Scientific Clarity:What Is a SACRED Frequency?
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-- Physics is clear: the underlying (common) frequency and wavelength to all of matter- is planck length and time. The reason is simple- this is the common musical key signature of every wave physics has ever measured. The new information I have added* is that if you multiply that length and time precisely by powers of golden ratio- you get a universal key signature to -hydrogen, - black holes, protons, the 2 key frequencies motorizing all of photosynthesis, and earth and venus orbit time. (*Actually the golden ratio origin of black holes, and protons is credit to Nassim Haramein). I call this key to recursion, fractality: PHASE CONJUGATION- because by definition golden ratio solves the problem of recursive (interference) constructive conjugation of wave phases. It bears noting here- that phase conjugation in optics is the only place physics has replicably measured apparent self organization. I have further strongly suggested the overwhelmingly supported hypothesis ( ) that this golden ratio phase conjugation - based on the sacred frequency/ wavelength of matter- is the specific wave mechanics origin of all centripetal and self organizing forces: including gravity, life force, perception, and color.

Previously we showed that Sacred Space- was defined when the charge resonance of the space was FRACTAL- in the work of Korotkov. Pictures at This simply means that if a spark is ABLE TO PROPAGATE efficiently in the air - then the space is 'sacred' because ancestral voices and the collective are accessible by resonance ( phase conjugate dielectric) . Note how fractality there is equivalent to HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - how many frequencies can inhabit- or be compressed into- the 'sacred space'. Consider how that same harmonic inclusiveness - defines not just how long your immune system will live in heart science- (HRV fractality) - but also defines the viability of every living thing! - see

So we have made great strides in understanding the electrical and harmonic nature of the sacred. Think about how golden ratio by solving the general problem of constructive wave interference - and therefore compression- is the key to embedding / becoming soluble - in the sacred .. entering the divine perfect branching. ( - and ).


Insert - this article updated Oct 2013: See mathematics updated:


Dan Winter's discovery: Planck Length x Golden Ratio^ (exactly) 136 and 137 - power - EXACTLY predict the 2 wavelength's motorizing photosynthesis!
This proves that phase conjugation (by golden ratio) down to planck scale- dictates the CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY which defines LIFE FORCE.

The evidence is clear- the reason every living plant can absorb any photon BUT green- is that the green photon being precisely a 90 degree phase angle or tilt, is exactly OPPOSITE to phase conjugate. And so - being the opposite of constructive interference (green / right angles create max DESTRUCTIVE interference)- so the GREEN photon is the opposite of LIFE!
Life is defined by embedability in perfected (phase conjugate) charge distribution.

Note also how - now it is possible to define evil- simply as that charge which cannot be embedded in the perfected (phase conjugate) distribution of charge called LIFE!


- So starting with this idea that harmonics of golden ratio - idealize wave DISTRIBUTION by perfecting resonance- let us consider- how physics would define a frequency as 'sacred' if it was resonant with all bioactivity. Particularly - since we now know the RATIO of perfecting resonance (golden mean) - if we simply add the correct SCALING FACTOR (planck length and time) - we get PHYSICS DEFINITION OF SACRED FREQUENCIES! - This is rather like taking GLOBAL SCALING- to it's logical climax:

For example the new size and frequency equation for hydrogen (Dan Winter's equation - planck length / or planck time - mutiplied by exact exponents of golden ratio) predicts

-in length - the exact radii series of the hydrogen atom

- the exact frequencies which DO activate photosynthesis

- the exact duration of Earth's year

- the exact duration of Venus's year (fractality in time- by predicting charge coupling in rotation DEFINES the very nature of possible coincidence!)

- hydrogen's resonance key signature also then predicts: DNA's fractal field harmonics (hydrogen is the center bond of every rung in the ladder), and Solar fusion implosive collapse geometry. (More Golden Ratio precision in Hydrogen (Balmer) frequency/wavelengths- Comments added From: Randolph Masters <universalsong@> Date: Tue, Sep 20, 2011 Re: Defining SACRED FREQUENCIES-" Hi Dan and Friends, When you take my 691.2 NM Red and Divide by 426.666666 NM Violet you get 1.62 exactly, the Golden Mean of the Hydrogen Spectral Lines that I discovered in my work with the late, Wesley Bateman. You have my chart Dan and notes from many years ago. So Balmer M3= 656.1 NM / 1.62 =405 and 486nm, Balmer M4,Cyan Blue /1.62 = 300..etc. Blessings, Dr Randolph Masters,PhD. " )

--DEFINING A BIOACTIVE FIELD (like 'sacred' stone circles- so measureably affect seed germination): See the replicable 40-50 percent increase in fermentation rate just with the addition of a passive (no power applied) capacitor (phase conjugate dielectric) built specifically using this frequency series: (the resin dielectric is crystallized while this precise frequency heterodyne is radiating from piezoelectric contact transducer)


Examples of measuring the presence of the sacred:

- harmonic inclusiveness (fractality) in heart harmonics (HRV) which meaningfully predicts immune health (all survival)

