Hydrolysis by Fractal Implosion:
Releasing Hydrogen from water- more efficiently-
using the new precise equation for the newly discovered accurate 'music'
(wavelength and frequency harmonic series)
of hydrogen.


by Dan Winter - To support the fractal hydrogen project -contact danwinter(at)fractalfield.com - or skype: danwinter


Abstract/ Executive Summary: Winter wrote 2 new equations ( goldenmean.info/goldenproof ) which for the first time- elegantly pin both hydrogen radius and frequency to golden ratio times planck length and time (physics universal solvent of length and time). He shows that this fractal structure of hydrogen is precisely - the proof that golden ratio construtive 'implosive' charge collapse is the key to matter creation- and energy from it.

This means that for the first time an entire harmonic series electrically can be precisely tuned to ring hydrogen out of water in hydrolysis- rather like getting a singer on precisely the right pitch to break a glass (in this case the glass is the precise bond geometry of hydrogen). Winter proposes to use this information to precisely tune cylindric capacitors (like the JOE CELL except with precise physics scaling)- to implode the field with very efficient fractal or 'phase conjugate' field effects- which focus on the hydrogen bond in water. (like the exact same frequency signature he used to get 40-50% bioactive growth field effects in capacitors- fractalfield.com/pyraphi emulating what Stonehenge's electric field did to seed growth experiments). Many examples are presented of hydrogen implosve gas (Brown's gas, Joe Cell, Anubis - Puharich frequency project- and Kanzius hydrogen frequency- also his new power spectra in Winter's opinion would perfect the phase conjugation in the electrical plasma arc used to make MAGNAGAS). Winter suggests his physics precisely accounts for these phenomenon- and allow a more powerful and direct approach to tuning hydrolysis- hydrogen energy production-- which should revolutionize the leap into energy from water.

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Update Dec 2013: Our Physics of Hydrogen- Math Model:


Compressions, The Hydrogen Atom*, and Phase Conjugation-fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion

New Golden Mathematics of Fusion/Implosion: Restoring Centripetal Forces

"This way of turning compression into (charge) acceleration is hypothesized to be the core wave mechanism of phase conjugation (apparent self-organization) and the centripetal forces of gravity, life force, color, and perception."

fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion - (this article simultaneously archived at 12+ international servers)

Mathematics to accompany the original: goldenmean.info/coincidence

Application to Biologic Architecture: all living structures life force are defined by their ability to attract charge (become electrically centripetal)- 3 ways to measure life force electrically: goldenmean.info/architecture



-UPDATE- Nov 2011- take a look at private images and films INSIDE the Hydrogen Lab!> http://fractalfield.com/hydrogen/hydrogenfuelsupdate.html




This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref goldenmean.info/goldenproof
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation): goldenmean.info/fractalcolor
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see goldenmean.info/selforganization
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (goldenmean.info/fractalcolor







November 8,2010 Update: We are greatful for the collaboration with : Dr. Tania Slawecki - Ph.D. who helped lead Dr Rustum Roy's team investigating Dr Kanzius hydrogen phenomenon (before the death of both Dr Roy and Dr Kanzius). Research links here: , particularly on the Kanzius Effect Tests here.

We also acknowledge the help and collaboration of Oliver- of anton-shop.com and overunity.com - who is supplying our Anton-Cell updated hydrolysis system and planning research distribution partnership.


Our Australian team- constitutes- Sergio - who leads the hi frequency electronics aspect, and Ian - who's huge expertise in Joe Cell like- and other actual cell construction ( see nutech2000.biz )- has been invaluable.

Update: Feb 16,2011: Best Anton Cell Test to date- still DC test: about 15 Amp, 26 Volt- 1.3 percent approx KOH electrolyzer:
produced about 2 liters per minute... below film is a similar run in that series:






About a year ago - I wrote the first equations which accurately explain and predict both the geometry and frequency of hydrogen based on the pure principle that matter is a standing wave unpacked directly by constructive golden ratio charge compression- from planck length and time.

