Stars Need DNA-Peacemaking the SUN
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with Dan Winter and Dan Schreiber (of )

IN one of the most amazing, intense, hi-quality and personal films ever released by IMPLOSION GROUP ( see library - ) -

Is it possible- to describe a deep meaning for THE PURPOSE OF LIFE- in simple engineering terms?

Dan Winter talks in detail about how stars - like our Sun -have their need for centripetal force- served by the maturing of human genepools- like ours. A fast and moving dialog about the many present issues of spiritual growth enlightened by a serious physics.

Dan Screiber joins us- teaching about the biology of life force, Terra Preta- the "holy grail of soils" , and many beautiful tapestries of the science and beauty of the web of life- replete with references.

The event -last Saturday:


The Films: (Many thanks to Martin Selecki of Filmstream for filming and production assistance!)

Part One- Dan Winter- opens- 1 hour:


Part Two: Dan Screiber- New Biology of Life


Part Three- Dan Screiber with Dan Winter- concluding dialog and questions:


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Re: The Japanese Radioactivity problem we report:

Uri Geller reported focused human attention measureably reduced radioactivity..

As- Bill Tiller's measures showed focused human attention (phase conjugating centripetal electric field) compressed charge

Here are some related natural ways to reducer of radioactivity:

1. agni hotra (properly spaced is phase conjugate - bho pal survivors confirm

2. phase conjugate enviornments like
3. Moksha reports:Jet stream analysis shows Japanese reactor radiation release will be carried to California and across USA. Kelp also contains iodine. When the body is saturated in iodine then it won't intake the radioactive iodine. Iodine lands on grass cattle eat it and it goes into the milk. There are 41 diffent radioactive iodines with half lives from milliseconds to days and a few months, Iodine 125 has a half life of 2 months and Iodine 129 a half life of 1.5 bilion years.
If you know anyone in USA or Canada tell them to take Kelp tablets now, but NOT kelp made in Japan which is toxic, but something like antarctic kelp.
Pregnant women are the most at risk.. Please fporewars this to folks.
In a few week the Iodine will be arounnd the planet.
In the films I saw of the reator, very large amounts of radioactive steam were being released.
Chemists sell potasium iodide, or a single drop of iodine in two liters of water.
Separately, Tokyo Electric said it had decided to vent gas from another unit to relieve pressure that had increased 50 percent in the reactor containment vessel. The company said on its Web site that the pressure increase was "assumed to be due to leakage of reactor coolant." It remained unclear where the leak was.--------------------------------------------------
also re:
Shelley said: Hi, There is radiation leaking from the nuclear reactor that was damaged by the earthquake just north of you. The wind carries the radiation. Protect yourself by taking Iosat Potassium Iodide. I don't know where you would find it in Japan, but I'm sure it's available. I took this after Three Mile Island in the US


His is a centripetal phase conjugate dielectric which like the arc of the convent, and focused human attention, is an electric field which would reduce radioactivity.

Alchemic burning is a form of plasma which is implosive, potentially able to reorganize radioactive materials. We should discuss this.

We are much involved in working with teams of scientists on global issues, lets communicate. Very warmly, Valérie Sandelin- see also


Sungasm:Understanding and Surviving Solar Max- New Interview - with Dan Winter & Announcements-

Feb 16, 2011: url

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Dan Winter discussed new information for example about why -after the solar magnetic collapse/ inversion- the Earth magnetic field collapse follows with some delay- during that collapse- of Earth magnetic flux density- the phase lock on the iron in the tectonics- loosens- freeing the tectonic plates to float more rapidly- on the liquid mantle core. The result is drastic speeding up of the tectonic movement- our professor says for example- the Australian tectonic plate- will reach up to 20 kph!- and believes that the New Zealand quake for example is the beginning of that kind of movement.

Solar orgasm is basically a compression wave- which requires fractality to survive without heat.- more in the interview...


Also new:


Announced earlier:


A Perfect Valentine- the embedding of hearts- is also the geometry of golden ratio PHASE CONJUGATION
- which is plasma compression perfected- IMPLOSION and FUSION.
Not only is this the precise physics for how Black Holes are formed(acknowledgement Nassim)
-- but it is ALSO how human plasma fuses- for ONENESS, group mind experience:
the REAL science of the (Shakespearean-see below) psychology of ALCHEMY.

Dan Winter's lecture- for Valentines Day- Feb 14, 2011
- Second in the Melbourne Lecture Series-2011- Sponsored by ASTRO - & Climate Technologies


Alchemy, Fractal Compression, Plasma Fusion-The Geometry of Human Group Mind ONENESS Experience
Perfect Valentine 2011 Film in 8 Parts with Dan Winter - Now: FULL Resolution from HD original

From the Sacred Geometry- wave shape of perfect implosive compression: phase conjugation by Golden Ratio (Fractality)- we see the origin of all centripetal forces-



-life force


-human bliss / enlightenment

-origin of COLOR and rainbow

AND- the real physics of ALCHEMY and HUMAN FUSION...

The lecture then concludes with a short intro to the JOHN DEE meets SHAKESPHEARE- learning the PSYCHOLOGY OF ALCHEMY- the group mind experience- theme of his plays.

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History / Alchemy links:


Here is the film in EIGHT parts:




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Dan Winter - Fractal Field Research Announcements for Australia
Major New Film Released.. - Feb 9, 2011 Updates

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( 2+hour film)
Lecture begins with 2 min. musical interlude- and 4 minute intro by CTS President..


Dan Winter - Fractal Field Research Announcements for Australia

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Recent Research Updates:

Event: Lotus Temple- Byron Bay Industrial Estate-
5 Wollongbar Street, Arts & Ind Estate, Byron Bay 02 66808391
Sat March 19, 2011 with Dan Winter: 2-6pm:
Real History and Physics of Alchemy: The Chemistry and the Human Fusion..
From John Dee to Shakespeare to Implosive Rock and the Philosopher's Stone..
Donation: $45 - + 10 for optional vegetarian feast to follow 6:30/7PM



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Also Updated for This Tour: The Imploder News: from Dan Winter



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