Life Force "Fractal Field"

Pyr (fire in center) by Phi (Golden Ratio): A PYRAmidal Puri-PHI-er

Update May 2018: Pyraphi continues to be unavailable due to the tragic death of our heroic construction partner Andrew-
meantime we are developing for you LIFE FORCE - measurement tools- to allow you to build charge implosion (sacred space) in your own structures
(as well as developing new accurately tuned pyramid frame kits) -
please see (EEG app with options)- life force measurement options

It's simple- we are trying to teach a pure principle here. There is a FIELD EFFECT- and charge field that creates life- versus death (Note the book 'Seed of Knowledge' below). Would a rose grow if it was not shaped like a rose. The reason all living things require a field effect environnment which 'looks like a rose' (phase conjugate / or fractal)- is this allows efficient distribution of charge- which is a DEFINER of LIFE! This is the only way- the sacred and the divine can be created and understood. ONLY when this is understood is it possible to know WHAT ARCHITECTURE IS FOR! (how health and bliss are maintained).

from Dan Winter, Implosion Group and Friends, July, 2011 Index:
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Science has long known that in a liquid - if charge distribution efficiency (same as fractality) is good ( called Redox: Electron availability to react) - THEN - life processes are facilitated.
Why has not physics realized that ability to get charge into efficient distribution (fractal) also is life or death- in AIR .. in space?

We have all known and felt - live air versus dead air- yet few have done the electrical engineering to measure the difference- and produce the field effect we KNOW is powerful in most any sacred ancient church. Korotkov and others (graphics below -& at architecture link- fractality in air - MEASURED) - have pioneered work that defines this difference. Follow-the shaman to the ('sacred') place they go to 'telephone' their ancestors- air measurements there are FRACTAL! Carl Jung needs updating: the collective unconsious DNA radio - actually is limited by the (phase conjugate) space where you make the phone call (Staying in metal framed buildings with dead air is literally soul-killing). Actually it is simple all living process happens more quickly and easily if charge distribution is made perfect. (literally: the DIVINE- meaning perfectly branched or fractal)

The electric field which creates this self similar or fractal field is called 'phase conjugate dielectric' in electrical engineering terms- and those in the know - understand why this is bioactive and powerful ( - see bottom) .These developments in creating literally life giving electric field are going to revolutionize many fields in biology and architecture.

Along with Korotkov- we pioneered the electrical measure of sacred space ( - the place where harmonics implosively become inclusive - the fractality which defines LIFE!).. but we went further- here we show that once you know the measurement physics of life force in sacred space- you prove you know by BUILDING IT!

With the Pyraphi we demonstrate how literally 'hair raising' spiritual power is. More than a life force generator / concentrator - meditative power implosive cocoon - the physics extends to triggering regeneration and growth - reducing electrosmog (and reducing radioactivity-we shall show), electrically conditioning to that 'ringing presence' whole life space. The principle is quite simple: the centripetal charge space (vacuum compression gone implosive) in the center- sorts all entering waves into ONLY those which can be propagated fractally. THAT charge propagation made efficient is the (fractal) electrical common denominator of EVERY living thing.

Scaled by planck and hydrogen and golden ratio accurately- this living capacitor - like no other - is the first REAL electrical engineering build of the ancient concept : The SHEM. The Shem is a 'highward fire stone' fractal capacitor (phase conjugating dielectric implosive generator) - later called - the ALTAR in church, the origin of SCHEMe (matrix by design) and the word SHEM-an, and CHEMistry and alCHEMy... literally : access to a black hole!


The "Pyraphi": Living Architecture now has an electrical definition!
See More below- about What is a LIVING 'Phase Conjugate or Fractal'
- Centripetal - ELECTRIC FIELD.. Just like the one at Stonehenge which Replicably Increases Seed Germination

Designed using the revolutionary plasma implosive phase conjugate electric physics of the sacred-
planck/ hydrogen/golden ratio metric ... by Dan Winter,
Built like the Ark of the Covenant- of special geometric hardwood -precisely phase angled- real gold- ..and 'egg' ceramic
by Master Builder Andrew.-

Construction is delayed due to the tragic death of our partner Andrw- in lightning on solstice- more info email to:

PyraPhi is a "Fractal Field" Charge Imploder-
(precisely idealized 'phase conjugate dielectric' bioactive capacitive field effect generator)
applicable to
- concentration of focus and meditation
-concentration of life force, freshness, and vitality
-reduction of electrosmog, and radiation (even radioactivity) by the principle of dielectric phase conjugation
-concentration of implosive charge for biologic rock powders (purifying lakes, triggering growth)
- natural cooling effect:'fractal fridge' (implosive compression eliminates heat)
-triggering growth- bone and tissue regeneration (living electric field)
-birth / death / initiation (see "Vairocana Effect")
.. and more..


We will be expanding the tests with these electrically centripetal structures- soon to add phase conjugate MAGNETICS to measure pain reduction!

Just for comparison- see the larger : ICOSAPHI-


Powerful centripetal charge field: will - accelerate growth, reduce radioactivity, preserve life force (food etc).
To be added soon: phase conjugate MAGNETICS: pain reduction, healing acceleration.


It's simple- we are trying to teach a pure principle here. There is a FIELD EFFECT- and charge field that creates life- versus death (Note the book 'Seed of Knowledge' above). Would a rose grow if it was not shaped like a rose. The reason all living things require a field effect environnment which 'looks like a rose' (phase conjugate / or fractal)- is this allows efficient distribution of charge- which is a DEFINER of LIFE! This is the only way- the sacred and the divine can be created and understood. ONLY when this is understood is it possible to know WHAT ARCHITECTURE IS FOR! (how health and bliss are maintained).

Read more about the technology Dan Winter pioneered for measuring the weak electrical field harmonics- to quantify life force:

Read more about how Dan Winter- created a leading International Curriculum for BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE- centered around his new definition of LIFE FORCE- creation in structures electrically:

-------back to Pyraphi description:

The Pyraphi life force concentrator / fractal field generator is a powerful (and measureable) way to enhance inner focus / meditation- because of it's centripetal electric field.
(See below how it produces fractality in air- measure with GDV system).

In order to make this powerful meditator design PORTABLE:
the pyraphi comes in a special quickly collapsed and packed design
(5 gold rods/ and top pieces / gold eggs / bottom special charged hemp / gold thread base)
- ready to fit in it's custom case-


Notice the pent-lapis stone and gold mount.on the right bottom in the case..


making it EASY to wander to your favorite sacred space-
and FEEL (by implosive charge embedding perfected) the vibes!


gold eggs labelled

Read about how the special Gold Phase Conjugate Egg's are used & measured:

Best way to Embed & FEEL the field- at your favorite DOLMEN...

pyraphi2 pyraphi6
1 2
3 3b
9 11

Notice-the symmetry in the gold thread base..precision produces 'charge' compression- sacred space!

Our official architect for commercial PYRAPHI and ICOSAPHI (new) - design installations:
Michael Rice
- here are some (6 images ) of his early designs for these installs

(natural food stores, healing centers, and more.. anywhere people seek peak experience)

three four  

More on understanding the SCIENCE behind PYRAPHI:- what is a phase conjugate or fractal field- what does it look like- what does it do?

