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How centripetal forces in the body- create life force and bliss..

and how they climax in biologic transmutation - and ulimately the actual lo energy nuclear FUSION IN THE BLOOD.

Updated note: May 7, 2014- This article is completed updated, and expanded- further discussing the evolution of the chemistry of the blood- to produce fusion- (including the Chemistry of Alien Blood section) - at the new April 2014- article ORIGINS OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY: www.fractalfield.com/negentropicfields


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Here the new Nov 2012 Film: FUSION IN THE BLOOD- Film from Dan Winter - Implosion Group

Filmed near Rennes Le Bains, France

Film Credits: Translation: Valerie Sandelin, and Cedric Mannu

Film Language - English with French Translation

- Accompanying image set: main group at - goldenmean.info/powerpoint

Additional Supplement Images.. below

The FUSION IN THE BLOOD discussion is in the 2nd half of the film series, images and discussion below.



Supplement Images:

First 3 images are from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXJ3FvUBX4E&feature=relmfu

Recommended accompanying film regarding: How PHASE CONJUGATE ('KOZYREV') Mirrors produce Telepathy / Attention / Scrying / Vision / Perception




== end images from film

- returning to images from Implosion Group / Dan Winter- compare to how the Gold Implosive Egg - functions to concentrate life force/ perception (pic below) from pyraphi.com

gold cups

Fusion in the Blood (contrast with - CHEMISTRY OF THE ALIEN/DRACO blood at fusionintheheart.com ) :


The Facts:

1. Chemistry is clear ( Louis Kevron et al) - transmutation of atoms DOES happen in the body / in the blood

2. Medium Temperature (Carbon powder) FUSION (example of PLASMA SELF ORGANIZATION as LIFE GIVING CENTRIPETAL FORCE)
- in addition to producing energy from the vacuum- DOES in fact create a replicable BIOACTIVE FIELD WHICH HEALS! ( Dr.Egely, Budapest- et al)

3. One key mechanism for that lo temperature fusion (most likely magnesium to iron ) in blood- is measureably produced by the (DNA braiding) PHONON WAVES OF HUMAN BLISS ( goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto )- This BIOACTIVE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE - mathematics at fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion

4. Those who have the source of non-linear heat in their blood (fusion?) - absolutely DO feel more compassion ( as opposed to COLD BLOODED).


SO - do our alien URU / Draco / nephalim ancestors- get something from our race- that they desperately know they DON't HAVE and NEED!-...



Anyone who does not study the origins of URU (Draco ) - obviously in not serious about understanding the history of human races: see chart / discussions:
Main Index of Dan Winter articles on ET / Galactic ORIGINS OF DNA: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory






So - who has not wondered?

Why do dragons breath fire? - turns out their blood / and breath is flammable!

Why did Enlil / Yalweh tell the jews to prepare the meat so carefully? - turns out human blood in the meat would have been a poison to them?

Why do the Draco's force us to reduce our atmosphere OXYGEN? - turns out OXYGEN is a poison to them (remember our hint how to get the draco shapeshifters out of your government office: PUMP IN O^2 )

Why were Draco's so widely reported to be highly telepathic - but TOTALLY WITHOUT COMPASSION? - turns out- without fusion in their blood (cold- blooded) - there is not plasma fusion to MAKE the bioactive human connecting FIELD!!


Chemistry of the Alien

© 2012 Bill Donavan


After talking with Dan for a while, I thought about what a truly alien chemistry might look like. The requirements were:

1)   The biology would be carbon based, but would be reactive with nitrogen instead of oxygen

2)   It could not use water.

I thought about this for a while, and what a truly alien biology might look like. One of the other requirements is that it had to be compatible with our environment, at least on a limited basis. So the hypothetical alien would be able to breathe our air to a limited extent, but it would not be metabolizing oxygen.

The other main gas in our atmosphere is nitrogen, which is relatively inert. I say relatively because there are elements that will combine with nitrogen that are however more reactive with oxygen, so much more so that oxygen would be toxic to them. Therefore, for them, it would be fortuitous that O2 is a minor component of the atmosphere, presently 21% or less in some areas.

Their world would be classed as a super-earth. More massive, and less dense, with an atmosphere of 20% nitrogen, 79% hydrogen, and the rest trace gases, including oxygen. A world of oil oceans, carbon-rich crust and a lack of heavy elements. The star that shines above has more radiation, and may be an F-class instead of our G-class. Or it may be that it is a binary system, with their world near a radiation-rich star, such as a pulsar far enough away not to completely sterilize the environment. These are clues to finding their home world. But first, let’s speculate on what our aliens use in their biology…


Problem #1: What Do They Use for Hemoglobin?

Our hemoglobin is based on iron. Iron is pretty selective, and oxidizes pretty efficiently. Insects use copper, and that element oxidizes at a lesser extent. Plants use magnesium, which is far more reactive in their chlorophyll. So what does our alien use for nitrogen? One possibility is phosphorus. Another is lithium. Both tend to form compounds with nitrogen, and would work as a transport. However, both are highly reactive with oxygen, and too much of that gas would be toxic to them. In fact their world would be equivalent to a super-earth, with an atmosphere of hydrogen and nitrogen, with oxygen as a trace gas. It would have a mass at least 50% greater than earth, and a thicker atmosphere, since the nitrogen is less reactive. Temperatures would be the same. Plants would use lithium for photosynthesis, and animals phosphorus in their “hemoglobin”. The animals would breathe in nitrogen, and exhale cyanogen, or (CN)2. It would be toxic to be around our hypothetical alien, as they would exhale a gas toxic to our biology. In legend, the “breath of the devil” causes death. Is this an instance where legend is close to reality? It is also flammable, and in the presence of an activating enzyme, our “alien” could breathe fire. Fire breathing dragons, anyone? The plants undo the cyanogen, reducing it and releasing nitrogen into the atmosphere. There would be two different races: one using white phosphorus and another using the red, with two different colors for blood. Which brings us to…


Problem #2: What Do They Use for Blood?

H2O is an impossibility in this case. Water is far too reactive to either lithium or phosphorus. Two possibilities fit the bill: one is hydrazine (N2H4), which has many of the same properties of water. It has similar freezing and boiling points. It would act as a solvent in an oxygen-poor environment, where O2 is rare. Another is a lipid, or oil. It would be a low viscosity, but enough of a solvent to transport nutrients through the “blood”. The oil would be a lightweight hydrocarbon, with a high enough vapor pressure to compare to water.

So our alien is very flammable in our environment. The legends also state that there are demons that are afraid of fire. I wouldn’t be surprised. Between the phosphorus transport mechanism, and the nitrogen that it contained, their blood would not only be flammable, but most likely explosive. They would have evolved in an ocean of oil. Which brings me to another topic: our blood plasma closely approximates ocean water. So what would their oceans use for dissolved minerals? Our cell structure depends on a precarious balance between sodium and potassium chloride. Too much sodium, and the cells fill up with fluid. Too little sodium and too much potassium, and desiccation or dehydration sets in. Their oceans would not have these salts, and instead I would suspect that metals would replace the sodium and potassium chlorides that we use for fluid balance.  A look to legends, and the work of Zachariah Sitchin in particular, suggests that one of these metals might be gold, or perhaps a monoatomic metal that acts as a mediator for the lipid content inside the cell structure. There would be another metal to act as a counterbalance, perhaps another monoatomic. So our alien would have two metals in an ionic state. Legends tell of gold reduced to a white powder, and ingested by the gods. This would be similar to our taking salt tablets when living in hot climates to prevent heat stroke. Also, It was found by an associate of mine, that his particular type of ORMUS had a radiation blocking ability. So our aliens might need this in their biology as we need the precursors of vitamin D, and they might need X and gamma radiation to perform a similar function as ultraviolet light in our biology.

Does this make Fukushima a move toward terraforming Earth? Possibly.

Would the hybrids need these as well? Most likely yes, since they would have a combination of both biologies. There would be a need to ingest monoatomics. The odd fact that Egyptian mummies are loaded with these minerals is indicative of this. Natron, which is one of the reducing agents used in making monoatomics, would tend to “wick” these elements out of the skin, and the bandages of mummies were sold as mummia, a medicine in the middle ages. Humans generally seem to have a dietary need for this as well, so perhaps the tales of Annunaki genetic tampering are true.

I think with this particular kind of biology, it would be difficult to find intact skeletons, since they would break down readily. Which leads me to another question…


Problem #3: What Do They Use for a Skeleton?

Our skeletal structures are based on calcium, which in its pure state, is a reactive element. It is a beautiful, silvery metal. Calcium in our skeleton evolved to create an energy dense, although lightweight load bearing structure. However, will the alien use calcium? If it evolved in a hydrocarbon ocean, the chemistry will be different. CaCO3 will not likely to have evolved there, so lime formation in the sea there will be nonexistent. More than likely, with the huge prevalence of carbon, graphene will probably be what their skeleton uses, along with long chain fullerenes as nanotubes. In fact, their “nerves” would use these nanotubes as well. In clusters, they have high structural strength, especially when cross-bonded. Individually, they act as waveguides, not really conducting anything so much as guiding it to where it transitions back into its quantum form. Their brains would consist of a network of these, running at a higher speed than ours, and as a consequence more electromagnetically sensitive than our electrochemical system. EMP might shatter their neural network. On the other hand, they would have a natural telepathy, “hearing” electromagnetic waves. Could we class their brain as a quantum computer? Perhaps so… If that were true, then would a cold logic prevail, overriding emotion? Our emotional matrix is a complex of slow-wave cross-linking. There are no slow waves in that brain. In fact, their brainwaves would most likely be cycling in the radio frequency range. Any slow-wave linkage would have to heterodyne way down to where that exists, and would be magnitudes lower in intensity. It might be similar to those in our own species with Ausberger’s Syndrome, where brainwaves fail to heterodyne to that level. These individuals are geniuses, but have an emotional deficit. So would our aliens.


