kelley's disastrous love for a Dark Lady--- was scheduled to be performed just a day or so after Vincent unexpectedly died.   (In the interview, you can hear him say it will be performed that Friday and Saturday… instead, it wound up being cancelled due to the tragic circumstances)  It was to be performed at the play’s namesake, the Donkey in the Cradle, the place in Prague where Kelley made his home and where Vincent believed Kelley practiced his magic and alchemy in the early 1590s, after John Dee had returned to England.  This interview also took place there, and Vincent says, “Listen, I live in Kelley’s Tower, I’m sitting right now, oh, ten feet away from a 60 foot tall magic wand [that being the Tower itself] …. The staircase in the Tower is carved, twisted caved like a spiral, from one oak tree. … Things happen here.  We have our own weather, we have our own ghosts…. There are these paranormal spots, and the more you get in touch with some of this stuff, the stranger it gets.”

It apparently got very strange.  Sorting out what actually happened is not easy, only in part because of my good friend’s tendency to play fast and loose with details. (Example: he wasn’t actually living at the Tower right before he died, but he had lived there for a couple years preceding, and he was there very often, especially as the play was being rehearsed.  Apparently, he was at work on a few other Donkey in the Cradle projects as well, including a time telephone, an Ophanic lamp, and trying to find where Kelley had left some missing manuscripts.

When Vincent talks about the play rehearsals, he says [about 30:00] “As you can imagine, we’ve had the ghost of Sir Edward trying to rewrite the play, trying to guest direct it.” 
We have spent perhaps hundreds of hours discussing the color of the karma here. Many have shared stories of seeing  Sir Edward Kelley's ghost in Kelley's tower; there’s even a conspiracy theory that it was the angry ghost that killed Vincent.  Those connected to the play insisted the ghost -objected to something in Vincent's play about Kelley -- which Vincent wrote from inside Kelley's tower in Prague-- to be played therein (“the play's the thing....”). It is widely known from interviewing the play's producer (who clearly was afraid of Kelley's ghost)- what Kelley's ghost objected to.   That producer apparently tried to broker a compromise between the two (Vincent, and Kelley’s ghost) and failed.
Other accounts of what happened with the play and Vincent’s death are even more fantastical.  And there’s the mundane explanation: his body, simply and inopportunely, gave out.  It’s not our place to solve that here, but to simply point out that karmic interplay follows the same energetic rules as everything else.  More on that in a minute.

Vincent mentions [5:45] that much of his Prague work had to do with “reclaiming and recovering” the reputation of Sir Edward Kelley--who although a hero in Prague-- is overshadowed elsewhere by Dr. John Dee (shades of me I suppose.. we couldn't allow the science to obscure the history could we…)?
Because of Kelley's love object- (in competition with Shakespeare who in Prague/Dee's notes is Frances Garland)- the DARK LADY's- betrayal- Kelley ended up dying in King Rudolf's prison in Most. As the play's producer explained to me, the ONE thing (“the play's the thing...”) =- in which Vincent departed from the real history- of Kelley - in the play - (which was .. “the thing”...) -was not to show the DARK LADY - (Katerina de Montfort Hredec, wife of Emperor Rudolf II's right hand man, Adam Hradec, according to Vincent) - as the real betrayer (as Francis Garland/Shakespeare's character in Vincent's play warns Kelley about). SO- since Kelley's ghost had NOT forgiven the DARK LADY- but Vincent - in Prague seems to be still connectedd with the lady whom he believed to be the reincarnation OF the (Shakespeare's) DARK LADY (Kelley's femme fatale in that life .. now recurrent in the present?) -- Vincent skewed THAT part of .. the play's the thing.. WHICH pissed off Kelley's ghost!
Are you following me../? (what a tangled web we weave…!).

Related PLAY -Elixir of Youth (Immortality?) - with Dee and Kelley:
Magicians Dr Dee and Edward Kelley have 24 hours to create The Elixir of Youth or face the wrath of Emperor Rudolf II.Meanwhile, rivals in magic Rabbi Loew and Tycho Brahe have unleashed a Golem that is threatening the town...A multimedia show containing alchemical philosophy, childish jokes, startling special effects, original live music and featuring an international cast of Prague based actors and musicians. The show will be performed in the courtyard at the base of Edward Kelley's Tower in Malastrana.