To understand- what is happening to the bioactive electric field inside- we use the analog:

The Pyraphi is a modern day ARK OF THE COVENANT!


They are both built of a precise trace mineral rich- fine grained HARDWOOD- with the correct bioactive dielectric coating (sea shell based shellack in the case of pyraphi)- THEN they are both precisely coated with PURE GOLD. They are both built in a precise geometry - based on perfect electrical embedding- in the case of PYRAPHI- based on hydrogen and planck.

They both then create a centripetal plasma capacitive electric field which is

- bioactive- accelerates metabolism, mentation (rate of thought), density of meditation etc. (perception in general is the result of phase conjugating field lines)

- would affect growth rates, germination rates, charged rock materials for agriculture

- intended also to sort the phase of electric lines - meaning reduced pollution.. actually the room will have more echo as a result (sacred space is produced)

- we intend to prove that the PYRAPHI - like the ARK OF THE COVENANT before it- demonstrates the principle of NON-DESTRUCTIVE CONTAINMENT OF RADIOACTIVITY.

The colorful story - check Anton Parks - , and Ages of URAS:
the Annunaki- were playing with the Sirian nuclear technology- that is how they blasted their way thru the Van Allen belts- since they were too klutsy to navigate that well. Later the melted glass on the Sinai peninsula- is the result of one of their nuclear messes. Originally - their Sirian designed Ark of the Covenant was one of their devices to hold the nukes- and of course- the implosive nature of it's dielectric made it a voltage building ENGINE OF WAR.







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Our Imploder- Creates Living Growth Energy in Water-
By Phase Conjugating the flow lines in precisely the same symmetry
-except Hydrodynamically -AND phase conjugating MAGNETICALLY
(like poles can attract!)
(as opposed to Di-Electrically- as in the Pyraphi- note the symmetry to do it is IDENTICAL)

- For detailed info on "The Imploder":


imploder banner

- Breakthru Implosive (Hydrodynamic AND Magnetic) Phase Conjugate Liquid Treatment Technology


Now More about The Pyraphi:
LifeGiving Bioactive 'Phase Conjugate' FRACTAL FIELD



We have built a preliminary example of an equation based - fractal capacitor..
the field effect is biologicall palpable, dramatic..

We are in the process of proving bioactivity:

-seed pretreatment


-plant growth

-food storage

related tests include- ability to eliminate electrosmog,
and stimulate growth (in bone - or even in stem cells)


The ancient shem or highward fire stone (translated as 'altar' in church)- is a phase conjugating dielectric- (prevents aging when used properly)..

in the same way- the (p.c.dielectric) Ark of the Covenant- would generate the field for white gold powder manufacture (-the white wafer later called shewbread or 'holy communion)..

AND could non-destructively contain radioactivity

(in the same way the phase conjugate dielectric field of human plasma - focused human attention- does measureably cause charge fields to compress- and reduce radioactivity measureably.

(More on Phase Conjugate Dielectric Fields - bottom here..)

The KEY is the symmetry which allows field effects to become CENTRIPETAL..

Imagine a rose in 3D - its effectively a stellated golden ratio DODECA-
scaled by planck length - and stellated by golden ratio.

See Dan Winter's new formula to predict the SIZE of hydrogen:


April 2010 Insert: See how the SYMMETRY (below- 5 spins inside / 7 out of the ANU and Ophanim Sigil - creates a palpable and useable charge plasma field- a sneak preview of - the New Fractal LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATOR.. a "PyraPhier":

Designed to commercially prove:

-perfected food storage / freshness maintainer

-perfected seed and agricultural storage / life force concentrator

-perfected medicines / homeopathic storage..

-perfected metabolic rate accelerator - for digesters, and more

Note we will also soon be offering with the growth enhancing product line- a series of
agricultural products including: The PYRAPHI:
(here) which is a phase conjugate or fractal electric or dielectric bioactive field generator.

In addition to the device itself- we are assembling dramatic evidence that this life giving field effect
generator - can be used (as the scientific evidence shows- was Stonehenge) to pretreat seed for a dramatic
growth effect.

We will also be offering a new line a agricultural growth accelerators- all extremely organic and naturalwhich
because they have been electrically charged inside this field effect- will also create dramatic
germination and growth acceleration. These include:
a) - fractal field - rock sands (piezo calcite / quartz and other special stone powders) which by virtue of their
being stronging electrically ringing from the charge of the PC field effect, will create life giving charge
around the growing plant or the water. To see a bit of the history of this- see
That excellent german group has been famous for years- showing that a small amount of this highly charge
white sand- will - in addition to the seed growth effectvery
quickly for example cause a cloudy and polluted lake to clarify!
The difference between what they distribute - and our product- is that we will teach the exact measureable
physics and (self empowering) principle of what (phase conjugate) electric field produced the growth effect
in the rock powders.
We will soon offer more photos and evidence of these effects as well.

b) - fractal field- Agricultural Ormes. Be introduced to the thousands who are using agricultural Ormesphase
conjugate, or rhodium iridium emulates- for dramatic growth effects - for example with Barry Carter:
When we combine the natural phase conjugate electric field of these (inexpensive growth effect) materialswith
charging inside their correct surrounding electric field- the PYRAPHI- we amplify their ability to
radiate their life giving FRACTAL electric field.

c) - fractal field - Effective Microorganisms: It is well known that if you place your compost pile - in a
fractal field- you accelerate metabolism. The key is to know - the (fractal) measureable 'place of powder' -
where the ley lines cross in a rose- for example. This is why the phase conjugate dielectric coating which
are part of THE PYRAPHI concept - will revolutionize digester and fermentation related industries - see
If as part of that your very large micro reservoir has a population of the correct BIOSUSTAINABILITYpermaculture-
INTELLIGENT MICROORGANISM- population- what is now proven is that effectively
this colony of microorganisms- becomes so intelligent- in a sense they literally RUN THE FARM! For
example - this is how - in the studies of our friends- like Malcolm Borgward of Perth, and Rob Gourlay of
Canberra- that farms with thriving colonies of the RIGHT microorganisms- show in overhead photos- they
are the ones that survive huge waves of pests eating the rest of the countryside.
Well- by treating the microorganism colony to the inspired metabolic field effect- we amplify their growth
(and selforganization) curve.
So these above 4 items- in combination will be the complementary FRACTAL FIELD TECHNOLOGIES -
we will soon be distributing thru our IMPLODER network.
Stay tuned to announcements as we assemble more of the necessary results and documentation- especially
with the help of Colin - in our FRACTAL FIELD -testing lab here in South France..

Here is a new film intro, July 2010- to our P.C.Dielectric: Fractal Field- PYRAPHI - Capacitive Life Force Field Generator

(or see link:

Feel the energy of the new large raw hemp and real gold BASE of the PyraPhi (fractal fridge):

You can almost feel the breeze of charge it generates even thru the computer...



The Natural Coolness is the result of non-destructive charge compression:

The Conic angle is precisely implosive, gold coated strut and inverted gold top:


The Fractal Fridge: A COHERENT Kooler.. "Pining Away for Something Cool".

FRACTAL FRIDGE "pining for something cool"
The ultimate space to MEDITATE- or keep food fresh and alive.