- harmonic inclusivenss (fractality) in the weak electric field (aura) measures freshness vitality in food and plants as well :

- the same harmonic inclusiveness (fractality) predicts the sustainability of every living thing (atoms, babies, galaxies..) :

- note how that same harmonic inclusiveness (fractality ) called EMBEDDING also defines success in Feng Shui

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in cell membrane

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in the brain

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in the plasma field /aura (Korotkov GDV) for humans

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in the plasma field of AIR - defines sacred space - where ancestors voices ring in the plasma (Korotkov)

--SO by allowing physics to precisely define what is sacred (perfectly and infinitely resonant/ bioactive) - we can learn to be part of the sacred in a highly disciplined and self empowered way- using the language of science which by defining measurement as perfectly shareable technique- talks to universities/governments/corporations. (instead of pure new age wuwu numerology which not only is rightly ignored by officialdom, but also confuses and disempowers.)


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We have numerous test projects underway with the SuperImploder magnetic system, we are excited to announce that the first test runs in the Lismore Australia, Southern Cross University - lab test trials :
"Brief interpretation: in the first trials The Superimploder magnet array- produced
a (1) - modest movement of ph/ acidity in the alkaline direction,
modest/slight increase in conductivity and dissolved sates (2), (3)
However a probably signficant -useful increase in dissolved oxygen (4),
and possibly most important a fairly dramatic move of Redox potential (5) in the direction useful to life! (redox IS fractality!)"


These tests are being replicated - and significant results are reproducing- more soon- specifically the lab is being set up to nicely differentiate the effect of the magnetic array separately from the now removeable implosive nozzle. Thanks and a tip of the Imploder hat especially to Martin Selecki and Keith there in Byron area!

Note also the general magnetic effect (SuperImploder is the world's most powerful commerial water magnetic treatment) shown to be useful in many ways for water treatment across industries- summary:

This is the precise equation we use from Dan Winter- for the 5 Cone Angle Golden Spirals - for IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE in The Imploder Water Nozzle.

dodecPHASECONJUGATE masterprinciple

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (

Regarding Michael Heleus question: "Does the Imploder affect or generate electricity , compatible with chi?"-
-- response from Dan: It is in the 'optimized translation of vorticity' in the piezoelectric charge field around flowing water- where the rotation translation inertia directly to centripetal (implosive) charge (movement toward center) - that the exchange of inertia between charge and gravity- does occur.

See pic:implosion

By optimizing this relation WITH the perfected curvature angle (for golden ratio phase conjugate recursion).. that...produces the angle of centripetal collapse- hydrodynamically. (Implosive liquid collapse- gains inertia). Now IF in the angle of that collapse- water vortex- the liquid is also piezoelectric (doped with small content piezo rock materials etc)- then that precise WATER VORTEX (on which the SuperImploder nozzle is mathematically modelled) WILL CREATE ELECTRICITY FROM GRAVITY.

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When David Wolfe interviews David Wilcox
( my presentation at David Wolfe conference videos - can be found at- Fractality of Living Enzymes:

(note this is part 2- link to part 1)

there several elements instructive to our subject here

1. David Wilcox usefully gives the references ( Joe Jochmans- back to Becker/Hagens.. back to...) to how the PanGaia Earth grid originally unpacked in dividing lines

(like the stem cell began at the spine root) - it went from tetra  to cube-octa (which is a stellated tetra) - TO- dodec /icosa.

I would point out only the dodec / icos symmetry allowed the plasma ball to REMAIN CENTRIPETAL (phase conjugate by golden ratio).

2. Wilcox also then resolves the issue of how you feed you 'energy body' / aura (physics would call it plasma field) resolves to whether to eat microclustered atoms/ water. Microclustering he points out is in fact how even the first mono-atomic atom balls will cluster in DODEC /ICOS. Again what he misses is that the actual nutrition of the aura/ plasma / energy body as a whole is whether you get electrically CENTRIPETAL (enough to 'pull yourself together'). So it is not the availability of the microcluster materials themselves (of which gold powder / mono atomics, even things like bucky ball carbon atoms- are just some examples) - but rather- it is the contribution to making you aura / plasma CENTRIPETAL itself- which allows you to grow you aura ( immortalizing body).

It is important to see the principle behind RESTORED CENTRIPETAL FORCES- rather than just vaguely referring to this as 'sacred geometry'.

This of course brings us to the question we keep needing to answer - from dozens of emails.

What do I recommend about gold powder consumption?

The 30 or so articles I have written about it:

Including: The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..

Summary - conclusion:

As my lecture at the recent conference on Gold Powder with the dedicated Thomas Geckler- (with David Hudson et al)- suggested...

I suggested the lesson be translated from psychology to physics in this way

I dedicate this section to Thoth's famous lesson- how to eat gold powder WITHOUT fractionating your personality. Altho my good friend Pat Flanagan would not agree- I still believe overuse of even analogous/less hazardous - mono-atomic hydrogen CAN shorten the attention span.Attention is the electrical centripetal and phase sorting self organizing force in the plasma produced by golden ratio- phase conjugation. If you can't sustain that plasma symmetry from within- your imploding tornado will fall off it's pin point- and instead you will have multiple disjointed little tornadoes (fractionated attention).