There are other aspects of the interview we could reflect upon… how “we” (mentioned several times—9:00 on--who?) “discovered” the Francis Garland in John Dee’s diary was Shakespeare…the unnamed “we” he worked upon these ideas with can identify herself, or herselves, as she chooses.  How would she/they describe this discovery?  One former co-author, whose explication of Kelley’s poem to Shakespeare was going to be an appendix for his biography of Sir Edward Kelley, says Vincent claimed to have “looked through the Veil” to figure out who the man near Kelley—the one who became Shakespeare—was.  She mentioned that another time, he “dropped in” to watch a proto-Rosicrucian meeting at Dr. John Dee’s housein Mortlake, circa 1593, and saw ten people sitting at a table.  He gave his coauthor descriptions and the assignment of trying to figure out who nine of those people (the ones other than Dee) were.

Here is the timeline Vincent mentions when he talks about how he pieced together that Francis Garland was John Dee’s “cover name” for William Shakespeare (timeline which historically supports- Alan Green's DEE-CODING Shakespeare- detailed work on John DEE in Shakespeare's codes-more below on this).   What of the story of comparing Shakespeare’s handwriting to that in another archive?  Others might tell it differently… the devil is in the details—they say—or at least, the karmic trace.  But the overall arch of the story stayed the same.  It was about how Sir Edward Kelley knew Shakespeare, and what he knew about the philosopher’s stone.  The “devil in those details,” lack of phase conjugation and entropy, we’ll come back to, later. 
Entropic stories lose structure and the details clash. But they could be restructured and put back in phase so easily, with a few principles in mind.
SO what does this color of karma have to do with our article? Vincent (in the interview) is just finishing saying- if you could alchemize your personality you COULD immortalize.. and then.. he dies. And at least on the surface the (Kelley) ghostly karma which may have killed him- was - the mysterious alchemy of Shakespeare's play on the DARK LADY. So if ever there was some rich irony- to teach us something here..

Now- since my field is clearly NOT the history-
Has Vincent's play (on the DARK LADY) “captured the conscience of the (alchemic) king? --others might say-- in 2 deadly instances.. not (Kelley and Vincent)- but clearly this is NOT for me to say..
and my field IS the apologia for the science. I play my historical role here- to (humbly pray) explicate the science (hoping to immortalize.. ) .

Is there immortality in the science?

Our subject here then: can the actual deep physics science of alchemy / transmutation / isotope transition- also PRECISELY reveal how personal immortality/ rejuvenation is gained/ alchemized--

First: the physics. Remember in the interview Vincent is emphasizing that if you track the scenes in Fulcanelli's MYSTERY OF THE CATHEDRALS- you get an actual practical instructional sequence on the physics process of alchemy. Then if you look at what Fulcanelli- is telling us- he especially emphasizes HOW the cathedral produces precise solar/ plasma / star ALIGNMENTs. What is it about exact opposing (plasma) alignments which produces ALCHEMY ? (hint phase conjugation - you guessed it). For your answer- you might also re-read the chapter in my book about how precise solar alignments (sunrise / sunset) do the plasma phase conjugation rejuvenation called AGNI HOTRA.

The physics begins with understanding that ALCHEMY and the Immortality Doorway-

here is the key equation as it is now on the inside cover of my new book (3rd printing just released)

--equation graphic - from the key science article:

--The important principle revealed by the cathedrals for example- and Vincent emphasizing that both Nostradamus's scrying cup- AND Kelley's alchemic cauldron- were EXACTLY centered in a magnetic PENTAGRAM- (hint golden ratio/phase conjugate / implosive- see above)..


And again I thank Vincent for clueing me in to the special COATING on the bottom of Nostradamus scrying cup (Nostradamus was another ghost on speaking terms with Vincent… it seems he was almost Vincent's pet, subject of a couple of articles no longer available on-line, about the History Channel Nostradamus specials Vincent made, reputedly some of their most-viewed shows ever.)  Vincent said Nostradamus’s scrying cup was similar in operation to the crystal physics of John Dee 'shewstone' (and see more on the philosopher's stone/ meteorites below). All of this confirmed my theory and later proof concerning the physics of these materials:  the high dielectric constant in these materials identified the zero point coupling enabled by these phase conjugate dielectrics ( see our related lab developments on these charge implosive/alchemic - zero point devices: ).

