Phase Conjugate Fractality:Key to All Vacuum Coherence Energy -

Dan Winter: "Fractality causes gravity (AND Zero Point Energy) because..
golden ratio conjugation implodes charge into longitudinal emf gravity waves precisely thru the Planck threshold. Golden ratio in hydrogen radii are literally ‘the smoking gun’.


Examples of propulsion /gravity making charge implosion

Note in the below- how charge implosion in the plasma vortex donut INSIDE OR OUTSIDE YOUR HEAD- is the locus of VISION / PERCEPTION!

Recursion perfected (non destructive self re entry) is the phase conjugation /fractal implosion which is consciousness in the plasma donut NOT always confined to the head.

Ali Cosmi wrote -in ‘consciousness studies’:”I just finished Michael Corballis’ “The Recursive Mind” and have finally started reading Douglas Hofstädter’s Godel/Escher/Bach . Corballis argues that what distinguishes us from animals isn’t so much language, consciousness, mental time travel, and so on, but recursion, which actually underlies all three. Recursion is the ability to embed ideas in other ideas like thinking about a past event right now. In so doing, I would be embedding my past consciousness into my present one. While animals have the rudiments of this ability, they’re not as capable of it as we are. So far it seems to me that Hofstädter argues that Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem is analogous to recursion in that the proposition G, which states that it is both true and unprovable, is self-referential the way recursive mental processes are. " end quote
Fractal Physics of Global Wireless Power, Vacuum Energy AND The "Diamond Light Body”w/Dan Winter 107min. w/graphic keynote
(note improved edit- of this film: )
86th FESIG (Free Energy Special Interest Group) Meeting - March 3, 2021
host- Crystal Goh

Dan’s lecture: "The Pyramid Builders acheived wireless global power - Tesla did not - the difference is understanding longitudinal fractal interferometry. He did not use the right nodes OR the right power spectra (60hz was a profound mistake). Taking that centripetal fractal nodal physics- we see the implosive/ phase conjugate key to ALL zero point vacuum energy tech- .. ( ) AND how the aura is charged to immortality- we see absolute key to all the ancient wisdom - (including Essene) of 'perfecting the diamond light body'"

(Dan last spoke at FESIG's 71st Meeting on Dec 2019 about the Physics of the Universe, Fractal Physics of Charge Distribution In the Vacuum, Phase Conjugation Wave Fractality, the Perfect Golden Spiral on the Cone, the existence of 'Sacred Geometry'). An Electrical engineer, plasma tech/implosion/biofeedback inventor and fractality physics researcher, Dan lectures extensively around the world, especially known for his applications of mathematical modelling to optimize spiritual development as a spin-off of his research on the relationship of emotion to wave length structure. Dan is a prolific writer and much of his work is available on the Internet.



Update May 23, 2021

Centripetal PLASMA VORTEX..Key to Consciousness, ASCENSION, Gravity..Vacuum Energy - with Dan Winter

Dan Winter’s “16 Questions” Physics of Ascension lecture, Sun May 23- 10:50am PDT (CA time):
IF you know: What is a PLASMA VORTEX..& HOW it becomes CENTRIPETAL (hint fractal conjugation):THEN you can know: - WHAT IS (the physic
s of) ??
+ healing plasma
+ an ELEMENTAL / and an ANGEL
+ LIFE FORCE -inside a SEED
+ ALL ACTION AT A DISTANCE/ STARGATES+ How Hydrogen MAKES Gravity (& why objects fall to the ground )
+ HOW GAIA / Earth’s Schumann Field became NEGENTROPIC
+ How a SOUL forms in (imploding) DNA (BLISS / ‘fusion in the blood’)
+ How the NAZI BELL/ Honibu flew (how the Nazi’s took over the Solar System)
+THE Principle of ZERO POINT / Vacuum energy (see below)
+ The Physics of CONSCIOUSNESS Itself
+The Physics of ASCENSION (Longitudinal aura array distribution) &
+How Body PARASITES & Astral Parasites (& ET Parasites) get ‘Toasted’ 

Note for better sound at the recording end etc, see: Portal to ascension recording version> Starts at 49:30.