ALL monoatomics (and stable micro clusters!) - are based on golden ratio dodec/icos- because that is what makes them KHEMically stable. ( see "How to BE a Black Hole 101")

That is why the self organizing FIELD of the fractal / phase conjugate DEFINES THE SCIENCE OF ALL PEACEMAKING! ( )

We quickly learned that David Hudson's purely chemically derived gold powder was essentially a dangerous poison- and would (as Bob Dratch was so careful to point out)- even burn holes in the aura of someone carrying it on their body in purse or bandbag. This would make them rather quickly open to dangerous health problems as well. And most anyone (even slightly sensitive) playing with the vials of it- I used at lectures for years- would feel anger, nausea, dizzyness etc.

So what these people call HI SPIN STATE MATERIALS - is in fact that which can make plasma spin dense. So the question becomes- how do you choose the good stuff from the dangerous?

Contrast David Hudson's mostly dangerous materials- with the naturally derived gold powder / ORMES like emulates- such as when high alkaline liquid is carefully added to deep sea water ( Barry Carter- has helped share this around the world- see BRAIN COHERENCE and ORMES - - also good for agriculture)... The sea water derived mild Ormes materials are mostly nutritive to plants and people and not dangerous at all?

Here is the original Bloom The Desert background info:


Exerpt from Roger Green's Newsletter:
Alchemy Workshop
Manhattan NYC, NOVEMBER 19-20-21, 2011 (here is the flyer for that workshop- download: alchemyNYworkshop.pdf )
A weekend workshop with an extra Advanced Monday guided and taught by Aurelius Electrum, from Canada. Venue: Manhattan Midtown Eastside Times: 9.30-5pm each day- Inquires:

Aurelius Electrum is an eclectic researcher and educator from Canada who has spent the last twenty years studying various forms of esoteric knowledge and phenomena including Alchemy and Sacred Geometry

read attached file- Only Ormus

Check out the new website for the super imploder water treatment device...

See below for our BLOOM THE DESERT UPDATE- a video link to a film -made quickly on the road- however you get to see the essence of the project...

In this practical alchemy course we will learn the history of Hermetic Mysticism and the techniques used by the fathers of modern chemistry, herbology and medicine. We’ll look at various laboratory apparatuses, their description, set-up and use, as well as laboratory safety. This weekend followed by its optional Monday workshop, will provide a wide spectrum of alchemical teachings.

Join us in uncovering the ancient history and modern use of this unique state of matter. ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. Aurelius Electrum is an
eclectic researcher and educator from Canada who has spent the last twenty years studying various forms of esoteric knowledge and phenomena including Alchemy and Sacred Geometry.

Learn how you can capture and utilize these amazing elements in your own kitchen. Walk in the footsteps of the ancients and cross the bridge of time into the latest understanding of quantum mechanics, bio-medicinal
properties and permaculture applications of these amazing substances.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some soil restoration on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. Aurelius will demonstrate how you too can experience the benefits of these unique substances.

Your Sponsor, Roger Green, has just returned from a desert in UAE, where along with other technologies, URMUS was made and applied to its desert sands to help grow crops. Urmus is also taken internally with remarkable healing properties. You will learn how to make it, keep it and use it. You will walk away with your own bottle of URMUS for use over the following months.


Take a view of Roger's quicktime video here - Bloom the Desert project in Dubai using Ormus

Make sure you have the recent version of quicktime plug-in to view this video on your desktop

If you have proplems with above link to work, then try this blip link


Back to our discussion about- how to measure the difference between Natural vs Synthetic Ormus like materials... SO- how would a scientist descriminate???

Here is how I have been teaching the answer for some years. Years ago- I learned something about implosion. I got the (sacred???) FREQUENCIES correct to make pure implosion sound ( it was our Antakaran project with Ray Flowers). This is the subject we pursue in this article below-

My original insight was ( ) that the correct physics defining a sacred frequency for physics was planck length and time - then factored accurately by golden ratio. Since then I have proven this is the structure of hydrogen, ( ) and photosynthesis ( ) . After I presented this as the electric cause of gravity- to Nassim and Eliz Rauscher, Nassim later determined this my Planck and Golden Ratio recipe- was accurately the structure of Protons, Black Holes, and the Universe! ( )

SO- (back to our lesson) - I produced a perfect implosion chord sonically (which Ray then reproduced). Gradually I learned- testing this with audiences around the world- that playing this pure computer derived sonic recipes- WAS ONE OF THE FASTEST WAYS TO CREATE NAUSEA in a group!

HOWEVER- when we taught choirs to sing precisely this recipe ( which Christian Kyriacou has been doing for years somewhat at my suggestion) - and we tested again recently in Byron Bay (thanks Noah!)- THIS SAME FREQUENCY SIGNATURE - SOUND- ALWAYS CREATES WONDERFUL BLISS EXPERIENCE.

