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Preliminary Additional Text for the


as discussed


The specific implosive cone geometry (theimploder.com

is the origin of centripetal forces- in the work then later published



- also reference article (particularly the BEARDEN references there) :


by Dan Winter- acknowledgement to Bill Donavan- and Martin Jones mathematician there..


Winter realized

that the opposing reflective cones- which are

central to his work on IMPLOSION in general-

could be applied to generating the centripetal

or containment wave field necessary for plasma.

More specifically- overlaid on that specific cone - vortex-

can be the caduceus waveform- which


which are now central to PLASMA INTERFEROMETRY

Winter- realized at that time what is now central to the patent-

that reflective cone geometries can make LONGITUDINAL

COMPRESSION WAVES- into centripetal containment fields.

Winter realized the

further depth electrical engineering skills- to build

that reflective (implosive) cone approach - to making

centripetal LONGITUDINAL WAVES- (in the case

of the ARCSFUSION- invention- Bill then

completed the design to do this in the microwave spectra).

Winter saw and noted the implications for

plasma containment- for the vortex generation

of longitudinal waves-


Additions to original patent notes

regarding -

further development of plasma containment wave geometry:

Plasma FUSION - containment by 'phase conjugate'- longitudinal microwave.

Insert here

TWO drawings:

1. The drawing Bill Assembled with Dan's help

of 2 microwave dishes bouncing to a focus- microwaves

at 90 degree angle- using longitudinal reflected generated microwaves

drawing TWO:

The page from Tom Bearden's patent (now expired)

showing two conic wave paths crossing at 90 degree

to RE- CONSTITUTE (phase conjugate)

longitudinal microwaves BACK into heat generating

waves only at the cross point of their focus.

(in the complete Bearden patent

That patent should be referenced as prior art.



In the original development of this plasma interferometry concept-

the plasma containment- was specifically implemented using

a vortex insertion of plasma into the containment

glassware- to make the plasma flow toroidal

and thus centripetal (containable).

In this new implementation of wave form plasma containment-

Donavan with Winter's assistance- uses

specially constructed LONGITUDINAL MICROWAVES.

Longitudinal microwaves- will pass through most any plasma

container without heat or interference. Then by focusing

carefully in phase 2 cone sets of LONGITUDINAL microwaves-

crossing at 90 or 180 degrees (similar to more well known

optical phase conjugation)

-here at the cross point of the 2- 90 degree cone points

of longitudinal microwaves-

those 2 sets- then RECOMBINE- and emerge

into their full complement of HEAT PRODUCING

waves which include only in that focal point

their transverse component.

This means that the heat remains

concentrated remotely ONLY
at the calculated focal point of the

2 cones of microwaves.

Since the heat source is so well contained remotely-

the plasma ( in this case carbon or nickel or lithium

powder undergoing nuclear fusion)-

will stay near it's 'food' source (heat).

It has long been known that plasma containment

is the turning point in successfully

using fusion energy. Proper interferometry

to achieve this containment- with


has never before been accomplished.

In this ARCSFUSION- unique implementation

that containment is made possible

by remote focusing of cones

of LONGITUDINAL microwave.

TWO separate techniques for generating

the LONGITUDINAL microwaves

are specified- options in this implementation:

1. accurate 1/2 wavelength dish bounce-back reflection

from the microwave radiating dish shaped screen. The 180

degree interference plane converts the source microwave

to longitudinal- which can be focused.

and alternatively

2. phase accurate feeding the microwaves to

non-linear (phase conjugate dielectric) microwave mixer.

- this converts the microwave energy to longitudinal-

within the mixer. The output is then filtered to eliminate

any remaining transverse wave component- the output

longitudinal- microwave can then be focused

on the target constructive interference zone.

In both cases phase accurate microwave has to be tuned

to reflector or mixer sizes- to produce a phase coherent

LONGITUDINAL microwave beam which then

is reconstituted / regenerated into heat production

only at a distance where 2 beam sets- cross (90 or 180 degrees)

with phase accuracy.

The key to containment is accurate interferometry-

here we conjugate the longitudinal microwave

in the remote target zone- back into

(centripetal) heat production- to trigger the material

powders plasma fusion in a containable / sustainable way.


Assisted Reaction - Advancement in LENR - Lo Energy Nuclear Reaction- Energy Source Technology


- clean- safe abundant Lo Energy Nuclear Reactor (LENR) power source.

