Reincarnation and DNA:
In Depth Look (from an Electrical Engineer) at the (Plasma) Physics of Spirit- HOW Memory Survives Death.

.. in the Spirit of the Tibetan Lama- this article considers the shamanic aspects of planned reincarnation-

"I will build a SHEM unto the LORD"... Remember the word SHEM as in SHEM - an / alCHEM / CHEM istry, was the original biblical term in Sumerian for the ALTAR stone in church- something Sitchen later translater to mean- "HIGHWARD FIRE STONE" (I would say these 'BLACK HOLE MAKING' SHEM stones are characterized by plasma accelerating - charge conjugate / bioactive: implosive plasma field) -

or literally- like the KABA stone of the Muslims: to MAKE a black hole.

Without giving more permanent wings to our plasma field (your aura- the 'holy ghost')- we are 'like butterflys who flutter for a day -and think it's forever'!

Reincarnation- The Deep Science IS About Alchemic Acheivement of Plasma Fusion

Physics is clear: The only lab demonstration of time reversal- involved PHASE CONJUGATION- altho this was only accomplished with phase conjugate optics- it is also possible when phase conjugation is broad spectral in dielectrics (implosive capacitance also make BIOACTIVE fields) - and now with Dan Winter's tech- PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS..

The point is ALL THREE ARE PRESENT IN DNA: Your door to implosive time travel entry... hence the PHYSICS OF REINCARNATION.

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ET's and the AFTERLIFE... revisited...

Question from a fan Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 04:50:51 -0500 From: Joykrit M. <joyk@-------> To:

Hello Mr. Winter. You must be a very busy man, so I 'll skip the niceties and get to straight to the point. My question pertains to your presentations on ET history of our DNA I came across on youtube. I will be as concise as possible. Having independently come across some of your quoted sources regarding the subject beforehand, and after consulting diverse New Agey perspectives on similar issues, I'm trying to straighten out certain inconsistencies between them. For sake of simplicity it helps to classify solar system cosmogony accounts in two- a) Sumerian b) Gnostic. To some degree these are competing perspectives, especially w.r.t. Archons. In b) I am mostly aware of the work of John Lamb Lash, who claims the Nag Hammadi material speaks of the Sumerian account as disinformation by these parasitic non-organic entities. What I've also gleaned from Lash's website is that he conveniently ignores the ET question, and sounds like Jung talking about UFO's. He draws links between Grey appearances and aborted foetuses. And expresses dissent about the fact that the genetic alteration procedure succeeded. Apparently the Nag Hammadi material says that the 'Eve' they tried to rape was fake(clone?). And from what I gathered, Lash's conception of non-organic entities didn't seem to have anything to do with metal implants.

You and other researchers have of course, straightened out certain kinks in the Sitchin material, and there are also rumors that Sitchin was instructed by his Masonic lodge to release this information selectively. What is the best possible compromise between a) and b) regarding the Archons? Are they just 'skyfish' unable to leave our solar system like the Gnostics thought? How to make the extraterrestrial pieces of the jigsaw fit into the Sophianic myth? The more I read, the more confounded I become. At the risk of sounding absurd, might time travel have anything to do with the answer? Two competing timelines perhaps? JOYKRIT


Hi Joykrit- Thanks for your kind words of interest- and for caring.. my (humble) opinion:

We have spent too long as a species confusing our myth, with our history, with our science. The essential view that I have tried to convey- is that myth / history actually only has value if it serves our appropriate biological quest for immortality / sustainability / the maintenance of the (measureable) living plasma field of immortal biologic memory (which- like the collective unconscious/ communion of saints- is only spin symmetry retained). In other words- people needed to learn the real physics of what it was about their lives- that actually entered the sustainable. Further I teach that the path into the sustainable - (so called - Heaven, Planes of Sharon, or Elyeusian Fields) - is specifically ONLY the rather infinite charge distribution which biology sometimes finds plasma connection to -which is FRACTAL. More and more electrical engineers like me - are beginning to recognize this so called FRACTAL and BIOACTIVE field - as a phase conjugate dielectric. This introduces what is the physics and electrical engineering of BIOACTIVE electric fields (like the one Stonehenge generates which ANY biologist can verify accelerates seed germination / growth. For BIOACTIVE 'fractal' Field - see -also (bottom example) and our research:

The fact that the instruction contained in the myth of THE GRAIL - has so much correct electrical information - about how this electric field works- is useful mostly because it helps our education / public relations mission. But I hold no illusion that the truth of history will ever be verified- nor do I think it is particularly important. I have no interest in proving anything to contemporary historians- primarily because I think science and physics of biologic immortality- trumps history every time. Actually - in general I find arguing with mythologists who don't know any field theory- quite boring, much though I loved and learned from Joseph Campbell. There is no question his FLIGHT OF THE WILD GANDER THRU THE AGES- much like MYTH OF THE BIRTH OF THE HERO- is actually the story of the few like ENKI (the RA in abRAham ) among the Annunaki- who actually cared about his genetic experiment with humans.