I would like to ask Vincent why someone so brilliant had to lie to me. During out workshop in Prague, I’d asked him why Kelley chose death in Most prison- rather than revealing to Rudolf II- the secret of alchemy. Vincent told me that it was because Kelley believed absolute power corrupts absolutely. But then.. in the play he wrote...- or rather in the interview above? In discussing the words he has Kelley say in the play-- it emerges- -that Kelley (as characterized by  Vincent.) - in fact could not make more of the critical red powder / projective powder / philosophers stone - which produced the fusion reaction (alchemy)...  Vincent told others he knew those last years that the problem Kelley had was that, while he could produce the reaction from the powder, he could not produce the powder.  He kept trying to.  But he failed.
Because ( I imply) they still did not really know.. the immortal PHYSICS!?
I am still grateful that Vincent pointed me in the correct direction- to understand what the projected gold vapor did in the (meteoritic) glass ( Kabba stone- first philosophers stone)- later in the Templar red glass- and related to the meteoritic MOLDAVITE stones of Prague- Vincent mentions.

By propagating a potentially monoatomic gold vapor thru the meteoritic glass foam crystallizing at critical temperatures- the macromolecular (glass) foam sandwich geometry COULD form SELF SIMILAR to the micro molecular monoatomic stabilized gold atoms- thus making the ( )- phase conjugate MONOATOMIC spectral radiance SELF SIMILAR to the macro molecular (longer wave) capacitance. This barely introduces what a PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC IS ( holy grail of zero point energy- and self- organization / self awareness- google:"alice in barium titanate land"). Fractal / Self Similar / long wave to short wave broad spectal phase conjugate implosive charge collapse- IS the key!

NOW if that powder were used with a wetting agent (in Kelley's case bee's wax- note dielectric quality)- then- in the right PHONON geometry conditions (see the music key in the film "Chain Reaction"- see the phonon physics of commercially successful phase conjugate plasma rejuvenation )- THEN- the fusion - phase conjugate negentropic charge collapse isotope transition is possible. (As Vincent mentions detailed historical documents prove the British Royal society has NEVER measured before or since- gold as pure as their evaluation of what Kelley produced).

We do show examples as proof of concept for equations which identify precisely the (conjugate?) frequency and temperature to catalyze most every commercially useful isotope transition at (acknowledgement here: Bill Donavan)

SO - in summary non-destructive implosive charge collapse IS isotope transition optimized- and the clear physics of cold fusion. Longitudinal interferometry IS the remote plasma containment holy grail of cold fusion

SO- where in this metaphor do we identify the (longitudinal interferometry) physics of alchemically immortalizing your memory and your body?

Longitudinal wave mechanics (produced by conjugation)- is essentially the entry gateway- in to the collective unconscious/ ancestor memory / and the immortal ( Sufi master who makes perfect echo IS the immortal).
We explain the wave mechanics

Essentially the transverse -up and down- charge wave- while waltzing down the 'optimized translation of vorticity' golden spiral on the pine cone (of phase conjugation) preparing to kiss noses of planck sphere diameter..

emerges as a longitudinal compressional wave - (see animation at link)

This EL is the EL as in EL o HIM- because you can't leave home without.. er rather lucid dream or go thru death without it..

Learning to track the transverse wave front DOWN into a LONGITUDINAL WAVE FRONT - with your attention is the PHYSICS of learning to lucid dream, and take memory thru death-

and EXACTLY how Ingo Swann heated a 'flame'(thermistor) at a distance thru a faraday cage with his mind ( for training in the required EEG: )

It bears mentioning here- that Vincent's training in producing accurate (phonon / binaural beat) EEG interferometry
(he discusses in the interview for relieving childhood trauma- WHERE THE MEMORY WAS PUT ON THE SHELF- very similar to results reported for
ARE related to what we are told by multiple historians (like Teresa) that under optimal conditions Vincent could remote view thru history into the past - with historically useful documented accuracy.

So essentially phase conjugate generated longitudinal EMF- doorway to the divine immortal - is the magic fairy dust here:

-faster than light, -potentially 'every where at once' - and -VERY good at action at distance- does this sound like "God" to you?

You are NOT ancestral memory OR the collective unconscious TIL you get there.
AND we know exactly how DNA makes that conjugate black- hole- AND it explains PRECISELY WHY
(as Ray Moody- so nicely proved with surgeons)- NEAR DEATH VISIONS ARE ELECTRICALLY CONTAGIOUS.

