Fractal - 'Conjugate' - Charge Implosive Physics of Vision and Perception- Theory AND Applications.

Dan Winter

June 18, 2019

For Dr Stuart Richer- in the 2nd annual Review of Optometry 2019 Wellness Essentials Guide

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Vision scientists often get close to beautiful pure principles of universal life- when they get deep into the wave mechanics. This can bring more than a life affirming philosophy -here we suggest a path to real breakthru's in vision science- by plumbing some of these 'fractal' depths. Of course it goes without saying that getting deep into the science of anything these days- generally means getting 'fractal'. The number of physicists for example who agree that fractality causes gravity (and life) is growing by the day- so you shouldn't be at all surprised when we tell you ( and we are) that fractality causes vision. The kool thing would be if we could explain HOW fractality causes AND CAN IMPROVE vision ( if you're brave you can glance at our soldier in the parade of articles explaining HOW fractality causes gravity -which is a companion to our article on HOW fractality causes perception ).

We refer first to our keynote lecture - "Fractal Charge Implosion - Key Frequencies Ultimately FEED THE EYE- and CAUSE VISION." given for Nutrition and The EYE - symposium- University of Missouri - St.Louis 13 April, 2019 ( film and powerpoint - acknowledgement to Dr Richer for his support). We started the lecture with strong data: focused human attention causes electric fields to compress ( measured many ways- Bill Tiller-book- "Conscious Acts of Creation").

How easy it is for vision scientists to ignore (this) the most basic electrical information- if they have no explanation- they put their heads in the sand (rather like a physics professor who doesn't even blush with embarassment - knowing he doesn't have a clue- when his 5 year old asks 'Why do objects fall to the ground?' ). If focused vision CAUSES electrical compression- by measurement - please- someone explain what causes electrical compression (hint: fractality).

The CAUSE of Gravity and Vision - are related directly to Einstein's claim that the solution to the unified field is infinite non-destructive compression. If someone had told Einstein what a fractal was- he would immediately have known that his solution lie in how to model a fractal electric field - since it is patently true that - fractality is the ONLY geometry of infinite compression. Which is why it is all the more shocking to me personally - that no one in science up until myself- seems to have even asked the question: what IS a fractal electric field. And to me it is even more shocking that the obvious and simple correct answer has been in front of our noses- every since beauty was defined by golden ratio. A golden ratio wave series takes the principle of recursion and embedding to it's perfection (... .618,1.0, 1.618,2.618,...) -thus DEFINING self similarity and self embedding- and thus defining fractality. My contribution to physics if I may sugggest. has been to prove this is not just philosophy- it is a compelling breakthru - in the wave mechanics of NEGENTROPY (self organization). I am proud to say that implementing just and only this specific new physics I created with my new equation (below) - has been a runaway commercial success - around the world - in plasma: , in Brainwave and Binaural Bliss science , in water implosion for hydration/ growth: - and much more : - In fact the number of new industries created by my new equation below- is growing faster than I can count them. Yesterday - a friend called said - he took my successful golden ratio water imploder - and ADDED my equation golden ratio light frequencies by LED into the water- and DOUBLED the growth effect measured again! (I had already built that LED device- but hadn't tested it yet).

All I did to change the world- with the discovery of this (Fractal) "Origin of Biologic Negentropy" ( my book title: ) -was simply tune this golden ratio cadduceus cascade to Planck. Why did I choose to lock my magic frequency recipe (for EEG. for Plasma, for Water, for ...) - to Planck? Again the answer is obvious to a 5 year old. Planck (length and time) is the undisputed musical key signature of the universe. Every wave that physics has ever measured divides evenly into Planck length and time- true for as many thousand light years as we can look in all directions (the only real evidence of big bang- is THAT agreement to tune our music).

So - I took Planck and kept multiplying by exact exponent powers of golden ratio ...

.. and I got: EXACTLY 3 radii of hydrogen, EXACTLY the only 2 optical frequencies causing photosynthesis!!, the wavelength of ADP(ATP)- about the most important body protein, the frequency of Mayer wave (blood pressure) and the sacral cranial harmonics, the frequency cascade of the Earth's schumann harmonics, THE EXACT EEG FREQUENCIES OF PEAK PERCEPTION /VISION / BLISS - ( see )- Earth year, Venus year, galactic year and precessional year! I named the cascade - the 'Origin of Biologic Negentropy" - because... only on this exact line - natural frequencies CREATE the negentropy / implosion of charge causing life ( and vision)- BECAUSE this perfects implosion (to longitudinal EMF distribution) at the planck threshold.

Below- Dan Winter's strong evidence- COLOR PERCEPTION- is a PHASE CONJUGATE Phenomenon-
(along with his original discovery that PHOTOSYNTHESIS frequencies are precisely phase conjugate to Planck length)


Let's look at what is meant by negentropy (self- organization) and how it was first measured. Self- organization / negentropy was first documented in physics as phase conjugate optics. Basically you align at least 2 opposing lasers 180 degrees out of phase- so (angstrom) accurately that their wave path converges into 'perfect pine cones kissing noses' -

So when lasers do this in phase conjugation - physics often call this time reversal- but actually they mean negentropy because you can time reverse rusted steel to unrusted- but not the reverse. This means you cannot return to disorder- you can only 'time reverse' to INCREASED order (negentropy). In order to understand this intuitively - I suggest you consider what it means to 'conjugate phases'. Conjugation MEANS recursive constructive wave interference (heterodynes). This means by definition perfect conjugation CANNOT BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN RATIO! ( since perfected recursion / fractality / self embedding - is by definition the problem that ONLY golden ratio SOLVES!).