This new equation series is so revolutionary (and elegantly simple) because it shows Einstein was right: constructive charge collapse is the solution to the unified field.

Golden Ratio is the solution to Einstein's deathbed headache-- perfectly constructive charge collapse- because it is demonstrably THE generalized solution to constructive (charge) wave interference.

Here are the results of the accurately computer modelling showing Golden Mean ratio is the generalized solution to maximizing constructive wave interference.

Images here from our software modelling evidence of this:



Pent vs Hex
Phi / Golden Mean vs Octaves
Charge DISTRIBUTED (by compression success)
vs Charge Isolated / Stored (peak represents total ouput power when interfering a large number of harmonics.. at golden ratio- versus 2/octave)



Because Golden Ratio solves the problem of perfecting wave interference - that is why it is also the solution to constructive compression.

As we explain elsewhere- the way golden ratio solves compression - is that by adding and multiplying constructive recursively the heterodynes of both wave length AND phase velocity- a portion of the charge inertia which experiences wave length cascading by golden ratio in this perfect compression- ALSO experiences that PHASE VELOCITY - or wave speed - being added and multiplied constructively - because of Golden Ratio's unique ability




As a result- because of Golden Ratio - charge compression - can be converted directly into the ACCELERATION of charge.

This acceleration of charge- is the definition of gravity.

That is why - Golden Ratio perfected geometric self similarity ( the FRACTAL FIELD)

(As I have presented at numerous international physics symposia:


This Golden Ratio is 'central' to generalized mass creation (mass is the inertia stored by rotating charge- only when compression produces the centripetal acceleration/ gravity- which holds the rotating charge in position).

I then applied this directly to hydrogen structure - and thus the secret to hydrogen energy.

I discovered by mathematical investigation - that the well known Golden Ratio - radii in hydrogen structure

(pics from Hayrovska from goldenmean.info/goldenproof

were in fact perfect Golden Ratio multiples (harmonic cascades) of Planck length:

New mathematic 'golden' evidence: - How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity
GOLDEN RATIO radii of HYDROGEN - actually are a PERFECT MULTIPLE of GOLDEN RATIO times the PLANCK LENGTH. There could be no other explanation than it is this GOLDEN RATIO - that holds these waves of charge together! (ultimate global scaling)
- Producing the electrical centripedal force - called GRAVITY!

Feedback has been MOST encouraging..- here is a sample:

From: Douglass White -from Observer Physics another - TM Physics PhD: <dpedtech@dpedtech.com> Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: Winter's new equation:PROOF-Golden Ratio Fractality-Causes Gravity!
Hello Dan, Thanks for sending this and other updates on your Golden Ratio Fractality research. This is an excellent update that pulls together a lot of your work and that of many colleagues around the world. It also has vital practical implications in many directions. This material confirms and elaborates on many key insights I have been pointing at in my Observer Physics articles. It is great to see more and more scientists from various disciplines -- physics, math, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and so on, all converging on this emerging paradigm that will help us to integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds and create a new civilization that is in tune with how things really work in a holistic manner rather than simply pushing agendas that exploit in a highly biased manner.
.. Keep me posted on your work and that of all the other brilliant minds. Elegant theories achieve fulfillment when they reap elegant solutions and applications. As always, I love your great computer graphics. You are one of the great scions of the amazing Bucky
Regards to all, Douglass White dpedtech@dpedtech.com

from Sal Giandinoto, PhD (Towards a Frand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Ratio & Quantum Gravity) .: Dan, This is really great work. This is truly an amazing triumph for Phi. Especially (Dan's) calculation of the Kanzius frequency of 13.56 MHz using the Planck time and the 171 power of Phi!!! It just doesn't get better than this!! Case closed for the validity of the Kanzius work. Your idea when put through the rigorous mathematical test holds water for the Kanzius results too!! What a gold mine! Thanks a million for the acknowledgement. Best, Sal.

