Presenting.. The Wave Radiance of Fractality- leads...


Valerie was singing 'Somewhere- Over the Rainbow' in the car yesterday
- when I realized this is PRECISELY where all the waves of light (and your aura) go AFTER they get fractal and phase conjugate (implode)
- and become perfectly distributeable (shareable).
This is as close as physics gets to describing 'salvation' - electric doorway into 'the communion of saints'- 'the collective unconscious'.
We have been describing how the "Alice in Barium Titanate Land" mechanism of the healing 'phase conjugate dielectric' - field works..
This article is intended to combine the poetry and romance with the beautiful and serious physics - as these emerge!

The fact is the key to our cultural survival is to understand these principles of self organization, and implosive centripetal forces as the only way to sustain and emerge from chaos:
See -how climate can emerge from chaos:
- See "Bloom the desert"- Implosion and water purification -and water attraction:
Generalizing the science:

In this article - we use the example of how centripetal forces SORT POLLUTANTS in water..
Pardon the little ad for our IMPLODER
- note the new independant lab tests: we DO reduce chlorine content!
- the mechanism: It's OVER THE RAINBOW!
(phase conjugating by IMPLOSION- when centripetal implosion is plasma dense enough - pollutants can appear to vaporize.. just like the chlorine does)

..And then- later in this article- we compare this (self sorting by fractal implosion) with - how 'misqualified energy' - making materials which are OPPOSITE to fractal and phase conjugate - LIKE ALUMINUM- effectively poisons all living things by its charge field- simply by preventing efficient charge distribution (mind) from penetrating.

Hello Alcoa, hello Reynolds Aluminum.. not to break the news gently..nothing and everything is personal about this (notice how bad is your Karma) - but.. your existence is a mistake!

Until we learn WHY we need to stop making and using materials which are poisonous to life itself- we are probably doomed as a culture. Below- we discuss the anger of the collective field ('God') - around aluminum making- and speculate about the 'KARMA' (which is simply the centripetal physics of charge symmetry - in action)- in places of large scale aluminum making..
- sound familiar ICELAND (string of catastrophy?- largest new global industry: ALUMINUM
- sound familiar - Torrent of Poison ALUMINUM SLUDGE DAM sweeps HUNGARY into headlines
- sound familiar -Russia:76 workers dead at Russia's largest hydroelectric plant explosion- power plant for RUSAL- worlds largest aluminum maker.


from Dan Winter.. Dec 5, 2010
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-- We have been presenting to the science community for over 2 years- the deep physics of why rainbows (and color) exist: namely- THE FRACTAL 'origin of the rainbow': where the photon toroid ('donuts')- learn to angle their way in to a PHASE CONJUGATE - IMPLOSIVE AND CENTRIPETAL- quantum kinetic center point- in the plasma (charge field- or space time)...

and WHEN their angle into the conjugation point is correct- THEN they are sorted and emerge ONLY in the phase or tilt angles which PRECISELY define the wavelength's we call THE PRIMARY COLORS!

The proof of this (link above) is that when you convert the precise wavelengths of those primary colors - to the photon angle which produces just that length as a shadow- YOU GET THE FACE ANGLES OF THE DODECAHEDRON ( Golden Ratio phase conjugating geometry- same as Poincare's S3- origin of gravity- and the precise dodeca golden ratio- geometry of hydrogen: proof).

So, again this golden ratio ability to conjugate (implode compress) waves
-where perfect radiance emerges from conjugate implosion- faster than light by powers of PHI- perfect multiple connectedness- perfect wormhole embedding - perfect compression solved- the REAL physics of ONENESS.....

is the reason:

-color exists (why rainbows exist)

-gravity exists (why objects fall to the ground)

-life force exists (how life emerges as a centripetal making field effect)

-mind and consciousness (and BLISS) exist (how bliss, peak experience, enlightenment - are measured by Golden Ratio in brainwaves)

-- In the world of color: this teaches us many beautiful things:

- rainbows are 'caused' by fractal / phase conjugate air (very measureable)

- how to heal (create implosive fusion) with color: we now know the PRECISE angles / wavelengths- in color choices- to produce the alKHEMyu (black hole implosion) of FUSION.

AND - we can generalize this principle to understand more about all the centripetal- and therefore self organizing processes of nature.