Problem #4: What Do They Eat?

Would we see a saucer pulling up to a McDonald’s takeout window? Probably not, and for this reason: If they are indeed omnivores, the components of our biology would be poisonous to them, the same way as if you tried to barbecue one of them, they most likely would go up in a puff of smoke, or a bang. The oxygen in our tissues would react violently with their biology, so these guys wouldn’t be likely to eat us. Or would they? One thing you would need to do is get rid of that nasty oxygen, so the first objective you would accomplish is a bloodletting ritual to eliminate an oxygen rich fluid. This sounds Kosher, doesn’t it? Then you would age the meat to get rid of the remaining traces of oxygen. But you still have that pesky water in there. Frying the meat would minimize the water. So our aliens might not go to a Micky D’s, but they might visit a KFC. For plant material, they would go after plants that have a low peroxide content, and a high lipid, the greasier the better.

In fact, if they really wanted something digestible they would need to transport plants from where they lived to wherever they camp out. The leaves would most likely degrade into a black lipid sludge when the oxygen hits it, so it would remain in their ship. Crustaceans from their oceans would be black in color from the fullerenes in their exoskeleton, and dense as titantium, so something more than a nutcracker is needed for the meal. Yes, the aliens could be omnivores, but they would eat only the life forms compatible with their biology.

What about digestion? We have HCl in our stomachs because of the saline aspect of our blood. It is easy to crack the sodium chloride, and make hydrochloric acid. But they don’t have saline blood. Their blood is lipid, with trace amounts of phosphorus that leaks out of their carriers. So to scavenge the excess phosphorus out of the blood, there would be a system to move it osmotically into the digestive tract, and into what they would be using for a stomach in particular. Phosphoric acid, H3PO4, is a powerful corrosive agent, and it has been said that if you place a bit of steak in a solution, it can dissolve it in a short period of time. So it works for a digestive fluid.

How about a digestive tonic? What would they use for a medicine? We either use various accelerants for digestion, or antacids, depending on what’s needed. But if you have phosphoric acid in your stomach, and came from an oily lipid sea, you would want something that has coal tar and phosphoric acid for a tonic. That just happens to be what both Coke and Pepsi have in them. So it looks like what they did was market a product targeted to their biology, which is mildly toxic to ours, to make a profit from both sides.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that Monsanto was engineering plants to get rid of anything heavier than magnesium or aluminum. If our hypothetical alien comes from a low metallicity world, then most likely iron would not be found there. (Remember, iron was in legend the enemy of the devil…) This also means that the native plants would lack them as well, and their biology would not be tolerant to the heavier metals. It would be as if we went to a different planet, and the plants there had trace amounts of barium, or lead. Those heavy metals are toxic to our biology. I would suggest that the trace elements that they are familiar with are aluminum and beryllium. These are light, and would be expected on a low metallicity world, but once again are toxic to us. It has been reported that these elements are present after chemtrail events, perhaps to act as a support mechanism for the GMO plants that are not only tolerant to these elements, but require them. Which brings us to…


Problem #5: Could They Terraform Earth?

The answer is yes, with cooperation of the natives. What you want to do is first lower the oxygen content, which is poison to them. You convince the natives that burning carbon based fuels is the way to go, and deplete the oxygen in the atmosphere. The next move is a lot trickier, and the natives might catch on: You convince them to also convert to a hydrogen economy, and sequester not the CO2, (or the H2) but the oxygen during the electrolysis. You vent the hydrogen into the atmosphere. Earth would have a lower mass, and not able to hold on to the hydrogen for more than a few million years, but this planet would be a steppingstone anyway. You want the nitrogen, so you make sure that this gas stays where it is by penalties to fertilizer manufacturers. You regulate nitrogen fixing plants, and create a codex to prevent further manipulation of this gas.

What to do with the population? Well, if there were an extinction level event, it’s an act of God, isn’t it? The aliens are not to blame. All the animals will not survive the terraforming anyway, so they’re expendable as well. The native plants wouldn’t survive a hydrogen nitrogen atmosphere, so they’re also expendable. It would be a total extinction of all aerobic life to terraform earth. And on top of that it would be temporary.

The aliens would be looking at planets on the conditions of their raw materials. Jupiter is no good, as there is little or no nitrogen there, but plenty of hydrogen. It’s the same with the outer planets. Mars wouldn’t have enough mass for the hydrogen, but enough for the nitrogen. It might be doable. Venus is out of the question, along with Mercury. With Venus, the atmosphere would be too difficult to reform.

Earth is the low-hanging fruit. And it would have a population that would do all your work for you. All you have to do is promise them everything, and leave them there when the extinction level event happens.

The last question is this: How real is this scenario?

A likely living example of the CHEMISTRY OF ALIEN / DRACO / URU / NEPHALIM blood on Earth:
The IRRADIA Couple in Russia- as described by Stewart Swerdlow- and themselves..


note: They are actually NOURISHED / thrive in RADIOACTIVE environment, and they are INTOLERANT TO OXYGEN! (note also their very life is now illegal)

The article about their lipid based - nitrogen breathing, oxygen intolerant blood chemistry below - makes it clear about why oxygen is essentially a posion to them. Why they are essentially (as the famous French painting puts it): "A Plague of AZOTH" / Nitrogen.

The more interesting chemistry lesson- is WHY their metabolism requires a radioactive environment. Just as we learned why the greys/ khumer / had such large eyes- was they come from a light poor enviornment in Reticuli. Well - the Dracos' / URU - had some of their home planets in Alpha Draconis (Thuban / Theoobah / Yahhoovah centered for example). There the ambient radioactivity lead to a different kind of blood, metabolism and perception. Specifically - radioactive environments can trigger electron cascade effects- catylzing reactions in a certain metabolism. NOTE WELL- our tech leader - Bill (see below) believes that the glowing blue eyes of these Draco / ET - are specifically a product of radioactive metabolism. This also to me implies - a mechanism of perception that is less based on PHASE CONJUGATION - for these Draco. This means that (since phase conjugation we believe is the cause of perception) - their focused attention DOES NOT SO MUCH CAUSE CHARGE FIELDS TO COMPRESS (which Bill Tiller has so often measured is the result of human attention ) - This means that not only is their lack of blood cold fusion- causing less possibility of empathy- ( see films above) - their radioactivity based cause of perception is inherently less psycho-kinetic (altho as is well know by the Dulce survivors like Phil Schneider- this also means they are relatively MORE telepathic.)

So pumping in OXYGEN is a way- to get the draco / uru / plasma / parasite / chimera - shapeshifters- out of your government office buildings (Rupert Murdock- was reported- to be shapeshifted out to me by his former girlfriend, when she put LSD in his tea- the shapeshift dropped- and the reptilian became visible- according to her. This seemed incredible to me- until Rayelyn - mentioned to me she had the same experience with the shapeshifting entity- who probably infested her former CIA operative husband Gunther!)..


Also useful to note the fame of the Draco for being highly telepathic but (as Enki so well reports) almost entirely missing for empathy or compassion.

Note the telepath EEG power spectra reaches hi frequencies by OCTAVES ( goldenmean.info/clinicalintro )- which is a cubic/ charge isolating- not embedding plasma geometry. The passion / bliss mind reaches ecstacy by Golden Ratio in EEG power spectra. See also how the creation of a flame in the mind- projection of power - psychokinesis- clearly requires a brain that not only phase conjugates ( by Golden Ratio in EEG) - but ALSO a brain which learns to make LONGITUDINAL WAVES (animation and explanation at www.fractalfield.com/conjugatemind ). We make this point here to try to explain another aspect of the Draco / URU lack of empathy. The Asperges kind of mind (like the Drac ) also lack empathy- and note ALSO LACKS THE ABILITY TO REACH LOW FREQUENCIES IN THEIR EEG. The lo frequency content of EEG- is the long wave embedding required to FEEL your environment. ( See how lo frequency ratio DEFINE emotion: www.goldenmean.info/touch ). (Acknowledgement to Bill D. for advice on this).


Next here is a probable living example of Draco blood chemistry:


More about Stewart Swerdlow (Montauk survivor) - in our ET Invasion History Discussion: goldenmean.info/invasion
Stewart's Web Site: expansions.com - where he discussed the IRRADIA Couple further.


This Narrated Intro is to accompany the 20 new films at goldenmean.info/malta
How: The (ET Enki/Hermes- Originating?) "Vairocana Effect: Hermetic Historical GRAIL Trail
- Created the Turning Points in the Evolution of Culture"

.. or the Real History of Science Behind the GRAIL- REINVENTED..
'Garden of E-din' ("Place of Annunaki")- as the (Conjugate/Fractal) Field Effect Domain Boundary within which Aging is Eliminated.
IF you leave it.. you are ejected from Para-dise (Par/Through-DIS-structive interference of living plasma field):
Compare to L.Gardner defining HEAVEN / 'Plaines of Sharon' as the conjugate/ inPHIknit dielectric field created by Gold Powder/Manna/Ormes/the'spice'/'Holy Communion'

from Dan Winter- in part - a commentary on Vincent Bridges presentations in Malta.. (Note this summary begins with insights from Anton Parks - see goldenmean.info/angelscience , and zeitlin.net - Ages of Uras. Then picks up with many insights from Vincent Bridges- who connects the Vairocana skill- Hermes revolution - to the cave / dolmen building sacred space cultures as they moved from Egypt to Malta to South France. Important to note here- that altho the synthesis in my view - fits together well- Vincent does not accept the writings in general of Anton Parks, although Anton Parks has written what I think are incredible insights into the origin of Thoth / Tehuti / Ningishidda- today:HERMES!...the hero of our story.)