So- lets deal with this as scientists. Computer makes frequency signature sound for pure implosion- every feels instantly sick / pain. Choir sings precisely these frequencies together- everyone always feels bliss?

Where's the physics. Could the answer- be THE SAME- as to the question what is the difference between the pain and nausea you feel holding some of David Hudson's gold powder- versus holding a bit of the much more naturally derived material (sea water base or for example - aloe derived mannatech- rhodium iridium materials naturally found in plants- like good blue-berries for example)??

To answer our question- lets look again at how we have seen definitions of the concept SACRED in physics.

Remember when Dr Korotkov- helped us measure FRACTALITY IN AIR- following Shaman to their sacred space? ( pictures - see the definition of living architecture- original article: )

Sacred space- where life force was greatest- was where the air was fractal. More specifically the charge distribution was maximum!

So- charge distribution efficiency defines the SACRED and the DIVINE???

Lets see if we can understand WHY it is the dodeca/ icosa- IS the geometry of perfecting charge distribution- and therefore why that creates centripetal forces- and therefore why that defines the SACRED ( and microclustering!)

Actually it is simple- the stellation of dodeca icosa (animation above) is how implosive collapse is created BECAUSE that creates golden ratio (infinite recursive constructive wave interference/ heterodyning- called PHASE CONJUGATION perfected).

That is the only way waves can distribute perfectly (without interference).

That is the electric geometry which produces the most fractal (most compressible / implosive) field. Korotkov measures this by checking for fractality- foldedness of surface on the SHAPE of the charge field. I measured this uniquely by measuring for HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in the weak plasma / electric/ or biofield. (technique: ) This predicts the survivability of EVERY LIVING THING - from your heart beat to your galaxy.

Korotkov and I agreed and proved that the concept was identical. See my (bioactive field ) phase conjugate dielectric triggers dramatic response on his GDV device: .

Charge radiance IS harmonic inclusiveness- is capacitance distributed. This is compression (implosion) perfected. Non destructive collapse. (the core of what Einstein missed).

SO- back to our question- how is science going to MEASURE the difference between nausea making David Hudson gold powder- and natural good stuff? And is that same measure going to show the difference by computer generated implosion sound which ALWAYS nauseates- versus a choir singing the SAME frequencies making REAL BLISS???

Remember that embedding (fractality - refer again ) the ability of the small to be constructively contained within the large (how you get in the mind of "God")- is always optimized by golden ratio. Because this is the only way little waves can live inside of big waves (recursive heterodyning) without fighting. This principle of constructive EMBEDDING could indeed be a fine psychology article for Playboy magazine.

SO- the gold powder that David Hudson made in very chemical laboratory- is not nearly as electrically embedded as the natural stuff in Aloe or deep sea water? How do we measure that difference? (My articles about the challenge of constructive use of Gold Powder: )

Consider how harmonic inclusiveness defines fractality / sacred space/ and how many dimensions your DNA is in. With each addition of a wave within a wave ( see ) - by recursive braiding- in response to BLISS - your DNA absorbs another harmonic (longer wave) in its power spectra. Someone ('like me-and many like me') who has had lots of bliss (Kundalini overdose?)- has more long wave harmonics (boson 7 / blood microchloridians) - in their DNA. At DNA MANFESTO link we discuss how that should measure whether you have a soul. Your DNA braiding when phase coherent will implode charge plasma- showing up as more harmonic cascade in its frequency signature. David Wilcox above mentions the experiments where DNA 'bends the light' even after it is moved away from the place which keeps bending light ( Gariev: )

SO what peope call HI SPIN STATE materials- is the plasma spin density caused by phase conjugate fractality. AND that shows up as increased numbers of waves (harmonics) which have been entrained to meet at the location (of the sacred). Rather much like people learn to show up magically at one place- with social media. If the result is actually fractal bliss- then a positive (recursive / implosive n- group bliss oneness wave) can be triggered.

COMING in a couple months- our ALL NEW HEARTFUSION for IPHONE- group heart oneness - breath / hrv entrainment - group mind cues!

SO the individual atom may have short term harmonic inclusivess in David Hudson's gold powder- but this theory says - LONG WAVE harmonic inclusivess (actual environmental context / embedding ) which comes from natural embedded WILL BE ABSENT from the frequency signature.

Same thing with the computer implosion sound versus the choir singing it. The computer producess a harmonic series which when it tries to embed itself in the much longer wave context of biology - finds itself in destructive interference. SO - the long waves CANNOT PHASE LOCK.

This is like someone who gets bliss studying their computer- but is actually afraid to be barefoot in a living RIVER! See the book EARTHING (note of thanks to Russell Wright here). To get ground is to get fractal - is to GET IN PHASE- is to get embedable - in context.

A primary reason ALL cities will become prison wastelands in the next some months- is significantly because Schumann harmonics and GROUND phase lock- cannot penetrate (what is not fractal) and so GROUND - is electrically OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE PEOPLE THERE! (No one told you about the radical increase in ALL diseases if you live well above GROUND floor!.. but John Denver knew something the AMA didn't:"life in a hi rise makes you hungry for something you can't even see"...)

