Update- Sept 2018- Imploder Shower design is updated-|
to Resinex Technyl Black- Same Vortex- but Much Tougher / Higher Pressure Rated


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Tickle the pony tail - self aware water? ... from The Imploder:


Oct 2010

You all loved TheImploder..

Now- you can have the soft silky pony tail Imploder Nozzle In The Shower!

The Imploder Shower Nozzle Assembly

People consistently report a softer silkier feeling in the water.
They also talk about a sheeting action- where the water seems to be laminar
like philo or onions. Laminar coherence is one of the key qualities
of 'sensitive chaos' in water. The science seems to be that once molecules are spun in water
in such a way as flow centripetally- they have a certain memory of connection. This means
spin coherence. The Imploder Shower nozzle does not have the powerful magnetic
array of The Imploder itself- but it does have the exquisite spin geometry
which installs the hydrodynamic geometry of implosion in the water's molecular memory.
Memory of spin- is a good name for the physics of energy and mass and life. If your water
feels dead- try the Imploder Shower nozzle- and see if it doesn't feel a little more like
being in a real waterfall in nature. In any case - playing with the Imploder Nozzle's - 'self aware' little
'pony tail' in the water - (see animation) which responds to touch- like a kitten's tail- is alone enough
to tickle your watery fantasy.

Cost is 129 Euro - Introductory Special: Free Freight -
Items Ship Priority Air -shipping within 5 days.

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Imploder Shower1 ImploderShower2


Included: Exquisite Equation Based 'Implosive Spin' Nozzle Assembly, PreFitted to Plumbing 'L'Connector, Shower Swivel Mount, Shower Pin Mount Bracket, Instructions
Threaded Shower Hose - many already have in their bathroom - is available at most any hardware store)


Also Available - Specify when you order- if you want the Imploder Shower Direct Mounting Option -



Feedback from Imploder Shower:

Jasona Verbelli - using our Imploder Nozzle

and here is Jason V. report- using the nozzle:


Aug 2012: John C. CA, USA- "My shower head and DVDs came 2 weeks ago and I've been using it. Love it. Water is definitely different and more lively. I just feel better after using it overall. "

hi dan,
"I received your shower. and tested it myself. it is like making love with the water that reached and touched the infinity :-)
i have discovered an interesting thing, don't know if you came across it. when you shower water level in your bath-tub it makes special waves. there is certain height when it starts to make this waves and when it stops. roughly from 13 cm to 22 cm (or 27)- depending on the flow (or more likely on the velocity of the water). the interesting thing is, the frequency- it ranges in my case from 37 bpm to 130 bmp- depending on the height above water level and the flow (or velocity) of the water.
the whole thing reminds me heart beating. interesting to have your heart in the water level.
i hope my words are clear to you. if the words are not enough i made a movie and make experiment and measured the data. very roughly.
will be in the next mail, all the attachments.
hope it all makes sense and is of any use for you and the mankind :-)
best wishes
michal moc (czech republic)" attachments: Film and Spreadsheet (Below)

(Note the Pulsing "HeartBeat" like wave geometry- data below..)



Installation note:

The Imploder Shower was designed primarily to fit the most common Shower Hose Assembly

(that Shower Swivel here- is sold in most every hardware store)

However for direct mount there are in fact 3 ways to connect- the Imploder Shower- see Image Here:

(The Imploder Shower is Shipped Assembled and Ready- Parts Breakdown here is for reference only)