Short historical summary: When the Annunaki- Draconian remnant culture arrived here pre-Sumeria (Sommaire="Dragon")- Enki's father An (launching from Pleades- a 'reptilian' stronghold) - was fleeing the Annuna Orion wars- in part because he had cheated on the Draco law which allowed only cloning as the reproductive method. Enki's mother was herself a genetic rebel and teacher of radical cloning techniques. Enki's other name: Nudimud meant 'the cloner' - later to be named the biblical SAMUEL- and origin of the Padma SAMbava..-who also melted the rock-with his plasma aura density- in the cave in the east.

The quintessential problem of the arriving Sumerian Annunaki- (Draco .. Annuna)- was biologic decay. That loss of ability to sustain- biologic vitality - is variously expressed- as being 'fallen' - meaning loss of charge attraction in blood and DNA - loss of bliss - loss of immortality.. In terms of how that was reported - in the Sumerian, in Sitchens (controversial) analysis- and now in Anton Parks- what we see consistently described - is their problem with (what they considered) premature aging. SO this was a premiere problem to assign to their head science team. Enki - was with his science leader Tehuti- (later called TWT- which in the bible is called DWD: the LINE OF DAVID- in Egypt his name Thoth- becomes the NAME OF THE LINE OF KINGS..). Today we refer to him as Hermes- and to what he discovered about making the fusion electric field which would produce life and reduce -aging- we call the HERMETIC REVOLUTION. Hermes symbol: the CADUCCEUS is pretty much an accurate physics graph of how you render approaching dielectric field lines- toward CONJUGATION (phase conjugation) and fusion. This is an accurate symmetry physics to describe how to make the electric field- which causes life.
Humor me- check out:Golden Ratio 'fractal' phase conjugate origin of all centripetal forces>Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness, Perception, Color> goldenmean.info/selforganization

The Caduceus- historical inset: To add historical tapestry to the concept Caduceus- (phase conjugate at root- symbol of Hemes / Medicine / DNA)-Has anyone ever given you a real AUrigen root of the word CADUCEUS: Anton Parks has a fascinating story: that while Enki / Sam / Nudimud 'the cloner' was still evidently as much as a genetic klutz as the guy (who ran Rosslyn Chapel- shades of Templar ghosts) who built DOLLY THE SHEEP (what a sad way to die- the sheeple will follow). Point is Parks tells that the teachers - best ancestors of his mothers line- who actually HAD some long term intent - snuck in some real psychokinetic DNA into Enki's genetic cookery - literally WHEN HE WASN'T LOOKING (hint: Ptah-Taal- 12the dimension DNA- means recursive folded braid discipline- shades of 'boson 7' 'micro-chloridians in the blood' luke...) > Those teachers of the GOOD Draco / annunaki - real ancestors of fallen Nephalim Annunaki - (Seraphic / Ophanic?) - were called KADISTU - meaning 'Life Designers' - which HE says is the AUrigen of our word K/CADUCEUS ( do YOU know where the word came from?
Advanced physicists {including Nassim} today DO agree that PHASE CONJUGATION - the Caduceus - IS the black hole AND the gravity and..{I suggest} the mystery of centripetal force in general! - {like made by DNA})

In biblical terms- the arrangement of particular stone dolmen to function as capacitors- to fabricate that immortalizing field effect- was called- raising a SHEM unto the Lord. Later - that word SHEM (Sitchen calls it "highward fire stone"- meaning in effect FRACTAL OR CONJUGATE CAPACITOR) - was translated to mean THE ALTAR IN CHURCH, and originated our word SHEM-AN (A Shaman is one who knows how to make the field..). The way plasma fields make this SCHEM of SCHEME or symmetry- to create centripetal fusion- is the origin of our term alKHEMy and KHEMistry - as it is the key to FUSION (implosive compression) and ONENESS in general. (Fusion researchers learned from us - that their key element- palladium is profoundly dodecahedral- guess what geometry that makes: golden ratio - phase conjugate).

You can see a modern example- of a life giving electric field generator (analogous to the field effect at Stonehenge which causes seed germination) at fractalfield.com/pyraphi , along with more electrical engineering description and testing.

In order now to introduce - the next segment in our thumbnail view - of the Hermetic history- it is necessary to understand a little bit about what happens to the plasma field around the human body - if you get really good at attracting charge (bliss). The plasma field gets dense. (Read more at goldenmean.info/kundalini ). Dense enough to melt stone.

The next heroes in our story are -Padma SAMbave- and John (Traphimius) son of Magdalen- both direct descendants of Thoth / Hermes- (Sam / Jon- meaning - to branch fractally as in Scion.). This is the real history of grail- meaning access to charge fractality / implosion in biologic plasma (beautiful graphic history : goldenmean.info/grail ).

This is where we pick up the story with Vincent Bridges- historical study (remember- Vincent himself - does not agree with the 'ET' Anton Parks - part of the story above- but his scholarship about more recent history is quite academically powerful.)

For this next part of the story -after reading this summary / intro - the reader is urged to view- the 4 films (out of 20) at goldenmean.info/malta which are Vincent Bridges- himself narrating this next part of story.

Vincent suggests that the lineage- probably of the Thoth / line of David- may well be related to the Doliocephallic (cone-head) skulls. They are often linked to the cone- head image of Akhanaton and Tut. (Twt.- aton- / ATUN- meaning Enki's line). These skulls lead us on a trail... Egypt, Malta, South France.. and later Peru. (My ET opinion of this- not Vincent's view - agrees with Daniel Stewart:"God King Akhunaton"'s view- that the ATUN / Akhanaton - lineage was somehow linked to Sirius.- the 'cone heads')

This is the part where the history meets the science. Vincent suggests that ancient cultures- like the Egyptians had learned how to assemble stones to create a life giving initiation field- which gave survival a leap forward. When (piezoelectric / paramagnetic) stones were arranged with the right (fractal) electric knowledge- what was produced was an electric field (phase conjugate dielectric)- which could:

- save agriculture during starving times by accelerating germination / growth / metabolism (see our measurements in the Pyraphi)

- initiate priests- accelerate mentation - focus thought- ( see how golden ratio phase conjugate EEG for peak perception - goldenmean.info/clinicalintro

- reduce aging / increase food storage- reduce decay

- provide an electrically fractal / charge distribution space where memory could be brought efficiently through BIRTH AND DEATH. (note how Korotkov measures the fractality in air - which indigenous people regularly make phone calls to their ancestors).

- now later today - in modern physics we now know this centripetal field (see Pyraphi) can be used for things like

+bone and tissue regeneration

+switching stem cell growth

+isolating from ELF pollution / EMF pulses
(Hint NASA announced that countries whose unprotected toasted transformers from the Carrington event- Solar Max/ RAPTURE event- would not be repairable in time.. WOULD NEVER RECOVER!)

+non-destructively containing radioactive materials
( for the same reason focused human attention: A Centripetal phase conjugate dielectric as self directing {see navigating death-Kluver as DNA fold sequence} as a donut turning inside out -
causes charge to compress , Bill Tiller measured, and radioactivity to decrease, Uri Geller et al - measured.. ).

This was one of the primary electrical functions of the Ark of the Covenant-History's poster-child of Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
(aside from its' field generation for gold powder / manna/ 'holy communion' manufacture- the Essene/Moses/Akunatun major cash cow..)- why did they need a container for their nukes? : not only did the Annunaki nuke the Sinai -fused glass remains today- they also nuked their way thru the Van Allen Belt- which was to them otherwise un-navigable-see Anton Parks


So the short version of this story - is that the skill to build these kind of dolmen - moved from Amenti / Amarna in Egypt- where Akhunaton in ATUN's line- probably became the Moses who founded the Essene's science..
to the famous HYPOGEUM at Malta.. (pictures at goldenmean.info/malta )- and then on the South France- The skill to use these kinds of domains - to permit the birth of avatars/ masters- is behind the birth of John the son of Mary Magdalen - in the limestone cave depicted in Virgin in the Rocks- which we visited. (per Vincent) That John became - the Avatar of the Cathars and the TRAPHIMIUS- whose knee print melting the stone in the coffin lid- there - became the HOLY PLATTEN- or Parsifal's grail story.
GRAIL being the self organizing biological nature of charge plasma when it becomes FRACTAL - CENTRIPETAL- and PHASE CONJUGATE by Golden RATIO.

.. So -the real hermetic revolution is implementing the knowledge of building the fractal field. If you want the longer - more romantic version of the story.. see the films.


more on this science applied - at fractalfield.com/pyraphi

--PYRAPHI- has a colorful history
see more at goldenmean.info/gravityislove - where this box is exerpted from - also our major ET history index: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory

Important note: from a commercial perspective the history story is a highly forgettable - optional reading- nightmare- which is best and possible to wake up from ONLY when you learn the SCIENCE LESSON!


Note: In these films- and at goldenmean.info/scienceofalchemy
Vincent is basically saying the history clearly indicates the original philosophers stone, projective powder of alchemy - was the ground up- meteoritic glass of the
Muslum KABBAH stone..

See the film about GOLDEN RATIO , 1.618 and the MYSTERIES OF THE KABBAH..