1. Freshness = the ability to attract and hold (capacitive) charge. ( Measurement of life: , Predictor of Germination: ). Freshness is the charge radiance and turgor pressure which conserves and propagates life force by symmetry.

2. Only IMPLOSIVE ( Egg or Pine Cone Like) symmetry creats FRACTAL ATTRACTION to center - for charge. Fractality is physics only perfect compressor to attract.

3. Perfect IMPLOSIVE charge CREATES KOOLNESS - AND - HOLDS LIFE. Schauberger's Implosion vortex started working (making charge / life from gravity ) JUST AT THE TIME THEY SPONTANEOUS STARTED GETTING COLDER. ( see water vortex pic below)

4. Golden Mean Ratio creates this KOOL way to COOLness AND LIFE- because this symmetry for charge compressing (see: a PINE CONE) - because this allows NO destructive interference (heat) as the waves converge:

more on this soon at

--PYRAPHI- has a colorful history
see more at - where this box is exerpted from - also our major ET history index:

Important note: from a commercial perspective the history story is a highly forgettable - optional reading- nightmare- which is best and possible to wake up from ONLY when you learn the SCIENCE LESSON!

This Narrated Intro is to accompany the 20 new films at
How: The "Vairocana Effect: Hermetic Historical GRAIL Trail-Where LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATION by Fractality
- Created the Turning Points in the Evolution of Culture"

.. or the Real History of Science Behind the GRAIL- REINVENTED..

from Dan Winter- in part - a commentary on Vincent Bridges presentations in Malta.. (Note this summary begins with insights from Anton Parks - see , and - Ages of Uras. Then picks up with many insights from Vincent Bridges- who connects the Vairocana skill- Hermes revolution - to the cave / dolmen building sacred space cultures as they moved from Egypt to Malta to South France. Important to note here- that altho the synthesis in my view - fits together well- Vincent does not accept the writings in general of Anton Parks, although Anton Parks has written what I think are incredible insights into the origin of Thoth / Tehuti / Ningishidda- today:HERMES!...the hero of our story.)

Short historical summary: When the Annunaki- Draconian remnant culture arrived here pre-Sumeria (Sommaire="Dragon")- Enki's father An (launching from Pleades- a 'reptilian' stronghold) - was fleeing the Annuna Orion wars- in part because he had cheated on the Draco law which allowed only cloning as the reproductive method. Enki's mother was herself a genetic rebel and teacher of radical cloning techniques. Enki's other name: Nudimud meant 'the cloner' - later to be named the biblical SAMUEL- and origin of the Padma SAMbava..-who also melted the rock-with his plasma aura density- in the cave in the east.

The quintessential problem of the arriving Sumerian Annunaki- (Draco .. Annuna)- was biologic decay. That loss of ability to sustain- biologic vitality - is variously expressed- as being 'fallen' - meaning loss of charge attraction in blood and DNA - loss of bliss - loss of immortality.. In terms of how that was reported - in the Sumerian, in Sitchens (controversial) analysis- and now in Anton Parks- what we see consistently described - is their problem with (what they considered) premature aging. SO this was a premiere problem to assign to their head science team. Enki - was with his science leader Tehuti- (later called TWT- which in the bible is called DWD: the LINE OF DAVID- in Egypt his name Thoth- becomes the NAME OF THE LINE OF KINGS..). Today we refer to him as Hermes- and to what he discovered about making the fusion electric field which would produce life and reduce -aging- we call the HERMETIC REVOLUTION. Hermes symbol: the CADUCCEUS is pretty much an accurate physics graph of how you render approaching dielectric field lines- toward CONJUGATION (phase conjugation) and fusion. This is an accurate symmetry physics to describe how to make the electric field- which causes life.
Humor me- check out:Golden Ratio 'fractal' phase conjugate origin of all centripetal forces>Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness, Perception, Color>

In biblical terms- the arrangement of particular stone dolmen to function as capacitors- to fabricate that immortalizing field effect- was called- raising a SHEM unto the Lord. Later - that word SHEM (Sitchen calls it "highward fire stone"- meaning in effect FRACTAL OR CONJUGATE CAPACITOR) - was translated to mean THE ALTAR IN CHURCH, and originated our word SHEM-AN (A Shaman is one who knows how to make the field..). The way plasma fields make this SCHEM of SCHEME or symmetry- to create centripetal fusion- is the origin of our term alKHEMy and KHEMistry - as it is the key to FUSION (implosive compression) and ONENESS in general. (Fusion researchers learned from us - that their key element- palladium is profoundly dodecahedral- guess what geometry that makes: golden ratio - phase conjugate).

You can see a modern example- of a life giving electric field generator (analogous to the field effect at Stonehenge which causes seed germination) at , along with more electrical engineering description and testing.

In order now to introduce - the next segment in our thumbnail view - of the Hermetic history- it is necessary to understand a little bit about what happens to the plasma field around the human body - if you get really good at attracting charge (bliss). The plasma field gets dense. (Read more at ). Dense enough to melt stone.

The next heroes in our story are -Padma SAMbave- and John (Traphimius) son of Magdalen- both direct descendants of Thoth / Hermes- (Sam / Jon- meaning - to branch fractally as in Scion.). This is the real history of grail- meaning access to charge fractality / implosion in biologic plasma (beautiful graphic history : ).

This is where we pick up the story with Vincent Bridges- historical study (remember- Vincent himself - does not agree with the 'ET' Anton Parks - part of the story above- but his scholarship about more recent history is quite academically powerful.)

For this next part of the story -after reading this summary / intro - the reader is urged to view- the 4 films (out of 20) at which are Vincent Bridges- himself narrating this next part of story.

Vincent suggests that the lineage- probably of the Thoth / line of David- may well be related to the Doliocephallic (cone-head) skulls. They are often linked to the cone- head image of Akhanaton and Tut. (Twt.- aton- / ATUN- meaning Enki's line). These skulls lead us on a trail... Egypt, Malta, South France.. and later Peru. (My ET opinion of this- not Vincent's view - agrees with Daniel Stewart:"God King Akhunaton"'s view- that the ATUN / Akhanaton - lineage was somehow linked to Sirius.- the 'cone heads')

This is the part where the history meets the science. Vincent suggests that ancient cultures- like the Egyptians had learned how to assemble stones to create a life giving initiation field- which gave survival a leap forward. When (piezoelectric / paramagnetic) stones were arranged with the right (fractal) electric knowledge- what was produced was an electric field (phase conjugate dielectric)- which could:

- save agriculture during starving times by accelerating germination / growth / metabolism (see our measurements in the Pyraphi)

- initiate priests- accelerate mentation - focus thought- ( see how golden ratio phase conjugate EEG for peak perception -

- reduce aging / increase food storage- reduce decay

- provide an electrically fractal / charge distribution space where memory could be brought efficiently through BIRTH AND DEATH. (note how Korotkov measures the fractality in air - which indigenous people regularly make phone calls to their ancestors).

- now later today - in modern physics we now know this centripetal field (see Pyraphi) can be used for things like

+bone and tissue regeneration

+switching stem cell growth

+isolating from ELF pollution / EMF pulses
(Hint NASA announced that countries whose unprotected toasted transformers from the Carrington event- Solar Max/ RAPTURE event- would not be repairable in time.. WOULD NEVER RECOVER!)

