WHY Fractal Phase Conjugation

IS The Deep Physics of Quantum COHERENCE www.fractalfield.com/coherence
with the real history of Coherence Science..

New 2020- - Dan Winter- and Implosion Group bring you real Heart Coherence /HRV Biofeedback for iPhone! - realheartcoherence.com (update from earlier heartsring.com

Video Presentation from Dan Winter , Fri Sept 17, 2010
to Dr Mark Filippi
- for International Conference of Coherence Conference.. ( below)

You knew that coherence is perfected by (phase conjugating - Golden Ratio) FRACTALITY (Nodes in the hologram WORK by compression perfected).
You knew that was the musical key signature of EKG and EEG - DURING coherent emotion-
which generates the (phase conjugate dielectric) of 'DNA RADIO'.

(HOW we FEEL each other... hint to Rollin and Doc at Global Coherence - those who actually understand the math and field theory of how coherence is produced - phase conjugate dielectric capacitive coupling is how your Josephson Junction transducer works.. actually can BUILD the bioactive field)

You knew all of this originally from Dan Winter- inventor of HearTuner, BlissTuner and the word HEART COHERENCE
- as used in the literature..(history of COHERENCE links below)
Best to hear the story from the "horses mouth":

Links for with presentation: History of Dan Winter's discovery of and original invention - measurement of Heart Coherence:


Mathematics of measuring Heart Coherence


Contrast with The HeartMath "MISTAKE"



Exerpt from www.goldenmean.info/coherence

Dan Winter- originates HEART COHERENCE-as quoted in:

"HEART COHERENCE was first described in 1992 by physicist Dan Winter" - from David Servan-Schreiber Ph.D. new book"Instinct to Heal".

This article presents the research history evidence - not only does HeartMath Institute not properly measure Heart Coherence - and mislead people into thinking that breathing at one frequency (what their Freeze Framer teaches) is Heart Coherence. But further - they have seriously mislead the world into thinking they somehow invented Heart Coherence. The irony is - that for the first 2 years after Dan Winter flew there at their expense to teach them how Heart Coherence - was measured (& how to take an EKG and analzye it) - they in fact dozens of times refused to believe (Rollin McCraty et al) that Heart COHERENCE was the correct term. THEN finally - when they saw that Dan Winter was correct - about COHERENCE in the Heart - THEY FAILED TO EVEN MENTION THE SOURCE OF THEIR TRAINING IN MEASURING and Spectrum Analyzing EKG originally. Today - they still fail to teach people that the single frequency breath taught by their FREEZE FRAMER - is neither HEART COHERENCE ( see Cepstrum measure ) NOR does it produce the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (in HRV) clearly required for health. ( see goldenmean.info/dardik ). Using the OPPOSITE technique - breathing in a CADUCCEUS CASCADE of INCLUSIVE HARMONICS ( trainer at : goldenmean.info/caducceus ) DOES create measureable HEART COHERENCE - which IS measureable using the correct EKG Cepstrum - the Heart becomes a laser. AND this DOES produce harmonic inclusiveness (in Heart Rate Variability). -------------- end exerpt from www.goldenmean.info/coherence


How harmonic inclusiveness produces fractality and therefore all viability:

www.goldenmean.info/holarchy (review of Irving Dardik work)

Implications of Discovering Coherence is Perfected by Phase Conjugate Fractality:
The cause of (all centripetal self organizing forces)
gravity, perception, life force, bliss, color


Our Commercial Applications - Of Implosive (Fractal) Coherence



(originally) www.fractalfield.com/pyraphi



Film from Dan Winter above- is part of:


co·her·ence : The working definitions for coherence range from the tangible to the abstract, from the literal to the figurative, from the cosmic  to the cosmetic. Our aim at this conference is to apply them to real-world issues facing people from all walks of life as we enter the era of Health 2.0. Bring your own brain!

This article Concept Creation, Coherence, and Cohesion  gave us this version of it...  

[coherence] -  

The conceptual schema we're exploring like these blind men touching the elephant here is how coherence can be applied to the emerging world of Health 2.0 going forward. This transcends the dry clinical and academic arguments and gets into the more raw terrain of ecomonics, memetics, epigenetics and other socially-based fields

Anatomical Coherence: Tom Myers
Perceptual Coherence: Karl Pribram
Epigenetic Coherence: Bruce Lipton
Memetic Coherence: Richard Brodie
Human Performance Coherence: Pete Egoscue (video contribution)
Energy Medicine Coherence: James Oschman (powerpoint contribution)
Cognitive Neuroscience Coherence: David Goodman (video contribution)
Cardiocybernetic Coherence: Irving Dardik
Personalized Medicine Coherence: Peter D'Adamo
Decentralized Economic Coherence: Douglas Rushkoff (video contribution)
Positive Psychology Coherence: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
New Cosmology Coherence: Rob Bryanton (video contribution) (author of "Imagining The 10th Dimension")
Crowd Energy Dynamics: Rick Leskowitz (Co-producer of 'The Joy of Sox' documentary) (video contribution)
Self-Regulation Coherence Stephen Elliott (creator of Coherent Breathing techniques) (video contribution)
Behavioral Coherence: Deborah Rozman, HeartMath LLC
Global Fractal Coherence: Dan Winter (video contribution)
Spiritual Development Coherence: Mark Epstein
Polyvagal Coherence: Stephen Porges
Nonlinear Dynamical Coherence: Fred Abraham*
Epistemological Coherence: Rick Paar*
Visual Logical Coherence: Marc Grossman
Neurobiological Coherence: W. Roulette Smith*
Quality Of Life Coherence: Nic Marks (video contribution) 