INCORPORATION OF THE GOLDEN RATIO PHI INTO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE FUNCTION USING THE PHI RECURSIVE HETERODYNING SET , by Salvatore Giandinoto*, Ph.D. *Advanced Laser Quantum Dynamics Research Institute Abstract. The Golden Ratio Phi - is an extraordinary and ubiquitous irrational number having a value of 1.618033… Phi’s presence may be seen in both the biological and astronomical realms and recently in the quantum mechanical and physical realms. In the biological realm, the number Phi can be seen in both Phyllotaxis and DNA. In the astronomical realm, its presence is found in the spiral structures of galaxies. In physics, Phi can now be related to the g-factors of the electron, proton and neutron. This paper will show and prove that Phi is also intimately related to the quantum realm by virtue of its presence in the quantum mechanical wave function -(x, y, z, t). The basis for the compact incorporation of Phi into the wavefunction will be derived from solving the Schrödinger Wave Equation and the use of the Phi recursive heterodyning set of wavelengths ?n. Solutions to the Schrödinger Wave Equation based on these recursive wavelengths and ? will be derived in both Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
SUPERLUMINAL TRANSPORTATION OF HIGH ENERGY PARTICLES THROUGH WORMHOLES USING THE PHI-BASED SOLUTION TO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE EQUATION, THE THEOREM OF RESIDUES AND THE CAUCHY INTEGRAL FORMULA by Salvatore Giandinoto, Ph.D. - Abstract. This paper will demonstrate that the transportation of high energy subatomic particles through wormholes occurs at superluminal speeds through an ‘elastic’ wormhole entity which adjusts its diameter based upon the kinetic energy of the subatomic particle. Additionally, it is shown that the diameters of such wormholes are of sub-Planckian lengths for energetic subatomic particles. This is demonstrated by the use of the Phi-based solution to the Schrödinger wave equation, the theorem of residues and the Cauchy integral formula of complex analysis.

Alex Hankey- and Istvan Dienes- the 2 other PhD. international physicists famous with TM- involved: Alex Hankey- writes- yesterday 6:26 PM: Dan great to hear from you. I have a proposition for you. I have a scientific plan mapped out to demonstrate your (BlissTuner- Golden Ratio EEG biofeedback invention) device at all the best universities. I am getting Stern's proof of the golden ratio from his book out of Cambridge university library. - Dino (Istvan Dienes- co-sponsor of Budapest 08 - Unified Physics conferences) and I can both demonstrate Golden Ratio in front of an audience. With a bona fide equation, and a public demonstration- it will be a cinch - ... All my best to Valerie, Alex Hankey

Michael Heleus -writes.. 6/15/09, Re: Fw: Got it!!!! Hydrogen radii ratio to Planck length is equal to even power of golden mean- To: "Sal Gino", Cc: dan, " .... and you'll be delighted to note that if you put in .28, .46, and their sum, .74, successively, you get a series of phi powers, 116.98, 117.013, and 118.000+, so there is a both odd and even sequence of phi powers involved. Looks like anions are even, cations odd. Maybe that last will make a design difference when heeded? .. Michael

Mikal- moderator at toequest.com Quest for a Theory of Everything wrote: 06-15-2009, 04:08, Re: Winter's new equation:PROOF-Golden Ratio Fractality-Causes Gravity!- Hi Dan...have just taken a peek here but fantastic stuff!! Congrats big time.
I actually began to follow the concept of The Electrical Universe about a year ago and find that I really resonate with all this
. .... I will return and have more than a peek
... Mikal
Another response at Quest for Theory of Everything:-----06-16-2009, Hi Dan, I was aware of Dan Winter's gravity concept last year through "Thunderbolts Forum". I believe that gravity is an isotropic effect of electrical centripetal force generated in the vortical motion of a rotating aetheric medium.
Have briefly went through your link and find that the fucntions with GOLDEN RATIO and its inverse factor are intriguing, will follow up on this thread as it develops

John Fanuzzi of web.me.com/inphinitti/InPHInitti/InPHInitti.html wrote- Mon, 15 June- Absolutely Incredible - -Bravo PHIne Work, Jøhn

-end exerpt - that was the feedback and film link ... now back to the original article as published....

