Update 2019: Note in the below article and interview on NEGENTROPIC and Phase Conjugate Mechanism of COLD PLASMA - by Dan Winter

how the Fullerene / dodec-icos (implosive) geometrics of NANO MATERIALS

- see Star Mother kit goldenmean.info/kit

IS EXACTLY THE SAME complete- outer- d/f electron shell geometric which also
- the principle behind - THERAPHI.NET

The Cold Plasma Revolution:
Life force and rejuvenation- as centripetal plasma-
also have in their principle the key to cohering the vacuum for energy AND
... If you learn how the charge in your aura becomes projective- as cold plasma-
in that principle called-' a rotating conjugator'
lies an amazing break thru in the physics of propulsion and plasma containment.
The secrets of how the VIMANA and the NAZI Bell flew!


also related: Conversation with Dan Winter- about Dr Keshe plasma science- interview with Dr Cornelius Van Dorp (New Zealand):


from IMPLOSION GROUP - with Partners in out Project- including Keshe Foundation

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www.goldenmean.info/temple (The deep scientific meaning of temple- as plasma projection / ' stargate')

tech updates: fractalfield.com/conjugatetechnologies


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Life Force


and More..


Below- introduction to the Science Background:

Cold Plasma Fields:

HOW they cohere the vacuum -(extract energy from the vacuum)
and produce bioactive fields for growth and regeneration

and introduction to how they produce propulsion.

Acknowledgement here to Dr Keshe- with kind thanks for the time he spent with our physics team
- including Dr Jean Paul Biberian- Europe's leading cold fusion physicist ( see www.jeanpaulbiberian.net www.cryofusion.org

Cold plasma is a name for the 'fire that does not consume'. Cold Fusion is a name for a centripetal non-destructive compression - not requiring high heat. Implosion is a name for non-destructive compression- which- (as Schauberger made famous) is a vortex which does not produce heat (destructive interference). Schauberger's famous piezo water vortex generator..

was a practical way to generate electric power from the vacuum- with a conjugate vortex. Importantly- it is well reported (even as Hitler wrote the check to Schauberger- for the generator which obviously worked)- that the key to knowing WHEN the piezo water implosive vortex was about to begin generating electric power from the vacuum- was when it SPONTANEOUSLY BEGAN GETTING COLDER (not unlike the famous Joe Cell- hydrogen implosive generators- see fractalfield.com/hydrogen ).

Sadly- although physics is very accustomed to dealing with plasma fields. the physics community is very new to working with plasma fields which do not require high heat ('cold' plasma). From an engineering perspective - a plasma field could be described as a cloud of charge, which has been released from atoms electron shells, usually - BUT not always -by high heat. If there is a trigger- or seed which is centripetal enough at center, THEN this cloud of charge could be distributed efficiently WITHOUT high heat. Interestingly- this is an introduction to how biology maintains the cloud of charge - you call your aura (clearly a bioactive field) - WITHOUT high heat. YOU are a flame that does not consume.. (well - maybe you eat stuff, but at least your inner fire does not burn you... .... usually).

The physics community- is quite clear- that the universe is comprised of 99.99 percent plasma. SO we should get better at knowing how plasma is distributed. Hint: perfect distribution of charge (the holy grail of everything from immortality- to cold fusion)- is precisely the problem which FRACTALITY ( phase conjugate wave mechanics ) solves. Read my new book: Fractal Space Time: Cause of Gravity, Negentropy, Perception.. www.fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime


Physics agrees- that plasma science is key to fusion and vacuum energy. Wiki- says: 'Plasma is loosely described as an electrically neutral medium of unbound positive and negative particles'. The tricky part- is what allows these positive and negative 'particles' to be 'unbound'. What holds the cloud of charge- or plasma field- together??? It is perhaps not very helpful to say - this part is 'matter' - and this part (the plasma?) is 'not matter' (as in non-material)... Because- serious science is clear- matter is MADE of a cloud of charge - which has been compressed enough to store the inertia- which is our ONLY definition for mass. So - emphasizing that the plasma field is 'non-material' would simply be evading the question of how it works.

So- in order to get to the 'heart of the matter' (or non-matter)- of how the unified field is working- rather than engage in the schizophrenic dichotomy of matter vs non-matter, we must deal with the nature of the substrate- which makes everything: the nature of the vacuum and its energy itself: which is 'a cloud of charge' or... the ether.