When you cannot be fractal and phase lock- you cannot ground- and you cannot become ONEness.

SO another way of putting this is the IMPLOSION shape (symmetry and harmonics) of golden ratio phase conjugation - the computer made implosion sound- is only the MECHANISM of the fusion. Attention must be paid to what you want to fuse with. Actually fusing with the nasty metal which is the computer itself- is of course a nauseating experience. Every molecue in that computer is in pain, technically- misqualified energy - because it has been isolated from the (phase conjugating) fractal charge distribution perfected defining all MIND and LIFE and JOY! (see WHY aluminum and steel make a field effect poisonous to every living thing: )

When you play that pure implosion frequency recipe from a machine- you fuse with the machine (the borg ARE in pain fundamentally).

When you eat the pure mechanically produced gold powder- you fuse with the machine that made it. Even the Egyptians knew only a priestly communion of saints should be in the process of making the MFKZET... gold powder.

If the air is fractal enough- manna will appear in your desert. In the same way rainbows and the green flash require.

When you do the fractal implosion FUSION harmonics in the correct (choir sung) group context- you have helped set the symmetry conditions for implosive GROUP MIND- ONENESS- FUSION experience! (HeartFusion tech... coming soon)

Group embedding is sort of an extension of Disney's concept TANGLED EVER AFTER!. Physics has long grappled for the concept of infinite entanglement - but will never get there til they understand how golden ratio allows waves to fuse. TANGLED EVER AFTER- is rather like- after you make love- you never can really get out of that bed ( sort of like Bell;s theory of bathtub connecting). Only do bliss with those whom you choose permanent bonds.



SO- let us review the principle for how the sacred would be defined as if this were a class in basic physics:

Defining Sacred Frequencies- The Science:

Just as (the inertia stored by) rotation charge is the only definition physics has ever had for mass, the period of that rotation is the only definition physics has ever had for TIME.

Calling time a separate dimension is about as schizophrenic as calling matter separate from spirit (charge). Synchronicity in Time in fact can be only coupled or charge connected in exactly the same way all connectivity (fusion) is perfected- in Golden Ratio fusion/ charge collapse. That is why golden ratio times planck (both length AND time) produce- the wave lengths and frequencies of hydrogen, fusion, the timing of Earth and Venus orbit.. (fractality in time- the math)....

AND- the same equation predicts the frequencies of photosynthesis!

Phase Conjugation by Golden Ratio DOES Quantify and define the color spectra AND its bioactive peaks!

Hello- the plant world is only pumped by the frequencies of charge embedding/ implosive collapse/ fusion in the making! Maybe mother nature KNOWS what a sacred frequency is...

The sometimes wu wu confusion of those 432 hz people- reminds me of my old friend John Michell. Now he wrote a whole book ("City of Revelation") - in his stiff upper lip British kind of way, to insist that the British system of measurement (length and time)- were more SACRED than the damn metric METER. While he even got so far as to show a golden ratio relationship generally between the pyramid inch, the megalithic yard, the roman pace, and the british foot.. he actually ENTIRELY MISSED THE POINT! He did not even grasp the most basic science. (But just months before his death- he WAS still able to do what IS actually sacred to the British - he could drink enough whiskey to entirely lose good Roger Green under the table!..)..

I never did get to explain to poor John- the science. Even tho we did a whole lecture tour together I sponsored through America.. What I remember best about John - was the Sufi Dance- in my barn loft- where he put down his cigarette just long enough to be dragged kicking and screaming into a touchy feely Sufi dance ritual. Much better for the British to do their bliss in alcoholic disempowerment- otherwise they might slur their speech when they exclaim " oh- we ONLY hug our dogs and our horses"...(humor here- we do love our British- remember the clear biology for the formation of a stiff upper lip- is repressing emotion when young.: "JUNIOR- STOP CRYING!@"

Not sure what John would have thought of Laurence Gardner's conclusion that the origin of the word BRITAIN- was Baereth An - literally Birthplace or container- of the ANnunaki (Draco). Remember RH negative blood (UK leads the world) is the one where the reptilian recessive remained- and the rhesus monkey RH was absent (at least the monkeys can do PASSION- not the reptiles - something about "COLD" blood)..

Let's see where were we, when we got so enthused about insulting the British...(always careful to insult each culture equally- something about waiting to see when any culture learns the definition of culture: ability to teach your young an immortalizing bliss ritual By that definition the aboriginals and the native Americans had culture, while the British, French, and Americans definitely DO NOT.Culture is not the style of your shoe and the brand of your wine- culture is whether your descendants get their biologic plasma immortally fused into stars. So effectively- culture is ultimately defined as whether you have the SKILL to teach a -soul making-charge attracting - BLISS RITUAL- to your young generation. There however were a few bliss dances around old Europe...)

Oh yes- the SCIENCE - of defining sacred frequencies - which Dear John's missive- missed. He was close- because he did apply golden ratio between many ancient units of measure, if only he had known more about Planck dimensions and the sacred- perfect solubility. THE Christos principle.