So - our international-research team- on the- Frequency Keys- to Hydrolysis & Hydrogen- just came up with HOW - the famous KANSIUS ('Can Water Fuel the World!) - got his frequency key to split hydrogen. He took the known sputtering frequency of Palladium (phase conjugate/ PGM!) - 13.56 Mhz. He found out that this radically reduced the power needed to split hydrogen from water. Even the noble Rustum Roy - quickly realized this was the end of Earth's energy crisis. (Check the films and links- water IS power- when you can directly ring out the hydrogen).

I decided to apply the mathematics I had originally discovered to produce the key frequencies I use to make phase conjugate dielectrics. With these frequency recipes- in Phase Conjugate dielectric- materials - I have been able to produce 50% growth increase- measured - in bioactive fields. ( goldenmean.info/phaseconjugatewaterconfidential). The key is to know that the GOLDEN MEAN- and PLANCK TIME CONSTANT (and PLANK LENGTH) define the sacred- and the bioactive - and phase conjugation (and gravity)! I had multiplied the Plank time constant times PHI powers- to get my magic frequency for EVERYTHING. (Take a lesson - you folks who talk about 528 hz - Len Horowitz- and 8 hz etc. being sacred- we KNOW what sacred frequencies are!).

So I took my same original equation- and applied it to Kansius's Palladium / Hydrogen frequency - guess what - I got a perfect multiple of GOLDEN RATIO - to many places of accuracy:

So now I knew how to derive most any 'sacred' and bioactive - and hydrogen ringing frequency.

Note here: if you have commercial resources to participate- in our Hydrolysis & The FREQUENCY Solution- project- we have films of results (hydrogen overflowing)- we are ready for your serious partnership: danwinter@goldenmean.info

SO- I decided to go deeper. I had been so thrilled to find the work - of Heyrovska (below) - showing GOLDEN RATIO - accurately in the radii of hydrogen and many related ions. I devised a test. If I was right- that:

Gravity is an electric field coupled by Golden Ratio (perfect charge collapse) at (universal ) quantum distances:
(Perfect Charge Collapse- IS Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation - / Fractality)

Then - the exciting new listings of the Golden Ratio radii in hydrogen ( from Heyrovska- below)
- I hypothesized SHOULD be whole number multiples of GOLDEN RATIO - times the PLANK LENGTH...

I did the calculations (thanks Sal for your moral support).. and guess what-


Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 116 power = .282537 Angstrom -The First Radii of Hydrogen (below)

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 117 power = .457154 Angstrom -The Second Radii of Hydrogen

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 118 power = .739691 Angstrom -The Third Radii of Hydrogen

Compare the calculation from Winter above - with Hydrogen experimental base below- (Heyrovska) .28 Angstrom, .46 Angstrom, .74 Angstrom. (1 Angstrom = 10 ^-10 meter)
(Equations above from WINTER) - This next section BELOW is exerpt fromDr. Rajalakshmi Heyrovska (Raji Heyrovska, Ph. D.)Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic. http://www.jh-inst.cas.cz/~rheyrovs/
"...the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity"

Nassim has evidence protons are entangled making a black hole- into the nucleus. Dan's work goldenmean.info/goldenproof (golden ratio times plank length= hydrogen radii) shows HOW their are entangled! - namely by the (Golden Ratio) Phase Conjugate FRACTALITY which CAUSES gravity.. and the black hole! Dan Winter's Phase Conjugate/Fractality Powerpoint ANIMATED

