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The all new "Super-Imploder"-
All new truly PHASE CONJUGATE Magnetics- of Breakthru Flex Density- all flux lines now center focused for maximum impact on the water molecules.
By far the most powerful magnetic water treatment technology available today.


The new "SUPER-IMPLODER" : MAY 15, 2011- Major Imploder Update and Announcement from Dan Winter: url fractalfield.com/superimploder

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July 26,2011- New INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH SUMMARY: Magnetic Water Treatment IS Proven Effective: More Evidence

In addition to the extensive reseach completed and underway with TheImploder technology, we present consistent international general research showing that in general MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT- for agriculture and for home use (even descaling and more)- is WIDELY PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE.


Reminder- the international research is clear: magnetic water treatment DOES work. Our SuperImploder- at 3000 gauss! per magnet - over the large surface area of 8 coherently directed magnets conjugating right into the water flow- IS THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT DEVICE.

Just released: The New TheImploder.com Web site -
with SuperImploder and Complete Updated Research..


frame2 anim2


We have numerous test projects underway with the SuperImploder magnetic system, we are excited to announce that the first test runs in the Lismore Australia, Southern Cross University - lab test trials :
"Brief interpretation: in the first trials The Superimploder magnet array- produced
a (1) - modest movement of ph/ acidity in the alkaline direction,
modest/slight increase in conductivity and dissolved sates (2), (3)
However a probably signficant -useful increase in dissolved oxygen (4),
and possibly most important a fairly dramatic move of Redox potential (5) in the direction useful to life! (redox IS fractality!)"


These tests are being replicated - and significant results are reproducing- more soon- specifically the lab is being set up to nicely differentiate the effect of the magnetic array separately from the now removeable implosive nozzle. Thanks and a tip of the Imploder hat especially to Martin Selecki and Keith there in Byron area!

Note also the general magnetic effect (SuperImploder is the world's most powerful commerial water magnetic treatment) shown to be useful in many ways for water treatment across industries- summary:


This is the precise equation we use from Dan Winter- for the 5 Cone Angle Golden Spirals - for IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE in The Imploder Water Nozzle.

dodecPHASECONJUGATE masterprinciple

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref goldenmean.info/goldenproof
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation): goldenmean.info/fractalcolor
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see goldenmean.info/selforganization
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (goldenmean.info/fractalcolor

Regarding Michael Heleus question: "Does the Imploder affect or generate electricity , compatible with chi?"-
-- response from Dan: It is in the 'optimized translation of vorticity' in the piezoelectric charge field around flowing water- where the rotation translation inertia directly to centripetal (implosive) charge (movement toward center) - that the exchange of inertia between charge and gravity- does occur.

See pic:implosion

By optimizing this relation WITH the perfected curvature angle (for golden ratio phase conjugate recursion).. that...produces the angle of centripetal collapse- hydrodynamically. (Implosive liquid collapse- gains inertia). Now IF in the angle of that collapse- water vortex- the liquid is also piezoelectric (doped with small content piezo rock materials etc)- then that precise WATER VORTEX (on which the SuperImploder nozzle is mathematically modelled) WILL CREATE ELECTRICITY FROM GRAVITY.



This is the precise equation we use from Dan Winter- for the 5 Cone Angle Golden Spirals - for IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE in The Imploder Water Nozzle.

Restoring CENTRI-PETAL Forces to Agriculture:

Fractality-Centripetal Life Forces: Wholistic Revolution in Growth Sciences
Dan Winter


The discovery of the shape of the field which makes growth happen- is the same as finding what makes a rose grow. When placed in the hand of a saint- roses often pop open. As an electrical engineer - trained as a Systems Analyst with IBM- we now can describe the CENTRIPETAL kind of field which causes this growth. Even as science has clearly measured that stone circles- like Stonehenge dramatically effect seed germination.

That field of life - is a centripetal vortex - sometimes called IMPLOSION- which does have rose like qualities. In science this rose like principle of gaining energy during collapse or implosion-is identical with the principle of FRACTALITY- or infinite constructive compression- for waves.

We are at the cutting edge of this revolution by self organizing centripetal forces now happening in growth technologies- like:
TheImploder.com , Pyraphi.com , and Fractalfield.com
- all of which grow from this simple but profound new understanding.

Fractality in water, in magnetics, in electric fields- is as easy to understand as a labyrinth or how a pine cone works electrically to gather power from gravity. It is all about how the inside LOOKS like the outside- so that by inviting compression you gain energy 'implosively' during collapse. Not only is this truly the electric secret of life- it is also key to the more esoteric secrets of achemy, fusion, love and eternal life.