+non-destructively containing radioactive materials
( for the same reason focused human attention: A Centripetal phase conjugate dielectric as self directing {see navigating death-Kluver as DNA fold sequence} as a donut turning inside out -
causes charge to compress ,
Bill Tiller measured, and radioactivity to decrease, Uri Geller et al - measured.. ).

This was one of the primary electrical functions of the Ark of the Covenant-History's poster-child of Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
(aside from its' field generation for gold powder / manna/ 'holy communion' manufacture- the Essene/Moses/Akunatun major cash cow..)
- why did they need a container for their nukes? : not only did the Annunaki nuke the Sinai -fused glass remains today- they also nuked their way thru the Van Allen Belt- which was to them otherwise un-navigable-see Anton Parks


So the short version of this story - is that the skill to build these kind of dolmen - moved from Amenti / Amarna in Egypt- where Akhunaton in ATUN's line- probably became the Moses who founded the Essene's science..
to the famous HYPOGEUM at Malta.. (pictures at )- and then on the South France- The skill to use these kinds of domains - to permit the birth of avatars/ masters- is behind the birth of John the son of Mary Magdalen - in the limestone cave depicted in Virgin in the Rocks- which we visited. (per Vincent) That John became - the Avatar of the Cathars and the TRAPHIMIUS- whose knee print melting the stone in the coffin lid- there - became the HOLY PLATTEN- or Parsifal's grail story.
GRAIL being the self organizing biological nature of charge plasma when it becomes FRACTAL - CENTRIPETAL- and PHASE CONJUGATE by Golden RATIO.

.. So -the real hermetic revolution is implementing the knowledge of building the fractal field. If you want the longer - more romantic version of the story.. see the films.
.. end color history of PYRAPHI.. back to the science intro

Billions of tourists annually- and and huge portion of the global economy- is spent - on getting access to so called 'sacred sites'. Obviously the feeling of being there justifies spending a major chunk of global money. And yet- no one ever even thought about learning the electrical engineering necessary to BUILD the field effect that makes a site sacred? We have taught how the actual acheivement of peak experience / bliss / ecstasy - with the help of such charge fields- is ESSENTIAL to immune health, and taking memory thru death (book: Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality)

Is this inability to deal with the concept of the sacred and creating sacred space- as SCIENCE - just a schizophrenia.. or shall we call it the comic strip "Adamic RACE?"

Dr Korotkov showed we could MEASURE the air and the field at sacred sites to determine if they were sacred (fractality in the space = charge distribution efficiency- the DEFINER of life). He found out by following the shamen to where they make phone calls to ancestors.

gdv AIR fractality

We designed the device (phase conjugate dielectric)..

phase conjugate eggs

which did this (see the 3 peaks) - each time we put it around Korotkov's little measuring antenna:

GDV measures cups

The frequency signature we use to phase conjugate the resins- corresponds to Golden Ratio fractality and hydrogen. This demonstrates we UNDERSTAND WELL in principle: what makes a field conjugate- and therefore distributeable. People think that by defining pure intention and the voice of ancestors- as a perfectly shareable wave- we are speaking poetry - this may be true - but this is also a precise physics.


The book "Seed of Knowledge" showed - any scientists with a 90 cent budget for seeds could replicably measure what a 'sacred site' - stone circle did to seed growth


Did any university biology department check this out?

NO - University Biology departments continue to construct buildings made of the field effect poisoning steel and aluminum. (The PRINCIPLE: Steel / Aluminum create a capacitor which is:
harmonic EXCLUSIVE- death making-
versus - biologic or 'phase conjugate' materials which create a capacitor - which like the heart HRV which tells you your immune system is sustainable- is
harmonic INCLUSIVE /
embedable/ fractal /
context rich /
connective for living plasma instead of isolating -
charge distribution= life- invites your aura/plasma to breathe, versus charge isolation= death
- read- )

Governments- keep wrapping their sacred sites in horrifying electrosmog and metal. Greece lined the Parthenon in steel rope! Scotland built a huge steel and aluminum cap completely covering Rosslyn Chapel. (Amateurs built Noah's ark- professionals built the Titanic).

The experience of bliss and peak perception and biologic charge which the ancients intended - is wiped out by the idiot 'scientists' of western government. These are the scientists- who like Einstein- because they have no clue what (fractal) field effect causes an object to fall to the ground (constructive Golden Ratio compression-produces acceleration- causes gravity)- also have no clue to how to make - the (perfected charge distribution) electric field which causes perception, life, and bliss / peak experience. (Science review: )


Some years ago, James Lovelock- author of the GAIA hypothesis was invited to contribute to the science software- in the game SIM-Earth. In this sophisticated software game environment- the player tries to adjust the ingredients on a test planet- in order to make life happen and grow. The factors- like cloud reflectivity / albeido, gravity, temperature- and hundreds of other variables are accurately programmed to test whether life is made possible. The tricky part of the code- which Lovelock- Mr GAIA- was invited to write- was to program the effect of what happens - when STONE DOLMEN- sacred stone circles- are built on the land. What does THAT do to evolution (from the point of view of bioscience)?

What Lovelock concluded and wrote into the code- was that Stone Dolmen - accelerate growth, population and civilization - but with the risk of premature resource burnout.

When we put the gold eggs treated with phase conjugate dielectric resin:

(which had measureably spiked Dr Korotkov's space fractality probe)

simply passively around a glass jar containing fermenting yeast:


we got a (very repeatable) 20-40 percent increase in fermentation rate. GROWTH ACCELERATION!

glucose consumed


(Rather like what happens when you get smart enough to locate your compost pile where ley lines cross...maybe that's where cities should be..
oh- the aboriginals knew that..
pity about modern architects.. guess they haven't reach stone age skill yet...).

The principle is simple- whatever facilitates constructive charge compression / acceleration/ and therefore charge distribution- ACCELERATES LIFE! Young children often succeed to explain this to their prehistoric biology teachers after attending our global seminars.



Below- techniques for measuring the life force generation capability of a space- electrically:

(see article- Biologically- why does harmonic inclusiveness= vitality: )
-Harmonic Inclusiveness In Weak Electric Field- (capacitively coupled) to measure life force..




Particularly note how SHUNGITE above- apparently shields electrosmog. This is a physics we can now optimize. The phase conjugate dielectric eliminates electrosmog by imploding all dielectric (field) flux lines through its center. From this implosive point- the plasma which is out of THE CONJUGATE PHASE DISCIPLINE- is phase cancelled. We can use this profoundly. Philips company in Netherlands- tried to use this in phase conjugate dielectric trace mineral- ceramics- for electrosmog shielding- BUT THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLE.

Grebennikov: Another similar example- is the insect hive skeleton whose capacitive field causes antigravity:


The principle- of phase conjugate dielectric:

Many have wondered how Wilhelm Reich - managed to imagine he had invented a field effect OUTSIDE of physics (a kind of schizophrenia we might say) - when he named ORGONE phenomena. Of course for one thing - he clearly did not understand how capacitive coupling works (Steiner had the same problem when he named 'etheric formative force' and projective geometry.). But most signficantly - he (they) did not understand how dielectric flux lines could PHASE CONJUGATE. This is perfectly analogous to the problem of those who today call these charge projective symmetries SCALAR or TORSIONAL fields. (The shungite issue).