When we say that plasma is a 'cloud of charge'- intelligent people should then ask: what is charge? After a bit of study- you learn that- unfortuneately physics does not seem to have an answer to this question.

Here is my answer to the question: what is charge? (Elizabeth Rauscher asked for my help to answer this question - at our Budapest conference)

The universal vacuum- behaves like a universal compressible liquid which stores inertia in its waves. The nature of the compression and rare-faction in that liquid- ('ether')- is called plus and minus charge.Thus the universal compressible media- which comprises the vacuum- sometimes called 'ether' - has an inertia storing quality of compression versus rarefaction - which is the origin of charge (yin and yang).

That stored intertia which rotating charge gyroscopically creates in the vacuum- is called mass.

The interval created by that rotation is called time. Charge rotation is the cause of mass and time. So when we say space/time is bent or warped- we simply mean the matrix or nodes of charge interference. This is important because we see that the centripetal (gravity making) nodes in space time- are always created by conjugate fractality (Not only is this why gravity exists, this is also why my new book exists!).

Asking a physicist - what is charge- is also rather like asking - why do objects fall to the ground?.. prepare for an embarassing silence.. or prepare for sad excuses for ignorance... Unless you read my book which DOES answer the question: Fractal fields- the cause of gravity- produce acceleration of charge toward center from fractal compression of charge. That acceleration of charge toward center defines the experience we call gravity.This is due to the fact that golden ratio - fractal - phase conjugation - charge wave interference- produces recursive phase velocity constructive interference. Only golden ratio / phase conjugate wave interference allows recursive interference (arithmetic and geometric wave progression) to be non-destructive (equations: fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion ) . As the phase velocities constructively interfere - a portion of the charge being compressed - experiences acceleration toward center (for example in the golden ratio hydrogen electron shells- see my equation for hydrogen radii goldenmean.info/goldenproof ). This is the reason gravity exists.

This will also become important later in this article when we explain why rotating phase conjugate plasmas CREATE propulsion.

Understanding how certain symmetries- we call fractal or phase conjugate - create this centripetal force- is KEY to what we are about to teach about cold plasma. The reason charge fields can be held together without heat- is that centripetal seed of wave symmetry at their center. This then introduces - the role of MONO ATOMICS - in creating cold plasma fields ( including very useful inspirations from Dr Keshe).

Dr Keshe - pioneered systems (caustic liquids) which allow critical temperatures to release mono-atoms from the surface of metals (from copper plate or wire for example). Early discussions believed the primary mon-atoms were carbon mono-atomics. (We are setting up lab tests now on the produced monoatomics). We know that carbon- monoatomic structure is a conjugator- (fractal / implosive) due to it's FULLERENE geometry ( I am remembering my fun days with Bucky here..)



The carbon nano- geometry of these FULLERENES became for a long time- the MOST STUDIED unusual chemical material in history. The analog to the tight electron collapse enabled by FULLERENES- exists in todays excitement over MONO-ATOM- graphene sheets of carbon. Electron conductivity is largely a boundary layer quantum wave phenomenon. This means for example in a carbon nano-tube- that if the nano- tube DIAMETER is a correct exact multiple of the electron wave LENGTH- then a superconductive WAVEGUIDE tube for charge will result.

The reason so many chemists devoted their lives to these FULLERENE structures- was largely because of the unusual electrical quality which came from what you could put in the MIDDLE!

Carbon nano-materials- like FULLERENES- have a classic DODEC/ICOSA recursive symmetry structure. This places their electrical qualities squarely in the center of the principle of fractal phase conjugators- which is the subject of my book. To understand how the fullerene carbon mono geometry- encourages non-destructive charge collapse (fusion related phenomenon) we encourage you to order my

Star Mother Kit (accompanies my new book)

from Dan Winter-
Accurately modelling hydrogen and gravitation itself!


insert April 2015- from new article: Physics of What is A (Plasma Projector) TEMPLE (this is just an exerpt - see link for more): www.goldenmean.info/temple

As we discussed:



the only physics of immortality- clearly is achieving sustainable (conjugate/fractal) charge distribution- for your plasma/aura (KA) before and after death.

We looked at how - useful it was - that Laurence Gardner- after writing a whole book on the academic scholarship of THE SACRED ARK- concluded that the huge unpacked orbital field around gold powder - called PLANES OF SHARON- ( phase conjugate dielectric) - is the Hebrew word for HEAVEN for a good scientific reason. Namely - that perfect charge distribution is EXACTLY what human immortality is. (witness the Orion star map fractality of the HOPI - sacred burial ground).

