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Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. ..So- if perfect compression is the solution to virtually every science problem in history: gravity, alchemy, fusion, urban design, computers.. the physics of human (peak)perception/bliss.. the list goes on - THEN what does it mean that we have just proven the (fractality perfected) wave mechanics showing that golden ratio IS the solution to perfect (charge) compression?
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime - by Daniel Winter-
212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( fractalfield.com , fractalU.com ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( goldenmean.info/goldenproof ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( fractalfield.com/fractalphotosynthesis ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( goldenmean.info/coincidence ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and (peak perception) BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( fractalfield.com/conjugateperception ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful TheImploder.com water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : fractalfield.com/hydrogen ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in Theraphi.net - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.

Update Jan 2016- DO see the preview of our major new HRV IOS ap: hrv-app.com
Measures Coherence, Stress, Blood Oxygen , Fractality/Golden Ratio Negentropic Implosion- in HRV.
Fractal HRV:Story of Heart Coherence Biodfeedback-
with Dan Winter and Patrick Botte - introducing itHRV  - Breakthru for IOS -

For Part TWO of the above film> www.HRV-app.com , Course PDF Outline: FractalHRVcourse.pdf
Course Description: www.FractalU.com
Course Registration: learnitlive.com/class/7087/Heart-Coherence-HRV-and-the-Breath-Wave-Mechanics-and-Biofeedback-application

Important Links Mentioned: Dan Winter's History of Heart Coherence Science: www.fractalfield.com/coherence
Dan's Original HeartTuner Heart Coherence Invention- www.goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial

HeartsRing - on the iPhone Apple- APP Store-

Supports iPhone using internal camera light
does not support iPad, that support with external strap - is pending- see below

Update: Oct 2015: HeartsRing.com runs great on IOS 9,
and runs great on iPhone 6S (camera light- finger detection mode)

IOS 8 - HeartsRing.com testing- updated: Oct 22, 2014-
The IOS 8 testing went fine on iPhone using the onboard camera light for sensor (no external strap)
so we do recommend this app for IOS8 on iPhone.
However the iPad testing using external strap on heart sensor (ipad has no camera light)- is not conclusive.
SO- for now- we do certify this app useful on iPhone (using internal light)
-but we cannot yet certify the app yet for iPad in IOS8 -with external strap transmitter.

Testing Updated: HeartsRing.com Tested OK- on iPhone 6 Plus- Dec 12, 2014-
(Camera Light - Finger Detection)

Note - be sure to set FINGER DETECTION MODE for all users (chest strap detection - not supported)

Note to the reviewer who said they had a problem once with screen hang up
: if the app ever- hangs on one screen
- it is simple: just use the iPhone procedure to actually QUIT the app- and restart, no problem.

Note to the inappropriate reviewer who said- they were unhappy because of no bluetooth-
this app is wonderful because it does not require ANY external wiring or connector- NO BLUETOOTH NEEDED- just the light in your phone! ( saying you didn't like my app because of no bluetooth support- is like saying you were disappointed with your new car purchase because your boat propeller did not fit your car?!?! - no boat prop needed here!)

Q: How to set your heart (rate / breathing cue) to the GOLDEN RATIO - LOVE frequency??
(see FAQ below)- "Set the controls for the HEART of the Sun!"

from Dan Winter- Inventor of Heart Coherence, the HeartTuner, and Golden Ratio EEG 'BlissTuner'

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Special Note: the feedback on Apple's site- asks how to reset to HeartsRing Software data input- see faq- below

2015 Updates:

Note: Dan Winter / Implosion Group blog/current updates have migrated to facebook.com/fractalfield - Join us there- we're having fun!

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The Wave Mechanics- How the mind measureably lights a flame at a distance.
Finally - the REAL science to properly respond to your lover when (he/she) demands:
"Come on Baby: Light My Fire!"

Dan Winter’s new book presents the most compelling and systematic scientific evidence to date – that fractality in space and time is the specific mechanism and cause of gravity, biologic negentropy, life force, perception, and human bliss. Although several hugely famous authors have already presented their books on fractality in time- by comparison – this book shows they were functionally clueless about the physics. Winter quotes many scientists who have already speculated that fractality is the cause of gravity- BUT Winter is the first to very specifically define the frequency, geometry, and wave mechanic optimization of that gravity causing fractality.

"Everything Centripetal, Negentropic, Gravity Producing, or ALIVE
- becomes so - by BEING a (perfect wave fractal) PHASE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE!"

Dan Winter’s new book- Winter’s work (with his mathematics team- including Martin Jones www.mars44consulting.com )- was the first to prove the wave equations showing golden ratio solves the problem of max constructive interference, compression, and phase conjugation. SO phase conjugation – well known and proven in optics for time reversal, self organization and negentropy- now becomes a candidate for proving negentropy in general (many physicists agree that the gravity is itself negetropic / self  organizing). Originally- just Dan's theory – that golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of planck length and time – the universal key signature of the vacuum- would optimize negentropy. Winter has now gone on to prove it. He was famous for proving that hydrogen radii are exact golden ratio phase conjugate multiples of Planck. In his new book Winter has assembled with equation graphics results overwhelming further evidence- that golden ratio exact multiples of planck predict: * photosynthesis frequencies, * schumann resonance frequencies, * brainwave frequencies causing peak perception/ bliss, *(new) table showing the sacral cranial tidal frequencies are phase conjugate , * new table showing the ear ringing ‘sound current’ frequencies heard by meditators are phase conjugate !, *almost exact duration of Earth AND Venus orbital years,  - the list goes on ... (dodeca /icosa conjugate geometry of d,f electron shell noble gases and platinum group metals- physics of alchemic implosive charge collapse- new science of transmutation..). These are all the structures which produce life and negentropy! They fit the pattern far too well- for this to be arbitrary.

