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Restoring Centripetal Forces- to Restore LIFE FORCE:

 Includes dramatic new film releases -new lectures on this subject - with Dan Winter - from
Prague (English and Czech), Rome (English and Italian), Paris (English and French), Turin (English and Italian), and Nice (English and French).

from Dan Winter, Implosion Group and Friends, June 27, 2011 Index:
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The principle:

Centripetal forces- generated by Golden Ratio / Fractality / "Conjugation of Phases" / Compression Perfected / IMPLOSION

are specifically the only symmetry causing

- gravity

- life force

- perception

- radiance

- bliss / ecstasy

- black holes / alchemy / fusion and all self organization

The Breakthru here:

Using implosive centripetal fields like these:

( observe measurements: , , - bioactive- phase conjugate CENTRIPETAL dielectrics -
, - a phase conjugate hydrodynamic- IMPLOSION: Schauberger's Dream )

we can also naturally reduce radioactivity, and electrosmog -

because these bioactive so called 'fractal field' / phase conjugate dielectric (sometimes call 'orgone')

and living plasma imploding micro-bio (microzyme) environments are naturally centripetal.

( We know why the field effect at Stonehenge like structures causes seeds to grow- and people to have peak perception,
does YOUR biology/agriculture teacher know????- films:
Feel free to suggest they learn quickly- so civilization can RESTORE CENTRIPETAL FORCES before it is too late! )

The pure principle is that certain fields are inherently centripetal.

Centripetal forces- reduce radioactivity because implosion (fusion) is the OPPOSITE of explosion (fission).

Examples of radioactivity reducing centripetal fields:

1. Focused human attention ( Uri Geller's measures- also Bill Tiller also measured attention compresses fields)

2. Phase Conjugate dielectrics- see , ,

another example of a CENTRIPETAL CAPACITOR designed to reduce radioactivity is the ARK OF THE COVENANT:

(legend is that the ARK was designed from "Sirian" technologies- which was needed by the 'Nephalim/ Annunaki' (Uru / Draco??

- there is strong evidence the Annunaki caused a nuclear detonation in the Sinai- molten glass still there

- and of course many legends and Sumerian interpretations- including Anton Parks- that the poor celestial navigating skills of the Annunaki-

meant they believed their ONLY way to navigate thru the the Van Allen Asteroid belt- was to NUKE their way thru it!

So much about the stories of the Ark are understandable when you understand a centripetal capacitor. The experiences of people being wounded by the device

are well explained when you understand ELECTRICAL hygiene)-

grail physics

Also creating a centripetal field which would reduce radioactivity is the strong growth field of certain micro-organisms (paper below from Cedric Mannu).

Another interesting example we should mention here:

When Dr George Egely causes carbon powder atomic cold fusion with microwave lo energy trigger- he documented that field was BIO ACTIVE (healing) - meaning it was centripetal.
FUSION creates a plasma field which would HEAL FISSION!



An international team has formed with micro-bio experts on 3 continents- many countries- dedicated to these ideas.

Revolution in self-organization for growth- based on micro-organism synergies, and ..


Below we present:

1. Intro outline

2. Cedric Mannu's paper from the french group introducing the science of micro-zyme (micro-organism plasma) for natural radioactivity reduction

3. Major new film series release- international lectures on film with Dan Winter- from Rome, Turin, Nice, Paris, Prague - on
RESTORING CENTRIPETAL FORCES FOR LIFE AND GROWTH. .. continued below... first announcements:

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-----------------Back to our newsletter: Centripetal Forces Restored....

--Who has provided a meaningful description of the nature of consciousness? - Here is the raw data that needs to be accounted for: 1. Focused attention causes electric fields to compress (Bill Tiller's extensive measures), 2. Focused attention reduces radioactivity measureably (Geller measured). - If you look at ISSEM or What the Bleep- or Gary Schwartz and Stuart Hameroff- gathering of hundreds of scientists on consciousness - do they have an answer as to the electric nature of consciousness to explain the measurements? No - nothing close. - Dan Winter has proposed a simple and compelling and MEASUREABLE explanation: Focused attention is a centripetal and golden ratio / 'implosive' - phase conjugate (donut shaped) plasma or charge field - (Golden Ratio in EEG as he has pioneered). COULD ANYTHING BE MORE SIMPLE- LIFE HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CENTRIPETAL ELECTRICALLY. Death happens when you don't! This is more than a real electrical engineers phase conjugate phenomenology of perception- it is a recipe for how to create life.