Never before have we been so close to the secrets of life and existance. By putting these principles into practice in our gardens and farms- we affirm a beautiful spiritual meaning of ONENESS at the same time.

Main Imploder Marketing Site: www.TheImploder.com
Science Updates on the Imploder: www.fractalfield.com/implodernews

As with most radically new technologies- the best learning period is shortly AFTER you start shipping a new product. The concept we introduced with the "Schauberger's Dream" corrected equation based implosive NOZZLE- has proven both powerful and popular. The shower nozzle alone- has exceeded all our dreams about helping people with a new appreciation of the self aware nature of water (see the self aware pony tail of water - fractalfield.com/implodershower ). By delivering the correct direction of molecularly centripetal rotation of water into a centripetally potent magnetic array- we were definitely making a difference to the molecular cluster size: our solubility effect- key to most bioactivity. (The same essential flux symmetry is how the phase conjugate ark of the covenant taught gold atoms to be stable as mono clusters: goldenmean.info/goldpowder ).

However- early on we learned several important lessons- thanks to our many dedicated testers. The most important of which- has to do with magnetic polarity direction versus growth effect. > We have presented evidence for years- that correctly defined magnetic south- is more centripetal- than north. ( chart and discussion: http://goldenmean.info/magnetics/magnetics.html ) graphic at link

This is evident in the way the south magnetic pole will increase healing rate AND pain density, versus north pole - which by being centrifugal- decreases pain and healing rate (when applied to a wound- credit here: Don Lorimer "Mr Magnets'). This is made immensely more complicated by the fact that the only companies in the world actually making strong magnets in production quantities- are the Chineses (control virtually all the rare earth minerals needed)- these Chinese companies seem to DEFINE NORTH vs SOUTH magnetically - in the OPPOSITE WAY western physics does! Combine this with the fact that western physics has failed to note the fundamental difference between centripetal vs centrifugal flux as being in fact the defining symmetry of north versus south. I also believe this is actually the defining difference between plus versus minus charge- the new information being that it is in fact fractality that causes all electronegativity to be centripetal (and therefore life giving!). Relevant here is Nassim Haramein's powerpoint showing the flower that refused to decay after exposure to his centripetal (gravity making) magnetic- now we can teach how this works.

Then add the fact that many use the term yin versus yang- for this physics- and (as Roger and I found)- the centripetal versus centrifugal definition of Yin/Yang has ALSO been inverted between traditions (Michio Kushi versus...). So be prepared for a little confusion- all engendered by the fact that most scientists would not recognize an immortality making PURE PRINCIPLE (like fractality IS the origin of centripetal forces-- and life and electronegativity) if it bit them in the nose. Thus they set themselves and you up for disempowerment- by confusion. The only name for things - must be the name of pure principle. If a quality like magnetic south, and charge negative is in fact a name for predominantly centripetal flux lines- you must know that- or you can be confused and manipulated. If alphabets and symbols are only a name for the plasma residue (symmetry of charge compression) necessary to embed/implode/fuse your centripetal (phase conjugate) toroidal flux ( your 'mind') - into the world- you must know that. ... ok I lecture too much here- onward to the product update...

SO- we thought we were doing a good thing- when we made the outer most magnet donut pair - at both ends of THE IMPLODER- to be south facing in. In fact we were dramatically serving the germination sprouting phase- but not quite as well the fruiting phase of the plant growth (acknowledgement to Professor Imhotep for his help here). The reason a rose is more likely to pop open in the hand of a yogi and saint- is his plasma (aura) is centripetal. Good for the pop open part of growth- not so much for the fold in (fruiting) part of growth.

The other thing we learned- was that the part of the long magnetic cylinder we alternated around the water flow (stack of opposing donut magnets) which was actually working on the water molecules was mostly the part of the flux which was bent to focus perpendicularly toward the center of the flow- (the so called phase conjugate or z pinch point between the opposing magnets). So - altho we had the most powerful conventional magnetic toroids- actually the majority of the magnetic flux lines- did not all impinge efficiently toward center.