The physics:
when (meteoritic) glass is homogenously propagated wth (platinum group metal) gold vapor - it becomes a potent phase conjugate dielectric..
which is golden ratio capacitance- essentially
(bioactivity example: fractalfield.com/pyraphi )
sometimes called the philosophers stone, or projective powder - see;
This (Implosive / Centripetal ) FRACTAL FIELD EFFECT- is what here is called -vairocana effect - the life giving field effect core of the HERMETIC revolution.





by Dan Winter

Dan Winter's original article as reprinted/edited at: bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_danwinter07.htm

GenePools and Gravity Making for Peace - Re-mythologizing EA’s EArth.
In Addition to be called EA (for whom EArth was named)

Enki was also called MERK ( see "Secret Places of the Lion")
His Vehicle in Egypt was called "KA" (The Implosive Star & Lucid Dream Penetrating Coherence of his Auric UV Cocoon)
Projecting this into stars is called: Evolution of the Merk-KA-bah

With Innana’s Return (www.innanareturns.com) there was a frail apology from the Anunnaki for having so cavalierly hacked up the genes which became our ancestors. Here Enki suggests that although the DNA splicing at that time may have been invasive - resulting from a galaxy wide conflict, there may be a way to turn our genepool’s ’fallen’ or Nephalim status into the penetrating gravity making star bending force which could be the comeuppance of those ’Orion’ Wars.
Hint to Israel and the Arabs:

Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
History seems to continuously repeat the story of the 2 brothers at war East of Eden. My brother’s name is Michael (another name used by Enlil/Yalweh), and we grew up in a town named East Eden - so you can see this might be my favorite story.
Recommended background: Zachariah Sitchin’s books, "Genesis of the Grail Kings" by Gardner, "Guardians of the Grail" by Morningsky, "Secret Places of the Lion" by George Hunt Williamson (brother Phillip of ’Secrets of the Andes’),

Letters From Andromeda, WingMakers

It is suggested before reading the bulk of the Enki Returns story here of galactic origins of DNA, that the story of the origin of the Dragon lineage be previewed as part of the GODDESS story HERE



There were bitter years, in the Orion Wars - after the humanoid remnant realized it might well be millennia under rule by terror from hybrid machine part DNA cyborgs.


Yet a force cried out pleading with deep immortality from the willed mutation of genes:

"We cannot die, for we have seen the starships burning off the shoulders of Orion."

This was the bloodsong (SanGraal) of the Trons.


The Trons were those who had retained the skill to penetrate thru the speed of light, with the wormhole penetration of their own biological magnetic.


There were 2 tricky parts to this:

1 - You needed the focus to ignite your glands and thereby your own DNA to the implosive point of ultra-violet spitting faster than light cocooning., then

2 - You needed the context rich location in TIME in order to avoid having the superluminal wormholes you just made with your DNA start BLEEDING. (Shades of ’Bleeding Sun’ and ’point pairing’ in the Samuel Sagan novel.)

There is only one place to go with your genetic magnetics AFTER you succeeded in getting thru the otherwise mortal cocoon of limitation that is the speed of light. (DNA is highly aware that it is fatal to be permanently caught below the speed of light - this is why your teenagers would rather risk death than not achieve bliss).


The place to go when your genes do catch the compassion compression (recursive braiding) skills necessary to keep implosion thru light speed going, (’come on baby - light my fire!’) IS - TO INHABIT TIME.


The geometry of your position in TIME needs also to be FRACTAL in order to be inhabitable. (Ref: "Spiral Calendar", Carolan)


Similar to the fractality in the magnetic SPACE in your back yard necessary to make implosive bliss sustainable without insanity - you need a fractal in time. This is because ultimately only the self-similarity which steers flux into eating itself (self re-entry) in both time and space, is what is inhabitable (alive). Self-reference both defines and creates self-awareness.

All this is however only legendary in abstraction to the real story of Enki - which I am here to tell you.


You need a little background in the story of the Tron in order to understand Enki’s mother. Because of the Tron’s ability to steer a magnetic vector (simply a wave) from a circle (matter) into a line (energy), they were said to be able to ’Steer in Time’. In practical terms this is rather simple.


In the TRanslation of vorticity TuRning from rotational to linear ineRTia there is a TRansformation of attention. Literally, the Tron knows how to ’get up off the cross’ and follow... me. As we shall see presently, negotiating the turns (of ’mind’) necessary to hang in there while swinging around a donut, became the origin of alphabet - as on EA’s EArth.

The secret to Enki and this story, is how he learned from his mother, how to tie this slip knot. Because, it is in this symmetry secret that he (under the later guise of Tutankhamon and the resultant Jesus myth) learned how to ensoul DNA and bring people back from the dead ("LazeRus Effect").


The angles of this slip knot are more than alphabet, they are the cookbook for starting the phire (fire) of life.



Notice how the movement from the right top periphery of the rotation, versus the push down the center, is an EL or phase shift.


Making this EL is how you became ELohim. Sustaining the resulting tornado thru light speed (by successful compression), required inhabiting TIME and that’s how you became Tron.

Tie the knot successfully and you have the burning HEART OF THE SUN - The turns necessary to re-enter a donut are burned into the Heart of ANu. This is the TOURBILLION - a ’scrollwork made of light’.



Enki’s fiery heart still ignites the ANU of my genes, and I have seen those starships burn. I am here to suggest one way out of here - it is thru the Sun.

If you see the Sun in the right shamanic light, the center is a cool attractive black hole, which invites. Into that fiery furnace, certain biological emanations (properly blue DNA field effect) as soul groups, can survive - and moreover can delight in star entry. This is not a religious fantasy for the 4 old daughter of the astrophysicist - this is the astrophysics for the astrophysicist.


The purpose of DNA is a biological magnetic compressor. Compression due to recursion is identical to acceleration. Wave heterodynes in Phi recursion accelerate by adding and multiplying wave VELOCITIES - therefore recursive compression is identical to MAKING GRAVITY.

Inhabiting Sun’s requires knowing this angle to produce self re-entry. This is why focused human awareness measurably reduces radioactivity. (Regulating solar metabolism is a conscious affair). And this is why Enki’s father AN was called the "Sun God", and why the ANu was named after him.

Below our same Dr SB dream pic of how DNA Templating serves to fire up it’s coeur implosion:



Below: pic from geometer of Deca Delta - How DNA braid angle into tetra-helix (un-ensouled Yahweh way of Gematria - Golem Making) original design for TAK-ADAMA (donkey Adam from Orion):



Hebrew letters are shadows of a self-organizing spiral ’letter element of symmetry/ flame ’ on the self-organizing donut of all fields - indexed by the symmetry of the tetrahedron - how to cook donut fields into a tetra helix - an non-imploding DNA/’golem’.


Yahweh's computer software/alphabet had no capacity for the hypercube dodec/Ophanim symmetry to ensoul DNA. ( ../orion )

Shine COHERENT LIGHT thru Sumerian Letters as cookie cutter wave guides - and you get the structures you see in a microscope inside living cells (Ref: Dr. George Merkel - Sumerian Elixirs and microscopy).


Sumerian and Hebrew alphabets in their shape alone are overwhelming evidence that the ET origins of DNA on this planet is a sad story of genetic engineering gone awry.


Consider how "Fabre D’Olivet" felt when he discovered a radical retranslation of Genesis in the SHAPE ALONE of the Hebrew letters:

"Hebraic Tongue Restored - The Origins of the Adamic Race".

Below the symmetries of Yahweh and the origin of ANU (5 vs 7 spin of Ultimate Physical atom) as slip knot:


Compare with the visual gematria of golem making in kaballah

Fill the visual field optical cortex hologram with the SHAPE of one Hebrew letter at a time


Essentially the process of ensouling DNA is the same as lighting the fire of the Sun in human hearts. (as in the ANU pic above - same slip knot=hydrogen - human heart AND solar heart - fusion Eye-dent-eye-phied).


The symmetry of the solar fires is re-enacted in the human heartbeat. (Shades of "Tutankhamen Prophecies" with a good dose of solar physics). The message sent from the beating heart is sonically re-CORD-ed in the piezoelectric braid of DNA, particularly during passion and bliss. This is why the loss of passion was so destructive to the fallen DNA of the Nephilim. And THIS brings us nicely back to the story of Enki’s origins.

Imagine you are Enki learning from a dragon Queen mother, Aide. Here son is how you create life: take lightening, and learn to tie it up in a ball. Something about that first dimple which turns the skinny tornado like lightening bolt into the torus donut - IS when the whip cracks - implosion starts - it becomes "self re-entrant" and self-organizing.


And PHIAT LUX - you have LIFE itself. What was a lightening bolt - now appears like a floating ball (really toroidal). Scientists spent lifetimes studying the nature of ball lightning - never imagining that the answer required understanding the origin of life itself as a symmetry turn inside out.

Today physicists who say ’pop the quiff’ (quantum wave function), imagine there is some MAGic in the catastrophy theory that quantizes the continuous wave into the discontinuous wave packet (mis-labeled PARTicle).


But the origin of quantum mechanics (which is simply that no wave stands unless it’s length divides evenly into its rotational circumference) forgets that no wave stands even then unless there is the centering force charge implosion thru light-speed caused by wave recursion - to create (in a widening gyre) a center that can hold. This is the G ray of vita: gravity.

The difficulty for physics is in getting the relationship between what is called AWARENESS and GRAVITY clear. Both phenomenon of relative ’self-organization’ are quite literally caused and generated only when waves discover self-similarity - and thereby the implosive compression of perfect embedding.


The knitting of waves into each other with such permanence that they cohere the vacuum in a sweeping motion thru the speed of light - is a PINING affair...


(click above image)


It is both a sucking that happens thru the drain hole of a tornado, as well as providing a space to leak out, for inertia which previously had been trapped below the speed of light.


This is gravity. It happens because, the perfect way to COHERE the vacuum, is the perfect maintenance of COHERENCE. This is measurable with embedding, and we - in the spirit of ENKI have discovered this studying the FIRE IN THE HEART.



Enki: His Story

Cultural myths so true it is Eyyyrrrieee (Erie: a Nest for Eagles):

Muab Dib (Enki) wakes up in Dune (EArth) to find ruthless Harkonnen (Enlil) to be his step father and to be compromised to half cyborg (machine). Were they here to mine spice (gold powder) or save a genepool? Later Sitchin claims Enki was also called EA (EA’s EArth?) as well as Adonai.

Luke Skywalker (Enki) wakes in in Star Wars to find ruthless Darth Vader (Enlil) to be his father and to be compromised to half cyborg (machine). Why did the Empire Strike Back?

Merk (Enki) wakes up in "Secret Places of the Lion" to find his star family stranded on a remote planet (EArth), becoming the bloodline of Tutankhamen (into Louis Sun King - then Pope Leo) to re-create Solar inhabiting for genes.