The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths
Author: J. Heyrovsky, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic - This work arose from the author's finding that the ratio of the radius of hydrogen, estimated recently (C.H. Suresh, N. Koga, J. Phys. Chem. A, 105, 5940 (2001)) by density functional methods, to the ground state Bohr radius is the Golden ratio, which operates in a variety of natural phenomena. It is found that the Golden ratio indeed plays a quantitative role in atomic physics. The interesting results are (1) that it arises in atomic dimensions due to the electrostatic forces between negative and positive charges; (2) that the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity; (3) that the origin of two terms in the Rydberg equation for absorption and emission is in fact in the ground state term; (4) that all atoms can be assigned definite values of cationic and anionic radii based on the Golden ratio and covalent radii; (5) that these radii are additive and explain quantitatively bond lengths like those of alkali halides, of hydrides of many elements and of many other bonds, whether covalent or ionic or both; and (6) that the work functions of alkali metals can be evaluated using the bond lengths.
R. Heyrovska- Articles on the Golden ratio-based ionic radii and on the additivity of atomic and ionic radii in bond lengths etc:
132. The Golden ratio in the creations of Nature arises in the architecture of atoms and ions. Chapter 12 in: "Innovations in Chemical Biology", Editor: Bilge Sener, Springer.com, January 2009; ISBN-10: 1402069545, ISBN-13: 978-1402069543 (Proceedings of the 9th EurasiaConference on Chemical Sciences, Antalya, Turkey, September 2006; Invited Lecture).
133. Golden Sections of Interatomic Distances as Exact Ionic Radii &Additivity of Atomic and Ionic Radii in Chemical Bonds ( 1. ) ( 2. 134. Golden sections of inter-atomic distances as exact ionic radii of atoms
135. Atomic Structures of Molecules Based on Additivity of Atomic and/or Ionic Radii
1. The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths, R. Heyrovska, Special Issue of Molecular Physics, 103 (2005) 877 - 882.
2.?‰?? Fine structure constant, anomalous magnetic moment, relativity factor and the Golden ratio that divides the Bohr radius
4.?‰?? Dependence of the length of the hydrogen bond on the covalent and cationic radii of hydrogen, and additivity of bonding distances
5. Dependences of molar volumes in solids, partial molal and hydrated ionic volumes of alkali halides on covalent and ionic radii and the Golden ratio.
6. Atomic Structures of Molecules based on Additivity of Atomic and/or Ionic Radii.
7. Various Carbon to Carbon Bond Lengths Inter-related via the Golden Ratio, and their Linear Dependence on Bond Energies.
8. The Golden ratio in the creations of Nature arises in the architecture of atoms and ions.
9. Golden Sections of Interatomic distances as Exact Ionic radii and Additivity of Atomic and Ionic Radii in Chemical Bonds.


and further I discovered by my further original mathematic investigation- that the exciting Kanzius frequency (from Palladium's sputtering frequency, Palladium is classic dodeca phase conjugate in geometry)- USED TO SPLIT HYDROGEN (as Rustum Roy's Univ PA team are investigating)-

was ALSO 'fractal' : by Golden Ratio times Planck TIME!

This now means that newly we have the precise harmonic series- in length and time- to complete the field effect which will most 'musically' entrain the release of hydrogen from water.

Examples- of the key frequency being effective for hydrogen splitting include:

Kanzius- as mentioned above


Anubis- from the Hydrogen frequency recipe - from Puharich.


We propose to apply this to redesign the concentric tubes of a phase conjugate columnar capacitor

(example: Joe Cell)

for both radii and KEY FREQUENCY SIGNATURE..

and thus - by spectrum analysis accurately tune the capacitance- and perfect the field to 'ring' hydrogen from water.


Examples of how we spectrum analyze the weak field:



Examples of the unique properties of the implosive hydrogen plasma - once it is in this state:

Brown's GAS



NEW - accurate 3D animations of the precise geometry of hydrogen - generated accurately from the above precise equation for both the radii and frequency of hydrogen:







Below- see the relationship to our complementary hydrogen energy projects

(note Roger's ECO GLOBAL FUELS- is based on Browns Gas implosive hydrogen as mentioned above,
the ANUBIS project is based on Puharich's hydrogen frequency recipe..