Now - you could say this is just a philosophical nicety. BUT - I say- this is a solution to every problem in science which requires perfecting COMPRESSION. AND - I say that almost EVERY problem that physics has ever NOT solved- is SOLVED by the solution to PERFECT COMPRESSION!- starting with alchemy, fusion, gravity, urban design, the history of computers, the cause of life, zero point energy ... AND consciousness itself... ( shall I go on?).

And here is how I proved the above ( and published the solution- article and General Scence Journal - link: ) We took the generalized Gordon Klein wave equations for a cascade of golden ratio waves in a line- and proved that this geometry perfected constructing wave interference (and compression) - in a line. Then we extended that golden ratio cascade- into vectors in 3d by golden ratio- which is the infinite stellation by golden ratio - into infinite dodeca/ icosa/ dodeca 3 D nest- see the 3D model we sell- 'Star Mother' So - in effect we proved by generalized wave equations this was the only possible 3D (wave) fractal! See how that caducceus wave path modelled by equation in 3D is quite literally the grail:




This path to center- called phase conjugation - where the 'pine cones kiss noses'- gives a path to release for charge at the planck threshold - into perfected longitudinal EMF wave distribution ( solution to action at a distance- and model of the 'everywhere at once' quality of consciousness - see image


So- getting back to vision.

We applied this exact frequency series cascade from my equation to noble gas ignited plasma- from infrasound all the way to megahertz and optical ( optical conjugation in noble gasses) - ignited by about half million volt complex wave- in our internationally successful plasma rejuvenation system. Also the 2 opposing plasma tubes are fed an exactly mirror image 180 degree shifted- caddeus 'conjugate' wave- just like in phase conjugate mirrors. The results are impressive- wide but still anecdotal reports of pain and swelling reduction, circulation restoration and so much more (see link). The point for this conversation - is that early informal study with my co-inventor Paul Harris- showed that about 30 percent of those trying the plasma session- report SHARPENED VISION. We see this as a vindication of our phase conjugate model of perception- and the negentropy / freqeunt rejunvenation effect- consistent with that already measured in phase conjugate optics. Medical literture today is replete with wide examples of the therapeutic benefit of cold plasma: we believe the best way to excite plasma without heat is precisely the accurate phase conjugation my equation creates. It is also worthy of note- that just like the famous Viktor Schauberger's water vortex implosion often spontaneously got colder- ( also observed in monoatomic hydrogen gases)- the implosion tube of the Theraphi often spontaneous cools. That coldness is precisely evidence of the increased order/ negentropy which accurate phase conjugation delivers.

It is important to note- that a previous phase conjugate model of visual perception -is also well known: ( image here ) Steve Lehar's observations in his model included the concept of self organization in the visual field boundary conditions- what he called the wave fronts of the 'reverse grass fire algorhythmn' supports a phase conjugate model of vision. If the waves bounce back thru ( a 'conjugating / constructive interference only) center- locked in phase- they will also produce a standing wave coherence defining their outer boundary or membrane."In a widening gyre the center can(not?) hold" (Yeats).

Above- "Reverse Grass Fire" wave algorithm- what a beautiful psychological description of PHASE CONJUGATION
wave mechanics of 2 wave sets bouncing back to meet each other - to create PERCEPTION!

Winter documents the HRV / Sacral Cranial Frequencies- Mechanism of Bliss/Kundalini (PEAK PERCEPTION/ Bliss)
-are ALSO precisely PHASE CONJUGATE Implosive Collapse
( Kundalini spine liquid biomechanics- with Bentov- discussion:
(also shown the ADP /ATP Key frequency=precisely fits phase conjugation in Biologic Microwave)

Complementing the PHASE CONJUGATE nature of the sacral cranial- spine liquid pump- above
note Dan Winter's work on the accompanying bliss frequencies shown for the Ringing in the Ears of Kundalini (Bentov's work annotated by Winter)-below:

New Aug 29.2015: HOW we applied this phase conjugate wave mechanic of healing/ negentropy - to our famous - Cancer/ Rejuvenation Plasma Field:

(original discussion: )
Quotes from that article (pointing to Theraphi): "

"If embedding as a measureable wave function creates touchability for cells, it
then defines THE OPPOSITE OF CANCER, and thus predicts in immediate
practical terms how to cure it.."

"This perfect nesting wave geometry for how to touch
(../touch) applies not just to HOW people need to
hug/touch, BUT ALSO EXPLICITLY FOR HOW CELLS NEED TO HUG/TOUCH. Since response to touch (contact inhibition/ touching failing to inhibit replication), IS THE DEEPEST
So now below here, we must ask what wave geometry would restore the cells
ability to respond to touch? (ending cancer).. Fortuneately, PERFECT
EMBEDDING VS. FAILURE TO EMBED, mathematically provide a



Vision / Peak Perception / brainwaves / Korotkov and

When our friend professor Konstantin Korotkov (of GDV fame) first measured the key signature of those children in Russia who were able see without their eyes ("World Without Blindness Project")-

he made this chart - showing the key identifying descriminator was the ability to make golden ratio (phase conjugation perfected) in EEG :


This eventually became my 3rd generation brainwave for bliss and peak perception biofeedback technology:

As as become a premiere meditation tool- for peak perception /bliss- it is clear that teaching golden ratio -phase conjugation - alpha/beta frequency cascades in brainwaves is truly powerful.

And it is very significant to note that when we apply those same frequencies to rejuvenation plasma - see - we have been successful in more than 20 countries.

About 30 percent of those trying the cold negentropic plasma in this system report-sharpened perception and or some kind of bliss experience!