Monoatomics as fractal conjugate conjugators: www.fractalfield.com/coldplasma , gold powder in history and science: www.goldenmean.info/goldpowder

below- the ARK mounted MANNA MACHINE- vs the precise conjugate 4 wave mixing of Keshe monoatomics plasma reactor ( for propulsion/energy/precipitates living manna)

(see also Keshe MAGRAV- efficiently converts US Navy into chicken feed)

How conjugate (plasma) rotation creates (plasma) propulsion www.fractalfield.com/propulsion (equations in pdfs).

-- end exerpt- see original

The ability to create unusual and useful qualities from FULLERENES (carbon nano material) - came from their ICOSA/DODECA (conjugate) electrical quality. This is also illustrated by the same electrical DODECA/ICOSA geometry is created when WATER molecules also take this unique and powerful geometry. These are called CLATHRATE cages- and they account for some of the most ordered and negentropic (healing) types of water structure.


A good example being the way Pat Flanagan used the clathrate water molecule geometry- to then hold (the also implosive/conjugator) mono-atomic hydrogen, to make his famous (anti-oxidant) MICROHYDRIN. Hydrogen we know is implosive and conjugate by its golden ratio geometry. When you put a (conjugator like) hydrogen mono-atom INSIDE the longer wave phase conjugate- WATER CLATHRATE- you get broad spectrum conjugate- NEGENTROPY (again- the prime subject of my new book).

Notice- in the collapse geometry possible for CLATHRATE dodec to cube-octa/tetra:

how this introduces the physics of what the icosa symmetries make possible - in NON-DESTRUCTIVE COLLAPSE

namely- Bucky Fuller's famous JITTERBUG:

See illustration- consider how the JITTERBUG collapse geometry - ICOSA to CUBE-OCTA can describe a non-destructive COLLAPSE PATH FOR CHARGE-



The point here is that mono-atomic materials- create centripetal forces in the vacuum due to their conjugate / implosive / fractal structure. This is nowhere better illustrated than by the famous extremely large field effects created by mono-atomic gold ( Gardner). Laurence Gardner usefully discusses the physics of the HUGE charge or plasma field created by mono-atomic gold - ( ORMES / manna / 'the spice'- our notes: www.goldenmean.info/goldpowder ). He specifically speculates the nature of the virtually infinite potential growing charge or plasma field around gold mono- atomics- as the origin of the Hebrew word for HEAVEN: "PLANES OF SHARON". I consider this a useful introduction to the physics of how human plasma can become sustainable / immortal- in the physics of what is HEAVEN and successful death: www.goldenmean.info/heaven , www.goldenmean.info/immortality

The physics of HOW the mono-atom stabilizes such a large outreaching plasma or charge field- is introduced by the word both Dr KESHE and David Hudson have used to describe the atomic process- by which the atom BECOMES monoatomic. They say it TURNS INSIDE OUT (rather like pop-corn). This is surely a good introduction to the implosion physics of perfect charge collapse- which is the subject of almost my entire life work.During implosive collapse of the charge field- the physics of phase conjugation (negentropy and self-organization) predict that the superluminal component of the charge field that then again RADIATES from the center- will have been stabilized into max coherence (called conjugate). This is the very essence of what phase conjugation IS ( in optics for example): self organizing to eliminate all wave components not precisely in phase. This is the nature of how death CAN work, and how rejuvenation and age reversal happen in phase conjugate - plasma or charge fields. We urge you to look at the picture of our PRIORE phase conjugate plasma rejuvenator at www.fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime , and the detailed pdfs about it at www.goldenmean.info/phaseconjugate .


It is important that you SEE the comparison - between the phase conjugate time reversing plasma of PRIORE - and the way DR KESHE plasma is creating rejuvenation and healing.


Prime Example- Restoring Biologic Negentropy -USING THE PRINCIPLE: Fractal Plasma Time Reversal Field Tech- Prototype soon Ready!
Implosion Group Australia team - is preparing to release WITH this new book.. A PRIORE Device-. Their latest functioning prototype: The Priore Plasma Field was documented by the French Government- for curing thousands of serious diseases and cancer: (pdfs: fractalfield.com ) Dan Winter's equations now explain the pure phase conjugate principle behind Priore- and our partners are completing the very exciting prototype (see picture): Actual biologic living plasma induced time reversal field technology! Plasma conjugate light and magnetics- all based precisely on the frequencies and phase conjugate technology described in FRACTAL SPACE TIME!


