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Offer: A magical encounter with .. Dan Winter!


Dan Winter as many know him .. Full of passion and focus on the explanation of a phenomenon that intrigues him ..

Dan Winter as many know him .. Full of passion and focus on the explanation of a phenomenon that intrigues him ..


A magical encounter with .. Dan Winter!

Are you coming?


Sundial WantToKnow center and open the lecture year with fireworks firm .. Because go there but just to sit. We managed, none other than Dr. Then get Winter to the Netherlands for a second or so penetrating readings. Needless to say, will bring his "mind-boggling" information you on the edge of your seat and your view of the world will shake firmly .. But first, let Dan Winter  (November 13, 1952) as a unique phenomenon to imagine. Dan Winter, you have the unique opportunity to meet him and his lectures to attend ..! Not to listen to boring science but to get acquainted with the deep-impressive overall vision and work of this pioneer.

Did you know that the Golden Ratio is the cause of the attraction of the Earth ...? Heard of this statement? It is one of the by Dan Winter demonstrated bridges between geometry and physics, you can confidently call revolutionary .. danwinter presentationDan Winter's background is as wide as his interests ..! He graduated in various disciplines such as psycho-physiology and source languages ​​..! It's about time to mention two ..

He also worked as an adjunct to his academic background as a system analyst at IBM and as an industrial metallurgist (metal expert) and crystal connoisseur. He did further studies in the field of quantum physics and modeling in space laboratory quality MIT, part of Harvard University.

A cookie dough to Dan Winter's .. The basic geometric shapes, resulting from the Golden Mean / flower of life ..

A cookie dough to Dan Winter's .. The basic geometric shapes, resulting from the Golden Mean / flower of life ..

Dan Winter connects similarly simple knowledge of the Hopi Indians with bioplasma, as he combines free energy with the geometry of the legendary engineer Buckminster Fuller. And while there are many who follow his stories and theories; because one of its unique qualities is that his expertise areas can connect with old knowledge of the Earth. Dan Winter example also studied the theosophy of sage Gurdieff and he was to be found in the magical garden of Findhorn where the elemental manifest ..!

In between the magician performed this also to be a professional musician keyboard .. Yeah .. but equal To tell it, he played organ and conductor of the choir .. He holds therefore again to play the keyboard with programmed / recorded sounds of Nature; For example, with the tones of the human heart, the singing of dolphins and whales etc. His creative side emerges on a just as playful as he thus manifests itself in the field of science ..! In short .. highly acclaimed public, come and see ..!

What do you get when you integrate logical exceptional knowledge and spiritual wisdom? As Dan Winter does. Unique information arises about:

  • love and life,
  • euphoria and 'bliss'
  • personal development and transformation,
  • biophysics and physics of alchemy,
  • DNA and epigenetics,
  • free energy and anti-gravity,
  • implosion physics and plasma physics,
  • esoteric and occult science,
  • sacred geometry and the golden ratio,
  • fractals and self-organization,
  • sustainable ecosystems and biological architecture,
  • wisdom traditions and mystery schools,

Dan Winter blossembut also information about:

  • the muzikaal-, electrically, multidimensionaal-, holographic universe,
  • structured water,
  • medicine frequency,
  • non-local and endless consciousness,
  • heart coherence,
  • biofeedback,
  • successful life (but also dying) and
  • extraordinary secrets of the cosmos and the earth and human nature?

Get acquainted with this particular speaker, author, engineer and an independent researcher who goes through life as Dan Winter! Dan Winter's background is as diverse and multidisciplinary its suggestion. Cum Laude graduate of the University of Detroit, he worked as a protégé of Dr. Albert Axe and was responsible for the development of the first forms of biofeedback systems (he was also one of the first researchers in the field of 'intention' and 'heart coherence' measurements)!

Dan Winter is a living encyclopedia of knowledge in many areas, he combines mythology, culture and science and even "channeled" information, which he creates a fascinating picture of the interconnectedness of everything and how this profound unity can be approached from different disciplines and frames of reference. Therefore has a unique perspective on "free energy", antigravity, true sustainability and ecology, which is of great importance for our future.

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Designed by him unique and heart coherence biofeedback devices are now for the first time in The Netherlands in personal sessions Sundial Centre in late January! Dan Winter also provides personal advice in the field of "free energy" and renewable energy projects. And of course all topics will be discussed during the two days of lectures / intensive with Dan Winter, who Healing Sound Movement and WantToKnow organized together for you! . More information about the Willie Wortel this time, Dr. Dan Winter can be found at these sites:

goldenmean.info and fractalfield.com   Wherever you find his latest work: fractalfield.com/fractalspacetime )

animated torus

To one of the many, many examples of the insane "drive" that Dan has winter, the following example: In the 1990s he founded in the Blue Ridge Mountains a 'San Graal School of Sacred Geometry and in Waynesville, North Carolina he founded the "Biodome Healing Center" .. He is inspirer of many projects that he is not himself initiated -for verandering-. The many lectures he gave the world over the years, going over the evolution of consciousness, sacred geometry (a lot recurring theme!) And coherent emotions. Dan Winter is in favor of regulating our heart creations via biofeedback coherent emotions. (And of course he did pioneering pioneering work in this area!).

Dan Winter -wereldwijd- believes that we are able, through this heart coherence to manifest Love like a wave, which is infinitely multiplies itself and nondestructive can be observed outside yourself. He did a lot of pioneering research in this field, in which the internet all over the world about 1000 'hearts' were connected. The concept that gave shape, demonstrates that our collective power of 'hearts trained with the feeling of compassion' our world recreated FULL; an extremely empowering phenomenon and perhaps even a turning point in the evolution of our consciousness ..!