The solution to this problem required a magnet which was itself 'phase conjugate'. Now many scientists are confused about the meaning of the concept of conjugation of phases. We know that in optics where the optical paths conjugate self organization results- but few have conceived what is the shape of the conjugate path. I solved this problem in general when I proved that only golden ratio conjugates (adds and multiplies- and therefore compresses infinitely and implodes). The only path which allows conjugation in 3D is therefore- the way 2 pine cones kiss noses- in the center of stellating dodeca (animation below- also called 'grail'- goldenmean.info/grail ). This is the only 3D fractal for waves- and the cause of the existence of gravity, hydrogen, DNA, color, perception, all electronegativity, all 'self organization' - and bliss. (evidence: goldenmean.info/selforganization )

SO - if thanks to me - we now know exactly the only symmetry which makes the conjugation of wave phases constructive and possible ( 2 sixty degree implosion pine cones learn to kiss noses)- we now can solve phase conjugate optics, phase conjugate dielectrics (well known to be bioactive : see Bearden at goldenmean.info/phaseconjugate) - AND phase conjugate magnetics. Phase conjugate magnetics was a term I originated and defined- which came to be associated with my film of 2 like poles of a magnet attracting (in fact it refers more to a centripetal magnetic implosive flux line symmetry which has a gravity and a growth effect) . Unfortuneately - we did not find a contract company to measure and prove that the flux lines between 2 donut magnets - whose LIKE POLES ATTRACT- were this geometry. (Making like poles attract - is something I first discussed at length in physics- but credit is due here to Valerie- and to "Joe" in australia- who first mechanically showed us). When I first coined the term phase conjugate magnetics- Elizabeth Rauscher was among the first to embrace the concept. Later I proved from my hydrogen frequency equation that the magnetic frequencies she used to eliminate pain in her FDA study - were in fact phase conjugate. (A technology I am now in the best position to commercialize- of course with acknowledgements to Elizabeth - because I can teach the principle- PAIN REDUCTION / HEALING- IS COMPRESSION RESTORED! - but that is another story- coming soon to fractalfield.com/icosaphi ).

SO- a phase conjugate magnet in principle is one which teaches its own internal magnetic flux lines to do the pine cone kissing noses trick! Well- with acknowledgement to our Professor I., here- it turns out that real phase conjugate magnets are now available thru us! The technology involves putting a phase conjugate frequency signature- into the magnet molecular array- during the time of molecular crystallization at magnetization- or sintering process. This is precisely analogous to my original phase conjugate frequency signature I used to make the resin- which replically makes the (phase conjugate DIELECTRIC)- capacitive field- accelerate fermentation about 50% ( see- pyraphi.com ). In short the bioactive field is fractal. This is the reason the 'field effect' at stonehenge - the 'shem' stone- MAKES SEEDS GROW...( and the only way to be an architect- make the life giving field!). Note how the Hypogeum cultures- those who knew how to MAKE the bioactive field - kiva- were consistently the turning point when civilization might otherwise have perished- history films: goldenmean.info/malta

There is only one process in the world which makes a PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNET- and we are the first to bring them to you. The centripetal process in these magnets is unique- and is key to magnetic superconductivity eventually as well. (Hint to the Cern dummies who just lost half the worlds helium supply- all other forms of magnetic superconductivity are now practically ruled out. Also someone needs to tell those dummies wasting your tax billions- how to converge flux lines to fuse). In practice we are told a phase conjugate magnet can reverse it's polarity if exposed to a strong conventional magnet! You will be seeing much more on this. Meantime- we have the ideal magnet to now focus the flux lines (pine cones kiss) accurately and efficiently at the center of the flow in our Imploder water.

The new SUPER IMPLODER - pictured here- is and will be much more potent than the original imploder. We have seen even animals line up to drink just the water imploded in this way. Do not take our word for it- try it for yourself. This design also can be virtually guaranteed to eliminate in pipe build up of deposits on the pipe walls.

This design is the most potent water treatment device- available. Note- you must use extreme care with magnets of this potency.

The Super- Imploder begins shipping before May 1- 2011. We are offering it at 750 EURO - and again during just the introductory phase- internet trackable shipping is included (and bonus Imploder Shower

SUPER-Imploder-Vortex Gen.Ordr

(Note: if you bought the original IMPLODER - this year-in 2011- and are interested in the new super potent SUPER-Imploder- we have a special offer for you- 50% credit of what you paid toward the purchase of the equivalent new SUPER IMPLODER- contact danwinter@fractalfield.com )



News update: The New "SUPER-IMPLODER" url: fractalfield.com/superimploder


aside from allowing separate experiments- cleaning - easy replacement etc-
It also means- everyone can try this!>

Tickle the pony tail - self aware water? ... from The Imploder:


J. C. writes again on Mar 11,2011:
" Dan, Sweet Implosion!
The roots photos are really great showing the difference between Imploded and non-imploded.
The plants were cloned on the same day. They all had the same nutrients. The healthy white roots are the Imploded plant.
The darker green, smaller roots are not imploded . . shows the huge difference.
The Mature plant photos (not shown here) are all Imploded. Notice how some of the leaves point toward the light.
My plants here at home aren't included but have had a big surge again since getting Imploded water again.
Thanks again for all you do, J.C.