Fractal Field Technologies- Hydrogen Ringing- Energy from Hydrogen -

Contact: danwinter@fractalfield.com

Project team:


Pat Flanagan - more to come (hydrogen expertise) - his link: phisciences.com

William Donavan (below)

Bob Dratch- see main index.

Roger Green - Browns Gas base - revolutionize Hydrogen Fuel Project see ECOGLOBALFUELS.pdf

Storm - see - AnubisHydrogen.pdf working with - Andrijah Puharich Water Fuel Cell - based on KEY FREQUENCIES OF HYDROGEN

the films of hydrogen - ringing and bubbling- from the key signature:

Anubis Racing 7-29-07 Lab Day

8-4-07 Boil Demo

Lab Day 8-26-07

Anubis Racing Lab Day 10-14-07

To view the above- Use confidential utube account name: healthempowered , password: antique



from William Donavan- Science Team Associate- FRACTAL FIELD TECHNOLGIES

in Conjunction with the Hydrogen Energy Project- concept breakthru:


(See: Theory Behind- Kanzius Frequencies-)

project proposal for the Electrolysis Project to give to your prospective backer:

Project Proposal

Name: Modified Kanzius Electrolysis Device (MKED)

Scope of Experiment: To prove or disprove the feasibility of non-contact electrolysis using saline and radio-frequency energy. Also the feasibility of a modified water-capacitor using electrodes coated with High-K dielectric material. Another part of the experiment will be to drive the capacitor in a resonance mode using a known inductor in a modified tank circuit.

Description: A vessel is constructed containing two concentric electrodes coated with an epoxy resin containing a dielectric material such as Barium Titanate. Leads to the electrodes are coated with a protective resin to prevent degradation in the acidic environment of the reaction vessel. A linear amplifier is selected with a power capacity of up to 1000 watts, and a frequency ceiling of 50 MHz. Once the capacitance of the device is determined, an appropriate inductor is selected, with a tunable core for frequency tracking, and adapting to any variance in capacitance of the vessel in operation. Either a function generator or PC is used in generating the desired waveforms, and the voltage is raised to the dielectric breakdown potential of the solution. The solution is preferably tap water with low turbidity, and average mineral content. A series of sweep frequencies are used as well as various modulations. Due to the geometry of the electrode/antennas, polarizations are limited to either vertical or longitudinal, with the latter generated by the high-K dielectric coating. Efficiency will be measured with the calorimetry method measuring the volume of combustible gas, and comparing this to the input wattage of the LCR circuit. Adjustments to the LCR will be made to maximize the Q and minimize the dielectric heating effects on the solution. The endurance testing phase will observe the effects of the H+ loading of the solution driving the PH downward affecting the materials of the vessel. If the resin used to disperse the dielectric material on the electrode/antennas is sufficiently stable, the solution will remain usable with only periodic backflushes necessary to remove mineralization and precipitates. If needed, a chemically-resistant backflush valve will be installed in the sump of the device to facilitate this. The gas volume produced will be measured with either a gravity ball or mass flow guage, and confirmed using the inverted beaker method.

Implications: No one thus far has used LCR tank electrolysis with usable volumes. If this attempt is successful, it will result in a significant increase in efficiency for HHO electrolysis. This system, since it is AC as opposed to modulated DC waveforms of Puharich and Meyer, will be a departure from those previous configurations. It promises to address the issues of electrode degradation, and pollution of the medium undergoing electrolysis. It also solves the problem of acidic wear and contact corrosion from H+ loading.

Projected Costs: $100 for the reaction vessel, $200-$300 for the linear amplifier, $200 for the modulation stage or function generator, $200 for metrology. Total anticipated costs for this project will be $800-$1000.