Everyone agrees that fractality is infinite compression. Fractal mathematics teaches the mathematics of infinite compression but until Winter- no one knew what a fractal FIELD was. Golden Ratio is unquestionably self-similarity optimized- as precisely is fractality. Einstein argued that gravity was infinite charge compression- but never learned what a fractal was. Winter now presents overwhelming evidence that golden ratio phase conjugation IS fractality incarnate in all wave mechanics. IF Winter is right with his exact frequency signatures for fractality in space and time- he clearly presents how to repair all wave systems to emerge from chaos- fixing environments for peak perception, amplifying the Schumann phase conjugate pump wave so Gaia climate emerges from chaos- are just the beginning. Fractality in time is now quantized and predictable- you can set your calendar. Synchronicity is nothing more than the charge coupling produced by conjugate embedding – in the (fractal) charge rotation intervals- called time. How to emerge from chaos- starts with knowing why objects fall to the ground- now for the first time both questions are answered- in pure fractal highly accurate wave mechanics: HOW negentropy originates!

Predictably with Winter, there is also a deeply spiritual aspect to his new book. He claims that ALL concepts of 'sacred space' (bioactive fields- the SHEM), collective unconscious, communion of saints, and living plasma surviving death (NDE)- are specifically explained and can be created and optimized intelligently with the teachable science of ubiquitous phase conjugate dielectrics, optics, magnetics etc (Elizabeth Rauscher has acknowledged Winter for inventing phase conjugate magnetics). He insists spiritual traditions are ONLY completed with a new and powerful fractal geometry wave physics- eliminating the need for disempowering miracle worship, personality worship.. AND religion wars.

(The Fractal Space-Time equations here form the basis of a developing technology of Life Force - Plasma Rejuvenation Field - re-invented PRIORE device )

Qualify for your FREE copy of Dan Winter's new book: Fractal SpaceTime (recorded publication date: Oct 20, 2014)

Just provide evidence you are a professional scientist, and answer these few questions ( email to info -at- fractalfield.com )

1. I agree that Dan Winter has discovered the generalized wave geometric cause of gravity, life force, and biologic negentropy? TRUE / FALSE

2. I have no other answer as to why an object falls to the ground? TRUE / FALSE

3. I have no other answer as to how/why wave geometry creates negentropy so well proven in phase conjugate optics? TRUE /FALSE

4. I have no other answer as to how Earth and it's Schumann harmonics creates the self organization evidenced in the GAIA HYPOTHESIS? TRUE/FALSE

5. I agree that golden ratio phase conjugation is the only wave geometry which defines a 'fractal field'? TRUE / FALSE

6. I have no other explanation why virtually exact integer exponents of golden ratio (phase conjugate) times PLANCK length & time predict:

- multiple exact radii of hydrogen

- the exact only 2 frequencies which motorize photosynthesis

- virtually exact Schumann Planet harmonics

- the brainwave (ALPHA / BETA) frequencies of peak perception / bliss

- virtually exact duration of the Earth year and Venus year

- virtually exact frequencies PRIORE and also RAUSCHER used to heal

- exact frequency and geometry used to create commercially proven life giving (bioactive) fields at TheImploder.com (hydrodynamic implosion) and Pyraphi.com (capactive implosion)- the PRIORE rejuvenation field. (phase conjugate plasma time-reversal)


- HeartsRing.com - makes the list of top gross Lifestyle Applications on the iStore!
People realize the power of REAL HRV dynamic biofeedback with amazing power at remarkably lo cost!


New- Aug 2013: Powerful Psychoactive BINAURAL BEAT- Audio Generator Software released - for use with HeartsRing.com
See demo and info : www.fractalfield.com/mindwave
(Software can be ordered there- or if you send your receipt for Heartsring.com app- you can receive it free!)

-New April 2014: The Amazing Secret Sound- Psychokinetic Binaural Beat Software - for with HeartsRing.com

> is now available for download directly at our latest newsletter: fractalfield.com/negentropicfields


New! March 2013- TWO Latest Training Films:

Film 1: HeartsRing - demo / intro / training film - 5 Minute

HeartsRing Demo-HRV/Breath Heart Coherence - Empathy Training iPhone / iPad
Demo and Instruction film number ONE - 5 Minutes:


HeartsRing NETWORKED (film 2)- How to Network Hearts- -HRV/Breath Heart Coherence - Empathy Training iPhone / iPad
Demo and Instruction film number TWO





Hearts Beats, Breath Entrainment and the Oneness Experience

The only lo-cost IOS app with:

- REAL -HRV Power Harmonics Plot- including time history

-real Heart Coherence measure

- real breath biofeedback cue- to directly see the result of your own conscious breathing

- real EMPATHY training, micro-motion / heart tuning- BIOFEEDBACK

- real group process BIOFEEDBACK - for group concensus building with real biologic entrainment


HeartsRing Animation
You immediately SEE your heart beating on the screen- to confirm your input (from finger on the iPhone light- or from chest strap/receiver- which is necessary for iPad- optional on iPhone)
Breathing cue instructor- is the light blue vertical slider top left-(changes frequency when you click on your goal / person to link to )
to bring your heart key frequency to WHERE you wish (another person / another group / or your Rave concert key..?- this frame sequence not contiguous)
In the newest version we also display (for your rock band conductor)-
the musical key signature of your heart at the moment- AND the key signature of your goal point
(where you clicked to put the white line- could be your lover or healer - or your group's concensus point).