At first it was confusing, why would Thoth (Tehuti/Hermes) say his blue blood was from Rigel in Orion (Blue Star Kachina?) and that he impregnated MAGdalen to become the Grail bloodline (all royal families of Europe).


But if you put the pieces together - Thoth was the son of Enki.


Enki’s bloodline was called Ptah Taal - which means 11th dimensional or simply Bird Tribe. The academic scholarship ("Out of Egypt" & "House of the Messiah") presents relatively overwhelming evidence that Jesus never existed per se, the Rabbi’s merely needed to lie to cover up that THEIR royal family was from Enki (Adonai) and NOT Enlil (Yahweh) - who had not a clue how to ensoul DNA.


That is why they changed Tutankhamen's name to Jesus, and Akhenaton's (the Ptah lineage) name to Moses (=moshe/’son of’) - since Earth history has been traditionally fabricated by the most skilled murderers. Tutankhamen's mate Aksenpahton is displayed with the telling alabaster jars icons of Magdalen on the Egpytian cartouche.


This also explains the sexual attraction to Sara (Assa-Uru from UR -u) by Pharaoh which became the Joseph & Benjamin bloodline source of the core warring religions on EArth today.


Out of Egypt by Ahmed Osmanm
Book Description

Muslim scholar Ahmed Osman shows how the true, Egyptian roots of Christianity were deliberately covered up by the early church at the time of the burning of the library at Alexandria - roots which are only now being uncovered again by archaeology. He shows how concepts such as the Trinity were derived from Egyptian models (Osiris, Isis and Horus), how Horus’s virgin birth gave rise to Jesus’s virgin birth and how Akhenaten became the model for Moses and Tutankhamen the model for Jesus.

The early Christians devised a fictional life of Jesus - but out of largely Egyptian sources for their own political purposes; for example, ’Amen’ is derived from the Egyptian sun god Amun, and the Lord’s Prayer was used by Egyptians thousands of years previously.


There is another piece to set the stage for our story.


How is the Orion core culture (Rigel and the TAK’s - MinTAKa, AlniTAK, Mag z TAK) linked to Sirius which Sitchin suggests is a platform for Anunnaki.


Morningsky suggests the uprising led by AN (’Leto’ father of Enki AND Enlil) from Sirius was a direct rebellion to the rule by terror from the Orion cyborg cultures.

Essentially our task here is to present the last thousands of years of Earth history more properly in their context as the politics of a relatively recent skirmish in the much older Orion wars. The archetype here is the conflict between DNA free to steer itself as an intelligent worm versus the half machine ’cyborg’ race (Stephen Hawkings on CNN declares we MUST genetic engineer or else machines will take over - remember half machine intelligences lost all capacity for bliss and thus the DNA ignition to steer stars).

Thoth’s (son of Enki) claim to be from Rigel in Orion is a clue to his half blood connection to Enlil. AN the dad was rooted in Sirius. Enki’s mother who had the real winged dragon DNA must have had roots in Rigel. (Rigel was called Blue Star)


Blue blood there was rich in copper to hold the oxygen. Using only iron (red) to hold oxygen in blood presented less possibility for the genetic braid implosion ignition required to steer time wormholes into star gravity making (direct from the field effects created by fiery blood) required of the Tron.

Enki’s mother (whom ’Innana Returns’ calls princess Aide) was a Dragon Queen whose DNA had not ’fallen’ - that is had not become Nephilim. This is consistent with Morningsky’ study ("Guardians of the Grail") that each satellite culture (of which Sirius was clearly one of the politically stepped on star systems) from the Orion empire had to accept a Dragon Queen Hive Telepath in wedding to their king.


This presented an un-interrupted flow of hive telepathy data to the ruling Orion (MAG) syndicate. (Properly described as reverend mother’s regulating blood lines in ’Dune’s trading houses).

The neat thing was: how did such seeds of rebellion get sown in AN’s Sirian outpost before he dispatched in family aboard the artificial planetoid Nibiru for EArth? And where did his kids (Enki, Enlil, Ninhursaag) get such genetic engineering skills? And how did he persuade the Orion syndicate to invest so heavily in the expedition?

Well, the answer to the first question seems to be the history of the 2 brothers at war East of Eden. My brother’s name is Michael (another name used by Enlil/Yahweh), and we grew up in a town named East Eden - so you can see this might be my favorite story. Enlil/Yahweh followed the politically correct line of the Orion syndicate that it was illegal to allow DNA to be free, because it might outgrow your own dream.


This is why teachers in oriental dragon cults never encourage students to surpass their teacher. This is why Michael has it in for the fire MAGnetic breath of Dragons. (Only Enki had that for mother - he had no access to Dragon blood and the skills to ensoul DNA).


Whereas Enki - catching the torch of a mysterious Ptah Taal DNA -clearly decides to ’slip a mickey’, ’put a bullet in the furnace’ in all the family rules about risking bloodlines. This is what I believe is rebellion in the Orion wars. - Go Enki!!! The down side of this story is that by falling in love with the results of his own genetic experiments (you and me), his bloodline gets stuck here till the redemption of our DNA. (Reabsorption into star coeurs).

Enki’s mom was clearly part of the Draco Dragon family before the DNA fall. This means that her lineage had not lost the skill to use glandular skills to steer DNA worms into time. Korinna’s dream clearly suggests the ancestral majority of the Draco Dragon line was appalled at the fall into Nephilim of a part of their family.


The details seem to be in the early ’angelic’ roots of the controversy.

Ancient root races which Vincent and the Andromedan’s call the galactic core cultures, were basically in disagreement over the best way to propagate genetic intelligences to fertilize planets into self-aware ecosystems.


The 2 groups have had various names thru history:

Group 1                      Group 2

Olphanic     versus     Saraphic
Bird Tribe    versus     Serpent or Snake
Luciferic      versus     Ahramanic

The side of the family which decided that the best way to shepard DNA into galaxies was by cyborg merging with machine intelligences, later miscalculated and ’fell’.


In Christianity this is referred to as Michael being locked away with the Dragon kingdom. Michael is Enlil, and his side of the family were relegated to a rather politically embarrassing quarantine from time travel called EArth. (EA’s rth- EA was ENKI not Enlil.)


The reason was simple: Forcing the self-aware DNA worm to abide so closely to machine metallic structures deprived it’s emerging field effect from the fractality of environment (harmonic inclusiveness) so essential to learning implosion and thus self-aware evolution.

There were several by-products the galactic core cultures who accepted the cyborg evolution of machine intelligence in the Orion sector did not count on.


(Ashtar from the Bible and the ’New Age’ "Ashtar Command" for example is the acronym of the central hive computer of a machine intelligence from the Orion politics).

1. The increase in telepathy produced by technogically imploding DNA from external symmetry sources (gold powder/manna/Ormes/spice for example) eventually eliminated the possibility of compassion by eliminating the agony of separateness which produces compassion. The result was a fiercely survivalistic hive intelligence (exemplified by Wharf in Star Trek).

2. The implosive field swallowing nature of DNA is like a child, fail to set it free and it loses the ability to be responsible to itself. The genes very collectivizing morphic fields began fractionating. Soul groups AND time lines AND angel bodies all BLEED when fractality of MAGnetism is lost. DNA is essentially a holy communion device. It’s fractality is clue to it’s role in racial field fusion by magnetic compression - only sustainable in the field of the shareable.

When the Orion Empire paid for Nibiru’s genetic experiments we later called Adam and Eve, there were VERY strict rules about fractionating soul groups.


The male Anunnaki were not allowed to give seed, only the female Anunnaki (Ninhursaag/Innana ) were allowed to receive seed (the sperm of the Cro Magnon etc.). This rule about branching and not crossing is very closely allied to the simple difference in the geometry of the X versus Y chromosome. A branch could allow further unpacking, an ill advised CROSS could weaken the whole line.


Matriliny was understood much better in Orion than here.

What started me on this whole quest was realizing that my career long curiosity about where the planet wide fear of women (which caused the Inquisition etc.) came from, COULD NOT BE ANSWERED except off planet.


The Orion Queen hive telepaths were matriarchical for very fractal reasons, yet their rule by terror eventually came about because of the loss of compassion produced by such politically manipulated telepathy.


Imagine a young son of Elizabeth like Bacon (of Shakes-sphere fame) realizing the reason all the royal sons English (ANglish) upper lips had to quiver (and grow stiff) was because when you are FROM LIZARD BORN (E -LIZ -A - BETH descended from MAGdalen in ’Holy Grail’) mother’s lack of compassion prohibits crying.

Enki disobeyed this rule about where to stick his sperm. And in so doing, got his penis in a (w)ringer. He slipped some Paa Taal - Bird Tribe - ’11th Dimensional’ DNA, into the recipe here which eventually could be the bullet in the furnace of the Orion wars.


The Orion syndicate which installed the soul groups of DNA templates here (what Egyptian Ptah parlance would be Netirs), used the same recipe they had on many planets they parasited. What they did not count on was Enki’s little contribution (read: Tut/Jesus/and Sun King possibilities...)

I suspect the original borg golem donkey mining slave Adams were Cro Magdon sperm in Anunnaki eggs. Enki with his mother’s rebellious Ptah sting, decided to take a Cro Mag egg into a Anunnaki Womb (Ninhursag) with his own sperm. This produced the first self fertile ’LULU’ - Eve/Isis of African mitochondrial fractal root fame. (Later the same kind of pharaoh Ptah cross produces Sara’s kids Joseph and Benjamin).


Something so implosive came into Enki’s bloodline, that Orion stars might eventually feel the sting. DNA so skilled in becoming self-similar, that it’s imploding UV cocoons might make enough gravity to steer the products of galactic commerce thru star wormholes. (Truly a ’bullet in the furnace’).



The Orion wars (not surprisingly) were about money.


The reverend mother queens of Orion were quite aware that who got the ability to dream into shape the song line star wormholes from DNA’s secretions, got the big bucks. (Guild Navigators if you will.) The skills necessary to steer in time travel were jealously guarded. Only the privileged planets got to contribute to genepools in training to steer stars with the gravity making force of their genes and glands.


