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Dec 2015



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FRACTAL SPACETIME -Book Update Dec. 2016, Dan Winter, -     info at    
For Origin of Biologic Negentropy Book- 3rd printing
Our proof- phase conjugate negentropic charge collapse- cause of  negentropy, gravity, perception, color, life force –
paper is being reprinted for physics journals at:      
Key new summary graphic analysis spreadsheet table –  graphically reveals our compelling new theory:

This clear line shows how the new DAN WINTER EQUATION: INTEGER (perfect phase conjugation) exponents of Golden Ratio x Planck length/time-  stunningly predict:     -3 hydrogen radii, -ADP(ATP)bond length, -exact 2 frequencies of photosynthesis,  - ‘sacred’ English foot,  - virtually exact frequency series of the Earth’s Schumann resonance harmonics – AND the human EEG brainwave frequencies of bliss/peak perception,  - the MAYER wave and the HRV peaks LF and HF,  -the Earth year, -the Venus year, -Precession, and the Galactic year!
This means it is now UNDENIABLE- that all of these factors entered into virtually perfect PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC IMPLOSIVE CHARGE COLLAPSE-  in order to emerge from chaos! This also tells us HOW to tune the frequencies of Earth and Brain and Heart and Breath and plasma- to CREATE NEGENTROPY. – Our successful examples include our new IOS BIOFEEDBACK APPS:   ,,,  and coming soon (EEG)
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If a someone is to help you understand FRACTAL FIELDS- centripetal life force and biologic rejuvenation ( commercial proof it works: you will definitely need a scientist who knows why an object falls to the ground (thus excluding Einstein and Stephen Hawkins). Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing - 'self aware'. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center - named THE GRAVITY - and the ORIGIN OF ALL BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY (book). The new equations: Dan Winter
Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. ..So- if perfect compression is the solution to virtually every science problem in history: gravity, alchemy, fusion, urban design, computers.. the physics of human (peak)perception/bliss.. the list goes on - THEN what does it mean that we have just proven the (fractality perfected) wave mechanics showing that golden ratio IS the solution to perfect (charge) compression?
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy - by Daniel Winter-
212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( , ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and (peak perception) BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.

Dan Winter's Compelling new Book- A Scientific Tour de Force- from Implosion Group Publishing..
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Fractal Space Time

Full Title:

Fractal Conjugate Space & Time:
Cause of Gravity, Negentropy and Perception.

Conjuring Life- The Fractal Shape of TIME
Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy.

THE Implosive / Negentropic / Implosive / Golden Ratio / Perfect FRACTAL & PHASE CONJUGATE Pump Wave / Perfect Embedding:
Non-Dissipative Wave Function: THE Climax Form of Coherence

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The MOST audacious hypothesis since the dawn of science!
Winter presents overwhelming hard evidence- fractal conjugate (golden ratio) wave mechanics
is the CAUSE of gravity, life force, perception, and spiritual immortality.
(and so far NO one has presented a shred of evidence that he is wrong??)

A complete tour-de-force- with astounding implications for virtually every branch of science:
using Winter's accurate new equation the frequency recipe: most EVERY wave system can be tuned to emerge from chaos!
- The Schumann Earth harmonics - (Winter PROVED- are a phase conjugate pump wave)
- can be tweaked to bring climate and atmosphere OUT of chaos.
The SAME frequency recipe from Winter's equation can PRODUCE simple charge environments (AND EEG signatures)
- to RESTORE human attention. ..and this is just the beginning!
Winter's group has already a promising
(Priore re-invented using the precise PRINCIPLE of conjugation) rejuvenation field prototype -based exactly on this frequency set.

THE GENERALIZED WAY OUT OF CHAOS- in- to the pure principle of sustainability
- THAT is what the origin of NEGENTROPY is.
Complete physics of non-linear propulsion: impulse vs warp gravity field projection explained in detail.
We have the pure physics of alchemy now that the PRECISE wave geometry of non-destructive collapse is defined.
Precise physics of fusion energy- now that the wave mechanics of charge fusion is precisely defined
(hint: if you know HOW to make a phase conjugate longitudinal pump wave- the brain does it- called ' flame in the mind'
-but instead - in the microwave, this is the absolute holy grail of plasma containment for fusion solution. )