The vertical height of your HRV interactive water fall time history power spectra plot-
is the AMOUNT of your HEART COHERENCE- the right /left x-axis value is the frequency key (also listed on top).
You have all the benefits of medical HRV training - PLUS coherence training..
AND broadcast server- other iPhones / iPads for CONSCENSUS TRAINING / CONFLICT RESOLUTION...
and ultimately 'group ONEness experience' training.


The Lo Frequencies of your Heart Harmonics - called Heart Rate Variability -(HRV)- are one of the most important medical indicators of overall (immune system) health. The more frequencies present- called Harmonic Inclusive - or "fractal field' in your heart's harmonics - quite literally - indicate how long you will live - references (largely controllable with your breathing). Another really kool benefit of tuning your (breath controllable) hearts major low frequency key signature (visible on HeartsRing) - is the principle of bio-resonance or micromotion entrainment - which is a proven way to create a palpable energy connection with your lover, your guru, your healer, your music hero - or any individual or group with whom you may want to feel a ONE-ness experience. Whether it is lovemaking, tantra, or conflict resolution, or healing, or corporate consensus building, or rock concert bliss - clearly the feeling of group entrainment - is enhanced when biologic 'pendulum' swing together.

Since the pace of breathing is the powerful way - to tune your hearts beat's musical fundamental - on the HEARTSRING - once you have noticed where YOUR (HRV) musical key (harmonic) peak is- you simply click on the moving peak (harmonic line on top) of the person - or leader (or guru or lover - or teacher or..) whose heart you want to FEEL (who is also connected). Then the simple breathing cue program is timing adjusted to allow you to synchronize BREATH AND HEART - with your (lover / guru / teacher / healer / rock band-DJ..). AND then as you carefully breathe in the new rhythmn for a few minutes - you can WATCH as your heart's RING (musical harmonic peak/ HRV) - moves to TOUCH YOUR LEADER. You can even see - who moves first toward touching the other! See - if you don't literally feel a little hair raising RUSH- the moment your heart LINKS with the HEARTs RING of your chosen person or group!

(In version 1.0 here - you can link with up to 4 people at once - each must be connected.) In addition to HEART COHERENCE control - (see the film from Dan Winter- who is credited in the literature with inventing the TERM Heart Coherence- by inventing how to measure it mathematically: www.fractalfield.com/coherence ) and learning to Heart LINK to any person you choose to FEEL energy with - by resonance entrainment... - you can learn 'yogic' conscious control of your breathing: where your breath goes to TOUCH the HEARTS RING you choose to move to - your choice of coherent emotion- and intentional empathy.

Empathy training is immensely valuable to corporate boardrooms, healers, peacemakers, military generals, bank managers.. to name a few.

In this version you have a choice of inputting your heart rate (HRV) by putting your finger gently and without moving on the camera light of your iPhone, - or connecting the Polar or other HRV chest strap to the small iThlete plug for the iPhone audio connection - available at HeartsRing.com - (iPad has no light so that requires external chest strap). You can easily begin and get dramatic feedback with no external hardware - using just the camera light (iPhone) - or you can order a separate Heart Rate transmitter- at our web link. Thanks so much for letting your HeartsRING!-

See link for lots more of Global Peacemaking with Hearts which RING together! ------------

Global Heart/Breath Entrainment- Group Mind Biofeedback for Iphone / Ipad from Dan Winter and The Implosion Group Dan Winter is credited in the literature with inventing the term HEART COHERENCE - because he pioneered the (cepstrum) mathematics to measure it: fractalfield.com/coherence With his Original Invention: HeartTuner goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial

Also the first brainwave EEG biofeedback able to measure peak perception/ bliss / ecstatic states - using Golden Ratio in EEG training- his BLISSTUNER invention: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro & curriculum science to teach hygiene for bliss - to young people- worldwide- his book: Implosion - Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality goldenmean.info/consciouskids

- Cost $19 for the Software.

Link to HeartsRing software on Appshopper: appshopper.com/lifestyle/heartsring-hrv-breath-biofeedback-empathy-training

You can easily begin and get dramatic feedback with no external hardware - using just the camera light (iPhone yes, iPad no)-




chest strap
If you are using the optional chest strap/ transmitter- receiver (optional on iPhone, necessary for iPad), you must have the receiver (little plug in on the iPad/iPhone audio port)
within about 11 to 15 inches max distance from the chest strap transmitter - in order to receive the signal (this is the nature of most all the makers of chest strap transmitters).


The requirements:

iPhone, iPod, iPad

and software app HeartsRing

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Note- for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 and iPod, which DO have camera light- the Chest Strap / Receiver hardware is NOT necessary- but optional,
for iPad, iPhone 3GS and devices WITHOUT camera light (to pick up the pulse) the Chest Strap / Receiver (below) is necessary,
HeartsRing will run on 3iPhone GS but since it has no camera light- there it would require accessory chest strap and receiver.

To input your heart pulse- for feedback you can either

1. hold your finger gently on the iPhone camera light- which picks up your pulse


if you are in a cold place - where the camera light to pick up pulse does not work as well- , or if you want more freedom of movement- more long term input..