As I explained in many of my 100+ articles about ET history ( ) - I only told the story with such local color, to try to interest young people in 'the storal to the mory' - which is - learn the (bliss) hygiene science- to get your aura (plasma) up to speed (into conjugate sustainable distribution)- or you are toast.

I have said many times- that humans only even become significant in the ET origins of DNA story, IF they figure out how to get their plasma centripetal enough to steer stars. ( FOLLOW THEIR BLISS!)

Otherwise- like our Draco / Annunaki ancestors - becoming a metallic machine culture- with no psychokinesis- or coherent plasma thru death- has been tried AND FAILED so many times among the stars- (the Draco's, the Greys) it makes our racial failure a bit depressing/boring.

SO- in that context- for those who still want to tell the story- I have consistently recommended the ANTON PARKS - version of ENKI ( my review at , the original French , excellent English editorial: >Ages of Uras). There we see that of course there were many branches of the so called DRACO / ANNUNAKI / URU family. Roughly hierarchically arranged in the order of how psychokinetic they were. One thing that all branches of that family had pretty much in common- was they did not give a care ('crap') about the destiny of the humanoids they cooked up for slaves and snack food- here on Earth (Named EA-rth- for Enki) . The very concept that Enki / RA / Nudimud's (with his science officer Thoth / Hermes / Tehuti) - little genetic project here would actually have some stellar importance- would have made Enki's DRACO family laugh.

It does get slightly romantic in the place where Enki's Mother actually is part of an elusive stellar group called KADISTU (life designers- origin of our term CADUCEUS / phase conjugate)- who actually made long term plans to get DNA cooked into something more immortalizing. Enki (his other name NUDIMUD - means THE CLONER) himself seemed to be about the same skill level cloner - as the one who designed the catastrophic death story we call DOLLY THE SHEEP. (believe that fellow- was the director of ROSSLYN at EDINBURGH- note the soul destroying metal frame he put over that).

But ENKI did have definite emotional feeling for his clones. Probably that was part of the gift contained in the fact- that ENKI himself was illegal in a culture where the only legal permit to replicate was cloning (I feel certain if we had left George Bush family in charge of America long enough - we would get to the same place). Probably even that fact (his being a genetically illegal 'wild card') was part of why his father AN - had to run for his life from the ORION Draco wars- when he left PLEADES. (Note how every indigenous culture with an ET origin myth- knows about our racial origin in the Pleades) . Looking past the way Enki's father was immortalized in the DARTH VADER (half machine man) / HARKONEN stories- even conventional scholars- are beginning to agree that ENKI was also in fact the ORIGIN OF THE OEDIPUS MYTH. (See the discussion with WILLIAM THEAUX at -also there is our interfaith table for the Annunaki story behind virtually ALL religions..)

ENKI - failed to kill his father before he was murdered by his Draco family ( his spouse is trying to get his plasma /'Osiris' reinserted into the {'conveniently' phase conjugate} Venus orbit) - but his father had successfully killed his father ALLALU- before him.

Why mention this here? I think it is important to cure ourselves of the romance of mythology in order to help us focus on the physics. Whereever we look, the ONLY place mythology actually goes somewhere is WHEN it teaches a physics lesson. Otherwise- the history is, as we emphasized, a short and at best forgettable nightmare.