Read about how we take this PRECISE geometry of plasma / magentics and dielectrics and create the correct (centripetal) field to HEAL:


& the new: (in here we will do both conjugating dielectrics AND magnetics- for self organization)

In this article we are going to apply this teaching lesson
- waves must use the golden (phase conjugation) ratio which is the recursive constructive heterodyning of phase velocities that CAUSE gravity, life, perception, color - so that all centripetal forces and self organization- CAN happen! Let's apply this to implosion, water, and material science...

"The river does not swell with clear water." -Italian proverb

(spin dense conjugate plasma flow- does not swell- like Schauberger teaching rivers
to stay within their banks by Implosion. This is true of water, of blood, of magnetic rivers.. and perhaps volcanos.)

"... social dynamite lies buried here, dynamite capable of bringing this
self-destructive world to its senses."

--First- The Imploder Update... HOW Do We Sort the Water?

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New TheImploder- FractalVortex



Recent - Feedback- Barney H. in UK writes - Dec 2, 2010: "Hello Dan ! Just wanted to emphasize the important usefullness of the Imploder repairing damage to the body that I have after drug damage. It's a holistic process - many other treatments involved - and possibly might be a treatment that only works with some people- But after recovering basic health using nutrition, etc I could never get a proper field. I am now able to drink coffee again (bad I know, but it's one of those things that works for me). I am able to hold lots of information in my attention, improved memory, better insight, calmer more balanced emotions. This is surely as a result of the string memory effect of water transmitting the carefully calculated Imploder pattern to my energy field ? Anyhow, don't want to flood you here,... I feel I need to emphasise the huge breakthrough that this is in the fight to help people effected by these terrible drugs. Guess you're used to the Breakthrough (technologies) ... so maybe it's not a surprise to you. But felt a strong need to communicate this. Cheers."

Also Jeff G.-Vancouver area -who has been testing the Imploder since the beginning- see his amazing beans result at - he writes in response: Jeff wrote: re: "I am able to hold lots of information in my attention, improved memory, better insight, calmer more balanced emotions."-" I noticed the same thing.. Have been drinking the imploded water for a while & noticed the increase in memory - processing speed / calmer balanced emotions for sure."

AND - nice breakthru in DOCUMENTING- The Imploder benefit to reducing CHLORINE in water- issues: we had multiple suggestive but subjective reports- that in fact The Imploder does eliminate chlorine smell - and chorine poison to growth:

Rui our Imploder representative in Portugal wrote in detail about how The Imploder eliminated the chlorine smell in his water, and improved the problem with plant growth which is normally inhibited by chlorine.

Yvan in Cambodia is doing detailed tests with The Imploder. He writes "Dan, It is very clear that the chlorine taste in water is very reduced to un-noticeable (with TheImploder). Showering with The Imploder is an amazing feeling..."
- Then Yvan set up independant lab testing to measure TheImploder Chlorine Solution.
We now have our documented independant laboratory reports- reduction in chlorine- from passing thru The Imploder:

chlorine test

The mechanism-HOW the chlorine- or other pollutants are SORTED in the presence of IMPLOSION (we will be measuring results with other impurities):
the precisely (phase conjugate) angle of CENTRIPETAL force spin- first hydrodynamically then amplified magnetically in TheIMPLODER- is better than your washing machine spin cycle for sorting by mass. Water's molecular structure normally is set to gently work to push out any molecules which do not fit the fractality of its array (rather like a growing quartz crystal deciding which 'dopant' to accept- the iron that turns it into citrine / amythyst for example - families KNOW who fits.) The more centripetal the electric field of the water, the greater it's ability to push out molecules which don't 'fit the nest'. See- below discuss about heavy metals- like aluminum- WHY lack of fractality- means in-ability to EMBED!