Alexandra Drane from ElizaCorporation.com (video contribution)
Gena Cook from NavigatingCancer.com
Unity Stoakes from OrganizedWisdom.com
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from HealthPopuli.com
Linda Avey from 23andMe.com and BrainStormrf.org
Jared Mermey from Venuing.com

Alexandra Drane from ElizaCorporation.com (video contribution)
Gena Cook from NavigatingCancer.com
Unity Stoakes from OrganizedWisdom.com
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from HealthPopuli.com
Linda Avey from 23andMe.com and BrainStormrf.org
Jared Mermey from Venuing.com 

AUG 24th update: Irving Dardik is confirmed to attend :) end exerpt.. from coherence conference

---and speaking of coherence in the flow..

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HeartsRing Animation
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to bring your heart key frequency to WHERE you wish (another person / another group / or your Rave concert key..?- this frame sequence not contiguous)
In the newest version we also display (for your rock band conductor)-
the musical key signature of your heart at the moment- AND the key signature of your goal point
(where you clicked to put the white line- could be your lover or healer - or your group's concensus point).

The vertical height of your HRV interactive water fall time history power spectra plot-
is the AMOUNT of your HEART COHERENCE- the right /left x-axis value is the frequency key (also listed on top).
You have all the benefits of medical HRV training - PLUS coherence training..
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Commentary - DJ'ing, Music, Humour, Life , Barney Holmes – (comments on goldenmean.info, Dan Winter)
my personal blog. Ideas, issues, discoveries.

Commenting on the New Physics:

..consciousness being an inherent aspect of the Universe at “zero point”

For those unfamiliar with the New Physics, examining the pages on the Golden Mean site or the work of other New Physics Scientists and researchers may lead to an impression that one is perusing the bizarre or even the outlandish. I’ve seen people react with incredulity to those pages on Golden Mean; reacting to them as if they are a “bizarre” mish-mash of material whisking you on from one world to another with barely a moment to reflect. But the reaction is unjustified

Moreover, most authors who have discussed Leonardo’s scientific work have looked at it through Newtonian lenses, and I believe this has often prevented them from understanding its essential nature. [...] Hence, in the centuries since his death, scholars studying his celebrated Notebooks have tended to see them as disorganized and chaotic.  In Leonardo’s mind, however, his science was not disorganized at all. It gave him a coherent, unifying picture of natural phenomena — but a picture that is radically different from that of Galileo, Descartes, and Newton.” ( Source )

I’ve been bought up on Fritjof Capra and examinations of Quantum Physics and Reincarnation and a thousand other subjects that at first might seem incompatible with Science. But there has been a long held cultural and Scientific investigation of these subjects that has crossed over into art and music. The 60′s are of course the most well known eruption of this phenomena. But it did not stop there. The rise of Rave culture in the late 80′s was another intense and liberating shift of consciousness that elevated millions into a life barely acknowledged by the crumbling establishment.

There has been an honourable tradition of commentating on the New Physics. Capra’s book Turning Point can now be seen as heralding the end of the age of Reductionism and bringing in what some have only dared to whisper for the last 30 years.

“The concepts of nonlocality and statistical causality imply quite clearly that the structure of matter is not mechanical. Hence the term ‘quantum mechanics’ is very much a misnomer, as David Bohm has pointed out. In his 1951 textbook on quantum theory Bohm offered some interesting speculations on the analogies between quantum processes and thought processes, thus carrying further the celebrated statement made by James Jeans two decades earlier: ‘Today there is a wide measure of agreement . . . that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.’” ( Source )

Now these “New Physicists” are working together to apply the discoveries. The point of no return has been reached. It’s early days but we can now say with certainty that we have entered a new age. It will eventually mean much of what has been causing ecological damage will fall away. This has not been a trivial achievement. This has only come about by surviving the 60′s to present day upheaval.  Peoples lives have been changed as the Western world view shifts and as old systems and the old physics resists (actually some of the world has already been living the New Physics for millennia). I predict that this period will come to be known as The Great Upheaval as people’s stories come to light.

In the coming months I will attempt to reintroduce the context that these new discoveries and applications are happening in. In the chaos of the upheaval this context appears to have been at least partially lost making the wonderful new direction appear confusing and even alien to some people. This would be a shame because the extraordinary has happened and it would almost be criminal to miss the development of the new world.