Projected Timeline: 1 week for electrode machining and processing, 1 week for fabrication of reaction vessel and related electronics, and 2 weeks for testing to optimize the design. This feasibility study will determine the practicality of this particular paradigm within 4-5 weeks after inception.




Finally- more graphics from goldenmean.info/goldenproof

4. The cover of Nature Magazine announced THE UNIVERSE IS DODECAHEDRAL - while the cover of New Scientist magazine announced THE UNIVERSE IS FRACTAL. What is the one way - they BOTH could be right? If the best (electric compressibility) Fractal in 3D is the stellated Dodec - AND - if this is the only way the wave system of the universe COULD emerge from chaos IN to stable gravity!

The CHALLENGE: Provide evidence that the stellated dodecahedron (dodeca/ icosa) is the optimum 3 dimensional fractal for electric fields. If possible (not necessarily required) - provide further mathematic / experimental evidence that this is also the essential geometry of Poincare S3 symmetry associated with gravity, and possibly Cabali Yau , and probably - that this is the reason for the major 26 string theory hypothesis- namely that the 26 holes the the ZOME dodec/ icos symmetry (6dodec axis + 7 tetra=13*2) are the reason for the 26 string model. Discussion: goldenmean.info/gravitycode , goldenmean.info/gravitycause

Note Dan Winter - was probably first to publish (book"One Crystals Dance") that the x,y,z coordinate of every node in an infinite dodeca/ icosa nest is a simple whole number multiple of Golden Ratio. Indicating that distance to centerline (x,y z) remains in Phi proportion - thruout it's scale invariance - clearly for quantum mechanical reasons of constructive charge interference: the implosion of charge called Gravity.

3. Golden Ratio solar system: spirasolaris.ca (above) has provided significant mathematic evidence that Golden Ratio is the key geometry factor in the arrangement of the major planets of our solar system. This indicates Kepler was right to look for the platonic solids nest in planetary orbitals. Little did they guess this was the cause of gravity.

The Challenge: provide significant mathematic and or experimental evidence that the solar system requires the Golden Ratio geometrics in order to stabilize her gravity (for example that each time major solar system masses are pushed out of Golden Ratio, their gravity field stability is reduced significantly.). Thus further evidencing that Golden Ratio is the cause of gravity. (end exerpt from link)

The following 3 visuals(2 animation) are graphed from my original equation of Golden Ratio on the correct conic dodeca stellation - (see vertex coordinates below)
of how Hydrogen Radii- nest / embed into the PLANK LENGTH (field coupling- to MAKE GRAVITY) - using GOLDEN RATIO - successful wave adding and multiplying (non-destructive compression) :
(the next 10 graphics are original from Dan Winter)

< Star Mother- infinite Dodeca Stellation by Golden Ratio (heart of E8)

Note how the x,y,z values of each of the vertex of all the nodes in the Infinite Dodeca/ Icosa golden ratio Stellation - we call - The "star mother"- are simple exponents (whole number multiples) of Golden Mean .618 , 1.0, 1.618, 2.618
This is mathematic evidence- further- that since by trig- we see- this confirms that in addition-EACH POINT IS ALWAYS A MULTIPLE OF GOLDEN RATIO ALSO- IN DISTANCE TO CENTER POINT!
-This- as has been recently proven in the structure of hydrogen - is how this model- is effectively (quoting mathematician - El Naschie) - how the GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- is EVIDENCE THAT FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.
So - we reprint the list here - as Dan Winter published in his first book ONE CRYSTAL'S DANCE- (over 30 years ago)- the Golden Coordinates of the Star Mother:

This set assumes- cube edge = 2 units / So the tetra edges would be square root of 2 times 2 / Dodeca edge = .618 times 2 / Icosa edge = 1.618 times 2 / and the NEXT outer dodeca stellation edge 2.618 times 2

-- Vertex of the octahedron: (6) / 0,1,0 / 1,0,0 / 0, -1,0 / -1,0,0 / 0,0,1 / 0,0,-1