2. you can use the microphone special input adapter plug- and transmitter

available here- which are the same hardware available with:

our partner myithlete.com


HeartsRing.com - FAQ - Frequently asked questions- with answers from Dan Winter:

Q: I received the hardware (chest band and receiver) and I've bought the app from the App Store. I'm new to this and I don't know exactly where to begin. My main interest for now is to use it to develop and maintain heart coherence. What's your advice on that?

A: the y axis value (highest vertical peak) of the (HeartsRing display) HRV power spectra (with time history waterfall plot) is the AMOUNT of HEART COHERENCE- that is - the internal phase coherence in the lo frequencies of the heart.
It does directly reflect the regularity of your breathing as you see as the biofeedback directly responds to your breath.
So practicing heart coherence is the process of raising the vertical peak amplitude by regulating the breath.
The interesting irony is that if the vertical peak lacks right left movement and / or lack of other peaks present, this indicates failure to acheive a variable (harmonic inclusive) heart ( or HRV). It is also true that focused and regular breathing (with HEART COHERENCE) is a primary technique for emotional focus- as well as acheiving entrainment / empathy / ONENESS with another person / group.

A monotonic (heart without harmonic inclusiveness) is an indicator of aging - and or lack of emotional flexibility

see medical references: goldenmean.info/holarchy , previous examples see goldenmean.info/heartmathmistake

see more on the breakthru biologic science of self organization: goldenmean.info/selforganization

Q: I’m thinking of buying your new HeartsRing app for Ipad. Would it work with a Bluetooth (5 kHz transmission) Polar H7 Heart Sensor (that means without a microphone jack receiver)?

A: (for the HeartsRing app) Unlike with the iPhone- where the separate hardware is optional, on the iPad with no light on board, it is necessary to use the transmitter and receiver we supply with a (CardioSport) chest strap.

This (ithlete) plug in receiver is also compatible with

-Polar T31, T34, T61 Polar T31 coded (incl Wearlink)
- Suunto Dual Nike analog chest transmitter belt
- Sigma Sport non coded
- Oregon Scientific analog
- Decathlon Geonaute HRM Chest belt --

The hardware requirements for external sensors are basically the same as the athletic trainer- see- myithlete.com

Q: What about the obvious lies from Frank Van Den Bovenkamp- who says this product is stolen from Heart Math Institute?

A: Frank is the same liar and thief who tried to completely steal (my ) Dan Winter's invention HeartTuner and BlissTuner. Even his name heartcoherence.com was stolen from Dan Winter. It is abundantly clear that the original concept of measuring heart coherence (stolen by Frank Van Den Bovenkamp) using the second order power spectra (cepstrum) - see fractalfield.com/coherence - is something Dan Winter discovered. A major portion David Sevran Schriver book INSTINCT TO HEAL - documents that Dan Winter's discovery of how to measure heart power spectra- to see emotion- was then illegally taken- with no credit to the source- by Heart Math Institute (see goldenmean.info/heartmathmistake ) Heart Math Institute offerings for much higher prices- do not offer any of the powerful options of HeartsRing, - full HRV power spectra - with time history, accurate moveable - empathy training breath biofeedback- real mathematic display of time history coherence training- and much more.

The whole history is well documented at goldenmean.info/heartjournal

So - Bovenkamps lies and theft - have an obvious motive- he is still selling the HeartTuner invention he stole from Dan Winter- now for a rediculous price (a few name changes later..'Triguna' to hide his theft) - when in fact the HeartsRing.com (at less than 1% of his rip-off price) - new iPhone app gives you MORE AND BETTER breath- biofeedback control and response to train your own Heart Coherence!

Q: When will you be porting HeartsRing to Android?

A: Sorry - I am an unrepentant Apple snob.. my empathy training for non-Apple users has not yet been effective..
- No really if you tell enough friends to build demand.. then resources could be available to re-program. We all need to be a shareable wave to get immortal!

Q: Dan. I've bought an iphone 3G from ebay, so now the app and chest strap. > > How important is the chest strap for use? Is it more accurate than the camera/light on the phone? I suppose the chest strap allows use for longer times without fatigue. > > If I wanted to sync two people, would they both need a chest strap, or could one person use a chest strap and the other use the camera/light - on iPhone? > > Thanks. -

- A: The chest strap is necessary with iPad since there is no camera light which is what allows the iPhone to pick up your pulse. It is optional on iPhone. As long as you are willing to rest your finger gently - without movement- on the iPhone light, we find good accuracy - and no need for chest strap. Remember, if you use the chest strap, it will transmit to the little receiver you plug in to the headphone port, only for a distance of just over a foot or so. (Originally designed for bicycle sport training). -- You can have multiple users- sharing data- comparing 'heart music' on a server- and it does not matter which ones are using chest straps- versus - iPhone light pulse sensing. It is flexible.

- Q: feedback on Apple's site- asks how to reset to HeartsRing Software data input-

A: If the data input appears stuck (perhaps if the data pause function was not reset)- simply restart the HeartsRing software- with the normal procedure (use the double click of the iPhone home button- to reveal all running apps- then double click again- until each running iPhone app- in the bottom bar- shows a MINUS SIGN- click on the minus sign next to the HeartsRing app- to turn it off. This allows - a fresh HeartsRing restart- resetting data input.

- Q: How to set your heart (rate / breathing cue) to the GOLDEN RATIO - LOVE frequency??

Q: Hello, I have bought the HeartsRing from apple istore and there has to be somewhere where I can find the numbers to pit into tune my heart to the goldenmean, bliss, etc.

