The PERFECT FLAME: Fertility and the Growth Environment thru FRACTALITY

with a Summary of Technologies Developed from FRACTAL FIELD THEORY



Dan Winter

new Mar 31, 2011

Presentation at

Alternative Science and Technology Research Organization (ASTRO) - Melbourne, Australia

Filmed and edited- by Ian Hacon- Nutech (Hydrolysis Research)



--the film- 2+hours- Digitally filmed- produced for full resolution.


ONLY this precise equation based symmetry-


is the form taken, the cause, and mechanism of



-life force

- color

- perception

- bliss / enlightenment

- origin of alphabet of psycholokinesis of symbol by initiating plasma compression (creation) in the aura

because this golden ratio fractal phase conjugation is the cause of all centripetal, self-organizing and electro-negative forces


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