From Implosion Group with Dan Winter and Bill Donavan July 17, 2012

With the LONGITUDINAL PLASMA INTERFEROMETRY- PLASMA CONTAINMENT (Assisted Reaction Cross Section- Fusion) concept we take a well documented- but poorly controllable concept pioneered by Dr Edgely in Budapest. It is well known now- (ref) - that his carbon nano-powder exposed to simple modest energy microwave- produced fusion and dramatic plasma energy output. Byproducts - are helium and energy (lots of it). The problem was this was a large uncontrollable un-harnessed flash in the pan - energy burst.

Our engineer Bill Donavan- with experience and partnerships (as with Dr Elizabeth Rauscher) - has here designed a clear and simple path to take that plasma generation - directly - and whats more important- in an easily regulated way- to Direct Magneto-Hydrodynamic Electric Powder Converstion.

The 4 insights which make this a revolutionary closed path system from carbon powder- to fusion- to abundant - safe clean- inexpensive power are

1. Taking the powder thru a controllable speed closed path loop constantly moving into the trigger chamber

2. Placing the plasma firing loop into a recursive toroidal plasma domain -which in itself provides the dramatically useful properties of- controllability / stability - not unlike the way ball lightening occurs in the natural world. and then

3. Taking the output plasma from the rolling toroid- directly out into magneto hydrodynamic plasma to power conversion.

4. Even after the remarkably efficient magneto hydrodynamic powder conversion- then the secondary plasma goes thru a heat exchanger- for further energy recovery- before continuing in the closed path plasma loop. -

- Magneto Hydrodynamic Direct Plasma to Power Conversion- can rather be compared simply to putting a firing torch inside a magnetic field- which then extracts the electromagnetic power in the plasma directly- with exceptional efficency. --

Our direct consultants include

Elizabeth Rauscher PhD- prominent physicist who "wrote the book" on MHD Conversion (Magneto Hydrodynamic ) Direct Power Conversion

Jean Paul Biberian- Leading French Physicist who from Marseille University Physics Dept- personally lead most of the European conferences on Cold Fusion


Click here: to DOWNLOAD the PDF (Confidential for investors only): ARCSFusion.pdf


More Application Comparison notes: Nickel to Copper LENR (Rossi / Defkalion) VS. ARCS-Fusion (Assisted Reaction Cross Section- Fusion) carbon powder cleaner output- carbon is the absorber- x rays for example (probably k-capture behavior absorbs x rays and beta flux absorber negative absorption also produces more energy than absorbed carbon is synergistic material -tends to absorb and amplify the original energy (reaction energy of transmutation) the isotope transition paths for the carbon powder approach are much cleaner and more direct --we would add nickle powder only in small amounts as a regulator toward increased energy density when needed (lithium might serve similar function in terms of nuclear transitions) -

- safety: rossi / defkalion- approach presents the issue that the copper and nickle transitional by-products in fact are radioactive - and a significant environmental issue (one of their isotopes of nickle as a by-product has a half life of 76000 years). versus comparing this process called carbon nano- dust: the output by products are safer, cleaner and non-radioactive- because the reversible reaction involves simpler - more direct and non-polluting isotopes. The biggest argument against- conventional nuclear power now is you put in uranium - which has a half life of 4,5 billion years, and then you get out the even hotter and more dangerous plutonium which has a dangerous half life on the order of 24,000 along with shorter lived and even more dangerous isotopes.

In short the real issue/ danger of the Rossi / Defkalion approach is the complicated and potentially dangerous numerous transitional isotopes- (radioactivity in the stored by-products)..

on the not so simple- many steps between their un-sorted nickle isotope input- until the reactions finally settle after potentially dangerous intermediate stages- into copper. For example if their reaction chamber were to be opened up prematurealy - the nuclear and radioactive contamination of the enviornment would be potentially quite serious. This as compared with the carbon nano-powder approach- you put in simple safe carbon powder, and you get out energy - with only the by products a very safe, non-radioactive helium Plus the Assisted Reaction Cross Section Fusion ARCSFusion approach is more easily and accurately regulated because- you can easily control the rate of triggering (microwave) energy, and easily regulate the rate of plasma flow in the contained circuit. Also only 1.58 percent of the material is undergoing reaction at any one time.



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