So - who were the Archons? In the higher layers of the Draco culture they were the ones whose plasma was more navigable (coherent), like your children's might be if you get them out of metal cities - and off of angry DNA (monoculture) food, and into a bit of yoga/bliss hygiene. When the human plasma / aura gets phase coherent it can become projectable. This is called the BODY POLIS ( in other words- & this is new info for George Bush: the only definition of POLI-tics is getting enough collective bliss- to launch your aura). When living plasma is projectable- it's magnetic lines ( see the GRAIL animation: )- the arc angle lines of projection look like WINGS. ( ). Thus those who were getting their plasma launchable- were called BIRD TRIBE / OPHANIM - ( ). The higher ancestors of the Draco- who were winged- somewhere along the path to get real plasma aura- were called CIAKAR / MOTHMEN / WINGED DRAGONS / or ARCHON. (real meaning / origin of terms like ARCHANGEL and ARKANSAS). And YES- I agree that most of the CIAKAR / ARCHON archtypes are those winged Draco - whose plasma DOES NOT have the inertia to GO THRU THE SUN- so for the most part- they ARE skyfish- stuck in the solar system. They didn't call Enki's Father AN or SUNGOD- because his lineage WERE actually Sungod's - no- it was because they were WANA-BE's (only).

So when JOHN LASH ( ) plays with the myth that somehow SOPHIA challenges the ARCHONS- there is a flavor of truth- even though the history and the physics seem rather distant from these mythologists. The Draco URU political hierarchy saw little power in the human condition- (Enki's DNA experiment)- but Enki's mother planted a 'bullet in the furnace'. She snuck in some highly psychokinetic PAA-TAAL - (Ophanic) DNA - unbeknownst to him- into his cookery- (he was shocked when the skin turned white in one of his clone sets- the DNA for the white Draco- he had been TOLD was UN-CLONEABLE) it did mean some of Enki's kids- actually had a shot at psychokinesis.

In my view- the concept Sophia points to which part of the feminine- Magdalen lineage- is fractal enough -to implode space - like the perfect egg is whole inside her mother's mother's mother.. The lineage behind the Magdalen myth ( Bo-heme / Arcadia / Benjamin / Black Pharoah / Essene / Hermetic..-the one's who died in Prague's Battle of White Mountain) - did have some clues of where blood plasma COULD get immortal. ( See the 'Virgin in the Rocks' S.France- limestone cave where Magdalen gave birth to TRAPHIMUS of Arles- the JOHN/ION/SCION/perfect (fractal) DNA 'branch'- whose plasma melted the stone coffin lid- called GRAIL PLATTEN- - stories from VINCENT at ) Alchemy means- where the implosive black hole is entered.

That science behind what Vincent calls the VAIROCANA (Spanish for Virochoca)- cultures (Doliocephalic / Hermetic - bioactive stone building ) is simple: get the biologic charge field phase conjugate / fractal and you MAKE a bioactive field - initiation chamber (like HYPOGEUM / KIVA) which can save agriculture and birth / death / initiation - moments. (The real Hermetic physics). Our Australia lab group has replicated superconductive sound and superconductive battery charging from the correctly shaped heterodyne- and it IS bioactive.

That science is the ONLY real (electric) meaning for what you call GRAIL ( millions have read my view on this: -my films on the web approach 10,000 - our own online film library -about 300 films..).

An example: perfecting CHARGE DISTRIBUTION ELECTRICALLY for living plasma / memory- IS THE GRAIL! > So her (Magdalen/Sophia) family's use of the magnetic pentagram around Rennes Les Chateau in south France - was an old story long before she got there- familiar to anyone - who needed to design a functional NECROPOLIS 'City of the Dead'.

(anyone that is - except today's idiot biologists- the ones who sit pontificating about the science of LIFE-from inside steel and aluminum buildings whose capacitance is as ANTI-life as is possible to build! The very BUILDING they inhabit - is proof that university BIOLOGY departments DO NOT KNOW WHAT BIOLOGY IS! - Since only plasma fields - and buildings- which create centripetal force- are in fact PART of BIOLOGY!! - The informed among us know WHY all the good ancient ceramic pots and containers were in fact electrically and/or magnetically - a {centripetal} monopole > unlike the building containing your idiot biology teacher - THEY were lifegiving ! - - Today the greedy corporate secrets culture at Philips in NL desperately cooks up minerals into ceramics trying to prove the right one will reduce electrosmog- all the while not having a real clue to the physics that ANY centripetal / phase conjugate / pine cone flux weaving dielectric will in principle- reduce electrosmog- phase cohere - AND reduce radioactivity! -just like the right micro-organisms 'microzymas' recipes do. )

If a person doesn't learn enough to get their plasma into the PENT / phase conjugate / fractal / 'grail' path into unpacking and immortalizing perfected distribution at death- ( ) then they may deserve the soul killing death that modern hospitals provide. As a mythologist turned electrical engineer- I can't think of a better definition of HELL for living plasma- than the 'electrosmog panic' zones of modern hospitals (image below on right- sample of modern hospital-WHY life force is destroyed when capacitance is not conjugate / definition from biologic architecture).