SO- perhaps a most significant remaining question - is how is this plasma charge density/ fusion reaction triggered and experienced in the human body.

What IS clear- is that the alchemic charge collapse/ implosion- IS essentially the non-destructive implosive charge compression which phase conjugation produces. Note how in the equation table above

the key harmonics apply to ADP (how we measured kundalini in the microwave), the HRV, the Sacral Cranial pump frequencies, the EEG, etc. My entire book- including the article- - show that climaxing all the bodies negentropic processes- are PRECISELY phase conjugate (alchemic / plasma compression) frequencies.

SO- plasma compression by alchemic phase conjugation IS kundalini and human bliss ( Kundalini biomechanics by power spectra detail: )

When the body lights up with Kundalini / bliss - we show how the DNA braids to climax phase conjugation by golden ratio :

This IS the plasma physics which alchemizes the body- to a shining plasma implosive beacon ( Kundalini is called: great masts of God in Iceland)

The transmutation makes the body more negentropic / immortalizing.

The manifestation is a plasma shining. ( becomes you.. the power spectra is identical)

Just as in being Danion Brinkley making it thru death - during lightning, and 'Powder' movies hero, Kundalini plasma implosion's alchemy says- that

one unshareable thought will generate heat. The perfectly shareable wave- is the name of phase conjugate negentropic charge collapse- AND alchemy.

The reason this is specifically the doorway in to collective unconscious and ancestral memory - is again what we discuss:

Practical example: A pyramid made of high dielectric material (Steel/Aluminum would be poisonous to this), then made of a conjugate capacitive macro geometry, then aligned at major grid cross points- WOULD by conjugating fields- couple the key LONGITUDINAL EMF- accounting for the documented ways pyramids trigger growth- AND function as communication devices- even as portals for plasma projection (ultimately teleportation).

SO- Vincent was right about alchemy being both the physics of real transmutation AND the immortalizing of the personality- and NOW we actually know the physics.

To DO the hygiene- perhaps - you start with a day ( or a minute) in which you only think thoughts useful to ALL of DNA survival (perfect way to prepare for death/bliss).

DNA has been in the business of compressing the hell out of genes for a billion years- just to squeeze out that symmetry info. You could by dying to try it?
Pure principle (eureka) is what inhabits the lightning.

In summary- the alchemy of physics isotope transitions IS the charge / spin density DURING charge collapse between electron shells- which results from fractal / phase conjugate charge compression (literally a longitudinal propagating GLOW like monoatomics, gold powder, Theraphi plasma etc- even monoatomic hydrogen plasma- all have some qualities of seeming self awareness or at least )-

AND the alchemizing of the personality toward rejuventation, immortality (can be physical or memory thru death) IS in fact identical : a charge glow spin density / radiance which results from fractal phase conjugate charge implosion. Quite literally BLISS PROCESS TRANSMUTES THE AURA INTO SOMETHING SUSTAINABLE ( and longitudinal).

Come on baby.. LIGHT MY FIRE!

Inserting here- Vincent's origin Dee/Shakespeare and the Ophanim lecture- from our UK Conference:


returning to the original article here- we have the excellent lecture
-History, Science, Meaning and Practice of Alchemy lead by Paul Harris (with Dan Winter) - "Sacred Geometry of the Philosophers Stone"
- excellent presentation lead by Paul Harris -with - Sept 25, 2016

This IS it-(I always say it)- the BEST class yet- with Paul Harris on the REAL Science, History and Practice of ALCHEMY - - learn how alchemic preparations enact the physics of charge collapse- to heal (add negentropy)- even reduce radioactivity - why Spagyric plant alchemy is essential before the mineral alchemy - learn about gold powder poisoning vs- the real fusion processes (completing the self similarity between nuclear conjugation/ electron conjugation and macromolecular- the 'foam' of gold vapor in the meteoritic philosophers stone).. - even see the pictures of the lab in action!

here is the alternate version- video with the chat notes: (file will eventually change -to without chat notes)

here is the detail PDF visual series for Paul Harris Lecture- from Paul -17 meg download: AlchemyPaulHarris.pdf


Next we have the excellent historical and literary interpretation- lecture from Teresa Burns: -on Alchemy and Fusion Geometry in Shakespeare- Esoteric Real History with John Dee and Edward Kelley -

