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Breakthru-Technologies (Fractal Field/Implosion) newsletter from Dan Winter and Roger Green]



Breakthru-T and the IMPLODER newsletter
Greetings from Roger Green and Dan Winter

From Roger Green in New York City

Hi folks, well it has been sometime since our last BT newsletter update
and welcome to all of those people who have joined our database in the meantime.

In this update you can read about:

  • Our new product - the imploder shower nozzle now available from (find out about the special deal)
  • Our next new product “PyraPhi' being released onto website very soon
  • Technologies for HUMANITY- breakthru technologies being picked up and support by the U.N endorsed E-Z Initiative
  • The Science behind it all by DAN WINTER and friends
So, as you can see, some very light hearted material to read thru- per usual!
Some of us have to save the planet….

Just released onto market: The Imploder Shower nozzle
This month, and to the end of November, you can receive a free shower nozzle (worth 129 Euros) with every IMPLODER water device you order

As Dan explains, ”with the Imploder shower nozzle, you can experience the silkier feeling of vortex-spun water... The science is that once molecules are spun in water in such a way to flow centripetally, they begin to have a certain memory of connection. This is called spin coherence.  The Imploder Shower nozzle does not have the powerful magnetic array of The Imploder water treatment device- but it does have the exquisite spin geometry, which installs the hydrodynamic geometry of implosion in the water's molecular memory. People using the shower nozzle have consistently reported a softer silkier feeling in the water. They talk about sheeting action- where the water gains “laminar coherence” which is one of the key qualities of 'sensitive chaos' in water.  Memory of spin is a good name for the physics of energy, mass and life force.

If your water feels dead, try the Imploder Shower nozzle and see if it doesn't feel a little more like being in a real waterfall in nature. In any case - playing with the Imploder Nozzle's - 'self aware' little 'pony tail' in the water - which responds to touch like a kitten's tail- is alone enough to tickle your watery fantasy. It's very powerful, and gives you a "tingly" massage feel.”

Order thru our distributors - or directly from our website:
Receive a free shower nozzle with every water treatment device through to the end of this November


THE PYRAPHI - the most advanced AURA enhancer technology on the planet; LIFE CHI at its best

For those on the spiritual path, we all know how important it is to look after the TEMPLE WITHIN. The effect of this technology, based on Dan Winters phase conjugate magnetics/dialectrics, is very powerful. I would call it the most amazing aura clearer / enhancer/ recharger that you can experience (in your backyard, and anywhere- fully mobile, comes with its own carry bag)

It channels intense, focused, universal Life CHI.

I call it the FRACTAL PORTAL -that opens the gates of perception !  (my words)

Dan's words are....“ IMPLOSION of dielectric lines of charge. Literally a FRACTAL CAPACITOR -the array of capacitance or flux lines in the quantum vacuum - negative ion waves shower onto your vibration field… people call this golden mean curve to perfect compression- the CADUCEUS of HERMES- it also accelerates metabolism, biological growth and eliminates electro smog and radioactivity - DUE TO ITS CENTRIPETAL FORCE”

Enough of Dan's words for now…back to my words…

Has a Gold plated capacitor, designed with pure sacred geometry ratios, dimensions and “scaling field equations' that create the intense and supportive Life-Force effect.

Beautifully and carefully constructed with HIGH GRADE materials, by PURE INTENTION and the Fractal Field Team.  Order next week from website. We will send you a memo to let you know when the page is ready…with all details costs etc

isn't it beautiful...

E-Z Initiative launch in New York

Many of you know I have been helping to move forward the brilliant insights of one of America's brightest minds- Dan Winter. Now living in South France, he has devoted much energy in the past few years to developing technology that will really help HUMANITY, based completely on the concepts of the Fractal Field and Implosion Science theories (the very essence of LIFE-FORCE)

Under the banner of the Breakthru-Technologies and the Fractal Field Company, he has developed a range of technologies, which for example, can re-energize water to increase agricultural yields, to the effective splitting of hydrogen to produce clean energy from water and much more. Added to this is our Bloom the Desert project, which can revitalize areas of our planet that nobody ever thought possible. I will be updating you further on this work in the next few newsletters, for now you can look at these websites that are devoted to his cutting edge technology

All of the above technologies have been picked up by the E-Z Initiative, an organization devoted to moving forward cutting edge technology that will help developing nations.