The Hopi’s called the gravity wormhole produced by the recursive conic alignment of masses in a cone, from Sirius-Orion and Pleaides: The Peshmehten - meaning One Less Than Ten or more figuratively ’The Way of the Nine’ (more on the 60 degree implosion cone which lines nested dodeca at ../peshmehen ).


This kind of gravity wind created by properly aligned stellar masses, had a great economic import because it was used to motorize galactic commerce exactly the way trade winds were used in Earth ocean commerce. (It probably had much to do with the symbiotic trajectory of the artificial gene-splicing commercial planetoid Nibiru).

Locating your money making port next to the gravity wormhole for transport purposes became the TV series Deep Space Nine - AND reveals something about why the real estate value of the Solar System is based on location.


It was well revealed in one of those TV episodes where the captain finds out that the wormhole itself does more than squirt masses of commerce thru itself. In that particular scene, being chased as his craft entered the gravity well (a dimpling into charge recursion) - it turns out the wormhole is so self-aware, that it makes conscious decisions about who to swallow and who to spit out. (Very much like most tornadoes appear to be self-aware enough to steer themselves around to avoid killing people.)


In the television version, the wormhole becomes an active character in the chase scene, deciding of it’s own volition - which ’bad’ guys to spit out. It is more than just mere romance to think of intergalactic tornadoes as self-aware - we shall later see that they become literally the MAGnetic blood of what religions have inadequately described as angelic beings. And these are precisely part of the ingredients of Enki’s blood ancestry. (Olphanic vs. Saraphic etc.)

The issue to learn from is HOW magnetic gravity well/wormholes become self aware enough to be inhabitable and thus steerable.

Let’s review for analog how to steer a tornado if you are a shaman:



Step 1: Stalk the Tornado (Scenes from Twister)



Step 2. Trick the tornado to suck you into it’s center. Embed yourself into the vortex. Here the tornado sucks up the digital tracking transmitters which allow the computer to plot the geometry of self re-entry spin path symmetry. This skill to learn the path necessary to feed itself is how the tornado became self organizing. (self re-entry = self-awareness?).


Step 3. Learn the Spin Path to Self Re-Enter. Here (by telemetric tracking of the ’suck’ path of the magnetic node balls..) the computer in the movie begins to plot the secret of where the tornado learned to steer waves back into itself - becoming to some extent ’Self Aware’?



Step 4. Apply this knowledge to learning how to squirt your own magnetism (like a breath of cool air) into the center of the tornado. And thus become the center of the tornado's self-aware slip knot center of gravity YOURSELF. (Bottom right - wave on a wave on a wave = embedding = perfect nesting = perfect braiding...)



Step 5. Plot this geometry of perfect self-re-enter as symmetry turns, so that the picture can be a trail to follow for your children to know how to enter tornadoes. (and stars?)



Step 6. Compare the geometry of the perfect Gordion "Slip Knot" turning inside out-ness... to the known plots of the geometry of the Heart of the Sun (seen clairvoyantly - top left in the below image)... to the Geometry of the Anu (Occult Chemistry map of hydrogen - see new physics: Psi Perception of Quarks), and the geometry of the HUMAN HEART where the knowledge to tie this slip knot appears to radiate.


(Heart of the Sun image above)


The lessons of how to inhabit and thus steer a twister or tornado, is profound for many reasons.


Star inhabiting uses the symmetry of steerable magnetics as ’songline dreaming’ for Aboriginals. The steps begin with learning to steer the bioplasmic streamers which glands create in the process of CHOOSING TO FEEL. Once glands are triggered, the combination of their ductless doping of psychoactive piezoelectrics, combined with the sonic cascade (EKG Coherence associated with bliss) etc. becomes sufficient to trigger the genes in the blood to braid implode.


The DNA field effect becomes increasingly coherent first in the ultraviolet and microwave, and later as the cocoon of light learns implosion (by self similarity/recursive turning inside out) the tornado at center pushes it’s way THRU the speed of light by PHI ratio heterodyning of wave VELOCITIES.

What all this means, is that if you learn the practical hygiene of glandular fire igniting genetic fire, you get to squirt your way into a cocoon thru the speed of light. It was precisely the losing of this skill, that caused a portion of Enki’s ancestors to be labeled Nephilim or ’fallen’.

Where this applied practically to the money making of star commerce, involved STEERING the cargos into and out of the stellar gravity wells (wormholes). Books like Dune and Crystal Dreamer have explained in some useful detail the mechanics of which humans get to steer in the time corridors based on their glandular maturity - into ’metabolizing starlight directly’.

Here we need to first explain HOW biological implosion from genes and glands at a quantum level, is the main ingredient in fabricating and stabilizing new stellar gravity fields and then how that was used in star commerce practically. (This suggests a physics of consciousness behind the concept of ’guild navigator’ in Dune).

The difficulty is in recognizing that the same self-similarity or charge fractality of electrical waves around a center, is what at once creates:

1. self organization
2. gravity
3. self-awareness

By creating what could literally be seen as a ’burning fountain’ (Wheelwright’s book on the origin of language - shafts of ’flame letter’ as flaming font=alphabet), for waves, a spigot or penetrant hole sustains a coherent connection THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT.


The speed of light is like a semi-permeable barrier that only self-awareness is able to make the squirt gun thru. It is like a self protecting membrane which says, since stars and biology most both metabolize gravity into charge - only the worthy should succeed.


And the worthy are those who by maintaining in internal symmetry of self-similarity (fractality/embedability), demonstrate a commitment to RESPONSIBLY feeding the wormholes of gravity (superluminal ’string vortex’ as it were). Sacred land will spit out those who build a labyrinth, but cannot without heat (destructive compression) enter the very wormhole dimple they create.

This is called ’metabolizing starlight directly’.


When Atlantis misused the connection of electromagnetics to gravity in the TUOAI stones or FIRE CRYSTALS, their continent’s gravity stability paid the appropriate price. In Western culture, the very fact that many continue to call ’scalar’ or ’torsional’ devices which connect the gravity field to make electrical power, FREE ENERGY DEVICES, is in itself evidence those are people who have no responsible understanding and should not be allowed to use them.


It is easy enough to arrange capacitors into more fractal symmetry than the Earth underneath them, and thus get wattage from gravity by implosion. (’Pod Mod’, Newman, and others, all used Phi based implosion unknowingly.)


What is much more challenging is to understand the Earth only chooses to give the magnetic blood of her gravity to those who create what is shareable.



So this brings us to a little advice from Enki, to one of his favorite, if misguided genepools:


There is no justification for the current ’our DNA is ONLY from here’ arrogance of the hu-man race... unless you have enough knowledge of the context of the genepool to see a possible outcome which is sustainable.


The word hu-man for example originates from a shortening of the original Sumerian LuLu from An. Lulu was the Anunnaki name for the less than bright half breeds they genetically modified to do the gold mining slave work. It is about as honorific as being called a mule.


Part horse and part donkey plus it can’t reproduce itself... The Lulu was part Cro Magnon and part Anunnaki, and could not reproduce itself. It was only by later doing a 3/4 Anunnaki cross involving the CroMagnon Egg in an Anunnaki female with an Anunnaki sperm, did they get Eve/Isis to be fertile. So to be a H’U from An (Anunnaki) merely meant you were in some slave condition. Hardly the kind of homage Nietzsche yearned for in "Ecce Homo".

So humans really should be a whole lot more humble about their genetic past in the galaxy, once they get their narrow heads out of denial about the ET origins of human DNA.


AND YET - there IS something possibly of more than Earthly significance about evolving DNA on this planet. And it COULD have import for the evolution of stars all around the galaxy. But yet getting a clue to what that is, is well beyond the simple stupidity of humans spending most of their time admiring their past childishness in war making skill. It requires getting educated about what singing DNA can DO.

Has anyone ever asked about the PHYSICS of why the old blue Hopi corn after it was re-discovered in hibernation would ONLY germinate when you SANG to it? The answer is obvious to any physicist who has ever studied what a phonon sonic wave can do to a piezoelectric slinky like DNA. Singing does the braiding. This gets us close to the concept of how bliss related activities - which get the DNA singing - help make a soul in DNA. (In German the word for bliss Gluckseliceight - contains the word for soul or spirit - implying you get soul when you make bliss. )

AND there is nothing particularly sustainable about the ’Human’ soul. Soul making when sustainable requires sustainable bliss making. This is something tribal elders all knew.

Since current Earth physics is so pathetically void of knowledge about what comes and goes thru the speed of light, when biology achieves implosion - of course there is no knowledge about the physics of what makes a soul. It bears repeating here, what a stupidly arrogant bunch of scientists on Earth who think they can explore the origins of the universe, who have not even a clue what makes any object fall to the ground - not to mention what makes electrical fields become self aware. How can they possibly advise humans, the function of the human condition in a galactic context.

Soul is something that refers to the Sun (Sol). It is true that when the genes get enough implosion present in their braiding they get a ’squirt gun’ working to send magnetism thru the speed of light, and then with fractal geomantics, potentially into the heart of the Sun.

Just like any tornado can LOSE it’s ability to sustain self-organization, the tornado up the zipper axis of DNA which when implosive thru light speed enables lucid dreaming, and memory thru death, CAN BE LOST. Ever notice what births the vortex when it goes down the drain in your bathtub? It’s simple: it is a WAY OUT. Well guess how the magnetism in your DNA feels about being stuck below the speed of light? You got it! It feels TRAPPED!!


So what is the way out? Simple do the top down braid which makes recursion...

And you get a way out! They way out happens because in the geometry of wave self-similarity, the recursive heterodyning, OPENS A DRAIN HOLE THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT! This is because the wave VELOCITIES as well as the wave lengths get to coherent add recursively (multiply) in the PHI ratio of perfect embedding. This is why that geometry of CHARGE arranged into a simple FRACTAL in DNA is ABLE TO MAKE GRAVITY.