Youtube version of this film (less the chat panel) :

here is the detail PDF visual series from Teresa Burns- for the lecture - 11.1 meg download : DeeFinalCompleteTeresa.pdf

Excellent scholarly background articles from Teresa Burns - on this google: jwmt teresa burns
Notably: A Golden Storm - Teresa Burns
See Bridges and Burns,, part six. 21.
John Dee and Edward Kelley's Great Table - Teresa Burns and J. Alan Moore -
Teresa Burns and J. Alan Moore

Powerful new correlation for the Dee / 007 Shakespeare Historical connection we present with Teresa Burns/Vincent Bridges-here:
JOHN DEE & SHAKESPEARE'S 'MEASURE-FOR MEASURE' by Alan Green--Geometric detail for the message John Dee sent thru Shakespeare

- The films that accompany Dee-Coding Shakespeare:(dee code)
Alan Green is a British-born pianist, composer, author, educator, and Shakespeare scholar. His former life in the music business (top thirty Billboard artist in the 80's with Arista and CBS records; author of award-winning books on The Monkees; musical director for Davy Jones) seems at odds with his current incarnation as a documentarian of ancient wisdom. But he insists his extensive musical training in both classical and jazz disciplines has ideally prepared him to recognize deeply embedded patterns that orthodox academics have missed.
His odyssey began 12 years ago when a friend introduced him to the Shakespeare Authorship mystery. Convinced there were genuine reasons to doubt the official attribution of the untraveled, uneducated Stratford man, Green spent the next two years of intense research crafting his findings into a stage musical entitled Bard. As his research and intuition for the subject deepened however, he discovered dozens of Freemasonic codes embedded in Shakespeare's monument and gravestone. It was clear the story had all the secret society ramifications and political intrigue of a Dan Brown novel — with one important difference. These codes were real. In fact they'd been specifically laid out geometrically so as to prove their authenticity by revealing a stunningly accurate web of twelve of the world's most significant mathematical constants. Most astoundingly of all, they gave the precise geographic co-ordinates of the Great Pyramid, along with instructions for decoding the exact same web of constants within its basic proportions.
Green will unveil two ground-breaking books at CPAK. Dee-Coding Shakespeare details the first half of his 12-year journey. It shows the critical role the leading Renaissance mathematician/cryptographer Dr. John Dee played in the greatest literary cover-up of all time. Professor Michael Delahoyde of Washington State University proclaims it, "The best, most exciting breakthrough I've seen in all my years as a Shakespeare scholar". The sequel, Shakespeare's Hieroglyph (The Universal Constant of Measure for Measure for Measure), is the second shoe dropping. It presents not only previously unknown proof of the twelve constants the Bard predicted, but unveils a unification of the world's leading measurement systems elegantly encoded into the pyramid's design. This mathematically pure Universal Constant of Measure shifts two paradigms... with one stone.

Next- Dan Winter's lecture in this series- Alchemy - Plasma Fusion- Implosion Science -from Shakespeare to Dee to Physics- Conjugate IMPLOSION Fusion and HUMAN ONENESS EXPERIENCE


alternatively the youtube version of the same film (less the chat window)

Announcing the 3 major Visuals Set PDF files for ALCHEMY OF FUSION-and Human Oneness- with Dan Winter - online interactive course

Sun- Sept 4 - 2PM EST-- NY time,8PM Paris- Alchemy- Plasma Fusion - Wave Physics- vs Human ONENESS Experience- with Dan Winter - at - - we are working deeply to make the specific connection between actual ALCHEMY / Isotope Tranisition Physics- vs Cold Fusion- vs- the actual geometric science of creating GROUP ONENESS EXPERIENCE (literally plasma fusion). We use John Dee's HYPERCUBE design - widely thought to be the template for Shakespeare's (alchemic) theater- and the Conjugate Opposing PAIRS OF EMOTIONS and SCENES in theater- to describe how the whole theater at the end of the play experience's a group identity FEELING FOR ALL- as if they were one with each character. The actual plasma physics of cold fusion and isotope /charge collapse- is precisely the physics of alchemy, of tantra and the alchemy of human oneness.