A: The breathing cue is the moving vertical bar on the top left; when you click along the horizontal x axis showing the heart rate, the breathing cue speed changes to tell you how to breathe to get to the new heart rate (making your heart rate variable). In the hearttuner work we saw that the heart rates were globally scaled and that in fact- heart rates of 1.0 seconds per beat (60 bpm) were more of conceptual emotion(stuck in your head). Whereas heart rates of .62 seconds per beat - (golden ratio) definitely corresponded to more empathic (touchy / feely), more 'heart centered'- less head centered emotion. So .62 golden ratio seconds per beat IS CLEARLY MORE ASSOCIATED WITH COMPASSION. So .62 seconds per beat- corresponds to 1.62 (golden ratio as well ) beats per second. This correspond to 97 bpm (beats per minute). So it is indeed actually possible to set your heart rate goal to MORE EMPATHY! - by simply clicking at 97 bpm to set your breathing cue to get to the GOLDEN RATIO LOVE frequency! --




Dan Winter pioneered using biofeedback to learn how a COHERENT HEART-

distributes your WAVE - in a way that CAN RETURN to its original state! (animation right ->


Winter's original invention for this : the HEARTTUNER-
(below - later stolen by Frank Van Den Bovenkamp - - it was too expensive anyway)
- showed that THE MOMENT YOU FEEL PURE INTENTION (a shareable wave)
- your HEART COHERENCE GOES UP! (animated below - but now in HeartsRing app)
- HeartsRing app- makes this biofeedback available and inexpensive- for iPhone /iPad .


How A COHERENT Heart wave- becomes part of 'the eternal return'.

See how Heart Coherence becomes:
the wave mechanics of immortality
-how memory survives death as a COHERENT plasma/charge field!

TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..from the Heart (TUNER)

-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!



More on HeartsRing iPhone app- in interactive multimedia exhibition:


The HeartsRing.com project - is based on Dan Winter's New Implosion Physics-
Restoring Centripetal Forces IS the Heart of the Matter:
The Healthy Heart IS A Fractal Heart:

from Dan Winter and The Implosion Group




www.TheImploder.com - Agricultural Solution to Restored Centripetal Force: IMPLODED WATER!

-- or click: TheImploder.com - or contact danwinter(at)fractalfield.com - phone US 310 651 8123 , Skype ID: danwinter


Dan Winter is credited in the literature with inventing the term HEART COHERENCE-
because he pioneered the (cepstrum) mathematics to measure it :


With his Original Invention: HeartTuner-


As well as developing the worlds first brainwave EEG biofeedback specifically able to measure peak perception/ bliss / ecstatic states - using Golden Ratio in EEG training- his BLISSTUNER invention:


Which became a curriculum and science to teach hygiene for bliss - to young people- worldwide- now in many languages- his book: Implosion - Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality


Other Implosion Group- "Restored Centripetal Forces" Projects:

Hydrolysis by Frequency Signature: fractalfield.com/hydrogen

Implosion Made Useful for Growth & Agriculture: TheImploder.com & fractalfield.com/implodermagneticresearch

Electric Field which cause Life/ Seed Germination: pyraphi.com & fractalfield.com/icosaphi

Our Bloom the Desert- Science of Growth: fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert & bloomthedesert.com

Global Heart Link Up with Breath / Heart Entrainment- over IPhone: heartsring.com

Global PEACE UNIVERSITY- Comprehensive Science of PeaceMaking Curriculum- based on PEACE as defined by CENTRIPETAL FORCE- goldenmean.info/peaceuniversity


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Supplement Images: from the FUSION IN THE HEART FILM SERIES at www.fusionintheheart.com from Dan Winter

First 3 images are from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXJ3FvUBX4E&feature=relmfu

Recommended accompanying film regarding: How PHASE CONJUGATE ('KOZYREV') Mirrors produce Telepathy / Attention / Scrying / Vision / Perception




== end images from film

- returning to images from Implosion Group / Dan Winter- BIOACTIVE FIELD-ELECTRICAL EXAMPLE:
compare to how the Gold Implosive Egg - functions to concentrate life force/ perception (pic below) from pyraphi.com

gold cups

Fusion in the Blood (contrast with - CHEMISTRY OF THE ALIEN/DRACO blood at fusionintheheart.com ) :


The Facts:

1. Chemistry is clear ( Louis Kevron et al) - transmutation of atoms DOES happen in the body / in the blood

2. Medium Temperature (Carbon powder) FUSION (example of PLASMA SELF ORGANIZATION as LIFE GIVING CENTRIPETAL FORCE)
- in addition to producing energy from the vacuum- DOES in fact create a replicable BIOACTIVE FIELD WHICH HEALS! ( Dr.Egely, Budapest- et al)

3. One key mechanism for that lo temperature fusion (most likely magnesium to iron ) in blood- is measureably produced by the (DNA braiding) PHONON WAVES OF HUMAN BLISS ( goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto )- This BIOACTIVE CONJUGATE PUMP WAVE - mathematics at fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion

4. Those who have the source of non-linear heat in their blood (fusion?) - absolutely DO feel more compassion ( as opposed to COLD BLOODED).


SO - do our alien URU / Draco / nephalim ancestors- get something from our race- that they desperately know they DON't HAVE and NEED!-...






--Iphone App

Links Hearts to Fuse

A Contagious Inexpensive Way to Link Hearts for Lovers / Groups / Parties / Concerts / Love Ins - Corporate Concensus / PeaceMaking / Tantra / Conflict Resolution.. Empathy Training for Bank Managers and MORE! All on Iphone / Ipad!

