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b) Slideshow from Karl Schwarz key presentation at the Berlin Air Show- Nano Tech breakthru implications- (world scientists clamored to connect with Karl) > ILABerlin2010.htm

c) new Powerpoint- from Karl Schwarz- pictorial detail- of Phase One- Carbon Nano-Tech production project: KarlSchwarzPhase1.htm



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WHY (carbon) Nano materials are phase conjugators:

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Why Phase Conjugate materials make gravity (propulsion) : ,

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Notes below from Dan Winter - - partner w/ Tokata

Phase Conjugate Fractality:Key to All Vacuum Coherence Energy -

Dan Winter: "Fractality causes gravity (AND Zero Point Energy) because..
golden ratio conjugation implodes charge into longitudinal emf gravity waves precisely thru the Planck threshold. Golden ratio in hydrogen radii are literally ‘the smoking gun’.


Examples of propulsion /gravity making charge implosion

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Dan Winter' lecture at Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference -Amsterdam - Nov 9-10, 2019


This video is only an exerpt preview (preview film thanks-to Valerie) - you are encouraged to view the full professional film-

Dan Winter - lecture at FESIG - Free Energy Special Interest Group - UK

"Electrical Engineering Earth Grid: Longitudinal EMF Physics- WHY Earth Magnetic Grid nodes measureably enable telepathy, remote healing, vacuum energy efficiency - AND affect nuclear critical mass."

Meeting Dec 4, 2019 - Published on Dec 24, 2019


This is the 1st session of the 71st FESIG Meeting on the 4th Dec 2019 where Dan Winter speaks!
The Chair, Crystal Goh commenced the meeting with introducing Dan. Co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle.
Dan Winter, is an Electrical engineer, plasma tech/implosion/biofeedback inventor and fractality physics researcher. Dan Winter lectures extensively around the world, especially known for his applications of mathematical modelling to optimize spiritual development as a spin-off of his research on the relationship of emotion to wave length structure. One important tool developed by Dan is the Heart Tuner which measures or quantizes the onset of conscious self-awareness by virtue of the apparent geometry of the heart harmonic, & EEG being geometrically linked by progressions based on powers of Phi (the Golden Mean 0.618033989...). Dan is a prolific writer and much of his work is available on the Internet. In this Meeting, Dan will talk about Physics of the Universe, Fractal Physics of Charge Distribution In the Vacuum, Phase Conjugation Wave Fractality, the Perfect Golden Spiral on the Cone, the existence of 'Sacred Geometry' in the Earth Grid (and beyond) - and 'sacred sites'… and more.
Listen in to the rest of the talk....

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related from Winter: , , , see also Dan Winter University Keynote:- How implosive / conjugate /fractal charge compression causes VISION (and gravity!)

series comments: Dan Winter BLOG

Report from Amsterdam - by Dan Winter

It was great to hang out with old friends- and great contacts, Toby Grotz, Jorn Schauberger, Peter Lindemann, Paul LaViolette- and many more- almost made me forget I am not young anymore..

And the energy and friendship of the conference and the organizers- and the venue- was truly - super- thanks to all!

BUT- the real drama of these conferences - never ceases to amaze me:

I am choosing to call this- the Einstein has no clothes on principle- namely - ...since my lecture was - WHY -
until someone knows why an object falls to the ground- they will never understand the principle of (or optimize) ANY zero point / vacuum coherence energy technology. (see the film).

So what I think is such a kool testimonial to the ridiculous essential blindness of current physics- you know that since NO one knows why objects fall to the ground-

that EVEN though this is probably THE most important question to ask physics- SINCE everyone is primally embarassed because no one has a clue- THEREFORE NO ONE ASKS THE QUESTION! (shocking testimonial to the power of blindness)

SO- as we look at the breakthrough energy movement- SINCE no one has the first clue- what is the PRINCIPLE behind tapping the vacuum for zero point energy ( and therefore how to perfect it)-

the result is NO ONE ASKS THE QUESTION!! As we look at the speakers list- we have endless hashing over the history of zero point energy- how to test, how to market, how to invest, etc etc.- but NO one says a SINGLE WORD about how they work!!

Yes indeed- our emperor Einstein- is still like the king who has no clothes on- everyone silently agrees to ignore the elephant in the room ( ignorance as to THE principle of vacuum coherence in general).

My lecture makes it clear- THE source of ALL vacuum coherence/ zero point energy technology is CHARGE IMPLOSION- by phase conjugate fractality- tuned precisely by golden ratio to planck ( meaning PLANCK is the ONLY zero point).

Also meaning- we can now tune and perfect - EACH of the described - zero point vacuum coherence technologies- using my new equation for this origin of biologic negentropy- Planck x Integer exponenets golden ratio (phase conjugation / fractality perfected).


Dan Winter's updated paper on gravity, Martin co-published - updating original article , ( direct pdf download here research_papers_gravity_science_journal_7617.pdf


- link

below - we present examples of vacuum energy devices -and propulsion tech (image set- Townsend Brown, Searl, DePalma, Vimana/mercury vortex/ Nazi Bell / Hanibu - etc) -which can be tuned and perfected using my equation.

We already have successful technologies- plasma - - in 25 countries- water implosion - - brainwave / bliss - - based only on my equation- ORIGIN OF NEGENTROPY - soon there will be MANY more!

See the links to many of Dan Winter's Implosion Group energy projects:

See also Priore- Longitudinal waves vs negentropy / rejuvenation at 'How Theraphi Works' -

Download the 200+slide powerpoint from Dan's lecture as pdf:

Dan Winter- longitudinal emf wave mechanics films:

You are encouraged to view- the original professional videos (modest subscription cost):

The Speakers

--below- highlights from Dan's lecture ( exerpts from the slides)


Winter originally visited DePalma- with Tom Valone- the physics is clear- by conjugating the imploding charge lines- ( rotate the conjugator)- the faraday disk / Depalma principle overunity can be optimized.



The arc angle of the implosive capacitance- Townsend Brown used for lift- should be optimized by equation- for conjugate geometry.

Below - the iron doped mercury vortex propulsion (vimana/nazi bell/ honibu) - is tuned to conjugate / implode for gravity production- see also equations for hydraulic vortex gravity