Winter’s work (with his mathematics team- including Martin Jones )- was the first to prove the wave equations showing golden ratio solves the problem of max constructive interference, compression, and phase conjugation. SO phase conjugation – well known and proven in optics for time reversal, self organization and negentropy- now becomes a candidate for proving negentropy in general (many physicists agree that the gravity is itself negetropic / self  organizing). Originally- just Dan's theory – that golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of planck length and time – the universal key signature of the vacuum- would optimize negentropy. Winter has now gone on to prove it. He was famous for proving that hydrogen radii are exact golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of Planck. In his new book Winter has assembled with equation graphics results overwhelming further evidence- that golden ratio exact multiples of planck predict: * photosynthesis frequencies, * schumann resonance frequencies, * brainwave frequencies causing peak perception/ bliss, *(new) table showing the sacral cranial tidal frequencies are phase conjugate , * new table showing the ear ringing ‘sound current’ frequencies heard by meditators are phase conjugate !, *almost exact duration of Earth AND Venus orbital years,  - the list goes on ... (dodeca /icosa conjugate geometry of d,f electron shell noble gases and platinum group metals- physics of alchemic implosive charge collapse- new science of transmutation..). These are all the structures which produce life and negentropy! They fit the pattern far too well- for this to be arbitrary.

Everyone agrees that fractality is infinite compression. Fractal mathematics teaches the mathematics of infinite compression but until Winter- no one knew what a fractal FIELD was. Golden Ratio is unquestionably self-similarity optimized- as precisely is fractality. Einstein argued that gravity was infinite charge compression- but never learned what a fractal was. Winter now presents overwhelming evidence that golden ratio phase conjugation IS fractality incarnate in all wave mechanics. IF Winter is right with his exact frequency signatures for fractality in space and time- he clearly presents how to repair all wave systems to emerge from chaos- fixing environments for peak perception, amplifying the Schumann phase conjugate pump wave so Gaia climate emerges from chaos- are just the beginning. Fractality in time is now quantized and predictable- you can set your calendar. Synchronicity is nothing more than the charge coupling produced by conjugate embedding – in the (fractal) charge rotation intervals- called time. How to emerge from chaos- starts with knowing why objects fall to the ground- now for the first time both questions are answered- in pure fractal highly accurate wave mechanics: HOW negentropy originates!

Predictably with Winter, there is also a deeply spiritual aspect to his new book. He claims that ALL concepts of 'sacred space' (bioactive fields- the SHEM), collective unconscious, communion of saints, and living plasma surviving death (NDE)- are specifically explained and can be created and optimized intelligently with the teachable science of ubiquitous phase conjugate dielectrics, optics, magnetics etc (Elizabeth Rauscher has acknowledged Winter for inventing phase conjugate magnetics). He insists spiritual traditions are ONLY completed with a new and powerful fractal geometry wave physics- eliminating the need for disempowering miracle worship, personality worship.. AND religion wars.

(The Fractal Space-Time equations here form the basis of a developing technology of Life Force - Plasma Rejuvenation Field - re-invented PRIORE device - see below)

--Winter draws on a lifetime experience as Magna Cum Laude Electrical Engineer, Trained IBM Systems Analysis, 30 years of teaching and invention biofeedback, the physics of consciousness, physics of feng shui .. he currently coordinates multiple international teams involved in Breakthru-Technologies as well. With about 1/4 million - various YOUTUBE films of his 30 years of teaching in most every major country on the planet- (to our knowledge no one has more) Winter is a major force in the global project of teaching serious spiritual science.

Fractal SpaceTime - Dan Winter's compelling new book - more info or BITCOIN: -
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Dan Winter wrote: "Would not recursive iteration climax in golden ratio phase conjugation wave function?"......... Feedback:
Reply from - Lori Gardi 'Fractal Women' - " This is exactly what I am saying. The Universal Wavefunction (iterated wave function system) generates the phi relationship via the simultaneous expansion-contraction dynamic.  The phase conjugate wave function is just the complex conjugate of the incident wave function. In my theory, phase conjugate waves corresponds to the negative and positive imaginary components of the Mandelbrot set."


Updating Physics evidence- Dan Winter's Phase Conjugate Fractal theory of gravity- predicts the physics literature is likely mistaken for inventing 'dark matter' merely because they could not account for more gravity in the universe than it's mass required- BECAUSE physics is unaware the ARRANGEMENT (conjugate symmetries)- of the mass- would increase the AMOUNT of gravity (per Winter's model)- YET much evidence shows the arrangement of mass in the universe (like in the Earth)- is dominantly (golden ratio conjugate) DODECAHEDRAL! - New physics article- may support this: What If Dark Matter Were Actually A Vast Electric Field?