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Dan Winter' lecture at Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference -Amsterdam - Nov 9-10, 2019


This video is only an exerpt preview (preview film thanks-to Valerie) - you are encouraged to view the full professional film-

Dan Winter - lecture at FESIG - Free Energy Special Interest Group - UK

"Electrical Engineering Earth Grid: Longitudinal EMF Physics- WHY Earth Magnetic Grid nodes measureably enable telepathy, remote healing, vacuum energy efficiency - AND affect nuclear critical mass."

Meeting Dec 4, 2019 - Published on Dec 24, 2019


This is the 1st session of the 71st FESIG Meeting on the 4th Dec 2019 where Dan Winter speaks!
The Chair, Crystal Goh commenced the meeting with introducing Dan. Co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle.
Dan Winter, is an Electrical engineer, plasma tech/implosion/biofeedback inventor and fractality physics researcher. Dan Winter lectures extensively around the world, especially known for his applications of mathematical modelling to optimize spiritual development as a spin-off of his research on the relationship of emotion to wave length structure. One important tool developed by Dan is the Heart Tuner which measures or quantizes the onset of conscious self-awareness by virtue of the apparent geometry of the heart harmonic, & EEG being geometrically linked by progressions based on powers of Phi (the Golden Mean 0.618033989...). Dan is a prolific writer and much of his work is available on the Internet. In this Meeting, Dan will talk about Physics of the Universe, Fractal Physics of Charge Distribution In the Vacuum, Phase Conjugation Wave Fractality, the Perfect Golden Spiral on the Cone, the existence of 'Sacred Geometry' in the Earth Grid (and beyond) - and 'sacred sites'… and more.
Listen in to the rest of the talk....

Brought to you by Crystal Goh and the FESIG Team
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Access "Higher Self /Zero Point" the Science with Dan Winter .. 'Higher Consciousness IS Inhabiting the FRACTAL ARRAY' - - Zero Point ENERGY Physics is STILL POINT Awareness- more at link ,
Dan's presentation , -at the end of the film where Dan describes access to bliss/ charge radiance- as the turning point for the redemption of ET history of Earth Humans- see

Dan Winter 's / / (tech) updates - Aug. 2020 - To our partners- appreciate your interest
- Notes/film re infections vs plasma:
- Teaching kids to see without their eyes /w EEG .. ‘inner vortex’
- Newest amazing theraphi plasma report
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Here's how electrical engineering solved the mystery of the PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Dan Winter):

Consciousness is a (potentially transportable) nested plasma toroid vortex which forms around the brain/body - with increasing CENTRIPETAL / IMPLOSIVE COHERENCE-
That plasma toroid nest can transport vision / consciousness OUTSIDE THE BODY
-lucid dreaming / astral travel / and thru death.
(also fully explains the centripetal/ cold making plasma physics of ghost research).
This fully electrically explains why consciousness is electrically centripetal, and why charge field compression
( like golden ratio EEG - and - like - & 'sacred space')
correlate to PEAK PERCEPTION.

-> 1. Bill Tiller proved replicably: Focused attention CAUSED electric fields to compress ('implode') ref: "Conscious Acts of Creation"

2. Korotkov and then Dan Winter '' proved golden ratio (fractal/conjugate/implosive)
EEG frequency cascades CAUSED PEAK PERCEPTION (vision)
/ BLISS /' TRANCE'..-More on BLISS implosion frequency recipe- HRV/Breath/Microwave/SacroCranial/EEG at

3. Dan Winter with Paul Harris -25 countries- proved those same golden ratio frequencies in plasma - caused SHARPENED VISION - in 25% of people
That same Theraphi plasma toroid nest-> is proven replicably to be a lucid dreaming trigger

4. Dan Winter, Patrick Botte & Iris - showed KIDS SEEING WITHOUT THEIR EYES- , always report their vision forms inside their (blindfolded) head:

5. Dan Winter and (deceased) Dan Scheiber showed THE WAY THAT VISION TUBE CONTINUES THROUGH DEATH - is an implosive light / infra-sound (black hole like) vortex ('Kluver' symmetry sequence) -
So much so that surgeons (Ray Moody) - proved death visions are electrically contagious.

