MINDWAVE: A compelling testable wave mechanical description of human attention

Mechanism of the Measureably Centripetal and Self-Organizing Electrical Nature of Human Consciousness:
Phase Conjugation and Longitudinal Wave Compression

Below- NEW- the most extensive 11 Part Video Documentary yet- detailing the wave science - how attention / peak experience is generated- the real wave mechanical understanding of consciousness!
-- Wave Mechanics of Consciousness- and Mitogenic Communication - Films - Most Recent Turin Lecture Series with Dan Winter - English and Italian
- from Dan Winter

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Let us be clear- there has never been a theory of consciousness - til now- that even came CLOSE to accounting for the observeable wave phenomenon. (Gary Schwarz and Stuart Hameroff- notwithstanding)

1. Human attention causes electric fields to compress (Bill Tiller)

2. Very specific frequency recipes- increase attention span (sunlight instead of bad flourescent light in a classroom for example restores attention span)

3. Human attention is capable of focusing heat at a distance thru a grounded metal screen ( Ingo Swann - heats thermistor at a distance)

4. Human attention is increased in density in the presence of most any CENTRIPETAL field (magnetic, optic, or dielectric)

5. Human attention climaxes in the presence of Golden Ratio between the frequency of alpha, beta - in brainwave harmonics.

6. Human (like optical phase conjugation) - produces apparent self-organization (healing) - in field effect.

7. Centripetal capacitance (a gold crown on a king, or gold egg halves around your head, or 2 animal held next to your brain temples)- INCREASES the density of human attention . ( and conversely - 2 pieces of opposite to conjugate ALUMINUM FOIL at the temples on the head- practically eliminates the measureable dowsing response - ability to feel the fields - ref: Z.V.Harvalik- American Dowsers Society).

8. Playing the exact EEG harmonics in the audio - between hemispheres- alpha/ beta etc in Golden Ratio cascades- AND 180 degrees out of phase necessary to PRODUCE LONGITUDINAL WAVES- is dramatically powerful to focus attention (software below - and in the films).

9. Human attention can measureably reduce radioactive half life (radioactivity reduction- reports from Uri Geller et al.)- EXACTLY centripetal the way phase conjugate dielectric capacitance can! (a correlate to human attention) -> capacitor example: Ark of the Covenant, also see pyraphi.com


ALL of the above measureable wave phenomenon associated with the electric power of human attention- are perfectly explained by a Golden Ratio cascade PHASE CONJUGATE - wave implosion between the (EEG) brainwave hemispheres- WHICH are then 180 degrees OUT OF PHASE (this is a simple elegant testable proof of the theory!) - which then create by their heterodyne difference LOW FREQUENCY LONGITUDINAL ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES- of the type now known to be able to CREATE HEAT AT A DISTANCE ( the so called FLAME OF THE MIND). Physicists need to learn how longitudinal electromagnetics - and microwave can re-converge into transverse heat creating waves.

Remote heating /centripetal forces - controllable at a distance- a PRIMARY function of MIND! - ( note the effect on seed growth when children pray. Non local healing and seed growth... Growth always responds to centripetal forces.)

oops- sorry CIA and NSA - you are going to call this the ultimate threat to MILITARY SECURITY..

except for one minor detail- if you understood the power of mind- then you now know why the CIA and the NSA are the ultimate threat to security!
(because by taking all technology with access to vacuum coherence energy- like phase conjugate longitudinals and declaring them military only- you allow ONLY BOMB MAKING to emerge as the next generation tech. An example of the American military mind: quite happy to let Boeing go bankrupt rather than give the same super capacitor battery which runs the Abrams tank! - Who made that decision? Not the people!)

This LONGITUDINAL INTERFEROMETRY (microwave and..) - is the holy grail of plasma fusion. Once the military dominated physics community figures this out- (credit to Tom Bearden here)- the amount of money necessary to feed the continent of Africa for life- which they wasted on TOKAMAK and Atom Smashers- might be recoverable!


This is the most compelling theory of consciousness -wave mechanics which has ever been proposed.

AND several ways to prove it!

