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from Implosion Group with Bill Donavan and Dan Winter

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Vacuum Assisted Desalination / Water Purification- with ZERO ENERGY INPUT


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(Vacuum Desal Project Engineering Intro / Outline in the PDF above)


Related public Implosion Group Projects- Our Vacuum Desal engineering- can be used in conjunction with our TWO breakthru physics in the key frequencies of hydrogen- based hydrolysis:

One: Dan Winter's new equation for hydrogen radii and frequencies:

Planck LENGTH (and Time) multiplied by precise whole number golden ratio (phase conjugation) power exponents- predicts precisely hydrogen radii and frequencies! :

This is the foundation for our 2 year international project to develop (in Melbourne) - Hydrolysis efficiency by hydrogen key signature frequencies:

and related Keynote Image Set:



And TWO: Our consulting mathematician- Martin Jones- see our conjoint paper:

Has also developed consulting on hydrolysis key frequency engineering: (Quote from Martin Jones):
The water molecule has three main vibrational modes for the bonds between the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms, the symmetric stretching, anti-symmetric stretching, and bending modes. The frequencies at which these modes oscillate are in the terahertz range and can be found on the NIST website,
For advanced water electrolysis, a way to excite these modes in order to break apart the Hydrogen-Oxygen bonds is to heterodyne into these frequencies at their highest possible subharmonics. Such an effect can be achieved with high-powered standing wave lasers, or for lower subharmonics, AC potentials across a capacitor with water as the dielectric.
(Engineering detail available by non-disclosure).


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