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by Dan Winter

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Aug 25, 2015

Perfectly Shareable Wave Mechanics-
FRACTALITY: Perfected charge distribution IS perfected resource distribution.

Update: 11/11/2016 Dan Winter on Radio - 2 hour: The Real Biology of BLISS- Science behind (Body) POLITIC:

Access to bliss experience- defines culture because it determines immune health- and projective aura for lucid dreaming - and surviving death.

Radio show:

Once we can decide collectively- how aura radiance / the biology of bliss - (science of grace)- is effective : THEN we can become a POLITICAL BODY-

because- the BODY POLIS (just like a bee hive which swarms only when collective aura reaches critical mass)- happens when collective bliss experience- makes the collective AURA COCOON - NAVIGABLE. Literally the collective intelligence (tornado steering) is born!

Nov 2016: - newest science summary:
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---Fractal ECONOMICS 101

Update Dec 20,2016 - BITCOIN: potentially a beautiful education for governments in - (perfected /fractal charge/money distribution IS life because only that geometry of circulation becomes centripetal/ negentropic / self-organizing / alive) - SO the MAIN purpose of government is in fact to enable efficient sharing - when governments like India ( -summary:'demonitization'=strangled by big brother) and Venezuela and soon China ( )- discover that the very existence of their government is now obsolete because bitcoin is a more efficient way to share - this could be useful biofeedback- in the process governments in fact need to learn the only biologic sustainability - is collective -centripetal/negentropic (bliss) plasma projection / immortality - then they might even learn the biologic definition of POLItics- namely (what every bee hive knows) what a body POLIS is (a collectively navigable/swarm - bliss field..) -in other words the correlate that governments only real purpose is to serve 'the perfectly shareable (fractal) wave' - is THAT wave only happens when governments define success as the creation of collective human bliss (body POLIs)-- Collectively navigable lucid dream/ 'swarm' / bliss field - is in fact- the only biologic definition there IS for government (the REAL biology of consensus process IS implosive / conjugate plasma coherence - so those who consider democracy sacred would do well to understand the underlying biophysics! -- this helps you understand why most any government would prefer to have you dead - than to have you create a self organizing collective bliss field -lucid dream soul group- because the very existence of that by definition replaces government!

The actual biologic energy of efficient charge distribution - which money should symbolize- can acheive immortality (sustainability is defined by the perfectly shareable wave). So if we understood that component of our body (the immortal aura/ plasma field - KA- the only real meaning of KA tho-lic)- which actually HAS value (can be sustained thru death)- then we can properly symbolize exchange (money) based on real value - namely that which 'feeds the aura' (Fa-Atun- word root of 'to fatten'). (see our upcoming article- fractal economics) - Our survival requires that we properly defined what has value. For example Politics is a word based on body polis- meaning that part of collective aura which is projectable- as in - caused by the plasma radiance of BLISS. SO- politics actually exists to create the possibility of (immortalizing) collective bliss experience. No other actual definition of value- has long term biologic meaning. This then means that laws about what to do in school and what to eat- actually would be defined by long term measurements (as in GDV for example) of successful aura radiance- the truly immortal part of biology.

Perfecting charge distribution (fractality) we have now proved- is the ORIGIN of biologic negentropy / sustainability. Now we can not only prove this allows us for the first time to INVENT ECONOMICS- based on biological energy wave mechanics- but also to apply this to real economic theory and practice.

Evolution of Money System

Money is the symbol which mediates distributes HUMAN energy.

Therefore in order to reflect sustainable biomechanics- money must ultimately

direcly represent the success of the human energy field.

Previously defining success for the human energy field (spirit)

had always been the realm of religion and thereby not very available

to pure physics principles. In our view- this has now changed: physics

can now with good certainty define and measure success for the human

energy / spirit. The internal phase coherence and radiance of the human

aura field- (so called KA 'immortal body')- is now very much available

to measurement- and therefore agreement on defines success.

Success with cohering the human aura- to the point of biologic sustainability

(relative immortality)- and probably more importantly- using the plasma

coherence of your aura- to predict success in taking memory thru death-

is available to physics now.

For example- -we know a great deal about the geometry and field theory of what it is about your aura plasma which penetrates death experience- even to include what charge environments allow you ghost to navigate with success - including through the heart of the sun!

If we can at last define the spiritual idea of sustainability ( a politically correct notion)- to the directly

implied idea of biologic immortality- there is no political body in the world- who will vote agains it!

We know further how POLITICS evolved as a word and concept: the body polis is the bliss body- meaning if you get bliss- then you have enough plasma/ aura to be projectable- then you have a body polis -AND a shot at sustainability. This is not only the precise plasma physics prerequisites to preparing a bee hive to swarm - it also applies to human aura projection ( shamanic and death navigation).

SO- for multiple reasons - the ability to have the bliss experience to charge your aura to get immortal- not only DEFINES the ability to HAVE real politics- it also defines success in human experience.

Since measurements of all these criteria for real human success are now available- we could now for the first time- produce real agreement in politics for what is important! (The opposite of using the illogic of religious fundamentalism to steer politics.)

Clearly- as I showed in my book: ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY- fractality (phase conjugate by golden ratio- specifically scaled by Planck) - IS the only path out of chaos into life and mind and gravity making- for charge wave mechanics. Since we now agree- that the natural function of money is only to represent- the possibility sustainability of path flow of human energy- therefore it is proven that money flow must be fractal - to acheive sustainability.