1. How EEG- brainwaves IMPLODE!

Dan Winter's EEG Biofeedback invention: BLISSTUNER (below screen output) (do not deal with Frank Van Den Bovenkamp- who sells a stolen version of it- he is a thief)
pioneered the ability to measure and prove that GOLDEN MEAN frequency ratio between brainwave harmonics- correlated to PEAK PERCEPTION / BLISS - ECSTATIC (charge dense) CONSCIOUSNESS

EEG implodes

then at www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion Dan Winter with a mathematics dream team (Martin and Bill) PROVED that GOLDEN MEAN wave ratio - is the cause and mechanism of

Then - noting the last condition to account for phase conjugate and centripetal implosion in brainwaves- Bill kindly pointed out that

when Ingo Swann repeated heated a thermistor at a distance (FLAME MADE WITH MIND)- he did it through a grounded metal screen!
This means that the ONLY KIND OF WAVE WHICH CAN ACCOUNT FOR PYSCHOKINESIS- mind at a distance (FLAME OF MIND)- are electromagnetic LONGITUDINAL WAVES!

Here exerpts from our dramatic animation and explanation of the origin and nature of LONGITUDINAL WAVES - sometimes incorrectly called 'scalar' - at www.fractalfield.com/conjugatemind -March 12, 2013

Finally - the REAL science to properly respond to your lover when (he/she) demands: "Come on Baby: Light My Fire!"


How longitudinal waves work-

the nature of MIND as a plasma compressor -

the true wave mechanics of consciousness -

how 4 wave mixing in phase conjugate optics creates:

time reversal

self organization, etc.

And -

the solution to plasma compression control at a distance-

how physics (clueless as to why objects fall to the ground, and clueless to why life and mind exist)

wasted your money - by not understanding the very phase conjugate / longitudinal component of FUSION (all centripetal forces- based on implosive compression).

-Mathematics - and film from Tom Bearden:



How you convert between LONGITUDINAL WAVES (shown here) vs TRANSVERSE WAVES (shown above)..

see PINE CONES KISS NOSES (phase conjugation animation top).


Visualize the 2 hemispheres of the brain differentially focusing 2 LONGITUDINAL WAVES (here right vs left)-

which when they cross at a distance- re emerge as TRANSVERSE and MAKE HEAT. - This is the way mind exists - and is the solution to plasma containment - which all governments desperately need.


(end exerpt - from fractalfield.com/conjugatemind )


This means that in all of our EEG measurements- of PEAK PERCEPTION / PEAK EXPERIENCE-
that in order to make longitudinal waves- THE RIGHT AND LEFT HEMISPHERE HAD TO BE 180 DEGREES OUT OF PHASE!

Then we proved this experientially by creating special software (acknowledgement to Marc Kroeks here)

audioIMPLODER(software demonstrated in FILM PART 9 BELOW)

This powerful audio software generates the precise PHASE CONJUGATE PHONON/ AUDIO to play to your brain hemispheres-

exactly the correct - 180 degree phase shifted- frequency recipe of your own brainwave sonic implosion!

(Setting your EEG to nature's key signature:)
Here you see the software set to the key signature of maximum conjugation with nature
( 7.29 hz set to alpha EEG equivalent here - is precisely Golden Ratio exponent to the PLANCK TIME CONSTANT-

--Exerpt note- regarding proof of phase conjugation / fractality in TIME as the musical key of ALL OF NATURE / LIFE FORCE:

(exerpting from fractalfield.com/fractalphotosynthesis and the original article on fractality in time- goldenmean.info/coincidence

Phase Conjugation by Golden Ratio DOES Quantify and define the color spectra AND its bioactive peaks!

- note how phase conjugation / fractality (perfected charge distribution) is proven for the nature of time (time being a name for the period of charge ROTATION):

PLANCK TIME (the universal key signature for every time event in physics) multiplied by exact whole number exponents of GOLDEN RATIO (proven to be phase conjugation optimized) - equals:

- exactly the 2 frequencies which motorize photosynthesis (all life force= phase conjugation charge distribution perfected)

- virtually exactly the duration of the EARTH YEAR , and the VENUS YEAR

- the frequencies (and dimensions ) of hydrogen ( goldenmean.info/goldenproof )