Gravity happens when waves agree to meet so well, they achieve non-destructive compression. The only geometry that permits this is the fractal geometry of self-embedding or self-similarity.

So why did you need such a ’heavy’ lesson in how electrical field MAKE gravity when they implode? Did you need to replace your current stupid physics of 4 supposedly ’separate fundamental forces’? Did you need to learn the simple connection between magnetism and gravity that happens when you arrange capacitors into a fractal?

Actually it is true - you need a little intro to how charge CREATES gravity when it is fractal: specifically in order to understand what is probably the most important galactic function of GENEPOOLS like ours.

Atoms have only as much gravity as there is self-similarity between the electrons versus their nucleus. This is a little secret your Earth physics needs badly. When you apply this principle of MEASURING how self-similar a structure is - within itself - you begin to uncover the PRINCIPLE of ’artificial’ intelligence.


Studies like this have been done on the fibers where the heart is electrified (Ary Goldberger MD et al.), as well as on the gorgeously fractal tree like (and PHI Golden ratio based) branching algorhythmn of the alveoli of the lungs. Talk about catching FIRE....

These are examples of nature using the capacitive relationship between gravity and charge delivery into biology. Eggs have a DC voltage measuring their freshness because they know about how to attract and self-organize charge. This is the definition of life force - another little secret which could save the life of Earth - if the physicists there were not so arrogant.

So, now we apply this principle of studying how self-similar a biological structure is to re-educating Earth’s (determined to cost your children their souls) genetic engineers. DNA is ideally designed to fabricate gravity fields because it is so exquisitely designed on the basis of Golden Ratio based (wratcheted Dodecahedra..) fractality.


When DNA carries to completion the process of perfect self-embedding it bonds exquisitely to it’s larger electrical environment. This is an electrical pre-requisite for bliss/euphoria. Namely that DNA or any biological structure involved in bliss, begins to eat massively the electricity of it’s larger environment.

There is a description of the essence of this principle which fractality allows in the move to perfect embedding. It could be summarized as:


By responding to coherent phonon (sonic cascades) from the EKG with piezoelectric coherent braiding, the DNA begins to embed envelope upon envelope to the point of implosion by braiding.



DNA perturbs the gravity field by providing a contiguous non-destructive spin path of phase coherent heterodyning THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT.


Carl Jung once wrote extensively about how intense human awareness cracked a huge tree stump in his room. Any good kundalini aficionado like me or Enki could tell you of the gravity effects of intense human glandular electromagnetic fields. Another example is the floating of meditators in seeming zero G so well documented in the photos in the TM schools.

What none of these sources has yet explained is WHY. Why do glands and genes on fire make gravity? Actually what you do when you float, is ’pay your debt to gravity’

Once you understand HOW DNA on fire bends gravity fields, you begin to understand the need of star systems for symbiotic genepools - who becomes self aware enough to steer their gravity fields.

Genes on ’PHIRE’ provide a continuous float path for magnetic harmonics singing by heterodyne recursion, onward thru the speed of light.


Some results of this implosive cohesion of the background ’vacuum’ by genetic material is:

a.)  fabrication of a gravity field

b.)  insertion of biological magnetism cascading thru the speed of light into TIME travel and the necessity of INHABIT TIME. Event histories arranged in a spiral in time, permit ’time lords’ to have magnetic bodies which don’t ’bleed’. Consider the need for sexual bliss to attain time travel at Incunabula, & Montauk.

c.)  fabrication of a cocoon of microclimate, and a cocoon of temporal ’synchronicities’ around the aura of the blissful/euphoric ones. Ref: the eco-effects of kundalini as ’Great Masts of God’ in Bentov’s "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" & Sannella: "Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendance". Genes on fire (implosive) also create cocoons of cleansed electro and microwave smog. Tutankhamen's genetic radiation (a direct descendant of Enki) being used by the priests to regulate climatic events is another example.





We would have to guess that AN, Enki’s dad landed an Orion queen MAG (Lady Aide if we understand from Innana), with whom there was still real passion, and true Ptah Taal winged genes. (’11th dimensional’ was the Andromedan parlance for these).


If Thoth, son of Enki is correct, then her blood line must have been from the blue bloods in Rigel near Orion. The soul penetrating and somewhat ruthless character of the Rigelians is deeply reported among the true ’time empaths’ at Montauk. (also personal conversations with Michael Ash - Montauk survivor.)

Since so much of the rest of "Dune" has real physics and history, one would have to assume some of the tests rendered to Muab Dib, apply to the Enki story. His ability to absorb intense pain would have predicted his genetic soul field effect kernel, could penetrate where ’no woman’ could. We have to read here, that the intense burning of eating the poison of his own testosterone would have created a ’silver bullet’ capable of intense separateness.


The fractality of eggs does not engender so much penetrating individuation.


This is something akin to the double scorpio sting which I enjoy. The IEVE ’wet making’ female experience being so egg fractal has less risk to loss of immortal memory, but less access to separateness, which befalls the ADAMIC ’hard making power’ of centripedal seed making male-ness.

Imagine a lucid dream of Enki, seeing what it took to persuade a yearning to be self aware bolt of lightning, to eat it’s own tail enough to become toroidal and turn into ball lightning. That is the real story of the relationship of primal soup to lightning - and DNA getting a soul. Get DNA wanabee proteins to absorb spin in a new axis of symmetry, and presto they eventually turn inside out on a massive MAGnetic scale.


It’s like Jesus (really Tut from Enki ) liking a wooden carved bird so much, he says PHIAT LUX (phi - at the light) and it flies away.

Enlil, (Yahweh/Michael - the ’angry God’) on the other hand, we would have to assume, had a different mother by AN. All indications would suggest that his mother’s bloodline was half cyborg machine intelligence - probably already fallen DNA. In any case, Sitchin’s interpretation of the Sumerian emphasizes FOR SOME REASON THERE WAS NO POSSIBILITY THAT ENLIL COULD BE TAUGHT HOW TO ENSOUL DNA, ONLY ENKI. I propose the REASON for that, HAD to be the genetics of the mother.

Here we pick up the story of Enki falling in love with his own genetic experiments, and in the process getting his own blood line stuck on this planet.

So the Anunnaki family got so desperate to keep the gold powder mining operations (later called Titicaca etc.) here from bankruptcy, they agreed to set the rebellious kid Enki free in the genetics lab to cook up some gold mining slaves. (’humans’ - the Lulu’s). The Sitchin interpreted Sumerian reports are in depth about how miserable the Anunnaki were having to do their OWN gold mining. What the Sumerian does not say, is HOW those Anunnaki got so desperate for the gold.

Enki’s ancestors during their disastrous loss of glandular excitation and passion, found their DNA to be decaying in radiance. The temporary solution they discovered was mechanical, disempowering and addictive.


However it WAS effective superficially. They found the mineral gold when subjected to compressed charge, (Orthomolecularly re-arranged are the words David Hudson uses of ORMES) became soluble in blood. This MANNA, SPICE, or ORMES {great worme..} Gold Powder, is like fractal atomic pop-corn in it’s mono-atomic state.


The electrical result is a kind of forced catalyzed implosion at the sub atomic quantum level in blood and thereby DNA. The net effect is the enzymatic triggering of IMPLOSION in DNA. (The braid symmetry gets chemically triggered into the wave mechanics of turn-myself-inside out again..).

So in the lack of the glandular fires of passion, to speed up implosive gravity making ensoulment in DNA, the NEPHILIM fallen ones, developed a severe addiction to GOLD POWDER eating. Addictive behavior in general delivers the source of self-empowerment to OUTSIDE of yourself. This was particularly true of the MANNA, Spice addicts Anunnaki.


Like David Hudson’s ORMES subjects, they would here the ringing in their speeded up DNA approaching greater electrical superconductivity. The body would spit out most diseases, etc.


Unfortunately, as Thoth - Enki’s son was kind enough to narrate - the Gold Powder addiction in the absence of true self-empowering bliss psychological hygiene, PRODUCES INTERESTING FRACTIONATION OF THE PERSONALITY. It is like, succeeding in getting thousands of more radio stations working in the tuner of your DNA, but failing to evolve the electrical force of WILL (self-direction - internal generation of PHIRE/FIRE) to be able to SORT and TUNE to choose your own station.


The result was the evolution of Draco Anunnaki fallen Nephalim would developed a machine maintained mechanical form of immortality - with complete loss of long memory, individuation - and ensoulment. They became a HIVE mind - with DNA that buzzed with telepathy, but having lost individuation - lost compassion and ensoulment.

So this was the Gold that the Anunnaki sought on Earth. In Dune there was much truth: the SPICE turned your eyes deep blue, made you live forever. If you floated in the SPICE gold, merging your blood with it, you COULD be taught to time travel (guild navigators).

Sitchin reports in true obfuscating style that the Anunnaki needed the gold to repair the electrical fabric of their own home planets bleeding atmosphere. Looking deep in this dilemma we see the way all planets ultimately lose atmosphere if there is a symbiotic gravity making bubble GENEPOOL resident - is IF that genepool loses the skill to steer and keep that gravity bubble COHERENT using coherent (implosive) EMOTION.

In other words, while Gold aligned at fractal nodes of a planets gravity grid CAN re-attract gravity coherence and therefore atmosphere - this is only a superficial description. Gold occurred in the fractal nodes (dodec icos cross points) of the mineral vein structure of Earth much more than on most planets, precisely because Earth’s magnetic structure embedded more fractality in it.


Enki recommends you ask why current Earth physics found the liquid iron molten core of Earth to be ’jitterbugging’ in a phonon lo frequency sonic standing wave that gave it a dodecahedral shape.