This Narrated Intro is to accompany the 20 new films at (exerpted from):
How: The "Vairocana Effect: Hermetic Historical GRAIL Trail-Where LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATION by Fractality
- Created the Turning Points in the Evolution of Culture"

.. or the Real History of Science Behind the GRAIL- REINVENTED..
'Garden of E-din' ("Place of Annunaki")- as the (Conjugate/Fractal) Field Effect Domain Boundary within which Aging is Eliminated.
IF you leave it.. you are ejected from Para-dise (Par/Through-DIS-structive interference of living plasma field):
Compare to L.Gardner defining HEAVEN / 'Plaines of Sharon' as the conjugate/ inPHIknit dielectric field created by Gold Powder/Manna/Ormes/the'spice'/'Holy Communion'

from Dan Winter- in part - a commentary on Vincent Bridges presentations in Malta.. (Note this summary begins with insights from Anton Parks - see , and - Ages of Uras. Then picks up with many insights from Vincent Bridges- who connects the Vairocana skill- Hermes revolution - to the cave / dolmen building sacred space cultures as they moved from Egypt to Malta to South France. Important to note here- that altho the synthesis in my view - fits together well- Vincent does not accept the writings in general of Anton Parks, although Anton Parks has written what I think are incredible insights into the origin of Thoth / Tehuti / Ningishidda- today:HERMES!...the hero of our story.)

Short historical summary: When the Annunaki- Draconian remnant culture arrived here pre-Sumeria (Sommaire="Dragon")- Enki's father An (launching from Pleades- a 'reptilian' stronghold) - was fleeing the Annuna Orion wars- in part because he had cheated on the Draco law which allowed only cloning as the reproductive method. Enki's mother was herself a genetic rebel and teacher of radical cloning techniques. Enki's other name: Nudimud meant 'the cloner' - later to be named the biblical SAMUEL- and origin of the Padma SAMbava..-who also melted the rock-with his plasma aura density- in the cave in the east.

The quintessential problem of the arriving Sumerian Annunaki- (Draco .. Annuna)- was biologic decay. That loss of ability to sustain- biologic vitality - is variously expressed- as being 'fallen' - meaning loss of charge attraction in blood and DNA - loss of bliss - loss of immortality.. In terms of how that was reported - in the Sumerian, in Sitchens (controversial) analysis- and now in Anton Parks- what we see consistently described - is their problem with (what they considered) premature aging. SO this was a premiere problem to assign to their head science team. Enki - was with his science leader Tehuti- (later called TWT- which in the bible is called DWD: the LINE OF DAVID- in Egypt his name Thoth- becomes the NAME OF THE LINE OF KINGS..). Today we refer to him as Hermes- and to what he discovered about making the fusion electric field which would produce life and reduce -aging- we call the HERMETIC REVOLUTION. Hermes symbol: the CADUCCEUS is pretty much an accurate physics graph of how you render approaching dielectric field lines- toward CONJUGATION (phase conjugation) and fusion. This is an accurate symmetry physics to describe how to make the electric field- which causes life.
Humor me- check out:Golden Ratio 'fractal' phase conjugate origin of all centripetal forces>Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness, Perception, Color>

The Caduceus- historical inset: To add historical tapestry to the concept Caduceus- (phase conjugate at root- symbol of Hemes / Medicine / DNA)-Has anyone ever given you a real AUrigen root of the word CADUCEUS: Anton Parks has a fascinating story: that while Enki / Sam / Nudimud 'the cloner' was still evidently as much as a genetic klutz as the guy (who ran Rosslyn Chapel- shades of Templar ghosts) who built DOLLY THE SHEEP (what a sad way to die- the sheeple will follow). Point is Parks tells that the teachers - best ancestors of his mothers line- who actually HAD some long term intent - snuck in some real psychokinetic DNA into Enki's genetic cookery - literally WHEN HE WASN'T LOOKING (hint: Ptah-Taal- 12the dimension DNA- means recursive folded braid discipline- shades of 'boson 7' 'micro-chloridians in the blood' luke...) > Those teachers of the GOOD Draco / annunaki - real ancestors of fallen Nephalim Annunaki - (Seraphic / Ophanic?) - were called KADISTU - meaning 'Life Designers' - which HE says is the AUrigen of our word K/CADUCEUS ( do YOU know where the word came from?
Advanced physicists {including Nassim} today DO agree that PHASE CONJUGATION - the Caduceus - IS the black hole AND the gravity and..{I suggest} the mystery of centripetal force in general! - {like made by DNA})