Money is simply a way to map the spread of resource- to acheive perfect distribution and therefore perfect sharing. The centerpiece of our bio-physics has always been that - pure intention, pure phase conjugation, and pure fractality - are simply names for THE PERFECTLY SHAREABLE WAVE.

(If ever there WAS a Jesus physics - this is it: )

Since we now have a PRECISE wave mechanics to know what a perfectly shareable wave- IS- as perfect charge distribution ( example the real SHEM unto the Lord- /altar/ diranan / - conjugate plasma/ charge IS cancer cure- AND - seed trigger - AND kundalini/bliss trigger - AND shamanic stargate: )- we can now know un-ambiguously how to design fractal charge flow for :

a) architecture- our biologic architecture curriculum- known in many countries- ( ) is now a measureable physics which decides whether your architect gets a paycheck based on the measurement of whether the building design produces the capacitance necessary to GROW a seed (causing children's eyes to twinkle with life force/charge acquisition)- this WAS the Hermetic cadduceus / phase conjugate principle.


b) money.


So- what would fractal economics look like in practice?

Well it is obvious that perfect sharing in many respects is an introduction to socialism. But there are some breakthru insights here which refine the concept. Consider PROUT- Progressive Utilization Theory -from the Ananda Marga tradition. This is an example of a move- to distribute resource consistently- to highest and best (social) use. Obviously- this has been tried in many ways (communism) - with limited success. We are suggesting here- that what is new in fractal economics- is a scientific way- to define success in sharing- and thus produce agreement on how to share resource.

Current politics cannot define what food is legal- because they cannot define success with food- namely - how to grow and aura. If now - aura growth is the definition of success- AND it is measureable- then suddenly politics can agree- on what food practices should be legal. It is simple.

If GMO food consistently reduces the aura of children- then we can agree not to use it. (Seems like rats largely died within hours of eating GMO soy..). This mechanism of measuring whether human aura's became larger / coherent / projectable- suddenly could allow us to decide what to make legal about vaccines, abortions, gay marriage, even churches and porn. Religion as the backdrop for political value- would be replaced by a serious measureable physics- eliminating our religion wars.

Consider also how FRACTALITY- by perfecting architecture and urban design (all structure maps end up look like ROSES- like the magnetic map of Prague)- define the successful geometry in each case. Now lets apply that to political design and company design. For perfected charge and money distribution- the corporate and political hierarchies- also need to look like roses. Embedding becomes the rule at all levels. The map for sharing a roto-tiller- or a spaceport- all would have fractal element geometry. The map for sharing voices and leadership and voting- would also be fractal / roselike.

It has always been obvious that perfecting resource distribution - is how to design cities and governments- what has not been obvious - is that perfect distribution is ultimately fractal in the general case. We showed elaborately that when the town mayor decides to map out the magnetic lines- ( ) in the village square- by colored sidewalks- suddenly everyone -especially the children - becomes aware of the bliss that happens where they converge in a rose/fractal- SO everyone takes responsibility to make sure those magnetic fractal lines are not broken ( by builders/ engineers who fail to know the value of bliss).

Elimination of storage by the perfecting of distribution- for economics - is as old as JUST IN TIME- parts shipping for manufacturing. The new information is that the map for this concept- is literally - roselike and fractal. It is just like perfect branching for trees- or lines of dominoes. The mathematics of the perfect array for maximum distribution- with minimum storage- IS the same as the old definition of phy(PHI)lotaxes: maximum exposure with minimum superposition. This concept of perfect SCION- as perfect branching is literally the etymologic root of the word SCIence and Divine - for good reason. In 3D the rose like geometry of this wave mechanics- looks like.. - the only possible 3D fractal!

It is also obvious that the city map and the resource map must be fractal to the banking map. The reason a bank is called a bank- starts with the idea of knowing what a soil bank is. A soil bank stores the fertility to grow food. NOW- if a series of soil banks- is rearranged to look like a rose- then because the generated capacitance is more fractal- then more food grows in that soil bank.

How could it be different for a money bank?

Fractal money would understand the theory of perfect branching / perfect sharing. Money like water would gain energy and value- by becoming better shared- better distributred- even changing hands more often. The only tax needed would be on money that does NOT circulate or share. Stagnant water and stagnant money - trigger a tax- on failure to share.

Tax systems thus design rewards for charge/ money circulation- and only tax failure to circulate/ share. If your money as a symbol for the human energy you have stored- circulates more - you would be rewarded- if it failed to circulate- only then would you be taxed. The ratios could be determined by nature.

The key thing about fractal economics is the realization that creating value - for biology now has a new definition: creating human aura's which by acheiving bliss/ charge radiance/ get sustainable / immortal. This is as simple biologically- as realizing harmonic inclusiveness (fractality) is how doctors measure (in HRV) whether you HAVE an immune system ( ). As we evolve the skill to measure success (called biofeedback) - to gain the skill to acheive it. This is the first time in modern history when the measurement of aura success- can then define - political / legal/ economic success.

Some people believe that if all human interactions were about money- we would all become mean. However- if as in Celestine Prophecy- we realize WHY- 'all human interactions are about (spiritual) charge' - then we could point them all toward the natural and sustainable bliss that results. Fractal money defines value- by what causes the aura to grow. This is simple- AND elegant. Whether it is building value, food value, education value, or entertainment value- when success is defined in biologic perameters- our skill to serve each other (to serve bliss) - becomes real.


Additional notes: Phase Conjugate Negentropic charge collapse:

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-as cause of perception / bliss:
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