Private note for now- from Dan Winter to Ahmed / Bruce / Roger - project outline / proposal - preliminary June 1 -2011



-Marriage Counselors

-Conflict Resolution

-Rock Concerts


-Spiritual Gatherings

-Global Healing


The concept:


at a rock concert,

a southern baptist prayer meeting,

a love in, or a global healing,

or a business corporate concensus process workshop,

or a conflict resolution for military,

or a tantra training,

or a link up with the GURU darshan..

The KEY MOMENT is when everyone has a chance to link hearts.

This can be measured and taught with beautiful, playful, self-empowering, globally contagious- BIOFEEDBACK:

Called iHeartFusion.



Your own heart music (breath controlled) musical key signature is shown on the top of your Iphone / Ipod/ Ipad


Just below that you see (shown here as a graph- but actual display will be 3 Bars animated which overlay YOUR OWN GRAPH)



As you notice where your heart's peak is slightly different than your intended HEART FUSION leader's peak

- you click on the peak your leader is making and you get an animated BREATHING CUE-

(note in the animation how the RATE OR SPEED AT WHICH YOU BREATHE- is suggested to you- as the computer shows you how to change your breath rate and depth)

to move your heart within seconds to LINK AND FUSE with your intended Heart Link Up!!

--Note- our friend's Simon's sister application which uses similar hardware to measure HRV / Heart Breath for SPORTS TRAINING: myithlete.com



(Above visuals from present iThlete- are currently not used for group entrainment-the group work will be solely our product)

This will then show you exactly when you have LINKED HEARTS! - you will feel the charge / tingle / presence - of linking hearts (see below)


The inventor here, Dan Winter- with help from programmer Marc K- used an analogous display to show their heart musical fundamental (HRV Breath harmonic) as a simple color ball moving up the screen in a walking interactive (waterfall landscape plot)

(like our original harmonic module group mind linking software output shown below)



where the frequency of your heart key moves right left- showing you where you are tuned- while the AMOUNT OF COHERENCE is indicated by the size of your colored ball.

Each person in the group knows the color of their indicated ball.



In this phase of the software project- we will have multiple bars show up so you can select to see and link up with the hearts of several different people in your group.

In the next phase of this software project- there will be an INTERACTIVE AVERAGE SHOWN BELOW- which allows you to link hearts with your whole larger GROUPS AVERAGE KEY HEART..

(note this next phase of the software to show averaging for larger groups - will involve additional programming cost)

in other words- in phase one- a few people can link hearts (proof of concept - how fun it is) -

in phase 2-

20 people, 200 people, or 2 million people can LEARN TO LINK HEARTS!!


-Also to be offered is heart rate feedback time graph-

(sample to be expanded from existing iThlete

allowing major and revolutionary health tuning by heart rate tuning over many hour display and feedback- please see MAKING WAVES at goldenmean.info/holarchy



The requirements:

iPhone, iPod, iPad

and software app HeartsRing

To input your heart pulse- for feedback you can either

1. hold your finger gently on the iPhone camera light- which picks up your pulse


if you are in a cool place - where the camera light to pick up pulse does not work so well- , or if you want more freedom of movement- more long term input..


2. you can use the microphone special input adapter plug- and transmitter

available here- which are the same hardware available with:

our partner myithlete.com


Preliminary outline - from Dan Winter-


Iphone application to combine- binaural beat- audio - with self empowering biofeedback, first HRV -below (Heart rate variability- inexpensive breath feedback), then EKG (HeartTuner) goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial - and EEG (Bliss Tuner- Brainwave) goldenmean.info/clinicalintro feedback.

Finally- at the bottom- here- an outline of examples we have developed to teach groups of people to link hearts- in a group mind, group entrainment - concensus process- 'psychology of alchemy' event. - Called 'the Harmonic Module'

Note how this heart link up forms the basis of

1. Peacemaking process: goldenmean.info/peaceuniversity

2. Rave events for young people: goldenmean.info/rainbowserpent

3. The deep alchemy process for groups to experience 'one - mind': (new): fractalfield.com/alchemy


Here are some examples- of output screens for this biofeedback - from my earlier work:


With the lo cost - HRV (plythmismogram) transducer- HRV measure can show breath, and heart entrainment..


In the above graph from my HeartTuner invention- the center graph - HRV spectrum IS possible- even with inexpensive HRV only transducer (graphs breath rate- with heart low frequencies).




(More sophisticated breath heart cues- for advanced health / conscious states training)

Also - we propose to integrate our work with Dr Patrick Botte: for advanced HRV display:

Introduction to

Advanced Healing with the Breath: Measurement with HRV and the Sacral Cranial Technique

To be released soon- as an upgrade to Heartsring.com

with Dan Winter- Introducing Patrick Botte:- Play film part ONE: goldenmean.info/patrick

- Click here to Play Part TWO: The HRV Breath with Patrick






Finally- to include in the Iphone app- for group concensus work display- we show our Harmonic Module- display- as an example- from our earlier work:

How to interactively teach group heart link up and entrainment..


Corporate Harmonics:

Pure Principle at the Heart of Corporate Identity..

from Dan Winter,




Mar 7, 04 - Capetown, South Africa ,

Evolution from the e-revolution to e-coherence. That is evolution from

Channel enhancement
Value Chain Integration
Industry Transformation

The eWave become the (heart) wave leading to coherence...when all processes and people are ligned and fire in harmony...the customers are intertwined..