SHEM:'accessing the black hole'- conjugator-origin of term-below> The sCHEMatic for Implosion- origin of alCHEMy, CHEMistry, sCHEManism..
In the book (and introduced at original article: www.goldenmean.info/malta ) we present evidence that this "VAIROCANA EFFECT"
- was a turning point in the survival of civilization when they learned how to build a BIOACTIVE FIELD
It would save agriculture (fertility effect / charge seeds),
and save tribal memory (SHEManic ability to plasma project)- connection to ancestral memory - ability to take memory (plasma projection) through birth and death.
What a good time for a turning point in OUR civilization- to learn the electrical science of life force / negentropy generation!


"Everything Centripetal, Negentropic, Gravity Producing, or ALIVE
- becomes so - by BEING a (perfect wave fractal) PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE!"

Free Preview extract from Dan Winter’s new book: Fractal Space Time
this free preview pdf is 33 pages from the chapter on
Bioactive Field -
Physics of KUNDALINI
and Agnit Hotra

Qualify for your FREE copy of Dan Winter's new book: Fractal SpaceTime (recorded publication date: Oct 20, 2014)

Just provide evidence you are a professional scientist, and answer these few questions ( email to info -at- fractalfield.com )

1. I agree that Dan Winter has discovered the generalized wave geometric cause of gravity, life force, and biologic negentropy? TRUE / FALSE

2. I have no other answer as to why an object falls to the ground? TRUE / FALSE

3. I have no other answer as to how/why wave geometry creates negentropy so well proven in phase conjugate optics? TRUE /FALSE

4. I have no other answer as to how Earth and it's Schumann harmonics creates the self organization evidenced in the GAIA HYPOTHESIS? TRUE/FALSE

5. I agree that golden ratio phase conjugation is the only wave geometry which defines a 'fractal field'? TRUE / FALSE

6. I have no other explanation why virtually exact integer exponents of golden ratio (phase conjugate) times PLANCK length & time predict:

- multiple exact radii of hydrogen

- the exact only 2 frequencies which motorize photosynthesis

- virtually exact Schumann Planet harmonics

- the brainwave (ALPHA / BETA) frequencies of peak perception / bliss

- virtually exact duration of the Earth year and Venus year

- virtually exact frequencies PRIORE and also RAUSCHER used to heal

- exact frequency and geometry used to create commercially proven life giving (bioactive) fields at TheImploder.com (hydrodynamic implosion) and Pyraphi.com (capactive implosion)- the PRIORE rejuvenation field. (phase conjugate plasma time-reversal)


Remember that the MOMENT I realized I knew HOW PRIORE's device healed thousands of cancer- documented by the French government- was when I found out my new central equation for all idealized phase conjugate negentropy (on the back cover of my new book)- PREDICTED THE FREQUENCIES PRIORE USED. PRIORE's investigation for ideal healing charge harmonics- were an outgrowth of the Golden Ratio discoveries of the LAKHOVSKY Oscillator (rejuvenation / healing field generator),

and the work of RIFE). My equation also predicted the frequencies Elizabeth Rauscher used in her FDA trials showing magnetic frequencies that reduced pain. THIS is why I am confident I can use my equation to optimize the centripetal PLASMA FIELDS working with DR KESHE.


For more on HOW the DODEC / ICOSA capacitance symmetry (as in monoatomics also) implosion creates bioactivity:

Dan Winter's www.pyraphi.com (note the replicated laboratory measurements:40% acceleration in fermentation rate- with zero power input to the implosive capacitance)

Mono-atomics coatings in our plan will enhance our PYRAPHI / ICOSAPHI centripetal bioactivity above-

and also our IMPLODER below..