It's not pompous for physicists to say the only definition of the sacred is physics. Physics is a way to have a disciplined language to communicate. So it is appropriate for scientists to laugh at the new age wu wu's who are so confused- they don't know the difference between numerology and science.

Numerology (seeing patterns between numbers) ONLY becomes science and actually useful when it predicts something waves will do.

So this talk suggesting 432 hz is somehow because squared equals the speed of light. and 432 hertz equals the 431 angstrom wave length of red, is sad, childish, confusing, and worse- disempowering.

Clearly there ARE frequency recipes that DO entrain and activate biology. And there is a precise language to talk about this.

We took the frequency and planck times golden ratio and made a capacitive harmonic field which accelerates bioactivity (fermentation) 40-50 percent every time. ( -The FRACTAL FIELD- or phase conjugate centripetal dielectric - better term than orgone- because it is defined. ) Not unlike the electric field at stonehenge like structures causes seeds to germinate more rapidly- every time.

Creating bioactive fields is a dramatically exciting new 'field' in physics and biology. Accelerate germination/ growth / metabolism- reduce pain- initiate bliss - - even reduce radioactivity- it is ALL about creating centripetal (phase conjugate) bioactive fields.. electrically, magnetically, optically - etc. Examples and pictures: and -also film discussions about the hermetic (centripetal) VAIROCANA EFFECT film discussions:

Again- in order to be empowered for the spiritual student- it is essential to know the difference between numerology and science. The people who talk about magic music because 432 and 528 are nice numbers for poetry- probably have good intention. They are looking for the spin path (frequency recipe) into charge distribution- literally the divine. In terms of real science- we can measure what happens to your aura when you die. See the geometry animations of the path you will see at death- and how your aura CAN navigate thru compression / implosion / distribution- to enter the collective field of ancestor memory. This conjugating electric field is a rather good intro to what Jung called the collective unconscious and what Catholics call the communion of saints.

Science of Successful Death: If the frequency recipe of your plasma/aura/spirit/ghost is compressible to the point of implosion, then the inertia / pattern / MEMORY - propagates thru the speed of light into star centers. The SUN center is the only gravitational trap door out of the solar system. (See what happens if you haven't sorted your aura to phase coherence- in the movie GHOST and FLATLINERS.) Incoherent plasma enters DESTRUCTIVE wave interference. In religious terms- this is called HELL.

'Hell' is not only a nasty guilt mechanism created by the church- there is a germ of science here- as in most myths- it also can refer to the real physics of what it feels like when your plasma field enters DESTRUCTIVE wave interference (heat!). The pyschological task to understand what thoughts and emotions and behaviors (and FOOD) - causes destructive wave interference in your aura- is part of astral hygiene. If you continually think about anger and revenge- eventually the electrical inertia in your aura at death will be entirely a destructive wave pattern (failure to learn and embed in the frequency recipe of the DIVINE- perfect embedding/ branching- SCION/ION/JOHN ..)

We refer here to the original articles- and also "Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto - Implosion Group on ... Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto. Dictionary of JESUS PHYSICS - a cross reference table for priest / scientists: -,which went web viral in the blog reprint.

Where we showed in detailed that heaven (as Laurence Gardner concluded- was the 'planes of sharon' - dielectric field of gold)- was literally a place where biologic charge (plasma - your aura) - could fly and be very easily distributed. This is nicely consistent with the measureable physics which describes where you need to be (fractal field)- and where you need to go- with your aura at death:

Basically- your aura requires- perfected charge distribution (called SACRED SPACE) for successful death- as any shaman knows- because it is the way your aura can unpack and be distributed. Go to heaven.

But even more significantly- your aura needs to remain coherence and CENTRIPETAL at death- otherwise you can't STEER! The inability to steer your plasma body- at death and when you dream - is called HELL - and it is very real! (Even the movies figured that out: "Ghost" and "Flatliners" for example.)

So you have all these wonderful new age friends- knowing they need to get plasma / charge ('spirit') in their aura- or they won't get immortal. But no one is telling them accurately HOW to grow the aura. The answer- is of course - correctly embedding resonance- to grow the inertia of your charge field. For this- the electrical definition of the SACRED FREQUENCY- the science of how plasma is transferred is critical.

Compare this discussion to the frequency signature defining time and coincidence : Planck time multiplied by powers of golden ratio- called fractality in time!

The point is that what you call energy exchange thru time- coincidence and synchronicity is precisely charge transfer. Especially understandable if you see that time - like mass- is only a name for charge (plasma/ ether) ROTATION. Exchanging energy efficiently between different rotation axes (travelling between dimensions) is precisely optimized by fractality - embedding. And THAT has a frequency signature!

Your DNA absorbs increasingly phase coherent harmonics (enters the next DIMENSION) - by orderly braiding into long waves- as it receives the centripetal electrical inertia called coherent emotion and bliss ( abundant images: ) So living the astral hygiene- life force absorbing scientific lifestyle to attract CHARGE ('spirit' / 'grace') - is your only way to get immortal (perfectly distributable as an inPHIknit wave heterodyne - the DIVINE).

