Icosaphi Development- from Dan Winter with Andrew and the Icosaphi Pyraphi Team.. (what is it? see below..)

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Powerful centripetal charge field: will - accelerate growth, reduce radioactivity, preserve life force (food etc).
To be added soon: phase conjugate MAGNETICS: pain reduction, healing acceleration.

For the physics background- on this technology: fractal charge compression to produce LIFE FORCE / BLISS EXPERIENCE..

please see also : www.pyraphi.com

In the Ancient Celtic "Tuethe De Danaan"- there was a "Cauldron of Dagda" where- No company ever went away from it unsatisfied...

Since centripetal plasma is the final form of food..

icosa stage


Teaching HOW Sacred Space is generated by fractality- is done- thru experiencing it..


Note- where charge compression- is produced- the air becomes more charge dense (alive)- meaning ORBS appear.



Dan Winter- Design-

with Special Acknowledgement- to master craftsman- Andrew- the builder.


next photo from Roger Green in Barcelona- with Conference Group Nov 2010



The Icosaphi

is a highly potent phase conjugate dielectric / centripetal / or fractal field

capacitor ..

Modern day - ark of the covenant..

It will be a potent - laboratory intensification of


The structure is precisely scaled and 'ratio'd' to hydrogen and planck..

the special hardwood- like the acacia in the ark-

has dielectric quality..

the coatings- like the special sea shell shellack, are biologically dielectric..

and most importantly- the entire inner radiant surface is GOLD.

The gold egg's - we have used before- for powerful centripetal dielectrics: goldenmean.info/biophoton , and at pyraphi.com

--Note at links- how they measureably create fractality in air. (GDV measure).


We will initially be documenting ability to charge rock powders- to eliminate pollution in water, and create growth in soil.

We will measure effects on meditation and bliss experience.

We will develop proofs that this concept (centripetal plasma field) - reduces electrosmog and radioactivity.


To be added- are the phase conjugate permanent magnet arrays - at vertex

And finally- the phase conjugate magnetic COILS- which now that we understand by equation how to correct the approximate frequencies Dr. Eliz Raushcer used, should do even better at pain elimination and accelerated healing.

Both of these magnetic systems will be on the rods- adjustably precisely pointing to center FROM THE PHASE CONJUGATING ANGLES OF THE ICOSA VERTEX.


Stupa/ temple design corrected - using electrical engineering-
Here - our young test person- comments: more powerful than being in church.



Powerful centripetal charge field: will - accelerate growth, reduce radioactivity, preserve life force (food etc).
To be added soon: phase conjugate MAGNETICS: pain reduction, healing acceleration.


It's simple- we are trying to teach a pure principle here. There is a FIELD EFFECT- and charge field that creates life- versus death (Note the book 'Seed of Knowledge' above). Would a rose grow if it was not shaped like a rose. The reason all living things require a field effect environnment which 'looks like a rose' (phase conjugate / or fractal)- is this allows efficient distribution of charge- which is a DEFINER of LIFE! This is the only way- the sacred and the divine can be created and understood. ONLY when this is understood is it possible to know WHAT ARCHITECTURE IS FOR! (how health and bliss are maintained).

Read more about the technology Dan Winter pioneered for measuring the weak electrical field harmonics- to quantify life force:

Read more about how Dan Winter- created a leading International Curriculum for BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE- centered around his new definition of LIFE FORCE- creation in structures electrically:

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