Enhancing the linking through network transformation to linking th mind and hearts of people in an organisation


Below - we give another example of using Coherence based on Golden Ratio to identify when corporations get HEART - get COMPRESSION - get concensus..


Project - Corporate Heart

New Tools to Measure and Feedback:

Leading Leaders Into a Shared Space in the Heart

- A Business Model- Intended to Prove the Principle

to Later be Used To Teach a New Science of PeaceMaking to Political Leaders

In Collaboration with

Prakash Kirpalani , Corporate Harmonics , praktika@msn.com.au

Heart Coherence Team,

Dan Winter (HeartTuner Pro - Inventor),


Submitted by:

Dan Winter

Corporate Coherence is the name... becoming grand attractors in business...

CEO's ultimate and essential tool to help ceo's sustain weath into the coming decades...

The essential question all CEO's need to be asking during these times of chaos and uncertainty - is..




"How do I create a COHERENT business organization - quickly- to sustain our wealth!"

letter - from sonja -.. become grand attractor, heart becomes in tune..

what it is the grand attractor for money... of wealth in business.. relationship to become coherent...

what is coherence, how do you create, how does that bring in wealth.. grandattractors in business.. the essential new physics of commerce for sustaining wealth during the coming turbulence.. grandattractor.. yvonne evans .. director of corporate consciousness... question based.,baby steps..

the new physics now offers us conclusive evidence that we do indeed attract wealth and resource just as magnets attract fields. Example - stock market chaos emerges into self-organization at the moment volume harmonics become Golden Ratio.. (reference) which is really EMOTION becoming coherent..

Grand Attractors have high magnetic draw capabilty in business

High magnetic draw is the result

High magnetic draw is created thru a COHERENT organization


The right partners in diversity - create the ('fractal') possibility of cohesion.


This is just like harmonic diversity in your heart frequencies (Heart Rate Variability / HRV) predicts surviving into old age.


But the science theory is not required to make the necessary next step. We now have the tools to create a coherent organization.. to create Grand Attractors in Business. Thus to minimize the risk of potential loss, and maximize the financial gain.

The new instruments for measuring coherence in business organization, designed by Dan Winter - demonstrate a never before quantified relationship between coherence and attraction.

How do you get access to these tools for coherence in organizations / training programs & seminars..

Contact: Dan Winter


need evidence of unified magnetic field...


Perfect diversity (genetic diversity for example) creates perfec

Grand Attraction is the result of coherence i

Since group coherence produces biological radiance in the UV spectra - aligning leaders into EKG Heart Coherence - produces a 'BLUE FLAME'

January 12, 2003

The Need: To make agreement in the heart teachable and measureable. To make the move from conceptual and un-feeling decision making to true inner concensus FEELING based decision making - measureable and teachable. To make Heart Intelligence and Coherence in Heart Emotion measureable and teachable.

And then - perhaps more importantly - to apply this in a commercially successful way to the corporate business practice ... and finally to create an invitation for POLITICAL leaders to learn how agreement can be measured in the Heart for PEACEMAKING and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

Biologically, the ability to AGREE depends on getting biological resonance to bond and phase lock. Examples include - the nature of the bond which occures when an egg embeds in the womb, - or when sexual bonding occurs, - or when humans speak and listen in proper timing. All of these, and ultimately every biological bond that ever happens occurs when two waving biological 'oscillators' learn to come into the same musical key or 'get on the same wavelength'. The way this is expressed in the deep principles of chemistry - is to say that: ALL BONDING IS PHASE LOCKING (covalent and ionic - local sharing and extended sharing). .. Among people we may extend this simple physics to say the ALL BONDING IS FACE LOCKING and HEART LOCKING.

Ben Bentov's fascinating book: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" really focuses on how biological resonance (the 'wild' pendulum) - can come into still point..( Ref - www.goldenmean.info/stillpointuniverse ... www.goldenmean.info/stillpointphysics - - Still point physics / 'IMPLOSION' is how EVERYTHING ultimate gets sorted in order to be come distributeable / shareable.

Bentov was a biomedical engineer, and a personal mentor for me. He developed the first meaningful bio-mechanical model of bliss practice and kundalini. This work became the basis for my seminars with young people "Musical Recipes for Self-Empowering Bliss Process". (covered by 4 major Australian National Media Groups for my Workshop in Rainbow Serpent Festival next week). The point is that we do know the musical nature of how biological agreement takes place, it begins with phase lock of hearts, and leads to a musical PHI based wave collapse process (ascknowledgement to Yvonne Evans - Collapse Psychology work for Corporations here).

The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness

Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre.

This produces AGREEMENT because it allows an infinite number of waves (people) to converge (compressed non-destrutively) in one place. We have extensively modeled this GEOMETRY OF TURNING INSIDE OUT - as the electrical symmetry recipe of COMPASSION.

How Symmetry Map to Inside Out Makes Compassion's Harmonics Measureable

We understand how this musical recipe for agreement is based on waves which nest non-destructively (people are biological oscillators learning to agree - the role of mind is to teach waves to agree).The secret or key, becomes measureable and teachable in 2 steps:

1. Measure the moment of PHASE LOCK (all the clocks pendulums in the room naturally lock together, and then each becomes more efficient).