Teaching this lifesyle is the climax of our book ECSTACY AND IMMORTALITY- written for young people - (complete pdf - we give it away - - of course if you would like a beautiful color cover- illustrated printing- with DVD's: - still 25 latest DVD's plus the book: about 150 euro.)

(appendix) - and speaking of the implosive / centripetal / Golden Ratio nature of the DNA like- PENT / dodeca... we have:


"Eve's Grid- Dodeca E8 Crop Circle" Short exerpt here from Aug 15-

Compare to the role of Golden Ratio in E8 Unified Field:


Artwork by WJ

JOSEF code

written by Varda D Sarnat

Decagram, a 10-pointed star, is two 5 pointed stars overlaying each other in reverse directions.


The photo above, of 5 points star is the pentagram of Venus. It shows Venus’ nearest points to earth, when Venus is between earth and the sun, and seen crossing the sun. This happens once every 584 earth days. And every 8 earth years, Venus completes such imaginary pentagram in the sky.

Venus orbits the sun every 225 earth days and it gets closest to earth every 2.5 Venus’ years …in other words, every 584 earth days. Today August 2011, Venus is in opposition (furthest from earth, on the other side of the sun) but in about 292 days it’ll be closest to earth again…in 10 months or so. (Perhaps around December 2012)

The golden ratio is visible in any pentagram, as well as throughout this decagram as seen in crop circle, above. Take a circle, radios =1000 (here, scaled 1:10) check ratios between the decagram web lines: 146, 236, 382, 618, 1000, 1618... This “divine proportion” occurs when you “take a line (say 100 long) divide it into 2 parts in such a way that the big part relates to the small part, in the same ratio that the whole line relates to the big part” there’s only one option: 100 = 38.2 + 61.8

The golden ratio rules this decagram:  100 = 38.2 + 61.8       100 + 61.8 = 161.8 …and more values, below

Draw a decagram continuously without lifting the pen, it takes 3 rounds to complete, start with: 1, 4, 7, 10, 3, 6, 9, 2, 5, and 8.

There are 10 inner triangles (see one of them above, center) each has inner angle of 36 dgs and 2 side angles of 72 dgs.

There are four possible angles in this 10 points star (see below):  36, 72, 108 and 144 degrees

These sacred numbers have Hebrew meanings, some readers will recognize 72 names, 108 =chetzi, chok or, 144 = Kedem

There are 7 inner circles (see below) connecting all 70 inner points, and it is worth checking the ratio and radios of previous years’ crop circles in order to see if they emerge from the same Decagram. (Circles with such ratios seem very familiar)

Can this be a reference map, scaled for ten Sephirot, usually drawn as circle within a circle? The higher the sphere the more circles it surrounds. For instance, first sphere “Keter” (crown) is the outermost circle, containing all 9 spheres inside. Or, the 5th sphere “Gevura” (courage) surrounds 6th Tiferet, 7th Netzach, 8th Hod, 9th Yesod and 10th Malchut. But the same 5th sephira is surrounded by 4 previous sephirot. Whatever it means, Number 7 is emphasized here. The 7th sephia is NETZACH = P  shach

This crop circle, reminds me of nearly everything I can think of.

The main number 10 = Yod =first letter of the holly name of God (10 sephirot, 10 commandments 5+5, decimal system) Half 10 (Yod) is 5= Hey (5 outer circles) already a resonance of the divine name “yod + Hey” as a full name 7 inner circles connecting 70 cross points = 70 languages, 70 in Hebrew= letter Aain (meaning EYE)  numerology of the word “seventy” sums to CTAV = (meaning WRITING) indeed 70 languages, 70 writings.

And there’s more, like the golden ration…. values such as 72 (mentioned in previous articles) and 144 = KEDEM, and 108 = Chetzy = half… this 10 web is a language, in my case there are Hebrew meanings to such values and numbers.

I read the side signature as the name of Josef (who lived in Egypt, from the age of 17 and died there 110 y old) but, if you recall his dreams, you should also recall this:

And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying: ‘God will surely remember you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence.’

Perhaps metaphorically, Josef bones are being lifted again… at least I see the letters of his name… J …O…F (9th sephira=Yesod)

Nature writes in English rather than Hebrew, lately…that’s for sure. Josef, even as a name, connects Christianity to the Hebrew bible, according to their holly books. All protagonists’ names in NT are taken from the Hebrew Bible, thousand years after the original events… Josef, Miriam, etc, have nothing to do with God’s Promised Land, but with Jacob’s sons’ history in Egypt. J O F

This signature combines Hebrew with English, since the missing letter S from Josef is actually there, in Hebrew it looks like o (samech) o = s

Josef represents the 9th sephira called Yesod.


Multidimensional Embodiment of Phi...

Golden Decagon

The central figure is known colloquially as a “golden decagon.” The term was popularized by a retired plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Marquardt, who used it to map the face into a “golden mask,” intended to represent the perfect face. Some of the line segments of the golden decagon are noticeably missing from the crop circle, which takes on a more cubic appearance as a result (i.e., a 5-D cube).

