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Triploder Users - notes and suggestions ..from Dan Winter


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SuperImploder Research Updates: (recent success pictorials.. Wheat in India, Hydroponics in US, GreenHouse Install design)



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Notes from the inventor- Dan Winter- about the TRIPLODER:

We started gathering results on the Superimploder before Triploder but surprisingly we have an increasing number of users who prefer (the lighter) Triploder.
Notably - the Bio Sol- biodynamic (Steiner) farming group of France have installed many of the Triploder - insisting it is even more effective (we will be adding to their reports here)
They use the TRIPLODER vortex for the perfect dynamization - of Steiner agricultural preparations.
(they also use it for animal farming: biodynamic preparations thru the Triploder they insist has eliminated need for vaccines and antibiotics in chicken and pig farming)

The Triploder delivers even more spin density (but not magnetics).
Of the vortex water treatment technologies out there- it is clearly the most perfectly designed vortex...

For example in a farming spray operation where perfect mixing (even at the molecular level) enhances performance it would potentize the mixing of any agricultural preparation..
also the spin density should increase solubility just for that reason- which would decrease amount of water needed to irrigate..

Also - the feature of the nozzle's water vortex itself- which delivers a bioactive growth creating CENTRIPETALpiezoelectric field which is proven growth enhancing AROUND THE NOZZLE ITSELF- (not requiring the magnetics section)- affecting the wate r also-

This (piezo effect of our nozzle) is logically stronger in the Triploder - (seeds are effected measureably just being NEAR the nozzle)..
This (piezo charging of the water) effect is greatest in 'hard' (mineral rich) water. (also best in cool not warm waters).

In summary- the Triploder is probably in some ways the superior product (3 times the spin density- yet without magnetics)
- but we just have not had the opportunity to gather as many result reports.
Certainly among vortex technologies- since our vortex is clearly the best (mathematically perfect design) - with 3 ideal vortex -in the Triploder
- we are superior in this category of well known water treatment technologies. If pure spin is what you are looking for- the Triploder is that Spin Dense -'solution to solubility'.
dan winter -- for

or click: or contact danwinter(at) - phone US 310 651 8123 , Skype ID: danwinter

Jasona Verbelli - using our Imploder Nozzle

and here is Jason V. report- using the nozzle:



Care and treatment of the ploder IMPLOSION perfected Black Vortex NOZZLE(s):

Remind your installer- to treat the precise Black Vortex Implosion Nozzle(s)- gently during installation
(support the tightening nut careful and gently - with 2 wrenches while tightening).
the water DISCHARGE side of the nozzle (vortex end) is the nozzle NUTS side
(where you can see the tip of the INNER CONE, the other end is open-that is water input)

Many ask if the Superimploder can be installed for home use. The super soluble water the Superimploder produces (also in many cases-with the Triploder - if the water is conductive/piezo), is EXCELLENT for growth, health, washing and in fact in many cases will replace a water softener. However- particularly in a home (where a leak could cause problems) it is important the black vortex imploder nozzle be treated properly. The Imploder black vortex perfected nozzles are made of state of the art- latest Resinex Technyl (food grade) hi pressure materials and O-rings. This material is the best and strongest available, originally designed for making fittings on water meters. That nozzle has been tested at pressures up to 100psi (to be safe we recommend 80psi max). Our experience is that this nozzle will hold pressure just fine - HOWEVER- it is important to remember that mechanical torquing and bending from the installation pipe - CAN cause problems. In cases where users DO develop a crack- in their black nozzle we almost universally find- it is NOT the water pressure that caused the crack - BUT in fact the cracking is invariably caused by bending and torqing the nozzle -with stresses in the way it is installed. For example- IF the Triploder/ Superimploder weight is not supported properly, and even more common- if the Superimploder is connected to solid not flexible pipe in a way that pulls and torqs (twists) the nozzle. If your nozzle does develop a crack from being torq'ed by adjacent pipe connections- or to avoid this risk- we recommend connecting the black nozzle ends - to a FLEXIBLE hose - where feasible- which then connects to the solid pipe which prevents pull on the nozzle. ( we are generous about helping our users with newer Triploder/SuperImploder who need a nozzle replacement). - Thanks for using the most powerful water treatment for growth on the planet!





Imploder Nozzle- Makes Distilled Water CONDUCTIVE- in careful trials-
we'd like to thank the Kaqun Healing water project- for their study and trials on this.

The tests were done with the TRIPLODER (note the same nozzle and therefore related effeet applies to SuperImploder)

Note the power and benefit- of making distilled- or clear- water conductive- It makes the pure water available to reaction- like Hydrolysis, and Water treatment technologies which utilize the conductivity of water!

Note here the parallel to the way- Superimploder pretreatment of water - showed 20 Percent - reduction in the voltage required for Hydrolysis - we thank so much Tyler Milnthorp- for his tests on this also- in conjunction with his project with the Canadian government- to produce fuel efficiency in diesel trucks- by adding hydrogen gas to the diesel engine (well known to catalyze).

