dragos report

Dragos Report from Bucharest Rumania- May 3, 2012

2012.03.25 - Seeds were planted. 5 seeds in each pot.

I've used 6 pots, 3 different plant species, for each one 1 pot with TAP water (marked with an A) and another one with Super Imploder treated water (marked with a B). See labels in the attached pictures.
The plants species used are marked as follows:
1 - Ipomoea tricolor
2 - Helichrysum Bracteatum
3 - Tagetes erecta

Pots dimensions:
1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A - Bottom square side: 10 cm
- Top square side: 14,5 cm
- Height: 13 cm

3B - Bottom square side: 11,5 cm
- Top square side: 17 cm
- Height: 16 cm

I couldn't find 6 pots having the same size. :d

Amount of soil used in total: almost 9 L. I've used soil from the same bag buyed from a flower shop.
It seems that it is treated with some sort of chemical fertilizers, althought not mentioned on the cover. I've put some samples of it in some older pots from home and some plants suffered (not those from the attached pictures).

For watering I've used a marked glass to measure exactlty for each pot, each time, the amount of water.
Everytime I've watered firstly the 3 pots with tap water, then the rest of them with Super Imploder water in order to not allow any drop of Super Imploder treated water to contaminate the control lot.

I've always used one of the following quantities for all pots: 50 ml, 100 ml or 150 ml depending on the ambient temperature and its effect on the soil dryness.

Due to the fact that my tap water connection has low pressure, I have used the Super Imploder this way:
I took a 5 L recipient (a mineral water bottle from commerce). On top of it I've put the Super Imploder vertically.
On top of SI, on the input nozzle I've connected a plastic bottle full of water and I've pressed on it to create artificial water pressure, beside the gravity.

I haven't recirculated the water. One pass only!

1A) 1 plant: 2 cm
1B) 1 plant: 3 cm

2A) 0 - This species starts later.
2B) 0

3A) 2 plants: 1 and 3 cm
3B) 1 plant: 1,5 cm


1A) 1 plant: 8 cm
1B) 2 plants: 8 cm, 1 cm

2A) 0
2B) 0

3A) 3 plants
3B) 4 plants

1A) 2 plants: 30 cm, 10 cm
1B) 3 plants: 48 cm, 48 cm, 16 cm

IMPORTANT NOTE: For 1B) see picture DSCF0494.jpg.(the dry stem at 4 o'clock).
In fact all the 5 seeds have germinated, but 2 of them were too close to the surface (my fault when I planted the seeds in all pots) and the plants falled under their own weight and died.

2A) 2 plants
2B) 2 plants

All several cm long, inconclusive yet.

3A) 3 plants: 16 cm, 12 cm, 11 cm
3B) 4 plants: 19 cm, 17 cm, 15 cm, 11 cm

Please note that 1) For 3A vs. 3B the difference in vegetal mass is almost of 100%. This is not an illusion due to the perspective.
2) At first I've watered the pots from top and some mildew appeared.