    Golden Decagon             Jubilee Plantation Decagon

Mathematical observations

Any regular decagon inscribed in a circle has the property that the ratio of the circle radius to the decagon side is the golden ratio. In simple mathematical terms:

r/s = ɸ

In addition to the outermost decagon, there are also two more nested decagons (or decagrams, depending on how you look at it…). The resulting diagram produces an array of golden triangles and golden gnomons of different sizes.

The golden (“sublime”) triangle is the (acute) isosceles triangle whose ratio of side to base lengths is given by ɸ. The golden triangle is the only triangle to have its three angles in 2:2:1 proportion. It is the basis for a pentagram, and has been studied for at least a few thousand years.

The golden gnomon is the (obtuse) isosceles triangle whose ratio of side to base lengths is given by 1/ɸ. This triangle is referred to by some as the obtuse golden triangle, which isn’t technically correct, but perhaps easier to understand than “gnomon.” The golden gnomon has its three angles in 1:1:2 proportion.

Together these triangles can be used as building blocks for Penrose tilings. Very simple building blocks such as these two triangles can be used to create mathematically complex, visually stunning patterns. Either base angle of a golden triangle can be bisected to produce a golden triangle and a golden gnomon. The same is true for a golden gnomon. We can see this division repeatedly in the Jubilee Plantation crop circle.

Isolating 1/10th of the decagon pie, some really interesting patterns emerge.

It has already been noted that AE/AF = ɸ. What may not be so obvious is that BC = DE, and the following is also true:

AB/BC = BC/CD = DE/CD = ɸ.

The nested decagrams shown in this crop circle create an entire series of nested golden triangles. It’s mathematically very beautiful, and I suspect it is also very

The structure also suggests a whirling of golden triangles, which results in a logarithmic spiral.

Similarities to other structures…

1. As pointed out by Red Collie, there are very strong Venus connections to this circle. If it is a message from Quetzalcoatl, is he trying to tell us something about Venus, something about the nature of reality, or simply that he plans to return?

2. 5D cube called a Penteract… Again, possibly related to the orbit of Venus, which make sense given the timing of the circle (to coincide with the superior conjunction of Venus). I get the sense, however, that the nested cubes we are seeing in CCs may be telling us something about the dimensionality of our space…

3. A cross-sectional view from the top of the DNA double helix forms a decagon. As already noted, the thick ring of the CC contains a zig-zag pattern that resembles a double-helix. Perhaps the CC is telling us something about DNA encoding.

4. The Golden Mask that Dr. Stephen Marquardt proposed to represent the perfect face provides another biological link to this diagram


exerpted) ..6. . It is already been noted by Red Collie that this CC may represent a projected image from the E8 Lie group. As a mathematician, I would describe both the Jubilee CC and the E8 group as “multidimensional embodiments of the Golden Ratio.” - (inset note Dan Winter: images of E8 vs Golden Ratio- one of the sexiest unified field theories around! )
The E8 root group is shown here.

The intricate mathematics are being produced and organized by the Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations, which is interesting to me given that the ATLAS experiment logo from CERN also appeared in a CC about a week before this one. Perhaps the circle makers are telling us they’ve already given or will give us a map!

I looked into Garrett Lisi’s E8 theory of everything, and its biggest flaw is probably the starting point. I believe that gravity is not a fundamental force, but an emergent one as postulated by Dutch theoretical physicist Erik Verlinde. Lisi has found some interesting connections between quantum mechanics and the E8 group, however, which could be hinting at the shape of the fabric of space.
In my opinion, the best candidate for a “theory of everything” is Milo Wolff’s Wave Structure of Matter model, which is a description of how waves in quantum space form all the matter of the Universe. This one, simple, elegant explanation for the rise of matter cannot be ignored, because it answers some of the big questions that have baffled physicists, like WHY gravity exists. We have been taught to believe that particles are the “stuff,” and that space is empty, but what if the opposite were true…? What if space is a rigid, multidimensional fabric, and discrete particles are really just wave centres that move through this fabric? I’m starting to think that this is the case, and that standing wave patterns, vibration, and even sound play a huge role in the illusion we call “matter.”

Which brings me full circle back to this CC, and what it means to me… I have been plagued with insomnia most of my
life, and part of the problem has always been that when I close my eyes and relax, I am flooded with images. The images are mostly geometric in nature, complex, and usually rotating or moving in some way (lots of cubes within cubes, spirals, and Mandela-like patterns). I’ve never been able to understand or reproduce the images because of the multidimensional aspect and complexity of what I was shown… but that may be changing…
Jubilee Plantation is a pattern that I am intimately familiar with. I have seen this before, many times over the last 25 years, from many different angles. It may be the E8 Lie group that my subconscious has been immersing me in (or a 5-D space?), but I need to learn more about it to know for sure. Regardless, my conclusion is that if space is rigid and has an internal structure, that structure would be based on the golden ratio, and probably look a lot like the Jubilee 2D projection, or the E8 group, both of which have a beautiful crystalline structure rooted in phi.

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