So - setting the musical key signature for the EEG / AUDIO biofeedback phonon generator can be done:

a) using the preset (above) to tune your EEG / ALPHA set audio key to fractal time defined by planck / photosynthesis and fractality in time (EEG alpha note set to 7.29hz)

b) set your key signature to your actual measured EEG alpha frequency (only for those who have equipment)

OR - elegantly!!!->

c) use HeartsRing.com inexpensive Heart Coherence HRV biofeedback iPhone- to get your bodies (HRV - heart and by implication brain) musical KEY!

shown here:



So here we offer a sample of the audio feedback cascade- precisely tuned to Planck- so you can observe the powerful psychokinetic effect on your own brainwaves/ consciousness

- audio loop here

(note best played in headphones to accurately experience the hemispheric phase difference )

To obtain the audio brain wave imploder sonic software for your self- you can either purchase the HeartsRing.com software (about 19 $ - uses iPhone / iPad / iPod) ,
email your receipt to danwinter (at) fractalfield.com

and we will email it,


Click on the Paypal link below



note the software is demonstrated in the later parts of the film below- note the psychokinetic effect reported...

-------Below- the most extensive advanced film record yet- of Physics of Consciousness Symposium- FLAME IN THE MIND - Turino- film in 11 parts..

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Below- the new video series..


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Turino Conference July, 2013- - Mindwave- Flame in the Mind - Physics of Conference - 2 Days with Dan Winter- Films English and Italian
Special Acknowledgement and thanks to Khudai for Translating and to Khudai and Claudio - for making this conference possible!

Mindwave- Film 1


Mindwave- Film 2


Mindwave - Film 3


Mindwave- Film 4


Mindwave - Film 5


Mindwave - Film 6

Mindwave - Film 7


Mindwave- Film 8


Mindwave- Film 9

Mindwave - Film 10


Mindwave- Film 11 - (Physics of Magic - Ophanim / Hebrew as Plasma symmetry




Here is a beautiful example of how longitudinal waves (launched by golden ratio phase conjugation- dodeca water and DNA structure) in mitogenic radiation -

could be a primary mechanism in biologic communication:

life principle



                              Theoretical basis for Montagnier’s revolutionary discovery

                                                                Preliminary assessment

                                                                                                            by - E. M. Elsheikh in collaboration with Dan Winter


    Luc Antoine Montagnier is a French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Furthermore, Montagnier (2009; 2010) has brought forth remarkable evidence for a non-particle view of life. He claims that DNA can send electromagnetic imprints of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. The basic set-up of his experiments was that two adjacent but physically separate test tubes were placed within a copper coil and subjected to a very weak extremely low frequency electromagnetic field of 7 hertz. The apparatus was isolated from Earth’s natural magnetic field to stop it interfering with the experiment. One tube thoroughly filtered from a fragment of DNA around 100 bases long; the second tube contained pure water. After 16 to 18 hours, both samples were independently subjected to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a method routinely used to amplify traces of DNA by using enzymes to make many copies of the original material. The gene fragment was apparently recovered from both tubes, even though one should have contained just water. Thus it would be possible, according to Montaigner’s results, to duplicate viral and bacterial DNA in the absence of the physical template of the DNA itself. Coding information would be transmitted by electromagnetic waves generating from water molecules

   Physicists in Montagnier’s team (2010) suggest that DNA emits low-frequency electromagnetic waves which imprint the structure of the molecule onto the water. This structure, they claim, is preserved and amplified through quantum coherence effects, and because it mimics the shape of the original DNA, the enzymes in the PCR process mistake it for DNA itself, and somehow use it as a template to make DNA matching that which “sent” the signal.

   Many scientists greeted Montagnier’s claims with scorn and harsh criticism. One of the criticisms of the work was that there is no known mechanism by which bacteria can generate radio waves. In addition experiments carried out by Montagnier raises the fundamental question of how water could store and receive electromagnetic information of such precision that a DNA sequence could be reproduced without a template, which is how it is normally done. Theoretical chemist Jeff Reimers points out:

“If the results are correct, these would be the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry.”