Successful death requires a kind of electrical 'black hole' of charge implosion!

- Remote viewing/ astral travel/ lucid dreaming- AND successful death are ALL specifically coherent / 'fractal' longitudinal emf interferometry propagation- generated by the phase conjugate vortex of conscious plasma..
-that's why optimal sites for them- can be electrically engineered.

( Korotkov and Winter measuring/'fractal charge' design for sacred space

Anyone who thinks perception is limited to being INSIDE your head- is absolutely PROVEN wrong by millions of testimonies! - soo what is perception??

-'It's a PLASMA DONUT - and You can SEE Thru it!.. a 'remote viewer'..

 Access "Higher Self /Zero Point" the Science with Dan Winter .. 'Higher Consciousness IS Inhabiting the FRACTAL ARRAY' - - Zero Point ENERGY Physics is STILL POINT Awareness- more at link , Dan's presentation -at the end of the film where Dan describes access to bliss/ charge radiance- as the turning point for the redemption of ET history of Earth Humans- see

Film from Dan Winter lecture- Ascension-2020 -Oct 5
- slides: more'Describing in measurable electrical engineering terms exactly what is meant by ASCENSION: When ( ideally fractal) compression geometry develops around the human aura (plasma) - the heart (HRV) harmonics become inclusive / fractal (THE medical measurement of immune health) - the correlate HEART COHERENCE (/ BLISS) measurably increases DNA braid coherence/density- the coherence (and fractality) of the aura-embeds by phase conjugation the transverse emf component down thru the planck threshold ( fractal squirt gun) - into COHERENT LONTITUDINAL EMF PROPAGATION ( the so called BA from the KA ) - which we have measured and proven (see Theraphi etc)- IS the wave mechanic of lucid dreaming / telepathy /ancestral memory .. - it is called going to the next dimension because it is measurable by frequency signature adding harmonics- when axes of charge spin symmetry are superposed ( which density increase is ALWAYS perfected only by fractal golden mean ratio... 

Nov 1: "Kundalini, Ascension..Rainmaking & ANGELS-Practical Spiritual Science with Dan Winter" 


Share the ANGER around PLEASE: The REAL turning point - when the entire history of USA became the MOST POISONOUS LIE - in the history of Earth- was when the CIA driven MJ-12 decided to MURDER -Secretary Defense James Forrestal- RATHER than allow him to explain to the American people WHY they LOST to the NAZI's. (because they were too stupid to know that a vortex -like Nazi Bell/ Hanibu - makes gravity!- ..and if you don't teach your kids- then you are COMPLICIT IN THEIR LIE. ) I express my anger -in the film above- Physics of Ascension - many have asked for the details:
see the FULL story from Robert Wood / William Tompkins ( Gaia series- see also Secret Space Program).

The result of this most poisonous lie -infecting schizophrenia into the most dangerous country on Earth - only begins with the Nazi's kicking Admiral Byrd's ass out of the south pole- along with the cream of the US Navy... That's just the tip of the iceberg of the tragedy. - not only does your senator continue to waste enough resource annually to feed 10 times the Earth's hungry on USELESS aircraft carriers/jets ( even the borg driven China bully has a wide convenient assortment of missiles to take carriers out quickly -and of course the real powers -Kingu and Pleadian - see US jets as playthings..) The real tragedy - just keeps on multiplying.. Nazi's now control South Earth, Ceres outside Jupiter.. and the real ET government - Federation of Planets can't even talk to Earthlings because WE ARE THE DANGEROUS VIRUS! - ET history context:


How perfected charge collapse creates life force/ consciousness / gravity ( AND matter)- by Dan Winter

"The difference between the observer vs the observed is now simple: that which is inside vs outside the centripetal charge/plasma -vortex"

"We now know the reason Draco's find humans about as interesting as we find chickens. When they attack-the first thing  you feel is an electrical vice like (centripetal) grip around your skull.
( So called 'mind meld with Orion queen Mag') - THAT is the power of mind." ( Dan Winter)

No one realized when famous Professor Bill Tiller-  first measured consciousness causes electric fields to compress -that this is  the clue to how consciouss  is defined and measured ( and in the human case for example - very limited)
Graphic / discussion / international lectures - HOW PERFECTED PHASE CONJUGATE CHARGE COLLAPSE CAUSES PERCEPTION - see


PERFECTED CHARGE COLLAPSE -is THE proposed solution to the UNIFIED FIELD - by  SO many physicists- including Einstein.  (Perfected 'pair collapse' / annihilation = pine cones kissing noses- phase conjugating - perfectly

LIFE FORCE DEFINED: Now more and more physicists have agreed PERFECTED CHARGE COLLAPSE is THE solution to the quantum mechanics of consciousness-the Microvita movement- for example. (They talk about  collapse  between opposing pairs of  quarks for example- we showed the charge slip knot definition of quark=3 'anu':   -7spin outside is tetra/cube symmetry,  5  spin  within is dodec/icos -   see our   to build  that perfect model of  charge collapse ) 'Microvita's' missing piece:- The Microvita definition of life force force for example has failed to produce measurements ( see ours below)- and also specifically failed to show how life-force is quantized.  This is because they have failed to discover the cause of the charge collapse -which they themselves admit is the mechanism of LIFE FORCE / consciousness. We now know that charge collapse perfected ( the cause of gravity, consciousness and life force)-is specifically the problem solved ONLY by perfected (fractality which IS:) phase conjugation to planck (the ONLY quantizer of everything physics has measured).

Of course no one  could deny that a fractal field is by definition  THE solution to charge collapse- since mathematically it is known that FRACTALITY IS BY DEFINITION the ONLY solution to perfected compression. (Originally mathematicians unfamiliar with how planck quantizes everything called this infinite compression- we now know  it is more precisely  in PHI knit).

and - (even tho it is fashionable in physics now to agree that fractality causes gravity) - No one other than myself has percisely electrically defined what a fractal field IS: planck x  golden ratio ^ integer N     -   my original origin of entropy (and life force, and gravity and consciousness) equation. (below) - that equation animated in 3D

The reason  they have NOT figured out the cause of CHARGE COLLAPSE is  all too familiar- those who do not know why objects fall to the ground cannot know the cause and origin of ANY centripetal or negentropic force (like gravity, life force and consciousness).

We have now defined and measured how and why  gravity, life force and consciousness are specifically electrically centripetal (phase conjugate/ negentropic - and charge implosive) and quantized by planck.

1. Here is our (EEG) measure of phase conjugate charge collapse causing consciousness - - our new tech - now a global phenomenon.

2. Here is our measure of phase conjugate charge collapse causing life force- see our years of life force measure: , note particularly the CADUCCEUS CAPACITIVE HARMONIC CASCADE IDENTIFYING THE LIVE VS DEAD ROSE OIL.

Here is our updated LIFE FORCE MEASURE - note the golden ratio caducceus phase conjugate implosive SCHUMANN capacitive harmonic cascade measureably identifying life force in a tree!

3. Here is our measure of phase conjugate charge collapse causing gravity- see 3 graphic images- HOW HYDROGEN IS PROVEN FRACTAL- see Dan Winter's new hydrogen equation- this page.

Report from Amsterdam - by Dan Winter

It was great to hang out with old friends- and great contacts, Toby Grotz, Jorn Schauberger, Peter Lindemann, Paul LaViolette- and many more- almost made me forget I am not young anymore..