Restoring Centripetal Forces

by Dan Winter, June 12, 2011 (enroute Paris- Perpignan)

Ever since we announced how phase conjugation optimized by golden ratio was the fundamental mechanism of all centripetal forces- especially including the cause of gravity, life force, perception, bliss, color etc -

it has become increasingly apparent how these centripetal forces of implosion / fusion present serious technologic solutions to virtually every problem of our age.

We succcessfully launched hydrodynamic and magnetic implosion technologies for water in agriculture: ,

We formed a dynamic research team for energy / hydrogen energy production- based on phase conjugation/ fractality:

Our project to identify self-organization in stock market harmonic prediction is demonstrating serious test success.

Our project to develop group mind harmonic fusion for hearts- new HEARTTUNER Iphone is scheduled for release in 2 months.

Centripetal forces in agriculture are central to our BLOOM THE DESERT Project-

and our new international consultancy on centripetal plasma in microbiology-breakthru's in agriculture- this core group now meets regularly in international teleconference.

Our last world tour lecture series, Melbourne, Byron, Turin, Rome, Paris, Prague - is almost entirely focused on RESTORING CENTRIPETAL FORCES. Here below- with this are we are releasing film documentaries from these lectures in the major European centers.

--At this point in our international conversation with life scientists- worldwide- we would like to make a simple point.

Audiences in dozens of cities (films below) get it immediately when we explain - the difference between a live seed and a dead seed is its ability to suck something in! This is a great way to introduce the idea that RESTORING CENTRIPETAL FORCES- RESTORES LIFE.

The electric field of a capacitor (so called PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC- more engineers know this term than 'orgone') like a Pine Cone- or the electric field at Stonehenge can measureably cause seeds to grow. The reason growth is triggered- is that the electric lines learn to weave themselves 'like pine cones kissing nose to nose!' (phase conjugate). This makes the plasma field there- centripetal. This is why roses sometimes suddenly blossom in the hand of a saint.

SO- it should not be surprising that properly constructed (trace mineral rich ceramics) reduce electrosmog AND radioactivity- at the same time- as being BIOACTIVE FIELDS. This is all because they have RESTORED CENTRIPETAL FORCES.

So - let's introduce how to use micro-organisms to do things like self organize the electric field around your farm (you know how many farms have been skipped by a bioregion wide plague- just because the pest didn't like the mitogenic radiation of the happy/intelligent COMPOST PILE!). IF - your microorganisms are happy enough- they run the farm! This kind of mitogenic radiation (field effects radiated by biology)is an example of the principle that in fact the PLASMA or charge field around your body and your molecules is actually operating you- and the molecules follow the instructions from a field effect (more than the other way around). This should get you more comfortable with the idea- that as we electrical engineers who have studied with Dr K. know- your plasma field (ghost) is what you can take memory with when you die- if you don't screw it up! (avoid the electrosmog capitals of the world called HOSPITALs- worst place to die- generally).

So thing about the morphing field effect- or bubble of plasma- that IS a living microorganism- and ask yourself- HOW does the field effect around a microorganism get strongly centripetal enough to direct local operations...

And as you meditate on that question- look at Gaston Nassens picture of SOMATID (microorganism plasma morphing) cycles-- later we related this to the concept of MICRO-ZYMES. Which Cedric (next link below)- is going to show you in his paper can be shown to REDUCE RADIOACTIVITY! Note- how easy this is to understand when you understand that radioactivity is the opposite of centripetal charge (like living plasma!).


Here we present Cedric Mannu's paper on


In addition to this, the group from Australia, Europe and the states- has identified at least 4 different NATURAL SOLUTIONS TO RADIOACTIVITY. If you are interested in collaborating on this project please email:

See reprint below; Measuring Radioactive Half Life IS Affected by Enviornment!


Remember- the evidence is overwhelming that focused biological ATTENTION - Causes FIELD COMPRESSION:



And that large numbers of people focusing in meditation- compress even the Solar Flares to stability:


Note how simple all centripetal forces (gravity, life, perception, color) are generated- you start with planck / length and time and scale by golden ratio. Here Dan Winter- generated new equations for hydrogen radii and frequencies (key to atoms)- later- Nassim Haramein used only planck and golden ratio to generate all universal masses- from protons to solar sytem to universe, to all black holes. Here is the picture of the ONLY symmetry required (accounts for the dodeca shape of hydrogen, DNA, water,Earth Grid, Universe - etc.)