Our TheImploder.com technology produces a bioactive field (in water) by phase conjugate hydrodynamic vortex (in the nozzle). This centripetal piezo field around the nozzle, is so powerful (especially if the water is hard/ mineral rich / piezo )- that plants near the nozzle grow faster- even if not fed the water processed by it. We complement that centripetal force and solubility effect- with centripetal super magnetics. The centripetal (opposing correct polarity super magnets)- magnetics act like the field of a permanent magnet motor on the rapidly spinning water molecules exiting our perfect vortex nozzle. We suggest the comparison with cold plasma fields being bioactive. Whatever is making the the Dr Keshe cold plasma fields - hang together (making them centripetal)- we believe it is the centripetal force of conjugate MONOATOMICS- is precisely what also makes those plasma fields bioactive (negentropic and healing etc.)


There are 4 applications of implosive / conjugate 'cold plasma' (including Dr Keshe - evidence) which require physics understanding- in order to optimize them and use them in an empowered way.

1. cold plasma- to COHERE the VACUUM - for energy source technology

2. cold plasma- to create BIOACTIVE FIELDS- to heal, accelerate growth, and grow living biologic materials.

3. cold plasma - to create PROPULSION, ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY , and / or acceleration.

4. cold plasma- to create instantaneous super-luminal (faster than light) global communication


Clearly - the nature of phase conjugation - as per my book- to make the plasma field cohere WITHOUT HEAT- is central to all these applications of cold plasma.

Regarding, 1.- the energy source applications. We have clearly measured with the help of Dr Keshe's friends- the generation of modest voltages immediately on the surface of the deposits of the monoatomics. The trials we did here (with Brett's help) showed up to 1 volt differential on the monoatomic coatings (we did trials on the surface of copper wire, and copper plate, and magneisum plate). These modest power outputs from dielectrics- relate to our capacitive battery projects.

Update on 5 of our current vacuum coherent technologies:



The key to a super-capacitor battery project-

like our


is to realize that IF the dielectric constant of the capacitors 'insulator' layer is high enough- THEN it by definition is gathering charge/energy from the vacuum. Let me explain. Dielectric constant- is a name for how efficiently the capacitor formed by the efficient insulator sandwich layer-'rings' like a bell. This refers to the fact that the way you measure dielectric constant IS like ringing a bell. You 'hit' the capacitor- (the bell) - with a pressure (called voltage)- then you step back- and you measure how well it 'rings' (the amplitude of its resonance). SO - for dielectric constants above a certain minimum (like many barium titanate phase conjugate dielectrics)- this clearly implies a condition where the bell can ring back with more energy than you provided when you hit the bell! This is part of the implication for over- unity in certain super-capacitor batteries. Effectively - the vacuum coherence of the capactitor is generated because the dielectric material in the insulator of the capacitor is SO resonant TO the vacuum- that the vacuum energy is 'sucked' in. (Rather like the way we claim the voltage output of pine-cones and chicken eggs COHERE the vacuum- by measurement at www.goldenmean.info/biophoton )

This means that clearly one of the important steps of CREATING the mono-atomics- is to surround them with high dielectric materials (certain ceramics for example - see Pyraphi.com )- AND a way to measure success is to optimize for higher dielectric constant in the resultant monoatomic layers and liquids (Keshe's materials for example).

The concept is not so extreme to understand. ALL agree- that the vacuum contain huge amount of (resonant) energy. The vacuum does have specific known resonant coupling frequencies. The vacuum is set to provide resonance inertia ('free' energy)- to any location which is more implosive, or conjugate TO that resonance. At the link above- we claim- by measurement- this ability to cohere the vacuum by implosive capacitance in fact DEFINES LIFE itself! (We are the first to define WHERE the measureable output voltage of chicken eggs comes from).

For one example of this concept- see our conjugateone.com project where we have also done experiments with the famous 'crystal energy cell'. ( number 3- at http://conjugateone.com/CONJUGATEUPDATE.htm

Here the claim is that the mechanism of vacuum coherence (for the crystal battery) - is that during the formation of the capacitive dielectric- that "QUANTUM DOTS" occur. This is a reference - not unlike postulating the formation of 'little black holes"- which is much the same as saying IMPLOSION points. I consider the wave physics of coherence nodes (little black holes)- to be more descriptive language than 'quantum dots'. The point is that no matter how you language the phenomenon (Nassim for example- on black holes)- that implosive nodes in the vacuum- are the mechanism to cohere the vacuum for energy.


The above may suggest why modest voltages (and milli-watts) are available to monoatomic coatings (Keshe's et al). BUT- how are higher power levels acheived?