Here is the correct way to understand the physics: 1. It is critical to understand that the very nature of living systems is that they arrange their molecular centers to be more FRACTAL or PHASE CONJUGATE. A simple example- is - one of the most living (charge distribution efficient) forms that WATER takes - is the dodecahedral CLATHRATE CAGE-:

The next image series is exerpted from : The essential symmetry of LIFE: "Get Fractal .. or Get Dead!" ===






Water - like DNA - can perhaps best be understood -from pure symmetry terms - as a device to permit the successful compression of electrical charge. The result of charge compression is the information density we call LIFE. To complete compression successfully - nature uses what every mathematician knows is the ONLY geometry for infinite or perfected - compression: FRACTALITY (self similarity). Golden Mean ratio is the essential dynamic of all PLANT SYMMETRY (phylotaxis) - and the basis of the FIVE SIDED - PENT nesting in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - which is the shape (5 sided) of most every living protein. The KEY connection - is understanding WHY Golden Mean ratio is the KEY to compression. This is because Golden Mean ratio is the key to self-similarity - which IS the key to compression.

===(End exerpt)..- We should emphasize- key to compression- is key to phase conjugating- which turns the compression in to acceleration of charge.. thus producing idealized charge distribution- and ATTRACTION.. the centripetal forces of the PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC.

So- molecules that get in golden ratio stellation geometry (the pent symmetry of most every living protein) - enact the golden ratio physics ( )- of CONSTRUCTIVE CHARGE WAVE ELECTRIC INTERFERENCE. Capacitively- that means the electric fields add and multiply constructively their PHASE VELOCITIES using golden ratio- and produce "scalar" or :"torsional" or "Orgone" wave interference- where perfected faster than light tunnelling create PERFECT SUPERLUMINAL- connections. And the plasma field becomes connective- because of the SOURCE OF ATTRACTION.

All of which is to say- the correct term for this field effect phenomenon- is PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC- which is more electrically precise than using words like ORGONE or SCALAR or TORSIONAL. This is why in the psychotronics literature- scalar waves are generated by wires in a caduceus. Because they are golden ratio generating.

The way we teach kids- this molecular symmetry: we say that molecules see how much fun - it is to join the CLUB called LIFE: a charge distribution communion. So they decide to join the dance rules: GET FRACTAL or GET DEAD. Once a molecule has been involved with the LIFE club- they generally remain in symmetry more FRACTAL - and therefore phase conjugating dielectrically. This is the physics of why it is better to build with ORGANIC materials- AND why organic materials layered between the plates of a capacitor - as the insulating dielectric- form what Reich - incorrectly labelled ORGONE MATERIALS.


When lasers phase conjugate in optics- the ray path effectively converges so precisely- in the 'non-linear' phase conjugate mirror- that it is like teaching two pine cones to kiss- nose to nose. That geometry creates a centripetal and self organizing force- essential to life and gravity itself.

A similar concept can be created- when the electric lines of force- approaching each other- in the insulator (dielectric material) between the plates of a capacitor. Barium strontium titanate- is used for this both in optics and in dielectrics.

Ultracapacitor / Ultra battery: For an example- of revolutionizing energy storage using this principle- - consider ( radically increased energy storage in a capacitive battery whose dielectric is conjugate).

The apparent ability of these phase conjugate materials to self-organize- is illustrated by the ALICE IN BARIUM TITANATE LAND- story.

More images / examles of phase conjugating dielectrics (implosive ?capactitance..)







Finally- more from Tom Bearden - an example of a bioactive phase conjugate dielectric:





Science Review: Phase Conjugation and HEALING..

This is simply a short reprint from some of Tom Bearden's helpful notes on Phase Conjugation, Self Organization and the Healing process.

It should be pointed out that Tom nicely notes the observable nature of self organization and self repair - in

The Tom Bearden Website

The Priore (Healing) Machine and Phase Conjugation

A Non-Technical Description of the Priore Process

In the 1960's and 1970's, in France Antoine Priore built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness.

In hundreds and hundreds of rigorous tests with laboratory animals, Priore's machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal, fatal diseases known today.

Funded by the French government in the amount of several million dollars, Priore's machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias, in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960.

Many of the experiments and tests were done by prestigious members of the French Academy of Sciences. Robert Courrier, head of the Biology Section: and Secretaire Perpetuel, personally introduced Priore's astounding results to the French Academy.

The operation of the Priore machine was seemingly incomprehensible. Many orthodox French scientists—some of them world renowned—were outraged at the success of such a machine, shrilling that science had nothing to do with "black boxes:."

They loudly called upon the inventor to explain the mechanism utilized by his machine, but the inventor either wouldn't or couldn't explain the curative mechanism.

Priore certainly knew how to build the machine and make it work. It is debatable to this day whether anyone—Priore included —actually understood its principle of operation.

Neither the French Academy nor Antoine Priore knew anything of phase conjugation at the time.

In fact, the entire Western World knew nothing of phase conjugation in the 1960's when Priore was getting his finest results. At that time, only the Soviets knew of time-reversed waves.

Certainly Priore's machine was impressive.

Into a tube containing a plasma of mercury and neon gas, a pulsed 9.4 gigahertz wave modulated upon a carrier frequency of 17 megahertz was introduced. These waves were produced by radio emitters and magnetrons in the presence of a 1,000 gauss magnetic field. Experimental animals were exposed to this magnetic field during irradiation, and the mixture of waves (some 17 or so) coming from the plasma tube and modulating and riding the magnetic field passed through the animals' bodies.

Amongst other things, a plasma can convert a transverse wave to a longitudinal wave. Also, phase conjugate (time-reversed) waves can be produced by plasmas. Priore's apparatus produced a scalar EM wave/signal with deliberately constructed, infolded components including phase conjugate waves.

One of Priore's intermediate devices.  This device cured terminal cancers
 and leukemias in thousands of laboratory animals.  
(Courtesy Bob Whitney)

One may roughly view a cancer cell as a normal human cell gone "awry" and out of control of the body's master cellular control system. The cancerous cells, viewed as a sort of separate, parasitic group of cells, form a special kind of organism having its own master cellular control system "level," immersed in the host's biopotential.*

*One strongly points out the relevance of Dr. Robert Becker's epochal experiments proving that cells can be dedifferentiated and redifferentiated electrically. Those experiments are strong indicators that the cancer cell should be capable of being reverted to its more primitive state—that of the normal cell—by electromagnetic means.

There is thus a specific, constant electromagnetic "delta" that differentiates the parasitic cancerous "organism" from the normal -human cellular organism.

This "delta" can be considered a sort of constant, complex-structured charge existing in the body's atomic nuclei. It's exactly as if the body biopotential had been charged up by Kaznacheyev's "death photons" for that specific cancer condition.

If this cancerous "delta" (which may be rather like a complex intermodulation mix of waves)—or a frequency shifted "transform" of it to a different frequency band—is phase conjugated, a specific healing delta frequency pattern results.