For another example of this principle- read about how The PYRAPHI - charges rock powder- (piezoelectric / phase conjugate / dielectrically CENTRIPETAL) - when a small amount is put in polluted pond- THE WATER CLEARS! :

Check out the new press release page- FRACTAL FIELD TEAM



Also New of the Web Dec 2010: Adam Abraham's Talk for Food – web production of Dan Winter's earlier- Salt Spring/Vancouver talk:
‘Engineering a Successful Death’ As one of the world’s leading proponents of fractal field theory and the fractal science of life, Dan Winter further blurs the line between science and spirituality in his own inimitable way, with annotations by our host. Today’s show is part of a presentation Dan gave on death to start a two-day seminar, which Adam recorded on Salt Spring Island, BC. Listen to it online:They include Adam's own annotations.
Part ONE
More Dan Winter: ‘The Fractal Field Within’

Also New: Working on the Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets based on Golden Mean Spiral (from Dan Winter):
Roman Korvinus ( ) Comments at
Double Tetrahedron and Logarithmic Spiral The Meru foundation has based their belief of the seed solely on that of an Apple. However nothing in the bible or religious text supports this senario. While the path of the logarithmic spiral is indeed that of the pentagram, and the two logarithmic spiral's create a pentagram which is directly link to color, as Dan Winter has pointed out various times through research, the seed itself is as Hermes has point out in the Emerald Tablet, the double tetrahedron. This is indeed is a fatal mistake on Tenen's part, and as I have stated in other pictures within my site the logarithmic spiral is actually a spiral of 1.666 not 1.5, which is another mistake on Stan's part. See Roman's Sacred Geometry slideshow:

Now- back to our science lesson...

The Aluminum example:
Understanding how 'MISQUALIFIED ENERGY' is poisonous to:

- charge distribution efficiency

- fractality

- self-organization

and therefore - poisonous to all 'life force' ('God') and - the 'divine' (charge which has fractally perfect branching and therefore distribution)

- First: to be clear- all self organization, charge distribution efficiency- and therefore life and mindfulness in small and large domains is the result of (harmonic inclusive) fractality of field. This is the essence of the so called- phase conjugation in dielectrics which result in the implosive centripetal field called life and mind.

examples: (including measurements of bioactivity of that field:

Its obvious that mother nature goes to considerable amount of work to arrange this life giving fractal electric field around pine cones and every living protein. It is also obvious that no living thing is going to thrive when surrounded with electric fields which are not fractal and therefore charge distributing. It is obviously stupid and poisonous to build structures which poison this kind of (nature defined) electric field.

The experiment to prove this - which every biology professor on Earth is obviously totally afraid of- should cost less than a dollar. Plant a bunch of seeds in an aluminum pot- then plant a bunch of seeds in a wood or trace mineral clay pot. The seeds in aluminum DO NOT THRIVE. Measure that capacitor- and you will find it produces a HARMONICALLY EXCLUSIVE electric field- poisonous to charge distribution efficiency and ALL OF LIFE. The reason every biology professor on planet Earth is apparently afraid to do the 1 dollar experiment - is it would easily prove that every Aluminum (and steel) building on planet Earth - containing anything alive- NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED- in order to save the life inside. (That would prove the need to destroy the building CONTAINING most every biology teacher on planet Earth- proving they did not know what life is.)

Guess the biology teachers need to join the physics teachers contest to see who is most arrogant: the physicists who do not know why an object falls to the ground (the cause of gravity) - or the biologists who do not what life is- or the (centripetal) field effect that causes life.

I suggest we give our award for arrogance equally to BOTH- since the answer to both of their stupidities - is a fractal (phase conjugating) field.

The solution to fusion energy is the same.

This missive is to explain a bit more the social dynamic when a whole culture is poisonously motorized by this kind of stupidity.

Let us take the example of ALUMINUM PRODUCTION.

First we will examine the principle- then we will examine the social catastrophies which result from NOT understanding the principle.. I choose to describe this catasophy to all of life- as a global culture of aluminum poisoning. Gaia is bleeding charge.

700,000+ links on ALUMINUM POISONING

300,000+ links on Aluminum and Alzheimer's disease.


Aluminum production is an example of producing fundamentally MISQUALIFIED ENERGY.

It is useful to understand in principle precisely what is meant by misqualified energy.

You could say - the alum or bauxite in the aluminum could be natural to biologic process.

Just like you could stay the iron in the steel is basic to biologic molecules.

And the chlorine in table salt is natural to biology- so why is it poison to water?


If we understand the principle- in simple symmetry terms (so called 'sacred' geometry) - then we can teach it to our biology teachers- who are in big trouble because they all need to move out of their buildings.

What we are going to describe here- is the poison caused by the weak electric field (of aluminum). This 'electric field poisoning' (of the feeling field) - is in addition to the chemistry of poisoning.