Dr Keshe has pioneered a technique to supersaturate and purify and concentrate liquids to semi-liquids with monoatomic 'soup'. In one series of experiments- when the monoatomic 'soup' liquid saturates the insulator (tissue for example)- between capactive plates coated with monoatomics- then much high power levels are claimed. Again - we suggest- the dielectric constant of these saturations of monatomic liquids on insulator tissue for capacitance must be VERY high.

BUT - the highest power levels - for these cold plasma fields- are claimed when the material is spun / rotated:


Several critical facts are to be observed about rotating - what I call phase conjugate (centripetal ) cold plasma fields. Dr Keshe et al have suggested that the (conjugate) monoatomic materials after a certain period of rotation- set up a field- which continues to spin- even after you mechanically stop the spinning reactor sphere. This makes sense - in that the inertia of the plasma toroid will eventually gain inertia directly from coupling the vacuum. The physics here implies several things- about how to optimize these rotations- the most important is that the GEOMETRY of the spiral vortex generated needs to be optimized- according to the following symmetry: ( see SPIRAL STRIP - the ANU - and PROPULSION PROJECTS:

our propulsion tech :


I hypothesize that the spiral angle on the generated vortex in the plasma- must and can be optimized according to the following spiral strip - symmetry physics.

(See animations of the perfect toroid vortex spiral strip-I did as origin of Hebrew/ Sanskrit: www.goldenmean.info/dnaring

OPTIMIZED TRANSLATION OF VORTICITY is how the golden sprial is defined in university hydrodynamics.

This optimization ('optimized translation of vorticity') would apply not just to maximized energy output - but also to propulsion generation (equations in the pdfs below).

Note this also means that the electric field which will optimize the sustained spinning of these fields- needs itself to be phase conjugate dielectrically (see 4 ways this 'sacred space FRACTALITY' - is measured- as fractality in air- top picture: www.goldenmean.info/architecture

here- exerpt from fractalfield.com/propulsion - Dan Winter


Noting the Cold Plasma Field used by Dr Keshe- is rotated to create propulsion- the point here is that our physics model

SPECIFICALLY PREDICTS THAT ROTATING A PHASE CONJUGATE FIELD (like the wave symmetry which holds the cold plasma together) WOULD PRODUCE PROPULSION- see equations in the physics below ..

The Image to understand WHY rotating phase conjugate fields produce propulsion/ acceleration- is like a (plasma) spiral cone (of charge) screwing its way through the vacuum. (Introduction to our equations for phase conjugation : www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion particularly the Bearden references)

Is the origin of true implosive propulsion: A Flame Letter Strip on the Torus- creating 'translation of vorticity'..

From Dan Winter, Nov 30, 2014: Path of self similar implosion=origin alphabets=origin propulsion=aura navigation
- A rotary path of self similar zero resistance in space (what I call implosive coherence) exists
which is behind all vacuum coherence technologies: a coherent perpetual oscillator.
I believe I have identified- that path:
the phi recursion fractality based implosion of the vacuum by phase conjugation to planck dimension
( my new book: Fractal Space Time) .

It is profound that the correct path is the same spiral on the torus
which is the origin of Sanskrit and Hebrew ( goldenmean.info/dnaring )

Compare this 'flame letter' origin of alphabet / symbol
-to the ANU perfect slip knot - origin of Quark- in modern physics:

This same perfect spiral strip- implosion slip knot - we also showed is the correct path (accurate fluid and flux inertia spiral path mapped on the torus)
to create propulsion (how the Vimana - and the Nazi bell flew) ref: fractalfield.com/propulsion
(see the nonlinear hydraulic propulsion section - navier stokes equations optimize).

Causing your mind / brain`(optical cortex as dream 'spell' charge hologram)
plasma field to focus on (literally take the SHAPE of)
the correct shadow angle of that spiral
(called a Hebrew Sanskrit letter)
is the only way you have of navigating your ('KA') self as a (toroidal) plasma body during dreaming / death..
identifying all necessary directional propulsion vectors..

sacred letter pronunciations (pro-noun see A tion/inside out ness)
- as physics of creation- symmetry sequence of (Golem making)
- 'blown smoke rings'.

The same spiral shadow by power spectra creates the SOUND of that letter
- the sonic hologram is the optical hologram.
see- spectrograms of the hebrew alphabet (above link).

The RATIO of idealized self similarity (fractality) is golden ratio.
So having shown THIS fractality is the cause of gravity, perception, life force and all negentropy,

this also must be in fact the reason that all time space is quantified by planck length and time
because all unified fractals have to grow from a single (unifying) seed.