If phase conjugate replicas of a cancer's cell's specific "delta" frequencies are fed into the body having that cancer, the deviation of the cancer cell's master cellular control system will be "time reversed."

That will return the cancer cell to control of the animal's proper master cellular control system. The cancerous cell will be immediately destroyed, or reverted back to a normal cell of the animal.

A very similar process exists for just about every disease bacterium and infectious agent that attacks the body.

Phase Conjugates of 'Death Photons" are "Healing Photons"

The Kaznacheyev experiments in the Soviet Union proved that any cellular death and disease pattern can be induced by a specific electromagnetic pattern carried on an electromagnetic signal, if the target cells are bombarded with the pattern-carrying carrier signals for a length of time. What was not published of Kaznacheyev's work was the correspondent work showing electromagnetic reversal of cellular death and disease conditions by irradiating the diseased cell cultures by phase conjugate replicas of the pattern-carrying induction signal.

In simplified terms, if an action in forward time induces a condition, then the time-reversal of that action will reverse the condition.

The concept is almost laughably simple. The time-reversal of an electromagnetic disease process is a specific healing process for that disease.

In his device, Priore internally structured the carrier photons themselves—making them vacuum engines. He phase conjugated his vacuum engines, and then passed these time-reversed vacuum engines down and through a strong magnetic field which thoroughly penetrated all cells of the biological organism being treated.

The scalar components (structured photons) representing the time-reversal of the disease were absorbed and reradiated in all the cells, "charging up" the nuclei of the atoms in the organism to some potential level of the exact "healing and reversing pattern."

In the process, the cancer/leukemia pattern/charge also destroyed the cancer calls, or converted them back to normal cells as appropriate. 

As a highly simplified analogy, the complex signal - viewed as a scalar Fourier expansion - represented a "stress" against any abnormal cellular control system encountered and returned it to the normal cell's master cellular control system of the body.

Encountering the normal control system in normal cells, it produced zero stress.

Encountering the abnormal control system in tumerous cells, it produced great stress on it, reverting it to the normal control system of the body's normal cells.

Thus to a normal cell the Priore signal pattern acted somewhat as a comb passing through one's hair.

No interference occurred with the normal cell (one whose scalar control pattern is phase-locked to the body's master cellular control system and in phase with it).

The Priore signal stimulated and "stroked" the normal cell, but did not hurt it at all.

On the other hand, the scalar control pattern in and of an abnormal (cancerous) cell is out of phase with the body's master cellular control system, and is not phase-locked to it.

Hence the Priore signal caused direct interference with the abnormal cell's independent scalar control system. The interference pattern constituted the reconstruction of normal energy directly in the cancerous cell, and also jammed its abnormal scalar life signal.

This destroyed the cancerous cell by two mechanisms: (1) physical energy was kindled directly in the abnormal cell, causing direct mechanical damage, and (2) the cancerous cell, being an "independent living critter," had its scalar life channel (connecting its primitive "mind" to its "body") jammed and stopped.

If the cancerous cell was reverted to a normal cell by the Priore stress before being destroyed, it became just a normal cell and the Priore stress had no further effect upon it.

The Effect is Universally Applicable

Any disease with cellular, biochemical, or genetic basis can be cured in like fashion.

Priore's method, for example, was clearly shown to be able to completely reverse clogging of the arteries with fatty deposits, and to be able to lower the cholesterol level to normal, even in the presence of an abnormally high cholesterol diet.

His method also showed complete mastery and cure of sleeping sickness and trypanosome-induced illnesses.

Often Priore found that every cell of the body—even the hair— must be irradiated and treated ("charged up") with the signal, for the disease pattern was in every cell. The master cellular control system is holographic—the pattern (substructured potential with its dynamic, oscillating components) is in each component (each atomic nucleus, hence in each cell.)

Every structural level of the body larger than the cell also has its own correlated pattern, or modulation, on the overall.

A biological organism can regenerate lost limbs, for example, if it can utilize its natural recovery process in a Priore manner.

Even though Priore's work was presented to the French Academy of Sciences by Robert Courrier, the prestigious head of the Biology Section, the Academy could not understand the device and its functioning.

That was because the Academicians knew nothing of scalar electromagnetics, and phase conjugation, and the Priore machine was a scalar electromagnetic device using phase conjugation.

In the Mid-70's It Ended

In 1974, a change of local government lost Priore his government supporters. His support and funding were lost.

Ironically, Priore was just completing a 4-stories-tall apparatus capable of radiating and treating entire human bodies. It would have been capable of curing cancer and leukemia in humans rather than just in laboratory rats. (His previous machines were much smaller, and only a small animal could be irradiated whole-body.  In that machine Priore used a "1amp," a special section, in which 17 specific frequencies were mixed and modulated upon the 9.4 gigahertz carrier.

The large, special, phase-conjugating plasma tube for Priore's giant
device.  The final machine would have treated humans "whole-body."
(Courtesy Bob Whitney)

Capping assembly for the top of Priore's giant plasma tube device.  The 
last device would have treated human patients "whole-body."  The cap assembly was
on the third floor of the device.
(Courtesy Bob Whitney)

The machine was large enough to irradiate humans over their whole body. It should have been capable of curing cancer and leukemia in two five-minute irradiations, one week apart.

While Priore was still alive, with my associates I spent nearly two years of my life in an effort to bring the Priore device to market and into the mainstream of medical research and development.

Robert Whitney, Frank Golden, and Tony Gideon played the major role, going to France and negotiating directly with the Priore group and the French government.

Verbal agreements with both the Priore group and with the French government were obtained. The machines were to be built, assembled, and tested in Bordeaux. Then they were to be dismantled and shipped to the purchasers—large medical research and development laboratories where they would be reassembled on site.

A group of wealthy backers was going to provide the necessary millions to fund the effort. Final contracts were being drawn.

Mysteriously, all funding for the project was suddenly withdrawn. Our backers were "leaned on" very hard and strongly threatened. Nothing we could do could revive the project.

Priore never again recovered his funding, and later died. The machine fell into disarray and was disassembled.

However, the proof that the requisite time-reversed signal can be produced, and will ride down a magnetic field, to penetrate every cell and every atomic nucleus in the body, is already in the present hard-core physics literature, if one knows where to look and how to properly interpret the work.

The fact that such signals can reverse nearly every major cellular illness condition of the body also has been proven by Priore and the scientists who worked with him, and it is in the French scientific literature.

The Priore-type cure for AIDS and other diseases only requires the necessary funding and personnel to be redeveloped and reestablished.