Water Healing
One of Dan Winter's inventions is based on the pioneering work of the 'water scientist' Viktor Schauberger . A 'Imploder' is installed in the water supply and ensures the healing of (drinking) water. Again based on sacred geometry and the golden section.

Dan Winter implodernozzle

To describe Dan Winter, you can, as you see, better start with the name of scientific areas which it is NOT working, then you can go fully describe what he does .. DO!

Interview with John Consemulder
John had a long time ago an interview with Dan Winter, via Skype. If you are interested, listen to this interview, you can do so below. .


Private sessions with Dan Winter ..?
Then Monday, February 2nd and Tuesday, February 3, if necessary. available for private sessions. For this you can think of individual sessions (approximately 1 hour) For this two options are available:

  1. Biofeedback through heart coherence. Explanation and equipment; Biofeedback experience : you can by Dan developed HeartsRing.com HRV (Heart Rate Variability) respiratory entrainment apparauur experience, but also his Heart Tuner heart coherence (as you can in a fun and very enjoyable way to learn to develop empathy!) and his Brainwave Tuner Bliss (to experience 'euphoria and feelings of bliss and' bliss')! See also HERE 
  2. A coaching and consultation in the field of electrical engineering, free energy, nonlinear (bio) physics, renewable energy, organic architecture and ecological or environmental projects. For all your questions, solutions and advice for innovative and sustainable projects so!

You can subscribe to book this individual session via: info@centrumzonnewijzer.nl or info@healingsoundmovement.com . All sessions are on an individual basis and take an hour, the cost for a unique personal session are € 75, - Do you want more information about, please contact us! We will give you information on a personal basis and can make an appointment and plans ..! x


Program lectures:

There is a huge choice from the work of Dan Winter, to present here in the Netherlands.

Dan Winter has the special ability to complex technical and scientific knowledge to make very clear and understandable to laymen. Knowledge or a technical or scientific background is not necessary, rather you are interested in the power of love and the magic of life! Dan Winter will focus on what his findings, theories and inventions all have to do for our people and the future of this planet and mankind!

It is mainly because the cultural, social, scientific and spiritual implications and consequences, Dan Winter from a unit-minded and solution-oriented approach these days as experience so special. Needless to say perhaps that his presentations accompanied with beautiful illustrative audiovisual means. The official language is English, there are breaks and there are Sundial Centre sandwiches, soups, pastries and of course coffee and tea to consume. Parking on site and completely free, all day!

We chose the following program:


Lecture / intensive Saturday, January 31

11:00 to 18:00 hours

"Fractal Spacetime ' X

Fractal (self-repeating) Period:

Cause of ALL implosive and centripetal forces.

(Including the constitution, our self-healing ability, perception, gravity and free energy)

Dan Winter reveals a stunning presentation, his latest insights in the field of life energy, consciousness, perception, coherent emotions, happiness and even free energy and antigravity. You will share any special knowledge and information, which he recorded in his latest book "Fractal Spacetime.

What about his dramatic and convincing proof of the fact that the Golden Ratio is the solution for many of the current problems in our Earth Field. Why are harmonious relationships, the golden section, spirals, tori and fractals are so important and they can make a statement - and solution - forms for just about everything in the universe? This is more than a lecture on 'sacred geometry' and 'fractal solutions': The Winter brings us the science of the future for a world in chaos ..!

As a special "bonus" for this day, will then give in these lectures day a unique presentation on the latest international developments in the field of plasma physics, free energy (zero point energy, energy from the vacuum) and antigravity, where he is involved is at! Are you interested in this information (which not everyone is capable to "digest") take to you, we invite you cordially to come ..! With self-evident extensive possibilities for questions and answers, at the end of the sessions.

Contribution access this Lecture 1: € 45, -


Lecture / intensive Sunday, February 1st

12:00 to 18:00 hours

"The ET origin of DNA '

(The extraterrestrial origin of our DNA)

Many years, ten languages ​​Dan Winter exceptional insights about the extraterrestrial origin of our genetic material (DNA) discussed in his books and in his many lectures and video material. Now he will be expanded for the first time in the Netherlands do this story explained, using the latest knowledge, facts and insights will merge into a story where you will listen to the tips of your seat to the true history and future of mankind!

A corner of the veil? Dan Winter will reveal for the first time what he thinks is necessary to understand how the human abnormal blood composition (implosion in the blood) of the Draco Annunaki, find specific reflected in our religious history and why this is the key for the evolution of our species (and the essential difference between 'telepathy' and 'empathy' is)!

As a special "bonus" for this Sunday, Dan Winter will also give you a special presentation on the spiritual implications of his "Physics of Alchemy (the physics of Alchemy), where he will explain the relationship with phenomena such as bliss (euphoria) and "bliss" and successful life (immortality)! With self-evident extensive possibilities for questions and answers, at the end of the sessions.

Contribution access this Lecture 2: € 45, -


Where the lectures are held?

Center Sundial
John & Renske Consemulder.

Bedrijvenweg 24,  1424 PX Uithoorn x

(This industrial "Uithoorn" is near Aalsmeer (Schiphol) and Kudelstaart)

CLICK HERE for a PDF with maps showing the location of the center, at 'Bedrijventerrein Uithoorn'



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Book for both days / lecturing, you get € 20, - discount
You do not pay € 90, - only € 70, -!

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 We would like to welcome this unique dis-encounter with Dan Winter!


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