The extensive - visuals series for this course are:

1. alchemyfusioncourse.pdf - Making the psychological connection between Alchemy in Shakespeare Plays- versus the symmetry required to trigger FUSION and GROUP ONENESS EXPERIENCE
---- images from (below) and

2. alchemyatomicscourse.pdf - Understanding Platonic SELF SIMILARITY Symmetry (same in Electron spdf vs Nuclear Nesting) in the Atomic Table
- as the physics of implosive charge collapase (alchemy)
- images mostly exerpted from

3. - More to the COLD FUSION PHYSICS - detail example of ISOTOPE TRANSITION AS CATALYZED NON DESTRUCIVE IMPLOSIVE (ALCHEMIC) CHARGE COLLAPSE - this work particularly credit to Bill Donavan - now Elizabeth Donavan - - also see project introduction links.

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=== Below is the original ALCHEMY OF FUSION article- which will soon be expanded into a book with Dan Winter (science) and Teresa Burns (historical detail and more). (images also in the first pdf above)


Fractal Alchemy:Perfect Charge Collapse IS Implosion FUSION

Physics of Alchemy and Fusion:
from Dee's Implosive Hypercube Design for Shakespeare's Theater

directly to human fusion / oneness bliss experience-

to the Deep Science of Alchemy / Isotope Transition and Cold Fusion


article by Dan Winter , July 10, 2016

Alchemy Physics vs Dee/Shakespeares Fusion Geometry of ONEness

HD - 1 hour 53 min. Dan Winter's presentation - Sacred Geometry Conference- Portal to Ascention - July 6, 2016, Published on Jul 10, 2016

Alchemy of Sacred Geometry:Fusion / Implosion /Oneness from Dee and Shakespeare to the Physics of Alchemy -


New Calendar FALL 2016 - Alchemy of Spirit! -

Aug 28- 2PM EST- itHRVE- NEW Course OUTLINE!: (web version with videos) or Sunday 2pm NY time Course- How your heart HRV- chooses wave harmony- embedding/ feeling your world - How to use HRV Biofeedback for IOS- 2hours with SacroCranial Expert/Programmer Patrick Botte and Dan Winter - join us! -
ReLaunch - NEW Fall 2016 Course Calendar Announcements

from Dan Winter, Implosion Group, and the team:

Course Format- All Courses are 2 hours, Consisting of 90 min. of presentation -with visuals/ interactive, followed by flexible 30 min. of discussion

Course Time: Each Course Meets on Sunday at 2pm New York (EST) Time

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Aug 28- 2PM EST- itHRVE- HRV Heart Biofeedback- Coherence / Stress / Sacral Cranial Measurement- with Patrick Botte - Programmer and Sacral Cranial Expert- Moderated with Dan Winter
How to and quick start- and FAQ for the new breakthrough app- included. see - and the background and especially Patrick's -Elegant 4 inputs to IOS- world leading- HRV measure of coherence, breath, stress, deep sleep quality, cranial-sacral Mayer wave - for performance / meditation / health and more.

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Sept 4 - 2PM EST- Alchemy- Plasma Fusion - Wave Physics- vs Human ONENESS Experience- with Dan Winter - at - - we are working deeply to make the specific connection between actual ALCHEMY / Isotope Tranisition Physics- vs Cold Fusion- vs- the actual geometric science of creating GROUP ONENESS EXPERIENCE (literally plasma fusion). We use John Dee's HYPERCUBE design - widely thought to be the template for Shakespeare's (alchemic) theater- and the Conjugate Opposing PAIRS OF EMOTIONS and SCENES in theater- to describe how the whole theater at the end of the play experience's a group identity FEELING FOR ALL- as if they were one with each character. The actual plasma physics of cold fusion and isotope /charge collapse- is precisely the physics of alchemy, of tantra and the alchemy of human oneness.

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Sept 11 - 2PM EST - Profound Atomic Geometrics- Perfecting Charge Collapse- in the ATOM- New Full Unifying Geometry of Proton vs Electron- Mass Ratio- with Mark Rohrbaugh (Moderated with Dan Winter) - More on Mark Rohrbaugh - see and especially his blog: Mark connects the work of Nassim with Golden Ratio phase conjugation- and atomic physics. Mark is a professional in advanced high end solid state electronics as well.