To facilitate newly educating the physics community - as to WHY an object falls to the ground
(the electrical cause of gravity),
these reminders:

Known before Dan Winter: that Golden Ratio wave mechanics (gravity making)- is the PRIMARY descriptor of
a) hydrogen structure ( )
b) DNA structure ( )
c) much of orbital mechanics ( )
- and the dodeca nature of Earth and Universe primary symmetry
( &

Known AFTER Dan Winter's new book: that ALL of the Golden Ratio (phase conjugate) wave mechanics (especially as Winter proved is the case for hydrogen) central to stable gravity is SPECIFICALLY golden ratio spacing to planck length and time. (also predicts exact photosynthesis frequencies, Schumann frequencies, and the Earth & Venus orbit time!)
This is the smoking gun- THE CAUSE OF THE GRAVITY:
- is phase conjugate golden ratio charge collapse/implosion to zero point vacuum. Planck is that key signature.

Qualify for your FREE copy of Dan Winter's new book: Fractal SpaceTime (recorded publication date: Oct 20, 2014)

Just provide evidence you are a professional scientist, and answer these few questions ( email to info -at- )

1. I agree that Dan Winter has discovered the generalized wave geometric cause of gravity, life force, and biologic negentropy? TRUE / FALSE

2. I have no other answer as to why an object falls to the ground? TRUE / FALSE

3. I have no other answer as to how/why wave geometry creates negentropy so well proven in phase conjugate optics? TRUE /FALSE

4. I have no other answer as to how Earth and it's Schumann harmonics creates the self organization evidenced in the GAIA HYPOTHESIS? TRUE/FALSE

5. I agree that golden ratio phase conjugation is the only wave geometry which defines a 'fractal field'? TRUE / FALSE

6. I have no other explanation why virtually exact integer exponents of golden ratio (phase conjugate) times PLANCK length & time predict:

- multiple exact radii of hydrogen

- the exact only 2 frequencies which motorize photosynthesis (New- also predicts the key quantum wavelength of ATP/ADP!)

- virtually exact Schumann Planet harmonics

- the brainwave (ALPHA / BETA) frequencies of peak perception / bliss

- virtually exact duration of the Earth year and Venus year

- virtually exact frequencies PRIORE and also RAUSCHER used to heal

- exact frequency and geometry used to create commercially proven life giving (bioactive) fields at (hydrodynamic implosion) and (capactive implosion)- the PRIORE rejuvenation field. (phase conjugate plasma time-reversal)



Dan Winter’s new book presents the most compelling and systematic scientific evidence to date – that fractality in space and time is the specific mechanism and cause of gravity, biologic negentropy, life force, perception, and human bliss. Although several hugely famous authors have already presented their books on fractality in time- by comparison – this book shows they were functionally clueless about the physics. Winter quotes many scientists who have already speculated that fractality is the cause of gravity- BUT Winter is the first to very specifically define the frequency, geometry, and wave mechanic optimization of that gravity causing fractality.

"Everything Centripetal, Negentropic, Gravity Producing, or ALIVE
- becomes so - by BEING a (perfect wave fractal) PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE!"

New for the Summer 2015: 2nd Edition

New June 2015- - Strong new evidence for

Dan Winter's: "Phase conjugate (golden ratio) collapse
- IS the constructive charge compression which causes THE GRAVITY.

New June 2015-

Dan Winter:
Conjugate / Fractal CAUSE of all Mass Creation..
The conjugate 'ARC' which geometrically embeds the PROTON into the ELECTRON
establishes the conjugate geometry which causes the gravity they make



These are the exact measured frequency harmonics of the
Earth’s SCHUMANN RESONANCE (ignore Greg Braden’s confusion)- ALMOST an exact negentropic phase conjugate pump wave- SO - CAN YOU GUESS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE now to make GAIA emerge from chaos????????
Hint- fix the music, fix the grid- it can be proven to eliminate pollution and more..!


Update: July 12, 2015: new at - Scientists now agreeing: the Maunder Minimum (decades of global cooling/drought/famine-every 400 years like clockwork)- is arriving NOW. - Dan Winter- suggests that the clearly agreed on mechanism of the SOLAR ACTIVITY COLLAPSE- (Maunder Minimum): the alternating synchronous polarity of the Sun's opposite pole magnetics (see pic here:) - IS IN FACT CLEARLY BY THE SHAPE OF THE COLLAPSE WAVE PATTERN - A PHASE CONJUGATE (hence implosive) COLLAPSE.

SO- the spiritual literature suggesting a (Solar) age of bliss/rapture - is probably a long wave in conjugate implosive (mind generating) negentropy.
Exactly as we proved is the case for kundalini / bliss...
AND the nature of the Earth's Schumann Resonance cascade (pic above):
(implosive conjugate pump wave- which can be fixed!)


Mathematics proves: the wave shape of LOVE- IS a PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE!
Implosive, Perfect Embedding, Negentropic and PHASE CONJUGATE- by Measurement!