To think about how insideous this weak poisonous radiating field is- consider the abysmal health effects of aluminum foil as known by homeopaths. A simple example of an insideous poisonous field- you can try (prepare for nausea): Put about 3-5 small transformers which are actively powering devices (computers etc) in one spot. Now - turn everything off in the room. Take a deep breath. Now using a master switch- turn all devices back on. FEEL THE NAUSEA- notice if you leave them on - everyone within a few feet of that pile of transformers- will lose all attention span, will feel headachy- and they will lose most all ability to digest food. Then turn the whole room (or better yet- whole house) - off again- then take a deep breath and try meditating. Once you feel this difference for yourself - you will probably start being a LOT more careful about electrosmog- destruction of your well being.

Imagine how this electrosmog poisoning is killing your school child's life force.

The principle- is that any electric field- which does not contribute to embedding and compression (golden ratio to hydrogen and planck ) is in effect not contributing to life. (poisonous). 50 and 60 cycle ambient electrosmog is not only a global poison to all life force and spirituality- in effect it is a major deterrent to the conscious evolution of our species- because it prevents biologic plasma (aura) from thriving and propagating (the DIVINE is a name for that living charge which IS charge distribution efficient: FRACTAL or Phase Conjugate).

In practice- ignorance of this principle ( let's call it: embedding is Godliness) is why the only yogi's who DO live to be hundreds of years old on this planet- can do it - only away from our buildings and cities. It is not that the city of immortality (city of revelation- city of Jerusalem) cannot be built- it's just that so far our science has been too stupid to understand what is a truly sustainable and self-organizing and therefore 'immortal' fractal field. ( see )

Now let us focus again on Aluminum and Steel.

Again why is the alum in the ground OK but not in aluminum. Why is the iron in the ground- good for your blood- but bad for your aura once it is pressed into steel.

The heat that fuses the bauxite / alum etc. into aluminum - creates a molecular memory which is opposite to fractal. You know how when you taste bread- in effect- you are tasting and feeling the MEMORY of the SOURCE of the heat that cooked it. As we often say- this is the physics for why wood and stone heated pizza's earn their makers more money.

Well - the molecules in the aluminum and steel in effect freeze into molecular memory the motion patterns of where their heat comes from. The source of the heat to make aluminum is one of the most OPPOSITE TO FRACTAL possible: pure electric heat. To understand this - is as easy as trying tea from a ceramic pot on a wood stove- then making tea in a metal pot on an electric (or microwave!) heater. The difference you taste is much more than subjective if you understand the physics. It could be called context richness (in genetic theory ) or embedding - or harmonic inclusiveness. Those few electric engineers - like me- who understand how you measure whether a material is phase conjugate as a dielectric (allows charge distribution) would know how to go about measuring this difference.

An example was the IGA russian device ( see ) or in medical terms: Jerry Tennant's phase conjugate wave


In practice- this means that areas around buildings with lots of aluminum and steel - become fundamentally geopathic. Geopathic means a bubble of charge or plasma- which in effect cannot be penetrated by ambient fractal flow. In other words- mind cannot penetrate. This is exactly like the insideous deadness you feel in your hand when you hold an aluminum object. The reason your hand feels dead is because resonant efficient charge propagation thru the aluminum is entirely prevented- and your aura in effect bleeds poisonously and destructively into it.

What is important to understand- is how this feels to a planetary aura body. The planetary aura body (Gaia)- is in effect very much like the plasma or aura of a fetus waking up. It is not articulate per se- but it definitely has enough intelligent to try to push out what is poison. Much like feeding an aluminum egg to a baby- if it was healthy enough- it would be one of the first things to emerge in the diaper. ( See above where Iceland, and Russia and Hungary's ALUMINUM plants- seem to be showing up in the diaper of baby fetus Earth!!??)

If electrical field coherence becomes strong around a wound - it heals. If not- it infects and kills. This is what Robert O. Becker- so nicely proved:
The "Body Electric" is merely a plasma body learning to get centripetal by recursively turning inside out. What Dr Becker proved beautifully is that the so called 'current of injury' / voltage difference at the place of the wound predicted the rate of healing: the strength of the {centripetal} field effect reorganizing the site!

