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Biologic Concrete

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The Principle of LIVING - Ceramic

is parallel to LIVING CEMENT (below)

We add optimized trace mineral- / piezoelectric / paramagnetic materials

(they must create hi DIELECTRIC- and they are pre-CHARGED using


Now that we have proven that we can create a bioactive- growth creating zero power input- electric field

We can apply that to building materials- especially CONCRETE.

We can make a shape of those materials which are fractal and conjugate (see architecture link below)

- we know cities which shape themselves like a rose (Prague / Bohemia- see architecture linke below)- create life force- attract money, tourists, vitality and more.. BECAUSE THEY ARE ELECTRICALLY CENTRIPETAL.

We propose to apply this directly to shaping concrete (image concrete containers of the correct added materials- shaped like a pine cone- we have seen trace mineral clay in this shape - become a geo-biologic tool for eliminating geopathics!)

AND we can

1. replace the metal which has a biological poisonous electric field capacitively- with living capacitance (hemp / bamboo )..

and moreover-


To understand how the rock powder addition of the correctly charged piezoelectric materials.. works- see how we accomplished that at PYRAPHI.COM (above).

Finally- privately we have a partnership with Pat Flanagan - our partner, who is confident from testing that the correct epitaxially charge CRYSTAL ENERGY WATER- can inexpensive nearly double the strength of the molecular bonds in cement.



Note image on the bottom left above- from shows an example of how we use implosive phase conjugate capactive dielectric field 'pyraphi' to pre charge the rock powders.


Imagine everything from small containers- to houses - to giant hospitals- where when you walk inside it FEELS like a cathedral. The possibility of creating living electric fields from concrete materials, exists now only AFTER we have learned in general how to define, create and measure- the fractal or bioactive field effect- which originally was called SACRED.

Philosophic background: Biologic Architecture defined- in our global curriculum on the subject:

Short intro film:



Abstract: the electric field or capacitive field generated by proper trace materials functioning as dielectric in concrete -

produces an electric field called "PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC"

which has the following properties:

(results will generally be optimized when non-metallic re-bar is used- plastic, carbon fibre or ideally bamboo)

1. Increases growth rate, seed germination, and plant, animal and human health- because the charge field induced is charge distribution efficient (see fractality in air measures below)

2. Reduces electrosmog- because the broad spectral conjugating dielectric - eliminates electric fields which are out of phase with biology and planck/ hydrogen- due to the plasma density at field effect focal points (note construction design which actively creates these plasma compression nodes called FRACTAL FIELD- will increase this electrosmog elimination). Philips of Netherlands tried to create electrosmog reducing ceramics- but failed to understand the electrical engineering principle (phase conjugation where 2 pine cones kiss noses in dielectric field lines- is where out of phase field lines are self cancelled).

3. Will reduce radioactivity- similar to the above- when a plasma centripetal force is generated- radioactivity (which from a quantum perspective is fractality bleeding) is reduced. The most famous example of a phase conjugate dielectric capacitor - to non-destructively contain radioactivity is the ARK OF THE COVENANT. A modern example is my invention:


The primary materials required to create a cement which is a PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC- is properly piezoelectric and paramagnetic rock sands and powders- which have been strongly charged in a phase conjugate dielectric cavity- a potent example of which is

It is well known that this kind of process produces rock sands which will clear up many forms of polluted lakes and ponds (films at ). Our newer technology to produce this trigger field- uses a stronger charge field (pyraphi) - and understands the electric field measures to optimize this field (see 3 measurement techniques below).

A parallel way to create phase conjugate and therefore LIVING CONCRETE is to use 'doping' materials in the concrete which are naturally phase conjugate. To study an example- this author recommends you read our research partner Dr Korotkov site on this material

--Dr Korotkov in partnership with us has developed technologies for measuring this created field effect (see below).

Another related technique for producing bioactive field- has to do with the (potentially conjugate dielectrically) trace mineral content of certain ceramic and clay materials. For example- edible colloid in edible dirt- an ancient shamic expertise has to do with mineral solubility- and therefore bioavailable fields. More significantly - our Australian partner in this project- Dan Schreiber- is working with friends there who study how the TERRA PRETA soils saved the agriculure of South America. Trace carbon materials- from burnt charcoal played a role. The way in which charge collapse CAN HAPPEN in for example BIOCHAR is instructive in this physics. Carbon CAN approach dodec / icos symmetry (most important new chemistry today: Buckminsterfullerene) and thus become bioactive in a field effect sense. The key new electrical engineering to design the life giving field effect- involves using that radiating symmetry of perfected charge collapse- to create the centripetal field - called LIFE (background discussion - and film on why the Kabbah was the philosophers stone -using Golden Ratio:

In summary- when the correct field effect sands are introduced in the concrete mix to create a centripetal charge field- then all of life benefits.

See also Davidovits - Ancient Living Geopolymers..



Technique 1:



The concept is simple- ability for charge to propagate efficiently has long been known to predict biologic growth in liquids
it is called redox potential- We have pioneered redefining redox (charge availability to react) properly
as fractality ( charge compression efficiency is charge distribution efficiency - is life).

The new information - is that charge distribution efficiency ( fractality) in air - predictor of growth (sacred space ?)
IS measureable. Simply put - the breath of sacred tingle when you enter sacred space - is now measureable..
AND predicts growth....>

My background is electrical engineering - for years I have been pioneering weak electric field measures as predictors of growth
The electric field of a building ( its capacitive field - phase conjugate or not) DIRECTLY determines how well seeds germinate ( and everything grows) which would then define sustainability in architecture.

Try this as you watch seeds freshly planted in an aluminum cup - die. (Think of your aluminum building as you watch them unhappy). Measure the number of harmonics in its capacitance (very lo)
-Now put them in a hemp and stone pot... they grow- measure the harmonics in the capacitive field:
You will get the same HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (fractality) which doctors use to predict how long your heart (HRV) is going to live.

- In summary we are suggesting biologists need to see why steel and aluminum in buildings poison every living thing
-because they prevent efficient charge distribution (they are opposite to electrically phase conjugate - opposite to fractal. - see table of fractality in materials choices below...



Technique 2:

Spectrum analyze the weak electric field generated for harmonic inclusiveness:

see example of this technique I have pioneered at

The principle in general is the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS predicts the sustainability or viability of any living thing- specifically including the cavity produced by cast concrete. Read the medical documentation of this principle:


Technique 3:

Measure relative seed germination speed, size and success- comparatively in cavities of concrete with and without this electric field.

See examples of our progress in this type of measure- for our other Implosion Research:

--Measure effect on metabolic rate, fermentation - as we did successfully for ZERO ENERGY INPUT capacitor at

(at the link) Sal Giandinoto our group PhD Chemist repeatedly measured a 40-50% increase in fermentation rate: the only variable was the zero power in correct phase conjugate capacitive field.