In biblical terms- the arrangement of particular stone dolmen to function as capacitors- to fabricate that immortalizing field effect- was called- raising a SHEM unto the Lord. Later - that word SHEM (Sitchen calls it "highward fire stone"- meaning in effect FRACTAL OR CONJUGATE CAPACITOR) - was translated to mean THE ALTAR IN CHURCH, and originated our word SHEM-AN (A Shaman is one who knows how to make the field..). The way plasma fields make this SCHEM of SCHEME or symmetry- to create centripetal fusion- is the origin of our term alKHEMy and KHEMistry - as it is the key to FUSION (implosive compression) and ONENESS in general. (Fusion researchers learned from us - that their key element- palladium is profoundly dodecahedral- guess what geometry that makes: golden ratio - phase conjugate).

You can see a modern example- of a life giving electric field generator (analogous to the field effect at Stonehenge which causes seed germination) at , along with more electrical engineering description and testing.

In order now to introduce - the next segment in our thumbnail view - of the Hermetic history- it is necessary to understand a little bit about what happens to the plasma field around the human body - if you get really good at attracting charge (bliss). The plasma field gets dense. (Read more at ). Dense enough to melt stone.

The next heroes in our story are -Padma SAMbave- and John (Traphimius) son of Magdalen- both direct descendants of Thoth / Hermes- (Sam / Jon- meaning - to branch fractally as in Scion.). This is the real history of grail- meaning access to charge fractality / implosion in biologic plasma (beautiful graphic history : ).

This is where we pick up the story with Vincent Bridges- historical study (remember- Vincent himself - does not agree with the 'ET' Anton Parks - part of the story above- but his scholarship about more recent history is quite academically powerful.)

For this next part of the story -after reading this summary / intro - the reader is urged to view- the 4 films (out of 20) at which are Vincent Bridges- himself narrating this next part of story.

Vincent suggests that the lineage- probably of the Thoth / line of David- may well be related to the Doliocephallic (cone-head) skulls. They are often linked to the cone- head image of Akhanaton and Tut. (Twt.- aton- / ATUN- meaning Enki's line). These skulls lead us on a trail... Egypt, Malta, South France.. and later Peru. (My ET opinion of this- not Vincent's view - agrees with Daniel Stewart:"God King Akhunaton"'s view- that the ATUN / Akhanaton - lineage was somehow linked to Sirius.- the 'cone heads')

This is the part where the history meets the science. Vincent suggests that ancient cultures- like the Egyptians had learned how to assemble stones to create a life giving initiation field- which gave survival a leap forward. When (piezoelectric / paramagnetic) stones were arranged with the right (fractal) electric knowledge- what was produced was an electric field (phase conjugate dielectric)- which could:

- save agriculture during starving times by accelerating germination / growth / metabolism (see our measurements in the Pyraphi)

- initiate priests- accelerate mentation - focus thought- ( see how golden ratio phase conjugate EEG for peak perception -

- reduce aging / increase food storage- reduce decay

- provide an electrically fractal / charge distribution space where memory could be brought efficiently through BIRTH AND DEATH. (note how Korotkov measures the fractality in air - which indigenous people regularly make phone calls to their ancestors).

- now later today - in modern physics we now know this centripetal field (see Pyraphi) can be used for things like

+bone and tissue regeneration

+switching stem cell growth

+isolating from ELF pollution / EMF pulses
(Hint NASA announced that countries whose unprotected toasted transformers from the Carrington event- Solar Max/ RAPTURE event- would not be repairable in time.. WOULD NEVER RECOVER!)

+non-destructively containing radioactive materials
( for the same reason focused human attention: A Centripetal phase conjugate dielectric as self directing {see navigating death-Kluver as DNA fold sequence} as a donut turning inside out -
causes charge to compress , Bill Tiller measured, and radioactivity to decrease, Uri Geller et al - measured.. ).