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phoenix imploder film superfoodimploder

Jason Verbelli's new Docu Film about the Imploder:


imploder schauberger vortex


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Download Dan Winter's original paper-from the Proceedings of the First-(in the series) of UNIFIED FIELD PHYSICISTS -Budapest 05(&08)-
Exerpt from First Conference Proceedings: Dan Winter - in 05 & 06- First to Hypothesize- FRACTALITY as CAUSE of GRAVITY:
The First to Predict: Gravity's Electric CAUSE- is Golden Ratio FRACTALITY!-
Paper -"Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity, (and Perception and Color Descrimination)
pdf - from the CD / Proceedings: (w/ color graphics) 5.1 Meg : Ch19ADanWinter.pdf ,
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ALCHEMY-Fusion-IMPLOSION:PartONE-The Real Science and Psychology,From Physics to Shakespeare and Dee
with Dan Winter
and Dan Schreiber- Lotus Temple, Byron Australia
Mar 25, 2011 url: fractalfield.com/alchemy

Part ONE -75 Minutes


Part TWO - 84 Minutes


--See complete science of alchemy - multimedia series -with the related Science of alchemy links: fractalfield.com/alchemy

--ALSO NEW:> Major new film release- fractalfield.com/perfectflame

The PERFECT FLAME: Fertility and the Growth Environment thru FRACTALITY

with a Summary of Technologies Developed from FRACTAL FIELD THEORY

Breakthru Understandings Using IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE- Includes Natural Solutions to Radioactivity

with Dan Winter, new Mar 31, 2011

Presentation at

Alternative Science and Technology Research Organization (ASTRO) - Melbourne, Australia

Filmed and edited- by Ian Hacon- Nutech (Hydrolysis Research)
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--the film- 2+hours- Digitally filmed- produced for full resolution.


ONLY this precise equation based symmetry-


is the form taken, the cause, and mechanism of



-life force

- color

- perception

- bliss / enlightenment

- origin of alphabet of psycholokinesis of symbol by initiating plasma compression (creation) in the aura

because this golden ratio fractal phase conjugation is the cause of all centripetal, self-organizing and electro-negative forces


Our 5th Rimini -Italian Adriatic Conference was attended by over 1300 People
Where we announced the New Release of my 2nd Italian Book "Implosion's Grand Attractor"-
to accompany the 2nd Printing of my first best seller in Italy: "Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality"



Preview of the new book- more info: contact> Khudai- email: casakhuan@gmail.com

cover back
one 3



Science links start: goldenmean.info/selforganization

-- From Previous Announcements: new-





Newest Online Interview- English and Spanish with Dan Winter:
marysol Interview


At www.fundacion-soliris.eu/radiotv.html

With Marysol


Dan Winter14 Abril SOLirisTV








http://www.fundacion-soliris.eu/videos/PROGRAMA/image001.jpgPróximo programa en


el 14 de Abril a las 22 horas.

DANWinterSantoGRIAL1.JPGEn www.fundacionsoliris.eu/radiotv.html  

Entrevistamos a

Dan Winter ingeniero y maestro de Geometría Sagrada.

Dan presentará su última investigación en el campo fractal-la física y la tecnología. Su invención anterior el Blisstuner (Entonador de la Felicidad) mostró que la proporción Aurea en las ondas cerebrales de  miden la dicha  y la percepción de ello.
Hoy lo está aplicando  a una teoría generalizada de la auto-organización y las fuerzas centrípetas.
El autor muestra que la proporción áurea en la fractalidad  es precisamente la única geometría que hace que suceda:
la gravedad, la percepción, la felicidad, la fuerza de la vida ytoda la electricidad negativa, la auto-organización y el color. Él ha creado equipos internacionales de científicos para aplicar esta tecnología y la ciencia espiritual.  Puedes leer más en goldenmean.info (versión en español:
goldenmean.info / español y theimploder.com, pyraphi.com, fractalfield.com y Breakthru-Technologies.com