A Non-Technical Description of the Priore Process


A Non-Technical Description of the Priore Process

by Tom Bearden
November 9th, 2000

In simple terms, it works like this.  There are two mechanisms in the body of concern to treatment of disease and recovery from disease and damage.  One is the immune system, which is like the soldiers on a battlefield.  It attacks the "bad guys" (the invaders) and destroys them.  After a great battle, usually it wins (or we would all die), and the battlefield is littered with the residue.  The immune system also has large "scavenger" cells when then come in and "clean up the residue".  Thereafter, the function of the immune system is over.  It does not "heal" anything, even its own damaged cells.
The actual "healing" system in the body is the cellular regenerative system, poorly studied, and in fact mostly studied by Becker.  This is an electromagnetic system, but of a rare kind not used in our common power systems, communication systems, etc.  Instead of using the common transverse EM waves, this system uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves.  Ugh!  A time-polarized EM wave is an energy current in the time domain, and the basis for such does appear in a very modern physics theory called quantum field theory.  There we are introduced to time-polarized photons, for example.  The easiest way to "visualize" a time-polarized oscillation is that, instead of oscillating energy in space, the wave oscillates the rate of flow of time just a little bit.  So it is a "compression and rarefaction of the local rate of flow of time", so to speak.
Anyway, just as biological systems used common electromagnetism, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation etc. for eons before Maxwell finally glued together magnetism and electricity, it has also used this "time-domain" type of "hidden" electrodynamics since the beginning.  In fact, it uses it to heal damaged cells, etc.  It works this way:
After the Russians briefed Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientists in 1972 about a strange kind of electromagnetic wave that would suddenly appear in experiments and "restore order", modern phase conjugate optics was born.  In extremely simple terms, suppose you "squeeze" (pump) a little particle of nonlinear mass with spatial-energy (normal) EM waves at certain frequencies, and then "tickle" the rhythmically squeezed mass with a separate little EM wave that you input.  Oddly, the energy in the "pumping" waves will be transformed into a strange kind of "backwards traveling" or "crawfish" wave that backtracks the path that the little input wave took.  In short, this strange "time-reversed" wave in essence is in magnitude some fraction or amplification of the input wave, and it propagates back along the path taken by the input wave -- even if the input wave itself is already "gone"!
So with NORMAL pumping with spatial energy, we create an amplified time-reversal spatial energy wave that REVERSES whatever the input wave did.
Here is the magic in the Priore process:  If we pump (squeeze rhythmically) a living cell in the TIME domain, we pump every part and point of it simultaneously.  So we produce an amplified "time-reversal force wave" on each and every part of the mass-energy comprising the cell.  The miraculous thing is that we then precisely "time-reverse" the entire cell and all its parts -- including the genetics itself -- back along the previous path through time that the cell took in having changes occur to it -- such as diseases and damage!
Not only can we amplify and time-reverse the energy in a normal EM wave, but we can now also amplify (shorten the time required to change) and time-reverse the energy comprising a living mass.
We can gradually reverse the damaged or diseased cell back to an earlier physical condition, before the damage or disease was there!  The cell itself gradually physically changes.
That is the basic mechanism, uncovered by this researcher, that every living biological system uses to heal itself.  That is the final mechanism that Becker so ardently sought and so closely approached in his epochal work, and that is the mechanism that was responsible for the astounding cures achieved by the Priore team in France in the 1960s and early 1970s.
It took me 14 years to decipher that mechanism, so simply explained above.
Anyway, the body ages only because gradually the cellular regenerative system deteriorates a bit, and so can no longer fully restore the cells back to full youthful vigor.  The aging process itself can also be reversed and "cured" by precisely the same process.  We emphasize that all the treatment does is accelerate and enhance the human body's own natural healing mechanism -- which still does not appear in our medical science, because the type of electrodynamics used by the body's healing process has not even been applied (and seldom even studied) by Western medical scientists.
A rigorous theoretical basis for the foregoing can now be established from the pioneering advanced electrodynamics work of a few great pioneers, such as Evans and Barrett.  The electrodynamics that results is in fact a unified field theory, which is now shown by those researchers.  Particularly the magnificent higher symmetry O(3) electrodynamics advanced by Evans has "met in the middle" with Sachs' unified field theory, and so the combined Sachs-Evans theory is now able to fully model and explain the mechanisms involved.
Yet our scientific community remains hostile to the very notion of EM healing, even though the natural healing mechanism used in all biological systems is purely electrodynamics -- albeit a most unusual form of electrodynamics that the medical scientists do not study.
I also found a way independently to greatly accelerate the Priore method, and then discovered later that French researchers had previously uncovered this mechanism, without at all understanding it.  Nonetheless they first demonstrated it.  In the Priore method, one must irradiate the entire body of the patient (or animal subject) with longitudinal EM waves, made from plasmas, etc.  Priore embedded these waves in rippling magnetic field carriers, to guarantee that the deepest bone marrow was penetrated and exposed to the non-ionizing radiation.  Irradiation with longitudinal waves stimulates the body to produce a little more of the time-polarized "pump" waves, hence achieves some "pumping" of the required type in the living cells.  That results in "time-reversal" of the damaged cells back to health; in short, an accelerated natural healing process.
In the new method, if the exact spectrum of EM radiation FROM a diseased or cellularly-damaged body is captured and amplified, and then fed back into the body, one finds a very strange process occurs.  Imagine that you have a great ship with portholes, and there are many dynamic processes ongoing in that ship, which all emit light, etc.  The light reflects from many things in the ship, but eventually emerges from the portholes.  Now imagine that you could put back in stronger light precisely antiparallel to the emerging light, of exactly the same frequency, waveform, patterning, etc.  All that amplified light energy would now travel backwards through all those (assumed) reflection paths, and arrive back at all the original processes.  But the arriving energy is greater than the ongoing emerging energy, so the processes get "reversed" back to a previous state of operation.
In short, the "porthole" effect uses only ordinary EM radiation, but very precisely and very carefully measured and tailored.  Yet it will also engender the same time-domain pumping back in all the deep interaction of the body, in every cell and every part of it.  In short, we get a direct and very quick time-reversal of all those physical processes.
This method is very dramatic, and very quick (less than one minute irradiation).  It is also agonizing  to the patient during irradiation (it has been done surreptitiously on dogs, e.g., by a researcher who wisely conceals his identity) and did rejuvenate an aged, crippled German shepherd.
All of this, properly funded with a great scientific team carefully chosen, can provide a revolutionary new medical therapy.  There are no such things as "resistant pathogens" to the process; everything is mass energy and just get backed up right out of there.  Indeed, the exchange between the pathogen and the host's immune system, where the pathogen finally succeeded in tricking or avoiding the immune system (as in AIDS), is also reversed back out of there, and the immune system is also restored to full vigor.  The result is that the immune system now recognizes the pathogens again completely, and goes after them vigorously.  In short, the body is again able to use its full healing power against the "resistant" organism again, completely negating the "deception" that was achieved by the pathogen.
But this science will never be born from the official science community, because those who control the funds for research will simply not allow it.  It will require a private group or private wealthy person to fund the research necessary to do it.
Let us hope that the day comes when the funds are available, and we then do get on finally with developing a science of total healing, to replace and augment the present medical science of cut, burn, kill, and vaccinate.