Apply this now to Earth- probably one of the most large scale poisonous material to her aura right now - is large scale Aluminum production. So these places would be where Earth is most likely to try to scrape off the scab of a wound that hurts and won't heal.

Consider ICELAND- and the recent Volcano. Internal Earth pressure's (largely solar induced) - which trigger Volcano's will climax in the next couple years. But WHERE should the failure to HOLD COMPRESSION - be most catastrophic? This is where the fractal cannot compress well.

ALUMINUM MANUFACTURING PRETTY MUCH DEFINES A PLACE OF MAXIMUM PAIN FOR MOTHER EARTH's AURA. Please try to understand WHY PAIN- is defined as the place in bio-plasma where fractality is most bleeding and damaged: (Altho I would say a nuclear power plant- where Earth's nest embedding is unravelling at core.. would also be pretty nauseous to the sensitive fractal plasma..)

Let's consider our examples- connecting ALUMINUM MANUFACTURE to VERY BAD DISASTERS

Remember- the pain to Earth's plasma is made worse now at Solar Max (compression test time)..

We had the nation of Hungary brought to it's knees by their poisonous ALUMINUM SLUDGE DAM BURST..

Then- for Iceland's largest industry - mostly new- ALUMINUM- consider the karma..:

“First the banking sector, then Icesave and now this (Volcanic hell...),” said Gunnar Sigurdsson, a sales clerk who works in Reykjavik. “... I sometimes get the feeling that Iceland is being punished.

Little baby mother Earth's plasma body is saying--lets scrape out the pain- like a baby brushing off the scab of a wound that won't heal...

Now let's move to Russia:

76 workers dead at Russia's largest hydroelectric plant explosion- destination for that power RUSAL- worlds largest aluminum maker.


I suggest that there is some real connection- definitely more than 'accidental' relationship - between large scale industrial locations that actively cause mother Gaia to feel pain- and generating local catastrophy. Once you understand that karma is simply the self-restoring symmetry physics of fractality- life becomes understandable and self empowering (accidents are un-necessary once lessons are learned).

--The principle is the same for your body. If ever you eat something which needs help digesting- all you need do- is breathe deep - take a bath- get naked- build your aura- then lie very still in a place of power. You burp and fart and pee- and spit mucous- and THEN you feel the RETURNING TINGLE OF CHARGE OF {centripetal} LIFE FORCE.

The principle of healing- is restored compression-which BECOMES- restored (fractal) charge distribution.
"Healing is the Voltage of Electronegativity: Implosive Compression" (Thank you Dr.Jerry Tennant)
We are applying that now to pain reduction - PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS..
more soon: at

The frequencies which Elizabeth Rauscher's used by approximation from measuring fields around healing - we now can perfect- because I have derived the exact correct frequencies - for the magnetic phase conjugation - compression restored- healing and pain reduction generated.

--exerpt from

the source of flame is itself conjugate...(to induce communion...

A wave pattern which is in phase (embedded) in its enviornment - (fractality defines grounding for electricians AND psychologists) - acheives sustainability by becoming distributeable / 'share-able'. This forms the only ecologically serious definition of sustainability- not to mention immortality- in the sense the Hopi think of their ancestors whose living plasma fractally inhabits old oribe.

What is objective is therefore by definition the part of charge's (the vacuum inertia) distribution which acheives sustainable distribution- by reaching fusion.. literally the flame - of fractality. There- only the (perfectly phase conjugate or fractal) shareable wave survives. This is the physics of success at death. And this is the physics of why Phase Conjugate dielectrics - like the Ark of the Covenant, the Quabbah of the Muslims (the original philosophers stone- projective powder of alchemy)- and the modern day - eliminate electrosmog and reduce or contain radioactivity. The reason the word PYR-AMID means fire in the middle- is the place where charge plasma acheives centripetal fusion inertia. This is easy to teach in (self organizing) phase conjugate optics- because you can show the quantum mechanic how the wave paths learn to kiss on pine cone shaped noses. This - origin of all centripetal force became Viktor Schauberger's dream of Implosion in water- and THIS - is precisely the path electric lines follow to MAKE LIFE (and mind) in phase conjugate dielectric materials. AND we are just beginning to learn what phase conjugate magnetics means:

Here is your first clue to phase conjugating magnetics: my equation for hydrogen frequency and radii ( - predicts THESE magnetic harmonics- Prof.Elizabeth Rauscher found (in FDA study) eliminate pain and accelerate healing.