Recently I was invited to attend the E-Z Initiative launch in New York, where I was asked by their Founder Director, Sasha Stone from England, to represent the technologies of the Fractal Field Company, Breakthru-Technologies and

Please take a look at an inspiring video presentation
for the launch for the E-Z initiative for Mongolia

Download some informative pdf's here

Their first focus nation is MONGOLIA, which currently has a new president, all fired up to do the right thing for his developing country. As you might know, a huge amount of natural resources have been discovered in Mongolia, however the infrastructure is OLD, and much needs to be re-done. The new government wants to do it right and not make the mistakes of the past. Green technologies are going to be in the forefront of its future development. I may be personally visiting Mongolia in the spring next year as part of this delegation


  • Zero-tolerance for further debate where debate is no longer required
  • Zero-tolerance toward over-centralization of policy & control in the energy, carbon & climate domains
  • Zero-growth in negative environmental impact (reduction of existing footprints to zero)
  • Zero-growth in Co2-emissions (reduction of existing emissions quotas to zero)
  • Zero-growth in socio-economic & geopolitical injustice
In the near future  (as in NOW) we will need an E-Z initiative for the good old USA, Europe, China, India and the rest of the world- to reduce green house emissions and get us out of the old paradigms!

From Dan Winter in South France
The Science behind it all
This memo devoted to the Founder of the E-Z Initiative- Sasha Stone

A Revolution in LIFE AFFIRMING Technologies- based upon the simple but quintessential new understanding that life - and all self-organization to emerge from chaos happens- when fields and waves become CENTRIPETAL. The geometry of centripetal force - inviting perfect compression - is called FRACTAL- here referring specifically to what all the fractal mathematics completely missed: which how to water waves, and light waves, and electric field waves- make a FIELD EFFECT- which is fractal - in 3D.

Mathematics has long known - probably the most beautiful property of fractals- is they are infinitely compressible. But few have conceived the real magic of this property when applied to field theory. It is said that Einstein was quite clear- that if he knew the symmetry (or wave shape) of infinite constructive compression- he would have solved the Unified Field problem. This is because - gravity itself - is said to be infinite or perfect collapse for electric charge. Sadly since- Einstein was never told what a fractal is - he never learned what a fractal electric FIELD could be.

It turns out that the simplest example of what a fractal electric field is- is a dodecahedron. It you extend the edges straight out - by Golden Ratio - it makes an icosahedron. Do that again - edges straight extended by Golden Ratio- you have another dodeca. This makes an infinite nest.

Golden Ratio is the geometry of perfect fractality - because it is the only way WAVES can make their inside- look like the outside. Self-similarity perfected- we later see is self reference perfected- meaning ability to emerge from chaos - which is electrically - identical to the origin of self organization AND self awareness!

You can see that we get into deep water quickly here.

The point is- that once you understand how this golden ratio wave geometry is the origin of all wave shapes that become IMPLOSIVE and CENTRIPETAL- and THEREFORE ALIVE! - You can build LIFE AFFIRMING fractal field- technologies -in virtually every field- and bring life back from the brink of chaos.

What happens is that when waves of electric charge- or compression in the quantum foam- cross in Golden Ratio (the essence of hydrogen formation - AND DNA formation) - they add and multiply their wave speeds ('phase velocities') constructively- turning compression in to acceleration (called gravity).

This is the reason- hydrogen, gravity, life force, perception, color, self-organization - even bliss exists.