In response to a further query on this subject, Dr. Bearden responds:


I know of no other reference to time-reversing the cells electromagnetically than my own papers.
In biology, the change of a cell to a previous or "more primitive" state is called dedifferentiation.  The change of a cell "forward" or to a "more specialized" state is called "differentiation".  So the change of the cell back to a more primitive state or forward to a more specialized state is well-known.
Another area involved is cellular regeneration.  Robert Becker's work is probably the best and most advanced example of the state of the art of the study that has been done of the "cellular regeneration system", particularly from the standpoint of inducing changes in it by electromagnetic means.  Becker did, I feel, induce the phase conjugation effects, but during much of his work (earlier, 1960s) modern phase conjugate optics had not even been born.  It eventually got started after Russian researchers briefed U.S. researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory about a strange EM wave in reactions that would come back out and "restore order" in disordering processes.  Even then, it really did not get well underway until about 1979 or 1980, except for a handful of U.S. researchers such as Yariv and Fisher.
So Becker's work used ordinary EM electromagnetics, without the phase conjugate part of the theory -- but his work did show some of the effects.  He certainly was able to stimulate regeneration or partial regeneration of limbs in certain test species.
As another problem, even today phase conjugate electromagnetics does NOT deal with reversing mass-energy itself, so that the mass is "time-reversed".  Instead, it is concerned only with forming a time-reversed replica of an input wave (as in 4-wave mixing).  The beauty of the process is that the two oppositive "pump" waves add energy to the phase conjugate replica wave that is born in response to the stimulus wave (called the "signal" wave).  So the resulting time-reversed wave may have greater energy than the stimulus way to which it responded.  But some of the characteristics are most interesting.  The stimulated time-reverse wave will "travel" or appear back along through space over the exact path, point by point, that the stimulus or input wave took when it came in.  (This is the simplest case; it is possible to force the emitted time-reverse wave in the forward direction as well, etc.).
Here is the point:  We may consider the energy in an ordinary EM wave to be oscillating in a plane (the wavefront) which is traveling at the speed of light).  In short, the energy exists in two dimensions in its oscillation, but the entire "carrier plane for the oscillation" is moving.
In a mass, the mass-energy is three dimensional, not two dimensional, and it is not confined to a plane wavefront.  Hence standard "two-dimensional wave in space" pumping will not reverse the mass.  It will simply produce nonlinear wave effects, such as phase conjugating incoming "signal" wave or some of the "signal' waves present in the mass.
So the problem in returning the mass-energy includes several requirements:  (1) the 3-dimensional energy (highly compressed) that is the mass-energy is what must constitute the "signal wave", (2) the pumping must pump every single point in the mass, throughout its interior, simultaneously, else we are not pumping 3-dimensional energy but are pumping "surface" wise or 2-dimensionally, (3) the domain in which we pump ("squeeze") must therefore be what is called "multiply connected" to every point in that 3-space object (mass), and so (4) that is a characteristic of time (the time domain, since at a single point it time, every spatial point in the universe exists), and (5) it must be a localized time-domain pumping, so that only the mass or its close vicinity is pumped.  Only by fulfilling all those requirements can we "pump the mass -- such as the human body or the body of a test animal -- in the time domain, thereby time-reversing the cells back to a previous earlier (healthy) condition.
In France, Pautrizel did some experiments with immature baby rats that clearly proved that time-reversal was involved.  He infested the rats (whose immune system was still very immature and not very strong) with trypanosomes.  Then he applied the Priore treatment, which restored the cells back to their previous condition and the immune system back to its previous system.  However, the time reversal does not kill the trypanosomes, so the pathogens are still present.  And the baby rats' immune systems were still very immature and unable to cope with the pathogens.  Hence those rats all died.  Yet mature rats with fully developed immune systems, infected the same way and treated the same way, resulted in the re-invigorated and strong immune systems dispatching the pathogens in short order, so that the rats all lived.  In short, he really did show that the EM non-ionizing radiation was in some manner time-reversing the cells of the treated body back over the paths they had taken in time.
Hence he demonstrated that, somehow, those five conditions were being achieved by the odd EM irradiation that Priore had established from stimulated plasmas in plasma tubes.
Becker showed that the cellular regeneration system also restores the cells, and is stimulated and amplified electromagnetically.  But he could not achieve quite such startling results, since he used ordinary EM radiation and not specialized EM radiation coming from plasmas.
That was the arena into which I stepped. The first problem was how to "pump in the time domain".  In quantum field theory, there are several polarizations of the photon: (1) the regular transverse photon, which we model as the energy oscillating sideways -- and this produces and constitutes the ordinary EM transverse wave.  That is the "energy oscillating in the plane of the wavefront, while the wavefront travels at light speed".  (2) the longitudinal photon, in which the energy vibrates along the line of motion of the photon, like an accordion contracting and expanding along that direction of travel as it travels.  (3) the time-polarized or "scalar" photon, in which the oscillation is "outside" 3-space and is oscillating in the time-dimension (time-domain).
Thus one has to discover how to make time-polarized EM waves, which do not appear in any straightforward fashion in Western literature.  I eventually worked out a proposed mechanism for that (the mechanism remains to be experimentally proven, but I am even surer of it now than when I first discovered it some years ago).  At any rate, at least in theory I finally had my required time-polarized EM wave, so that one could "pump" or "squeeze" the mass in the time-domain, and hence do what is required for mass-reversal back through its path through time.
This is NOT "time-travel" in the conventional science fiction sense.  In time-travel, the entire universe except the observer would have to be time-reversed back to a previous condition, while the observer continued to age normally (move in his forward time).  This does not do that at all.  What it does do, is take one piece of the universe and change it back to a previous state.  While it is uncomfortable for scientists to think in such terms, nonetheless dedifferentiation of cells -- e.g., as rigorously shown by Becker and others -- clearly shows that cells can be "retroregressed" or whatever name one chooses to call "time-reversal".  So it is a fact, experimentally demonstrated.
Becker's work, e.g., is applied to cure otherwise intractable bone fractures.  Trickle currents or pulsed EM is applied between silver electrodes, one on each side of the fracture. So (1) a potential exists in the area, and (2) a field also exists.  Eventually, new cells of the type that make bone are deposited in the fracture and it is healed.
Becker revealed the startling thing that happens.  The RED BLOOD CELLS entering the area undergo remarkable changes.  First, they shuck their hemoglobin and grow nuclei -- which is dedifferentiation back to a previous state, before they differentiated into red blood cells.  Then the redifferentiate (move forward in time) but to the type of cells that make cartilage!  However, that is not what is required, so these cells AGAIN redifferentiate (move forward in time) to the type of cells that make bone.  These are then deposited in the fracture site, closing the site and healing the fracture.
We worked out the underlying type of unified field effects that would be required for those types of changes.  We also worked out a proposed manner in which time-domain pump waves were produced in that fracture site.  Interestingly, so long as there was a "difference" between the type of cell being pumped (in this case, the red blood cells in the area), the pumping continued and was therefore continually acting to ELIMINATE THAT DELTA.  Hence the changes in the pumped active cells were continually being redirected toward bone cells.
By studying Becker's work and his proposed EM composition of the cellular regeneration system, it became clear that the above mechanism, expanded, was being used by the cellular regeneration system to restore cells.  This gave an entirely new function to the potentials in the cells and in their parts.  I already knew (from Whittaker's 1903 paper) that the scalar potential is actually comprised of sets of longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepairs.  From this, it became obvious (if my proposed creating mechanism for producing time-polarized EM waves was correct) that the cellular regeneration system was capable of weakly producing time-polarized EM waves, and hence was capable of "pumping" the cells in the time-domain.  And therefore capable of time-reversing the mass-energy of the entire pumped cell.
That's about as simple as I can lay it out.
Hope this helps and perhaps answers the question.