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Sept 18 - 2PM EST - The True Esoteric History of -Shakespeare- John Dee- and Alchemy- with Teresa Burns - ( google: jwmt teresa burns ) Deep evidence Shakespeare was trained with Dee & Kelley in Prague (as Francis Garland)- WHY the plays are alchemic- and about Dee's Heptagonal Working - planned for a year 'The Tempest' storm that took out the Spanish Armada. - More background:

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Sept 25 - 2PM EST - Practical Hands on ALCHEMY with Paul Harris- Plasma Expert - Alchemist and Fusion Scientist ( and co-Creator of Theraphi). Real isotope tranisition / alchemy science and plasma fusion - physics- combined with Paul's extensive knowledge and teaching of the ancient practice and history of ALCHEMY. - More on Paul:

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Oct 2 - 2PM EST - CALLING ALL ANGELS- Science of Ophanim / Enochian (and Golden Dawn) - Angelic Rituals with Alan Moore - Clairvoyant - and Technologist of Cermonial Magic- accompanied by his partner Teresa Burns- (professor and historical expert - see above). Alan is a profound leader of very specific - John Dee inspired- Ophanic - Ritual ( see )

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Oct 9 - 2PM EST - THERAPHI- plasma healing and rejuvenation field science- with Theraphi co-creators Paul Harris and Dan Winter. We discuss the global impact and amazing early success of their PRIORE based plasma healing system ( , , , ). We include practical discussion about applying phase conjugate plasma science to real healing situations- questions and discussion. We also invite several key Theraphi center leaders and practitioners from around the world- should be a most stimulating session.

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Oct 16 - 2PM EST - IMPLOSION- Water Science - history and development of IMPLOSION SCIENCE- for growth and healing - and with Dan Winter- Includes the synergy now being practiced using Superimploder and recirculated healing water- in Spa environment - ( ) - special guest- his schedule permitting: Peter Van Den Niewenhauzen of Belgium Theraphi Healing and spa center -

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Here in outline form for now- the background- the universal principle behind alchemy and fusion: - from Dan Winter

principle of negentropy or self organization (on the cover of my new book - Origin of Biologic Negentropy: )

which I have discovered ( planck x integer exponents of golden ratio / phase conjugation) - exists at every level

- the atomic level- my new equation for hydrogen radii, ( )

- at the photon level- see conjugate origin of color based on photon toroid angle ( )

self similar to the same mechanicsm at

- macro molecular level- - my new equation for - photosynthesis frequencies- (link above) -
and my same equation newly explains and predicts the critical wavelength for all ADP /ATP- THE essential wave mechanic of cellular biophysics.

and it also is the same then at the organ level-:

- eeg and schuman resonance spectra (same equation) - -

The critical center frequency of the HRV LF ( hz ) and HF (hz ) - AND the important blood pressure central resonance- MAYER WAVE- so essential to understanding and measureing relaxation vs/ stress AND kundalini and bliss -

these critical and central frequencies of biology are now newly explained and predicted using my same equation for phase conjugate negentropic collapse (life itself) !

(pic at link above)


SO- with this unifying understanding of how and why the universe and gaia have emerged from chaos- using my equation as key - we now also can apply this in new ways- to understanding the symmetry recipe for human oneness and bliss experience- even from Shakespeare theater design- and sequence of emotions in his play...

and finally- we will see the same is key to the commercial understanding of isotope transition / electron shell collapse- key to the real physics of fusion: ALCHEMY.


Alchemy of Fusion- in Theater Geometric from John Dee to Shakespeare:

It is commonly considered among academics - that the cube/octa design for the oneness experience of Shakespeare's theater -

came from John Dee (of Ophanim fame) - and his pioneering hypercube mathematics:

In the theater - using the hypercube- arranges a sequence of OPPOSING EMOTIONS pairs ( as in Midsummer Nights Dream)- which sets up the symmetry

among emotions for the plasma fusion to take place at the end- which fuses everyone suddenly identifying with the whole and all the characters- instead of their separate parts

( a oneness experience).

Note how opposing emotions- create theses precise geometric wave forms : 'Sentics' -


Below we also refer to the background article / scholarship

where Vincent Bridges and Theresa Burns- documented that Shakespeare is the well known person identified in John Dee's notes as Francis Garland.

Theresa is preparing more extensive articles documenting the evidence much of Shakespeare's exquisite material clearly came thru his dramatic experiences as Queen Elizabeth's spy assigned to John Dee and Edward Kelley- after they sent the purest gold the british royal society had ever measured back from their Alchemy tower in Prague.

Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter Alchemy background- films:

Update Sept 3, 2015: Video added from Vincent Bridges-presentation:
Alchemy / John Dee / Templars - Spiritual History:
(Part 1)


Vincent Bridges - Spiritual History Presentation- Part 2: Malta, Templars, St John and more..
Includes Padma Sambava-& The Diamond Body- Aura that melts stone: The REAL Alchemy


3rd film- from S.France- Vincent Bridges: Deep Grail History:Mary/Madonna/StJohn/DaVinci/Nostradamus








This especially includes Prospero as John Dee's 'Heptagonal Working' cooking up the "Tempest" storm that took out the Spanish Armada - about a year after he predicted to Queen Elizabeth what he would do.

When John Dee became apparently the planet leading mathematician developing his HYPERCUBE mathematics (inspiring Shakespeare's theater design) - he also had apparently the largest library in Europe. His central intention at that point was to model a fusion of symbol systems - he called the HIEROGLPHIC MONAD. Unifying language systems into the symmetry of charge fusion- is also a big part of what this authors life has been about. See my animations of the charge domain donut - tetra/cube symmetry physics of the origin of Hebrew/ Sanskrit -

Central- to his Hieroglyphic Monad idea- was his understanding of the science of Astrology. Today- we know more than John Dee did about that too. The metaphor of the 12 houses of Astrology - is exactly the number of symmetry faces- to the Dodeca/ Icosa symmetry set- which IS PHASE CONJUGATION. And today- we know that the physics community has agreed the major fractal symmetry of the universe's mass is Dodeca. Which is all excellent support for my new Phase Conjugate model of the (alchemic / fusion ) CAUSE of gravity!

So - both the unifying fusion of symbol - as symmetry (alphabets) - and the gravity symmetry physics behind astrology - can both today ascertain the physics behind John Dee's dream of a oneness/ fusion - MONAD - and the physics of Alchemy. Shakespeare scholars all agree -that THE most common theme behind Shakespeare's plays is Alchemy.

SO- to review the phase conjugate principles behind fusion in ritual and theater:

-to Phase Conjugate and Imploder Centripetally- as in optics- waves must approach from essentailly from cubic directions


called FOUR WAVE MIXING - above - in phase conjugate optics.

Remember phase conjugate optics is documented in physics to cause negentropy and time reversal.

That cubic approach - when used among letters of the alphabet- produce implosion called ' casting a spell'

(how the air pressure change in a church during ritual can 'blow the doors off')

See -

for the tetra cubic shadows of charge donuts- called Hebrew and Sanskrit.

We describe this implementation in the 4 directions ritual of Ophanic Enochian letters ritual ( in the film)-

see graphic below.- and at

Exerpt images here- courtesy Darlen with Vincent Bridges:

Note Here!: With the generosity of Darlene and Vincent- they have agreed that I may put this link here: OR-Part2c2.PDF
You can download this entire chapter from their upcoming book - includes detailed references.
- in hopes of promoting that work (appreciate your supporting them).








To INHABIT your world / STEER your TORNADO - IS- to effectively EMBED in it!
SO- occupying the so called CUBE OF SPACE- is both the origin of alphabets/ symbol systems
- AND ritual- because setting up a precise cube of opposing wave forms is HOW you ..
phase conjugate / implode- AND THUS 'CAST A SPELL' / created centripetal force.

So we animated the SHAMANIC IMPLICATIONS of these SEVEN ARROWS thru the tetra/ cube - with discussion :

and we present a complete BODY WORK / YOGA - 'Inhabiting your space- by embedding in the 7 arrows' - at

It is interesting that in addition to our animations of the physics of the toroidal symmetry origins of HEBREW from the SEVEN ARROWS of the tetra ( )
- we also find this TETRA CUBE symmetry root in the origin of ROVASH IRASH- old Draco / old Hungarian :





So- when Vincent Bridges discovered the HYPERCUBE symmetry in Ophanic letters- it confirms this principle- phase conjugate implosion among letter vectors.




trans cubic/hypercubic glyph symmetry routes genetic/glandular/and emotive magnetics thru implosion/wormhole:

(into "lords of time" "ophanic" "whirling ones", "O PHI in them", "angel bodies")



The postscript article here - will be the phase conjugate charge collapse prediction for isotope transition- for alchemy / fusion physics. Note how the spiral path down Bucky's jitterbug is not just the symmetry of superconductivity - we now know that isotope transition IS non-destructive (phase conjugate) charge collapse.

Intro - spreadsheet see

Metallmorphosis pdf at