And the energy and friendship of the conference and the organizers- and the venue- was truly - super- thanks to all!

BUT- the real drama of these conferences - never ceases to amaze me:

I am choosing to call this- the Einstein has no clothes on principle- namely - ...since my lecture was - WHY -
until someone knows why an object falls to the ground- they will never understand the principle of (or optimize) ANY zero point / vacuum coherence energy technology. (see the film).

So what I think is such a kool testimonial to the ridiculous essential blindness of current physics- you know that since NO one knows why objects fall to the ground-

that EVEN though this is probably THE most important question to ask physics- SINCE everyone is primally embarassed because no one has a clue- THEREFORE NO ONE ASKS THE QUESTION! (shocking testimonial to the power of blindness)

SO- as we look at the breakthrough energy movement- SINCE no one has the first clue- what is the PRINCIPLE behind tapping the vacuum for zero point energy ( and therefore how to perfect it)-

the result is NO ONE ASKS THE QUESTION!! As we look at the speakers list- we have endless hashing over the history of zero point energy- how to test, how to market, how to invest, etc etc.- but NO one says a SINGLE WORD about how they work!!

Yes indeed- our emperor Einstein- is still like the king who has no clothes on- everyone silently agrees to ignore the elephant in the room ( ignorance as to THE principle of vacuum coherence in general).

My lecture makes it clear- THE source of ALL vacuum coherence/ zero point energy technology is CHARGE IMPLOSION- by phase conjugate fractality- tuned precisely by golden ratio to planck ( meaning PLANCK is the ONLY zero point).

Also meaning- we can now tune and perfect - EACH of the described - zero point vacuum coherence technologies- using my new equation for this origin of biologic negentropy- Planck x Integer exponenets golden ratio (phase conjugation / fractality perfected).


Dan Winter's updated paper on gravity, Martin co-published - updating original article , ( direct pdf download here research_papers_gravity_science_journal_7617.pdf

Mark Rohrbaugh - ( ) letter to Physicist Elizabeth Rauscher - May 11, 2017
"Hi Elizabeth, Attached is the paper I was telling you about that gives a derivation of Dan’s work for his phi-ratio implosion idea.
(here Mark attached PDF of our paper published in GS General Science Journal - originally from
- "Compressions, The Hydrogen Atom and Phase Conjugation" (Magazine source link for pdf- followed by link to the same paper - at the original fractalfield pub)


-a related pub:


- link

below - we present examples of vacuum energy devices -and propulsion tech (image set- Townsend Brown, Searl, DePalma, Vimana/mercury vortex/ Nazi Bell / Hanibu - etc) -which can be tuned and perfected using my equation.

We already have successful technologies- plasma - - in 25 countries- water implosion - - brainwave / bliss - - based only on my equation- ORIGIN OF NEGENTROPY - soon there will be MANY more!

See the links to many of Dan Winter's Implosion Group energy projects:

See also Priore- Longitudinal waves vs negentropy / rejuvenation at 'How Theraphi Works' -

Download the 200+slide powerpoint from Dan's lecture as pdf:

You are encouraged to view- the original professional videos (modest subscription cost):

The Speakers

--below- highlights from Dan's lecture ( exerpts from the slides)

Updates June 2020

If you see a) Ball Lightning or b) a child
crossing the road dangerously .. what do you do?

A: Talk to it!



Winter originally visited DePalma- with Tom Valone- the physics is clear- by conjugating the imploding charge lines- ( rotate the conjugator)- the faraday disk / Depalma principle overunity can be optimized.



The arc angle of the implosive capacitance- Townsend Brown used for lift- should be optimized by equation- for conjugate geometry.

Below - the iron doped mercury vortex propulsion (vimana/nazi bell/ honibu) - is tuned to conjugate / implode for gravity production- see also equations for hydraulic vortex gravity