-- Vertex of the cube (8) / 1,1,1 / 1,-1,1 / -1,-1,1 / -1,1,1, / 1,1,-1 / 1,-1,-1 / -1,-1,-1 / -1,1,-1

-- Vertex of the dodecahedron (20): The dodeca vertex are composed exactly of the above 8 vertex of the cube- PLUS-these additional 12: -.618, 1.618, 0 / .618, 1.618, 0 / 1.618, 0, .618 / 1.618, 0, -.618 / -.618, -1.618, 0 / .618, -1.618, 0 / -1.618, 0, .618 / -1.618, 0, -.618 / 0, .618, 1.618 / 0, -.618, 1.618 / 0, .618, -1.618 / 0, -.618, -1.618

--- Vertex of the Icosahedron (12): 2.618, 0, 1.618 / 2.618, 0, -1.618 / -2.618, 0, 1.618 / -2.618, 0, -1.618 / -1.618, 2.618, 0 / 1.618, 2.618, 0 / -1.618, -2.618, 0 / 1.618, -2.618, 0 / 0, 1.618, 2.618 / 0, -1.618, 2.618 / 0, 1.618, -2.618 / 0, -1.618, -2.618

-- Quoting further from One Crystal's Dance by Dan Winter - in his 20's

"Note how simple it is to continue infinitely.. - simply extend every icosahedron edge length straight out by ratio Golden Mean, to make another Dodeca, then extend that dodeca edge straight out again by Golden Ratio longer to make another icosa etc. Alternating (interdigitating) infinitely. Each succeeding dodeca or icosa can be plotted digitally by simply multiplying by Golden Mean squared (2.618) to the vertex coordinates of the previous!

Use vision to understand the physical (phi cycle) significance of this. The distance from every node to every axis of symmetry, AND to the core (center point) is ALWAYS a power of the GOLDEN MEAN. See 12 golden mean, spiral cones, in this required pyramid like angular relation, making our STAR MOTHER, and indirectly the dodecahedron of DNA. See concentric spheres as wave bubbles. The wave length must divide evenly into the RADIUS AS A POWER OF THE GOLDEN MEAN. This fulfills the requirement that waves colliding toward center of gravity (mass), in order to conserve momentum (order, memory, mind) must not interfere with each other. The harmonics make ONLY constructive interference as they nest in this way."

(30 years later this seems precisely predictive of El Naschie's GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- MATHEMATICS- agreeing that this FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY. (see golden ratio proven in the structure of hydrogen.. goldenmean.info/poleshift - bottom see this nest become the atomic table: goldenmean.info/creation

MORE EVIDENCE GOLDEN RATIO CAUSES GRAVITY: (and now a short GOLDEN RATIO nod to Nassim Haramein-)...note how GOLDEN RATIO (phase conjugate) animates the UNIVERSAL SCALING of FREQUENCY vs Radius of UNVERSAL MASSES.
The remainder of this article- below - exerpt reprinted here from Nassim Haramein, theresonanceproject.org
We originally discussed these opposing conic relations- from Nassim- as evidence for PHASE CONJUGATE symmetry among stars: goldenmean.info/yalweh

Below - legend for the above: (U,G,S,A - datapoints defined)

* Scale Unification ??? A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter (PDF), by Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, and E.A. Rauscher.
From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations. --- Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes / black holes.- --- As the atomic and subatomic data points levels obey the scaling law, a computation is given demonstrating that the proton can be defined in terms of a Schwarzschild condition, when the vacuum structure is considered. Further, we briefly discuss the manner in which this polarizable structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolutions analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the ???spin horizon??? which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in the magnetohydrodynamic structures of galactic center black holes, which we demonstrate obeys similar dynamics as the interior of our sun., Preprint: N. Haramein, M. Hyson, E. A. Rauscher, Proceedings of The Unified Theories Conference (2008), Budapest, Hungary, Scale Unification: A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter, in Cs Varga, I. Dienes & R.L. Amoroso (eds.)

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