More on understanding PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS- invented by Dan Winter. Study the chart of the magnetic frequencies which Elizabeth Rauscher found (in early FDA trials) - ELIMINATED PAIN (and anecdotally- accelerated healing):

rauscher magnetics
Winter has applied precise phase conjugate / caducceus scaling geometry - planck time to golden ratio - to show WHY these frequencies end pain/heal

What Dr.Rauscher later realized was this is an example of Dan Winter's concept of PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS. Later Winter- has shown that you can take the KEY FREQUENCIES in this graph and DERIVE THEM- from his original equation for the geometry of hydrogen (radius AND frequency): proof of the fractal nature of gravity. ( , ). This much deeper physics now provides the backdrop- as Winter has used ONLY AND PRECISELY THESE FREQUENCIES and geometry IN EVERY INVENTION HERE. (Pyraphi and Imploder are built exclusively with this precise golden ratio TO hydrogen and planck scaling factor - the ultimate global scaling solution! - ).

We are of course pleased to acknowledge and support dear Dr Elizabeth Rauscher- but now that we know how to complete the harmonic cascade by definition from a deeper physics (phase conjugation to Planck) - we will carry this work to completely new level.

What this means is we now know precisely the magnetic (and by analog-dielectric) FIELD which restores compression and is the FIELD SYMMETRY KEY to healing and tissue regeneration in general. Winter and his team (thanks to Andrew!) are deeply engaged in installing this variable DC optimized field in beautiful 3D array - in Winter's newest invention: the ICOSAPHI (stay tuned). Bone generation / stem cell switching and more- trials planned. Serious collaborator inquiries only please- contact below.

Phase conjugate MAGNETICS- a film interlude:
Take a look at this recent video (affirming Dans work):


end exerpt.


Many have asked about our connection to the work of Nassim Haramein-

It is useful to actually deal with how and why centripetal force - (gravity) is generated electrically: because recursive constructive golden ratio heterodynes of phase velocity create charge acceleration (called gravity) from compression (It seems- Nassim does not understand this)

Only in a fractal (phase conjugate electrical geometry field- see my equation for hydrogen radii - the 'billiard balls' (charges wave nodes)- actually touch (phase lock together recursively) enough so that phase propagation velocity goes to infinite (superluminal etc.). This is ONLY in the presence of perfect compression - which obviously only fractality allows. This later introduces us to how the superluminal (faster than light) communication happens electrically in DNA structure (origin of collective unconscious).

I have said in many places- how brilliant I believe Nassim's work to derive Golden Ratio- as the global scaling constant of all organized matter - and black hole creation. ( review: and )

To be clear however- Nassim probably should feel at least a little bit sheepish- after I sponsored his appearance (invite) at our first of 2 budapest unified physics conferences (2006 and 2008)
at which he rejected my official presentation- in the 2006 Physics Conference proceedings-
THAT Fractality optimized by Golden Ratio is the cause of gravity-

Even though now to hear him talk- you would think he originated that idea?!

Nassim it seems, did not understand then - and he does not understand now..

HOW golden ratio works- because he refuses to accept that golden ratio IS the generalized solution to constructive wave interference

( and therefore solution to (implosive) compression - and therefore solution to (cause) of gravity.

This is why- when Nassim beautifully presents in his slide show his measurement- that a FLOWER exposed to the field around his conjugating plasma magnetic (gravity) generator - DOES Not DECAY. Nassim is unable to explain the physics of WHY - the FLOWER is preserved because he does not understand HOW golden ratio centripetal dielectric and magnetic fields are precisely what keep the flower (and anything) ALIVE!!

I also sponsored Nassim's presentation at our subsequent UK conference, and then at our Calgary International Fractal Unified Field,
Breakthru-Technologies conference- films:

We have talked often- he has a friendship with my french speaking partner Valerie. He said he was pleased that I published his response to his arch nemesis Bobathon at . But hopefully he noticed there - I called him on his mistake
for his saying now that golden ratio is the effect of gravity- rather than correctly as I have suggested - it is the cause..

==Dan Winter- S.France Dec.2010.

Come see us on our research tour in Australia!- Melbourne Jan, Byron Feb and March!
and Italy in April.

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