Triploder: THREE Mathematically Perfect- Implosive Vortex Nozzles:




Dramatic update on Imploder Nozzle Testing- Dec. 2012:
Multiple Reports- Large Increases in Plant Growth - when they are SIMPLY PLACED NEAR THE IMPLODER- NOZZLE!
(this would then apply to both Superimploder and Triploder)

At first it sounds unusual- that there are repeated reports that plants simply growing NEAR the nozzle itself- benefit dramatically- without even touching the water which passes thru it. But - if you understand the physics- it makes simple sense! - Particularly - as there is usually some mineral etc. in the water (as there was in the Schauberger vortex which made electricity from gravity- as it spontaneously cooled / imploded)- in this case the vortex is PIEZOELECTRIC. This means that you are generating a CENTRIPETAL electric field (related to phase conjugate dielectric).

The life force in a seed or plant- is proportional to how CENTRIPETAL is it's charge field.

Thus the growth benefit to seeds and plants- is their response to a CENTRPETAL flux field- for exactly the same documented effect- where seeds germinate so much better in Stonehenge like dolmen circles. The piezoelectric quality of the water with minerals in it similar to the reason schauberger saw coldness increase in the vortex.

Physics would suggest that the centripetal growth effect plasma field around the nozzle itself would increase with
- cooler water
- mineral in water ( we saw greatest effect in UK with HARD water)
- increase vortex speed (meaning slightly faster movement probably good)
- note that the angle of the vortex in the nozzle is calculated to fit the hydrogen shell geometry for this reason ( ) --

quoting letter from Carlo D. - Fri, 28 Dec 2012 05:28:27-From:
Hi Dan, The super imploder I bought a few months back is brilliant, thank you. I have some questions. Are you aware that the imploder nozzle when active generates a field of energy? This field enhances plants growth incredibly.
... what about a device that simply holds a small amount of water spinning in a vortex/imploder type manner to specifically generate this field?
... I wish to test this equipment further... the obvious water savings and benefits of your technology would alleviate many issues in developing countries, have you presented your products to WATER AID or OXFAM etc. I am certain they would be interested. Can I get a second machine on the same deal as before? ........... Carlo
also on follow up - Carlo emailed again - Jan 2, 2013: Hi Dan, Well London water is cold and hard this time of year!
I have to say this 'field effect' has got my attention! Can I get 4 x the nozzle alone to specifically explore this? Gonna try cycling water through one continuously and see what I can do with the field - great fun!
The imploder is used a few minutes a day but has doubled growth (just) by immediate proximity.

Below- the physics behind our IMPLODER revolutionary - equation based unique IMPLOSION PERFECTED- Nozzle Design:



installed triploder

TRIPloder- Application Notes:

1. MANY commercial water treatment devices use a vortex only - no magnets. The Triploder- had 3 of the most accurate implosive cone vortex spin devices ever designed. Similar units with less accurate vortex cones which cost more (like the Structure Water Unit- link contained above).. have documented effects like increase molecular conformity- meaning for example that when you spray and ice rink - with this - you clearly get smoother ice.

We call this equation for implosion I wrote for the VORTEX NOZZLE UNIQUE IMPLODER DESIGN: "Schauberger's Dream"- precisely because it implements accurate physics of implosive vorticity- to complete- what Schauberger so intuitively grasped.

Victor Schauberger's many very famous works on implosion in water- showed numerous benefits to this genre of device-

We included some films of the Schauberger implosion vortex benefits at

and especially the films at the bottom of:


Note the Triploder is an experimental product- built from demand from users. For sure all agree the water resulting is silkier- and has spin. Many others have documented the benefit of vortex spin life and growth. Our own research - to documenting growth benefit at - has focused our testing on our immensely succcesful original product SUPERIMPLODER- which adds extreme centripetal ( 8 - of 3000 gauss special magnets in converging array) - to the nozzle. For the SuperImploder- our track record of agricultural benefit is extensive and compelling - please see

The Triploder- is newer and we do not have as much testing in place- from within our own organization. This is particularly why we ask that you send you result reports! > danwinter(at)



The Triploder features simple very standard 3/4 inch male threads- which also fit metric.

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: The Triploder like all the vortex nozzle products here is DIRECTIONAL FOR FLOW. This means it is critical the side which contains the INNER VORTEX CONE inside each nozzle is the discharge. (You can see the inner cone inside ONE end only).

The simplest way to make SURE you have this right- is..

the water must ENTER at the end with the HEADS of the Screws..

the water must EXIT at the end with the NUTS on the screws...

check it carefully! ( or your water will not get the right spin).


Triploders are pressure tested - and we have a great track record for integrity there.

(Also the testing may mean there might be a small amount of water still inside the inner cones- this has no effect on function).

If you do have a leak- it is surprisingly easy to fix:

If the leak is where the threads go into the union coupler: - unscrew the nozzle threads from the coupler, add rubber washers to the inside bottom- and or teflon plumbers tape to the threads as needed.

If the leak is on the rim of the nozzle itself (I am proud to say - I have never heard this happening)- simply unscrew the 10 screws- you can add liquid gasket and or replace O-ring.


Again- thanks for your dedication to working with us to PRACTICALLY APPLYING IMPLOSION TO GROWTH!


Dan Winter

April 2012