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SuperImploder Magnetic Vortex Water Treatment

Multiple trials show 25-68% plant yield increase for SuperImploder water in Marijuana growing.

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As you have read at (Main Web site for SuperImploder) (Link to all our research on Agriculture with Imploder Water)


our SuperImploder- magnetic vortex water treatment - with the industries largest database of documented agricultural success-

has recently exploded ( imploded) on the Marijuana / Hemp growers scene.

Our first trials- also in western Canada- a couple years ago- in addition to growth benefit- showed a substantially higher number of female seeds would develop- with SuperImploder Magnetic water.

Then this year- our first serious trials- - first a large California grower of medical marijuana - showed a distinct 25-33 percent increase in plant yields with- Superimploder.

Then last week- the photos came in from the new careful Alberta, Canada trials - a well documented 68 percent increase in plant yield.(Marijuana strain Church) (we can forward the report from the tester- large file):

Government and University studies - ( see- - have ALL agreed that magnetic water treatment is beneficial to agriculture and growth,
SuperImploder is the STRONGEST Magnetic Water treatment available COMBINED with natures PERFECT VORTEX Implosive Nozzle:
The result- is the most powerful solubility effect available (reduced molecular cluster size PLUS increased spin density)- energizes ALL biologic growth!

Aug 2014- New Report- We are so excited about this!

168% Growth Benefit- Marijuana-with Superimploder

68%Growth Benefit- Marijuana- Alberta Trials-Documented w/2 Photos Tester-

A.V.- Critical Study-Trials- Superimploder- Edmonton, Canada- wrote (quoting) >

Aug 1, 2014 - quote: “Hi Dan, Thanks a million for such an amazing piece of technology, I am so happy to have it- test results:​ (Hemp) Strain : Church - Result- Superimploder Growth Benefit to Marijuana= 168% church A - 227g - SUPER-IMPLODED water (Reverse osmosis) church B - 135g - Reverse osmosis water These two plants where grown under LED lights and all the variables have been kept the same, the only difference between them is the water type.”

In order to increase our database of results reports
- we work closely with custom growers demonstrating
( our most powerful water treatment system - from

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