This is the precise equation we use from Dan Winter- for the 5 Cone Angle Golden Spirals - for IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE in The Imploder Water Nozzle.


This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (

Restoring CENTRI-PETAL Forces to Agriculture:

Fractality-Centripetal Life Forces: Wholistic Revolution in Growth Sciences
Dan Winter

The discovery of the shape of the field which makes growth happen- is the same as finding what makes a rose grow. When placed in the hand of a saint- roses often pop open. As an electrical engineer - trained as a Systems Analyst with IBM- we now can describe the CENTRIPETAL kind of field which causes this growth. Even as science has clearly measured that stone circles- like Stonehenge dramatically effect seed germination.

That field of life - is a centripetal vortex - sometimes called IMPLOSION- which does have rose like qualities. In science this rose like principle of gaining energy during collapse or implosion-is identical with the principle of FRACTALITY- or infinite constructive compression- for waves.

We are at the cutting edge of this revolution by self organizing centripetal forces now happening in growth technologies- like: , , and
- all of which grow from this simple but profound new understanding.

Fractality in water, in magnetics, in electric fields- is as easy to understand as a labyrinth or how a pine cone works electrically to gather power from gravity. It is all about how the inside LOOKS like the outside- so that by inviting compression you gain energy 'implosively' during collapse. Not only is this truly the electric secret of life- it is also key to the more esoteric secrets of achemy, fusion, love and eternal life.

Never before have we been so close to the secrets of life and existance. By putting these principles into practice in our gardens and farms- we affirm a beautiful spiritual meaning of ONENESS at the same time.

Dan Winter interview- for NonsoloAnima.TV Italian Television (direct link):
June 2011 (English and Italian)



In keeping with our educational mission..

Here we present serious intro segments from EACH new lecture series on RESTORING CENTRIPETAL FORCES- with Dan Winter-
in each major city last month- PRAGUE, TURIN, NICE, PARIS, ROME,
(AMSTERDAM pending)..


Turin Conference FILMS: RESTORING CENTRIPETAL FORCES- with Dan Winter (Exerpt here first 2 hours from first of 4 day presentation)

Part ONE


Turin Part TWO
Turin Part THREE
Turin Part FOUR


Paris Lecture Series June 2011 with Dan Winter- Restoring Centripetal Forces for Growth.. - at Pecy Castle (English and French)
Translation: Valerie Sandelin




1. The main lecture series in Prague- June 2011 with Dan Winter and Vincent Bridges-

Prague 2011: Alchemy and the RESTORATION OF CENTRIPETAL FORCES- Lecture Series Film exerpts with Dan Winter-
Vincent- History of Alchemy

follow up - PRAGUE/ Ostrava -Alchemy-Land & LIFE - University Lectures here- in English and Czech with Dan Winter-



Dan Winter -Rome Conference - June 2011-
Restoring Centripetal Forces: Restoring LIFE

Film thanks to Valerie Sandelin.

Part ONE:


Nice, France- Lecture Series June 2011 with Dan Winter: RESTORING CENTRIPETAL FORCES, English and French
Translation: Valerie Sandelin


Restoring Centripetal Forces: Rennes / Bugaresh Lectures with Dan Winter- July 6, 2012 (English and French)
Translation: Valerie Sandelin

Part ONE

Restoring Centripetal Forces for LIFE-July6 Bugaresh/Rennes- Part 3-5- w Dan Winter (English and French)
Function of BLISS-Turning Pt in DNA Evolution!
with ET Origins of DNA - Update
Translation: Valerie Sandelin



.. what a SOUL is.. is the implosive wormhole at the center of DNA..

Part FIVE:



Related: Released Earlier from Australia:



Consider- in Schauberger's view of IMPLOSION- How Centripetal Forces were restored:



Our Preceding article:

Phase Conjugation by Golden Ratio DOES Quantify and define the color spectra AND its bioactive peaks!


This is where we think our super- phase conjugate magnets are going:



Dan Winter - just updated his work newly defining the radii of hydrogen as golden ratio times planck length -
with this correlate reference:




Reprint from New Scientist; NOTICE- Half Life IS Affected by Enviornment..