Also new from Dan Winter: Proving that the key energy store and retrieve mechanism - ATP/ADP of ALL CELL METABOLISM-
Is ALSO A NEGENTROPIC PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE- directly- to Planck/and Hydrogen dimension!


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We have the world's most compelling teaching team and state of the art- teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness.


Winter's original 3D animations: A FRACTAL FIELD:
The classic mathematics of what a mathematic fractal is (right: serpinski triangle and 'fractal tree')- pale in comparison to the deep physics Dan Winter has shown for 3D fractal WAVE structure in his equations for the structure of hydrogen, and all fractal negentropic living/ gravity making PHASE CONJUGATION- which he shows with his copyrighted animations here (3- 1 above- 2 below) - of this true HOLY GRAIL of physics- in his book FRACTAL SPACETIME.

What is charge/ the ether/ and how does charge rotation define both mass and time (exerpt from the book):

1. What is Negentropy and Self Organization in wave systems? (from Dan Winter's new book)

Hopefully most of us agree now that essentially all of physics is a wave function. The illusion that there is such a thing as a particle- has clearly been a distraction. The reason we incorrectly imagined the possibility of a particle was due to the way in which waves of charge gathered in packets because their lengths had to divide evenly into their rotation diameter (what it means to be quantized). In fact the universe appears to be comprised of a compressible media which stores inertia. I choose to call that universal compressible and fluid like substance: CHARGE. But it is often called ETHER, or CHI, or Zero Point, of Vacuum Energy- or in more universal parlance- The FORCE be with You, or Grace etc etc.
What is important is to agree on the qualities of the universal fluid- more than the name. It is clearly compressible. It clearly behaves like a fluid. It clearly stores inertia when it rotates. And in certain geometries (fractal, conjugate etc.) it appears to self organize and become intelligent and 'alive'. Learning to create that geometry among waves- is what this book is about.  Agreeing on the absolute universal nature of this compressible media- is a first step in therapy for the sad schizophrenic state of mind of those who imagine gravity is made of a different substance than electromagnetism. A unified field state of mind- requires understanding that the 4 so called fundamental forces- differ in symmetry but not substance.  Akhanaton / Moses started on therapy for the divided mind when they conceived of the concept of ONE GOD. A spirituality based on oneness can only be based on a physics which understands the same unified field.

(Einstein might have succeeded in representing this unified field mathematically if he had not been dealing only with the version of Maxwell’s equations – that Oliver Heaviside castrated by removing the {quaternion} ability to represent spin. Imagine trying to model the charge spin which causes gravity by spiraling into centripetal phase conjugation, if your modeling equations have just been castrated of the 4th quaternion element which represents spin! Of course not understanding how phase conjugation produces longitudinal wave acceleration – called gravity- he also could not understand how phase velocities are accelerated through the speed of light.)
I like calling the universal background fluid or energy CHARGE- because the concept of its universal compressibility -leads nicely to the ideas of plus and minus charge- being essentially  compression versus rarefaction of the background ether. This also fits nicely with well known philosophies like YIN and YANG being simply tendancy to compress or rarefy. (Altho in my experience the Yin Yang people become hopelessly lost in their controversy over which one is compression versus decompression- that is one reason why I prefer precise electrical language in which to couch philosophy).

Once we agree that the universe is made only of waves of charge, we can then see how easy it is to conceive of all the particles of physics as being simply slip knots or 'packets' of these waves or charge. When these waves of charge enter rotation- like in a slip knot or torus- they store intertia (imagine a gyroscope). Physics is clear: the only definition we have for mass is that inertia created by (charge) rotation. (SO charge rotation and the inertia it stores is the difference between matter .. and ‘doesn’t matter’!)
This helps us develop a clear language in which to think about creation. We can extend this concept- that rotation (of charge) is the only definition we have for MASS- to say also - this same rotation (of charge) is the only definition we have for TIME. Since time is only the name we give to the period (of time) it takes for charge to rotate.
In other words - if charge (or the universal substrate ether)- did not rotate- we would have no definition or existence of either mass or time. Quite simple and quite elegant - it is to think this way - because later it will allow us to understand things like perfect EMBEDDING and FRACTALITY - in the simple terms of nested and compressing systems of rotating charge.
By thinking so clearly about charge rotation as being the only definition of mass and time- we will later then be better able to sort out all these metaphors about multiple dimensions and timelines etc.