   Thus to account for Montagnier revolutionary discovery a quantum biological revolution is also needed. It is clear the discovery challenges main stream biology in that the principle all life comes from life could hold only on the basis of a non particle view of life. Moreover the discovery being about encoding, transmission and decoding of bio-information lies beyond the boundaries of ordinary quantum field theory. To address this fundamental problem, Elsheikh (2010; 2013) proposes a new quantum information fractal field theory. The quantum information fractal field, representing the DNA or genome, is self-organizing field which structures nucleotides along a path of maximum action and maximum bio-information, i.e. a path that maintains synthesis of viable functional proteins and generates self-sustained bio-information oscillations. It is a path of syntactically meaningful genetic code. According to the maximum action principle the rate of change of action- matter-energy metabolism- is proportional to the genome capacity to generate developmental functional complexity, i.e. vitality or bio-information. Moreover, the path of maximum action which is , in fact,  a path of total vitality increase is characterized by the increase of Fibonacci numbers, number of nucleotides (genome physical complexity), and varies inversely with the frequency of bio-information oscillations. Vitality, a measure of bio-information, has the dimensions of information and energy. Fibonacci numbers, being a deterministic consequence of the maximum action principle, characterize the quantum functionally stationary states. (Elsheikh, 2013)

     Nucleotides sequence being a sequence of dodecahedrons, as White (2008) asserts, the path of maximum action and bio-information is also a path of golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedrons. Winter (2012) revealed that the electric geometry of DNA is the fractal nesting of golden ratio based dodecahedron. Within such geometry, electrical waves of charge nest in self-similar or recursive fractal like embedding, it follows wave heterodynes recursively allow the wave velocities adding and multiplying constructively, it is also called fractal field phase conjugation. This recursive heterodyning or fractal field phase conjugation allows charge to be accelerated coherently. In consequence the generation of electromagnetic waves or signals (EMS) is associated with the acceleration of charges within a certain stationary functional quantum state, which is, by the same token, golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedron quantum state. Thus the EMS encode the information about the golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedron quantum states. For water to be capable to store this bio-information, the EMS must reassemble and organize water molecules in sequence of golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedrons.  Do water molecules have the property of being organized to form fractal dodecahedrons? The answer is yes, not only that but also it is established that the dodecahedron is relatively stable and common motif in water clusters, Loboda, (2010).  Now the induced EMS of bio-information by creating golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedrons in water, they actually create DNA quantum information fractal field template, i.e. create a path of maximum action and bio-information. In consequence the template is capable to emit the same EMS of bio-information due to water dodecahedron fractal field phase conjugation; then given the essential DNA ingredients the template can reassemble the whole DNA sequence. This indicates that fractal field phase conjugation is the mechanism by which both DNA and water clusters generate EMS of bio-information. It is important to note that Winter (2012) discovered fractal field phase conjugation and made numerous technological inventions on this basis. In sum the quantum information fractal field generates two types of oscillations: bio-information oscillations which contain the dynamical essence of a living system and EMS or waves which encode the bio-information.

   Finally, it is appropriate to highlight some of the significance of Montagnier discovery for medicine. Montagnier, et-al (2010) indicates that the signals detected appear to be a property of most bacteria infecting humans, as well as many viruses, including HIV, influenza A, and hepatitis C. Further, it appears from the research, that some common diseases not previously considered to be of bacterial origin, may indeed be so. In evidence of that, signals identical to those detected in test tubes containing live bacteria, have been found in the blood plasma, and in the DNA extracted from the plasma, in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic Lyme syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and various neuropathies.. Montagnier has proposed to employ these radio frequency techniques for detection of chronic bacterial and viral infections, and to explore means to use them in treatment of diseases including AIDS and autism. Montagnier also notes that such techniques might someday provide a solution to the growing problem of evolution of antibiotic-resistant organisms.



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-          Elsheikh, M., 2010. Towards a new physical theory of biotic evolution and development. Ecological Modelling, 221, 1108-1118 

-          Elsheikh,  M. , website: www.lifeprinciple.com

-          Loboda O,  and V. Goncharuk, (2010). Theoretical study on icosahedral water clusters, Chem. Phys. Lett. 484 (2010) 144-147.

-          White, M. 2008. What is a Dodecahedron? Rafiki, Inc.

-          Winter, D . http://www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion/

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