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-Interview with Dan Winter

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Do you know what the phase conjugate FIELD at the center of DNA does- especially during BLISS and DEATH?
(by perfecting charge distribution - as the embedability doorway into the FRACTAL FIELD
- which is the physics of collective unconscious / communion of saints).

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Now back to our article:
in 3 Parts

A wide ranging interview- starts with Winter's technical background,
gets into the 'frequency of genius' and deep discussion of the philosophy of science
behind his wide ranging work on new science of life- based on FRACTALITY!

Part ONE: danwinterpartone.mp3

Part TWO: danwinterpartonesecondhalf.mp3

Part THREE: dansecondinterview.mp3

Summary of what Dan Winter says IS the "Frequency of Genius""

I pioneered the dramatic evidence that Golden Ratio in EEG - does measure the onset of peak perception- so called "Enlightenment-measured" - with my invention- The BLISSTUNER:

Not only do we know that electric field around the aura- which corresponds to Golden Ratio phase conjugation causes IMPLODING CHARGE- but we know that charge attraction defines not only BLISS- but the ultimate form of all biologic information: living charge compression. Literally- GENIUS! - Further- we know that the primary harmonics of the EEG in Alpha range- phase lock the Schumann resonance- of the Earth's field (EMBEDABILITY- defined).

Finally- my new equation for hydrogen : - not only defines the radii ( based on planck and golden ratio)- it ALSO defines the frequency series! ( ). This precisely defines the key signature of the only fractality in time which allows emergence from chaos: and ALSO predicts accurately - the above harmonics of SCHUMANN and EEG- literally the PRECISE FREQUENCY OF GENIUS. They are all one defined phase conjugate coherence cascade.

(Note some of the details of the harmonic equation for time at the link- are now confidential as part of the revolutionary Hydrogen Energy Business- group- for more info - - In Summary that fractality in time-defined - is going to revolutionize hydrogen energy AND fusion research. The now DEFINED- so called- FREQUENCY OF GENIUS- is information dense- in the imploding aura- precisely because it is the phase conjugate cascade to all self organizing information!: science summaries at and )

Nov- Dec 2010


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