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Article and Newsletter from Dan Winter - Implosion Group March 15, 2014

Related original articles: "Restored Centripetal Forces" - , and our seminal physics paper:
Much of the appendix to that - our work on phase conjugate negentropy is about Tom Bearden- see also his: "Kindling, Life, Mind and Negentropy"
Related: Gravity as a Negentropic Force
Examples of negentropic / bioactive field generation: (Priore- see below)

"there is no substitute for electrical engineering understanding of phase conjugates
- without that the wu wu new age movement is doomed to disempowering miracle worship of trinkets.."


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Recent Feedback from the New Book:

Free Preview extract from Dan Winter’s new book: Fractal Space Time
this free preview pdf is 33 pages from the chapter on
Bioactive Field -
Physics of KUNDALINI
and Agnit Hotra



As several of Winter's 4 earlier books have multi-language offering- this FRACTAL SPACE TIME- penultimate book in the series is
translation underway scheduled to be released on Implosion Groups: spanish, french, german, italian , polish, czech, portuguese, dutch web sites.


AND- to wit- Prime Example- Restoring Biologic Negentropy -USING THE PRINCIPLE: Fractal Plasma Time Reversal Field Tech- Prototype soon Ready!
Implosion Group Australia team - is preparing to release WITH this new book.. A PRIORE Device-. Their latest functioning prototype: The Priore Plasma Field was documented by the French Government- for curing thousands of serious diseases and cancer: (pdfs: ) Dan Winter's equations now explain the pure phase conjugate principle behind Priore- and our partners are completing the very exciting prototype (see picture): Actual biologic living plasma induced time reversal field technology! Plasma conjugate light and magnetics- all based precisely on the frequencies and phase conjugate technology described in FRACTAL SPACE TIME!


SHEM:'accessing the black hole'- conjugator-origin of term-below> The sCHEMatic for Implosion- origin of alCHEMy, CHEMistry, sCHEManism..
In the book (and introduced at original article: ) we present evidence that this "VAIROCANA EFFECT"
- was a turning point in the survival of civilization when they learned how to build a BIOACTIVE FIELD
It would save agriculture (fertility effect / charge seeds),
and save tribal memory (SHEManic ability to plasma project)- connection to ancestral memory - ability to take memory (plasma projection) through birth and death.
What a good time for a turning point in OUR civilization- to learn the electrical science of life force / negentropy generation!


More info on Winter's Accurate Geometric Model
Geometry of NEGENTROPY FIELD, Hydrogen, DNA , EARTH GRID, PGM Metal d,f subshell. Implosive Collapse and more..

From Dan Winter, Nov 30, 2014:
- A rotary path of self similar zero resistance in space (what I call implosive coherence) exists
which is behind all vacuum coherence technologies: a coherent perpetual oscillator.
I believe I have identified- that path:
the phi recursion fractality based implosion of the vacuum by phase conjugation to planck dimension
( my new book: Fractal Space Time) .

It is profound that the correct path is the same spiral on the torus
which is the origin of Sanskrit and Hebrew ( )

Compare this 'flame letter' origin of alphabet / symbol
-to the ANU perfect slip knot - origin of Quark- in modern physics:

This same perfect spiral strip- implosion slip knot - we also showed is the correct path (accurate fluid and flux inertia spiral path mapped on the torus)
to create propulsion (how the Vimana - and the Nazi bell flew) ref:
(see the nonlinear hydraulic propulsion section - navier stokes equations optimize).

Causing your mind / brain`(optical cortex as dream 'spell' charge hologram)
plasma field to focus on (literally take the SHAPE of)
the correct shadow angle of that spiral
(called a Hebrew Sanskrit letter)
is the only way you have of navigating your ('KA') self as a (toroidal) plasma body during dreaming / death..
identifying all necessary directional propulsion vectors..

sacred letter pronunciations (pro-noun see A tion/inside out ness)
- as physics of creation- symmetry sequence of (Golem making)
- 'blown smoke rings'.

The same spiral shadow by power spectra creates the SOUND of that letter
- the sonic hologram is the optical hologram.
see- spectrograms of the hebrew alphabet (above link).

The RATIO of idealized self similarity (fractality) is golden ratio.
So having shown THIS fractality is the cause of gravity, perception, life force and all negentropy,

this also must be in fact the reason that all time space is quantified by planck length and time
because all unified fractals have to grow from a single (unifying) seed.

DanWinterMikeHarriseditB20141212.mp3 (mpg file- radio interview direct link)
Dan Winter key is that the life giving, biologically regenerative, vacuum cohering, and propulsion generating living (cool) plasmas from monatomics (Keshe) - precisely are centripetal, and negentropic because they are conjugators (like carbon nano fullerenes he uses..... they obey all the self organizing physics of phase conjugate dielectrics- same as why ball lightening is so famously available to telepathic steering..


Imploder New Results (Perfected Negentropy)