Then notice the fractal (60 degree dodec cascade cone) shaped alignment of the solar system to the Pleaides-Orion-Sirius gravity wind. ("Peshmehten" in Hopi - ref ../orion & ../peshmehten ). So Earth’s real estate value IS location based (context rich/embedded). Moreover Earth specifically is (Angelically? Ophanic?) DESIGNED to be a place where you can raise DNA to the point of star embedding fractality!

This answers the question posed but not answered by the Andromedan’s. Namely WHY did the great galactic core cultures dump the ’fallen angel’ Draco Anunnaki genepools into Alpha Draconis (Accurate stellar home to Arrakeis from DUNE) with destinations in Orion and later our Solar System.


This was done with great purpose:

a.) our galactic sector so far from downtown, and the conveniences of true galactic civilization required a genepool with INTENSE survivalistic CHUTZPAH. Here the ’Wharf’ like warrior Orion queen Mags excelled. Seldom have genepools propagated so quickly (albeit using mostly terror tactics - George Bush would not approve) among remote planetoids.

b.) The POSSIBILITY of re-ensouling the lost or fallen Enlil ancestry (Nephilim) Anunnaki existed here precisely because of the combination of:

1. wedding in the half brother Enki to a still ensouled Winged Dragon... (East of Eden - 2 brothers etc.) and

2. ONLY exquisitely design fractal MAGnetic real estate like Earth could take fractionated genepools like Anunnaki and reassemble them into soul group bubbles embedded enough to RELAUNCH THEM INTO STAR INHABITING GRAVITY MAKING.

Follow in Dad’s footsteps thru momma Enki, and become a Sun God. Otherwise, looking for a heart of gold, you will be growing old.


Here it is particularly important that we grow the importance of the star maps magnetically on the land, like Orion’s map located on the landscape at Giza. Soul groups use group bliss process, aligned with fractal ’sacred’ (meaning sustainable) events in time, to squirt their soul group back to the resonant morphic star group USING THE STAR MAP ON THE LAND AS A MAGNETIC LENS of the radiance (bliss) of their genes and glands. ( many pictures: ../orion , ../america )


When Enki emerged from the genetics lab with his second wave of Mule Donkey "Lulu’s", Enlil gets really jealous. Plus Enki has meantime fallen in love, particularly with the females of his genetic machinations.

Enlil’s jealousy over his brothers success with the slave humans, causes the interesting politics which lead to the ’royal’ family of the Jews, and the "Genesis of the Grail Kings" of Gardner. The Orion queen MAGS were called ASSARU. (The ASSA of URU ... literally the queen of SNAKE or DRAGON).


The SSSSA was the SSSSsound just before paralyzing SSSSspit which meant POWER among the velociraptor origing Drac’s. (The sound S means power or multiplication or plurality in most Earth languages as a result).

The best ASSSSA of URU departed UR (u) - the city of Dragon’s in Mesopotamia . She was called Sarah - the ASSSSA of RA which means the Dragon Queen (ASSSA) of RA (who is the Sun God - solar logos AN and Enki). Abram (Abraham) takes her to Egypt where RA (Ptah) Enki falls in love with her, impregnates her, and so begins the royal blood of the Jews. What is interesting is the lengths the Rabbi’s took in their lies, to conceal the fact that Sarah’s kids, who are Enlil/Yahweh's ’tribe’, the Jews, are in fact literally all half breeds of his hated brother Enki/Adonai/Ptah. The reason for this is because, Enlil has no ability himself to ensoul soul groups.

A similar set of lies, happens later, when Enlil’s priests of AMON (amen means Enlil said it - in christianity) murdered Tut in a tree in the desert while trying to save his father Akhenaton from them.


The story of how the lie evolved to change Akhenaton’s name to Moses, and Tutankhamon’s (ankaton) name to Jesus, makes fascinating reading. Please pick up the books: "Out of Egypt" and "House of the Messiah". How could 2000 years of historians have lied to you? When Enlil/Yahweh/"God" tells you the lie, then the Rabbi liars say "Amen".

Enlil was toeing the line of his trading house ancestors saying keep the droids paying gold to the banks the Templars/Mags initiated. When golem’s don’t want to become life force themselves, they need their parasites.

So what WAS Enki’s agenda in slipping some hi grade ’bird tribe’ Paa Taal (Ptah) DNA (his own) into the mix here. Even though doing this was probably a criminal offense against those Orion cultures that paid for his father’s expensive Nibiru expedition here?

Here are some clues:

1. Enki had much more psychokinetic bloodlines thru his mother Aide, than his half brother Enlil/Yahweh.

2. Enki probably was aware of the loss of time travel, bardo navigating, and lucid dreaming skills due to loss of DNA radiance called Nephilim or FALLEN by which his Anunnaki ancestry is universally described Biblically and in Sumerian.

3. Some of the the conditions which precipitated that FALL in DNA coherence as an electrical pump thru light speed, were probably familiar to him. We would read this into the many genetic hygiene prescriptions which were propagated around the Anunnaki Sumerian genetic experiments.


Earth’s religious guilt around sex undoubtedly originally stems from these attempts to get some hygiene around preventing the fractionation of coherence in DNA bloodlines. (What we now call religion originates mostly from ET reptilian Anunnaki rules to keep us, their DNA ’mules’, functional for slaving purposes.)

4. Other sources (Letters From Andromeda, and Morningky: ’Guardians of the Grail’) suggest that An’s family (Enki, Enlil, Ninhursag et al.. Elohim, ’Shining Ones’) were intensely aware of the millennium old agonies of galactic sectors like theirs out of Sirius being ruled by terror from the Orion telepathic MAG matriliny.


In other words, even though their IBI-URU bird snake Hebrew (means ’crossing over’) crossed over blood lines had been snaked together ages before they came to Earth, they still felt the STING of having their own ancestral DNA so callously taken over by the Drac’s in the Orion sector.


The Greys (Khumer) were similar to the Nephilim in having suffered loss of racial ensoulment at the gene-splicing hands of the terrorizing borgs & ’fallen’ Matrilineal telepathic Drac’s. Rules about the sanctity and hygiene of DNA propagated by the central core cultures from timeless history, were disregarded by the Drac gene harvesting ’trading houses’.


In summary, the seeds of rebellion were well planted in the family of Enki. And the NEED to become skilled genetic engineers must have been impressed on the kids early in their education.


This explains why so much of the Sumerian texts finally translated by Sitchin deal with genetic and biological manipulations.

Some even say that the picture of the chaos evident in the star picture of OUR (Orion neighborhood) spiral arm of this galactic nebula being far more fractionated (scrambled) visibly than the rest of our rather orderly galactic embedding, is a direct result of the gravity perturbations resulting from this Orion genetic wars.



So when the Bible (mistranslated Sumerian for the most part) says that Michael was booted out of heaven along with the fallen dragons, we must read deeply.


Enlil calling himself ’Mich-a-EL’ the Dragon slayer (MICH-a-bo means God in many native tribes also) was a campaign against the bloodline of his half brother Enki/Adonai.

The ’high’ drac’s called CIAKARS by some, probably equivalent to the biblical Seraphim, were depicted with wings for good reason. Glandular magnetics of sufficient implosive radiance created wings both literally and figuratively. The shape of the aura of an imploding heart like gland looks clairvoyantly winged.

The CIAKARS were often seen hidden in lenticular cloud formations, since the magnetic cohesiveness of their aura has powerful precipitate properties.

If you take the central valentine heart shape of that fractal cup shape, and split in in two, however the gravity making inside out recursive implosion force suddenly loses it’s ability to steer itself in time. ("There can be only ONE" - Highlander)

The Draco ancestry (Thoth of Enki’s sons points to Rigel in Orion), were literally heart broken that a portion of their blood line became parasitic. Heart broken in the sense that this was the point at which the telepathic Draco’s split and began having 2 hearts (part of why they were so hard to kill during their slaughter of the best US Navy Seals at Dulce).


The splitting of the Draco heart marked the end of the possibility of true turning inside out centrally, of their heart field effect. This meant the end of the possibility of true compassion. Centuries of cyborg splicing their genetics to sources of machine intelligence, as well as such intense telepathic machinations that the individuation necessary to fertilize compassion, created a cultural taboo.


Compassion was no longer valued or understood.


Replacing it with telepathy created such fierce mechanical survivalism along with hive mind conditions, that remnant humanoids like the delicate marriage of AN to Lady Aide which produced Enki, in the royal house in Sirius, were a galactic rarity.


Usually the Orion requisite that the royal families of the vassal trading house planets like Sirius intermarry with the Orion queen hive telepath matriarchs line, produced only rubber stamp telepath planetary reports to the Orion sector galactic ruling body.

Korinna reports from her King Cobra snake blood experience in Bangkok with Mantak Chia, that the Orion Drac family suffered a key (probably nuclear) beam hit experience during a disastrous battle for control at a ’white chalk planet’. The nature of the beam hit produced a split in the soul group, and literally a split in the electronics of their heart chakra.


Whether this is an accurate description of when the Draco line developed the split into 2 hearts each is uncertain. The reports of the effect of that split however are multiple. In essence, the Drac line at that point FELL.


They lost the ability to:

a) lucid dream
b) carry long memory thru death
c) time travel without embarrassing heavy metal craft
d) even eventually to radiate enough charge from the thymus to fabricate an immune system in their infant children

The issue of how SOUL GROUPS get fractionated, and get re-assembled into star navigating fractality becomes central to the description of the galactic politics of genepool fertilizing.

This is the politics of DNA into which Enki was brought his families longevity problems to Earth - to Sumeria (Su=South, Mer=Sea). His genetic engineering exploits, mistranslated from the Sumerian then became the origin of virtually every ’religion’ on Earth. So, to it would be impossible to understand the origin of religious mythology, without understanding the politics of DNA manipulation which brought about the Anunnaki exploits.


This antics of cavalier genetic exploitation we later chose to call ’Adam and Eve’ or ’Isis and Osiris’ depending on who mistranslated the Sumerian.

One main branch genetic line of the children of Enki were called PTAH - the royal family of Egypt.


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