SO - once you understand how to arrange waves (of light, of charge, of water, of air) into this pattern - you KNOW how to self organize, eliminate chaos and pollution - and create LIFE.

Scientists call waves in this geometry PHASE CONJUGATION- and they know that self-organization is proven in phase conjugate optics. Other people call this golden mean curve to perfect damping (compression) - the CADUCEUS of HERMES.

What scientists need to learn is that: this golden mean solution to all wave interference- also produces self-organization - in addition to phase conjugation in optics.

A word from Kees Hoogendijk our colleague  from The Netherlands…on Phase Conjugation

The new physics of material engineering, material synthesis and chemistry is based on influencing the spin characteristics of rotating electrical charge (mass). This can be achieved through geometrical designs, ultimately creating perfect embedding. Perfect embedding is equivalent to fractality. A fractal is geometric figure which multiplies recursively and constructively.

Fractality is thus a condition of recursive constructive interference. To conjugate is to add and multiply recursively constructively. Fractal wave patterns create perfect compression and perfect distribution of charge and spin. Maximum constructive wave interference is the perfect solution to optimum compression and distribution.

This process of creating these pathways of least resistance is often named phase conjugation. Fractal phase conjugation perfects coherence, thereby producing hologram like characteristics: “everywhere at once properties”.

This way a small but very precise constructive wave interference can have a very profound effect on a large amount of matter. It is also the preciseness of the wave interference design that negates the need for high temperatures and high pressures in many chemical processes.

Phase conjugation is well known in non-linear optics (NLO), the physics of lasers and holography. NLO describes the behavior of light in nonlinear media, that is, media in which the dielectric polarization responds nonlinearly to the electrical field of light.

Phase conjugation is an NLO process, which exactly reverses the propagation direction and phase variation of a beam of light. The reverse beam is called the conjugate beam and interacts with the original beam to create lasers and holography. The process is also known as time reversal.

Phase conjugation creates the preconditions for every point of the relevant space to reflect the whole at every moment. Phase Conjugation is equivalent to real time holography.

Phase conjugation enables special spatial designs to minimize inertia of all sorts. Phase conjugation can reduce inertia in heat transfer systems, inertia in chemical reactions, inertia in human health or healing of disease, inertia in mass transfer, phase transfer (crystallization, evaporation, condensation) and so on.
Phase conjugation is one of the first experimental physics disciplines to describe apparent self-organization.

Thank you Kees for that very clear explanation…

NOW back to Dan in beautiful South France

We applied phase conjugate MAGNETICS in TheImploder to heal water - and create dramatic growth effects. We combined the conjugation of magnetics- with PHASE CONJUGATE HYDRODYNAMICS. This is Viktor Schauberger's dream of IMPLOSION in water coming true.

To imagine the shape of PHASE CONJUGATION- (light, water, magnetism, electric charge) in all of the above- is simple- just imaging TWO PINE CONES- learning how to nicely kiss noses!

Take a look at this recent video (affirming Dans work):

Each of these implosive fractal solutions below is based precisely on the above.

1. End the energy crisis: precisely my new equation for hydrogen - solves the water to burn water We are well underway to confirm this new hydrogen recipe DOES solve hydrolysis.

2. Heal water pollution - we have 4 different ways to solve water pollution

3. Bring water AND life force to deserts: our Bloom the Desert project

4. Build the architecture of life force - scientifically into city and building design: Bio Architecture with Michael Rice:

Revitalize city design to attract tourists, energy, and money- by attracting CHARGE! and HOW to attract rain by design:

5. Build the ultimate healing temple using the pyraphi principle. It accelerates metabolism and growth- eliminates electro smog- and radioactivity - DUE TO THIS CENTRIPETAL FORCE.

6. Winter has applied precise phase conjugate / caduceus scaling geometry - Planck time to golden ratio - to show WHY these frequencies end pain/heal.
Refer Magnetic Pain Relief:

Thats all for now folks. Goodnight and goodbye
Roger and Dan

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