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New Interview - with Dan Winter & Announcements-

Feb 16, 2011

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Dan Winter discussed new information for example about why -after the solar magnetic collapse/ inversion- the Earth magnetic field collapse follows with some delay- during that collapse- of Earth magnetic flux density- the phase lock on the iron in the tectonics- loosens- freeing the tectonic plates to float more rapidly- on the liquid mantle core. The result is drastic speeding up of the tectonic movement- our professor says for example- the Australian tectonic plate- will reach up to 20 kph!- and believes that the New Zealand quake for example is the beginning of that kind of movement.

Solar orgasm is basically a compression wave- which requires fractality to survive without heat.- more in the interview...


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A Perfect Valentine- the embedding of hearts- is also the geometry of golden ratio PHASE CONJUGATION
- which is plasma compression perfected- IMPLOSION and FUSION.
Not only is this the precise physics for how Black Holes are formed(acknowledgement Nassim)
-- but it is ALSO how human plasma fuses- for ONENESS, group mind experience:
the REAL science of the (Shakespearean-see below) psychology of ALCHEMY.

Dan Winter's lecture- for Valentines Day- Feb 14, 2011
- Second in the Melbourne Lecture Series-2011- Sponsored by ASTRO - & Climate Technologies


Alchemy, Fractal Compression, Plasma Fusion-The Geometry of Human Group Mind ONENESS Experience
Perfect Valentine 2011 Film in 8 Parts with Dan Winter - Now: FULL Resolution from HD original

From the Sacred Geometry- wave shape of perfect implosive compression: phase conjugation by Golden Ratio (Fractality)- we see the origin of all centripetal forces-



-life force


-human bliss / enlightenment

-origin of COLOR and rainbow

AND- the real physics of ALCHEMY and HUMAN FUSION...

The lecture then concludes with a short intro to the JOHN DEE meets SHAKESPHEARE- learning the PSYCHOLOGY OF ALCHEMY- the group mind experience- theme of his plays.

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Dan Winter - Fractal Field Research Announcements for Australia
Major New Film Released.. - Feb 9, 2011 Updates

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( 2+hour film)
Lecture begins with 2 min. musical interlude- and 4 minute intro by CTS President..


Dan Winter - Fractal Field Research Announcements for Australia

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Recent Research Updates:

Note: and for our Byron Bay friends- Preliminary Announcement we are planning an event (to be confirmed)
Fractal Implosion:Revolution in Growth-
with Dan Winter and Dan Schreiber
Byron Bay- Star Seed Gardens-Lotus Tea-Room,
Sat. March 5, 2011 - see -


-Click to download the poster- Click to register online-

Follow-up event: Lotus Temple- Byron Bay Industrial Estate-
5 Wollongbar Street, Arts & Ind Estate, Byron Bay 02 66808391
Sat March 19, 2011 with Dan Winter: 2-6pm:
Real History and Physics of Alchemy: The Chemistry and the Human Fusion..
From John Dee to Shakespeare to Implosive Rock and the Philosopher's Stone..
Donation: $45 - + 10 for optional vegetarian feast to follow 6:30/7PM


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Association for Climate Technology Solutions

Also Updated for This Tour: The Imploder News: from Dan Winter



= IMPLODER- : featured in Aussie Inventor's Roadshow
V ideo showing Roger Green with the Imploder!

Community based action for environmental change



Note more about the events in Italy with Dan Winter 2011- (English and Italian- many international attendees):
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April 8-10 - Rimini Conference- see poster above

April 29- May 1st Bagnacavallo- conference-

May 26-29 Part 1, 4 Day Intensive Conference with Dan Winter in Turin area- - contact Khudai - above
August 4-7 Part - Advanced- - 4 Day Intensive Conference - Turin area- " " "

November 11-13 MyLife Congress