2. Take the harmonic analysis and see when the contained musical notes nest in Golden Mean ratio - because THAT predicts:

a). the moment of Bliss and Euphoria in brainwave studies (Korotkov)

b.) the moment of implosion, self organization, emergence from chaos - 'Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution'

c.) non-destructive collapse - literally the ability to ATTRACT CHARGE - which is the (electrically measureable) definition of LIFE .


The HeartTuner IS a system specifically designed to measure these musical 'recipes' in Heart, Brain , and life force charge enviornments. With the Heart Coherence Team we have so far been very successful in marketing this concept commercially - largely in clinical, and healing, and biofeedback based environments. Recently, we have also presented this system as a corporate solution to teaching AGREEMENT / CONSENSUS process to Universities (including friends of Corporate Harmonics), and to business groups in Sydney and now ANZ bank group (Sonya S.) in Melbourne. The EXPERIENCE of FEELING the moment at which 2 hearts a.) become coherent and in passion, and b.) phase lock onto the same wavelength - is palpable and real. It has already changed many lives. This evolution of the HeartTuner enviornment is growing nicely.

HOWEVER, the NEXT step is to show that this concept is commercially powerful in GROUP situations.. first for corporate concensus process and agreement making - we call this THE CORPORATE HEART PROJECT. And then ultimately - to teach military and government leaders that conflict resolution and peacemaking is a teacheable and scientifically measureable biological process.

The Heart Coherence team - has been through a great deal of planning to prepare a special software enviornment to enable this dream - of teaching groups - to share HEART SPACE - measureably. The original concept was called THE HARMONIC MODULE - which we have been writing about for over 20 years.


The Harmonic Module includes an eventual intent to teach MILLIONS OF HEARTS TO LINK - around the planet - using internet. With the result that GLOBAL COHERENCE would in fact demonstrably and measureable begin to heal the Earth. (see link)

An early friend of the Heart Coherence team - Marc Kroeks - who is also a visionary programmer - helped us develop a very sophisticated software environment to be used with HeartTuner specifically to enable Heart Link up for groups.

This software for HeartTuner is called HARMONIC MODULE - in honor of this early intention.

Harmonic Module software site at goldenmean.info. ( www.goldenmean.info/software/hm )

Marc (as author of the Harmonic Module software for groups with HeartTuner) has expressed enthusiasm specifically to consult and advise (and visit on-site if needed) for this CORPORATE HEART project with Corporate Harmonics. Please see his HeartTuner consulting web site: www.ideologic.nl and www.ideologic.nl/consultant/


Consultant Marc K. Outlines The Harmonic Module Software Enviornment - NEW LINK

* Start the Harmonic Module on the server computer as server. (Note the IP address)
* Start the HeartTuner Pro and Harmonic Module on the client computers.
* Start the HeartTuner Pro and check the probes, until a nice signal is measured.
* Connect the Harmonic Module on the client to the HeartTuner Pro Eidata.txt data file.
* Connect the Harmonic Module on the client to the server by entering the servers IP address (by hand or using the search list).
* When the connection is established, start the data sending on the Harmonic Module.

HeartTuner's HARMONIC MODULE software environment..simply provides an on-going rolling screen display which shows simultaneously which connected hearts (from 4- to 40 people ) are PHASE LOCKED and in 'SYNC', AND which hearts are COHERENT (the glowing bubble grows).

Here we exerpt from the web description:



2. New:Download YOUR copy of Harmonic Module- you can try it with test data: www.goldenmean.info/module ( with the demo you can play sample data and you can observe dynamically during global linkup experiments - however to send and see your own heart data, the HeartTuner itself is required. )

HeartTuner HARMONIC MODULE Software (beta) just released! Hundreds of interest groups around the world have dreamed together for many years of the day when it would be possible to measure and teach with feedback - LINKING HEARTS AROUND THE WORLD. A very spiritually based and planet healing vision of this plan has been called 'The Harmonic Module' (from Planet Heartworks) - Please see the complete background and philosophy and history of this dream of ONE WORLD - LINKED IN THE HEART ... http://www.goldenmean.info/module .

The corporate boardroom - AND the warring military may never be the same, now that sincerity to link hearts is measureable and teachable!

In addition - this capability to link hearts into phase lock and measured coherence TOGETHER, serves many immediate practical and business functions - CORPORATE CONCENSUS PROCESS, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, ( see especially the Science of Peace University group - http://www.scienceofpeace.org ), GROUP MEDITATION, HEALING and PRAYER, etc. The brand new HARMONIC MODULE software for HeartTuner links 2 to 40 or more hearts (or even brain harmonics) over computer Internet or Intranet connection. (1 HeartTuner and computer required for each 2 people ). Server arrangements are now being made to be able to link much larger numbers of people. (Also if you are interested in helping with the Linux code - there is hi level commitment to integrate Heart feedback into the Sony Playstation environment!)

Note: If you would like to test join Global Heart Linkup- Especially if you have access to HeartTuner , read here, read the help file at the software download above, and feel free to contact HARMONIC MODULE Coordinator : Marc K. - Email: mkroeks.............


above: The control screens and well as the feedback screen for Harmonic Module. In the harmonic display, the color of each ball is the code for each participant, the size of each ball is their COHERENCE (in this case Heart but brain is also possible)., the Position of each ball on the X or horizontal axis is the EI number (or musical key) (closer to .618 usually indicates more empathy and openness - closer to 1.0 usually indicates more head centered - or conceptual emotional framework - technically 1.0 is membrane MAKING emotion - .618 is more membrane BRIDGING emotion). The Y axis vertically is the time history of the Harmonic Module Link up experience.




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