Key proposal files in the pdf's below..

Hydraulic propulsion- Note the equations (Navier Stokes) we have developed to optimize the non-linear thrust producing inertial..

Of the accurate spiral on the torus.. see:



In addition our replication of Kowsky Frost

Phase conjugate pump caused gravity wave from fast conjugator crystal (kowsky frost) like lithium niobate



well documented- gravity producing
phase conjugate pump wave in fast conjugate piezo crystal

(star trek was right about lithium niobate

I have new equations showing the exact frequencies
of the phase conjugate pump wave- into the piezo cube
which caused the well documented gravity wave
from the crystal cube
(literature was clear - it produced 800 times its weight in propulsion

contact: info (at) fractalfield.com


SO- in summary- when the plasma toroids are rotated in cube-octa symmetry - this precisely corresponds to the shape of 4 wave mixing in phase conjugate optics. This means that the correct balancing of the centripetal cold plasma fields (Keshe's technique) - will correspond to the known physics of perfecting phase conjugate wave mechanics (known in optics for example).

This will maximize the centripetal moment of the field- which will

a) build max charge differential up the output spine ( for energy output)


b) for propulsion- see the physics of how phase conjugate pump waves- produced propulsion in KOWSKY FROST - 2nd pdf above- Crystal Propulsion


We have discussed- how to optimize the bioactive / regeneration quality of plasma fields above (PRIORE et al)-..

So the only part of the 4 qualities of cold plasma applications- we have not discussed here- is the instantaneous communication. For this we refer to the phase conjugate model of perception chapter in my new book. Note that the longitudinal component of the brainwaves generated in that model (for peak perception) are specifically superluminal. This means the bliss experiencing human brain (phase conjugate and longitudinal generating EEG - described there)- are precisely A COLD PLASMA SUPERLUMINAL COMMUNICATOR.

We will develop the parallel to HARMUT MUELLER = GLOBAL SCALING- instantaneous global communications- based on phase conjugate golden ratio longitudinal waves- in a later update ( intro at : www.goldenmean.info/globalscaling )


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Article and Newsletter from Dan Winter - Implosion Group March 15, 2014

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www.goldenmean.info/selforganization , and our seminal physics paper: www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion
Much of the appendix to that - our work on phase conjugate negentropy is about Tom Bearden- see also his: "Kindling, Life, Mind and Negentropy"
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Examples of negentropic / bioactive field generation:
www.goldenmean.info/phaseconjugate (Priore- see below)

"there is no substitute for electrical engineering understanding of phase conjugates
- without that the wu wu new age movement is doomed to disempowering miracle worship of trinkets.."

Below - we return to the previously published "ORIGINS OF SELF ORGANIZATION" article by Dan Winter- www.goldenmean.info/selforganization


May 17, 2012: Update-finishing the mathematic evidence: fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion Mathematics of Fusion-provides the generalized wave equation for golden ratio implosive collapse/ phase conjugation by golden ratio- cause of gravity, fusion, phase conjugation, life force and perception.

Here we ask you to consider the literature suggesting how (golden ratio optimized) fractality or 'phase conjugation' is the electric cause of gravity
.. and All Centripetal Forces - including Black Holes, Color, Perception, Electronegativity, and Human Bliss!

When wave interference- is RECURSIVELY constructive (adds and multiplies) - Golden Ratio results in CONSTRUCTIVE (conjugate) compression / implosion of charge = gravity.
Note from my new equation here- how golden ratio is apparently the primary structure of hydrogen. I have software emulation (below) showing how golden ratio optimizes constructive interference-therefore compression (therefore gravity). We are also developing the wave equations (completed in May 2012: fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion ) showing golden ratio maximizes constructive wave interference in general.
My published hypothesis (conference proceedings 2006 below) : the reason golden ratio electrically causes gravity is that only golden ratio allows recursive heterodynes to constructively add and multiply PHASE VELOCITY - and thus compression becomes charge acceleration- called..gravity.
danwinter [at] fractalfield.com

& of the origin of (self organization) in Time!

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: goldenmean.info/phaseconjugate (bottom)- Technology release: fractalfield.com/pyraphi

Updated Sept 2010- discussion of physics evidence / comparison to Nassim's Golden Ratio Black Hole Physics: goldenmean.info/gravityislove