This was one of the primary electrical functions of the Ark of the Covenant-History's poster-child of Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
(aside from its' field generation for gold powder / manna/ 'holy communion' manufacture- the Essene/Moses/Akunatun major cash cow..)
- why did they need a container for their nukes? : not only did the Annunaki nuke the Sinai -fused glass remains today- they also nuked their way thru the Van Allen Belt- which was to them otherwise un-navigable-see Anton Parks


So the short version of this story - is that the skill to build these kind of dolmen - moved from Amenti / Amarna in Egypt- where Akhunaton in ATUN's line- probably became the Moses who founded the Essene's science..
to the famous HYPOGEUM at Malta.. (pictures at )- and then on the South France- The skill to use these kinds of domains - to permit the birth of avatars/ masters- is behind the birth of John the son of Mary Magdalen - in the limestone cave depicted in Virgin in the Rocks- which we visited. (per Vincent) That John became - the Avatar of the Cathars and the TRAPHIMIUS- whose knee print melting the stone in the coffin lid- there - became the HOLY PLATTEN- or Parsifal's grail story.
GRAIL being the self organizing biological nature of charge plasma when it becomes FRACTAL - CENTRIPETAL- and PHASE CONJUGATE by Golden RATIO.

.. So -the real hermetic revolution is implementing the knowledge of building the fractal field. If you want the longer - more romantic version of the story.. see the films.

- more on this science applied - at --PYRAPHI- has a colorful history
see more at - where this box is exerpted from - also our major ET history index:

Important note: from a commercial perspective the history story is a highly forgettable - optional reading- nightmare- which is best and possible to wake up from ONLY when you learn the SCIENCE LESSON!



Life Force "Fractal Field"

Pyr (fire in center) by Phi (Golden Ratio): A PYRAmidal Puri-PHI-er

It's simple- we are trying to teach a pure principle here. There is a FIELD EFFECT- and charge field that creates life- versus death (Note the book 'Seed of Knowledge' as reviewed..). Would a rose grow if it was not shaped like a rose. The reason all living things require a field effect environnment which 'looks like a rose' (phase conjugate / or fractal)- is this allows efficient distribution of charge- which is a DEFINER of LIFE! This is the only way- the sacred and the divine can be created and understood. ONLY when this is understood is it possible to know WHAT ARCHITECTURE IS FOR! (how health and bliss are maintained).

Which brings us to our question here- Science and Reincarnation:

Oh.. what's that you say- (Enki / ab-RA-ham) - your birth was illegal because you did not get a permit to replicate? ..
- for such stupidity and gall.. we need look no farther than CHINA.. (A Draco center).. here is THEIR law..

In China- PERMIT REQUIRED TO REINCARNATE! .."Back in 2007, China institutionalized such meddling in theological issues by issuing regulations on the reincarnation of all Tibetan “Living Buddhas.” According to these regulations, reincarnations must be submitted to the party’s Religious Affairs Bureau for approval. The gall of this announcement is astonishing. Previously, the Party claimed the right to approve pregnancies. Unapproved pregnancies were terminated. But how, one wonders, does the party disapprove a reincarnation? Reincarnation is, after all, the belief that the soul of a person returns to reside in a new human body, either as a human being or even as an animal or a plant. One either believes or does not believe in reincarnation. It’s ridiculous for a nonbeliever to claim the right to decide who can or cannot be reincarnated. And if, in the minds of the faithful, a holy man has indeed been reincarnated, who is the Party to decided that such a spiritual event hasn’t taken place?"

In my view- as an electrical engineer- the only remotely competent way to teach somehow how to die- involves the magneto-hydrodynamics of (living) PLASMA PROJECTION. (Dr Korotkov measured the fractality / charge distribution efficiency of the AIR - where South American shaman know is the place to talk to ancestors - top pic ).

Sadly- with Earth's physics community not even having the smarts of a primitive tribe who KNOWS where to tell you to steer your plasma at death- current science sends you to that soul fractionating scrambling electrosmog hell called a HOSPITAL to die. AND give you no clue how to steer your plasma at death. What do you expect from a physics community that doesn't even know why a successful necropolis thousands of years old (like Rennes Le Chateau of Grail fame) - is the SAME (projective) pent- golden ratio- (plasma fusing) geometry as the HYDROGEN ATOM!

(of course those fools/'conventional scientists' don't even KNOW -why ANY object falls to the ground- or the symmetry cause of any centripetal force- which is the electric reason WHY the hydrogen atom {AND DNA!} is entirely built on golden ratio - AND the reason the successful death site MUST be PENT magnetically! ...)

-Our original article on plasma projection at death- and why the DNA symmetry sequence is the map you will see in your death visions:

- Imagine how the Maori felt- who when they would die- had all been instructed to go to the tip of north new zealand- some made it some didn't - meditate on the difference.

When we arrived there - we felt the ghosts.. some of them didn't make the 'jump'..

poleshift (me on the left.. bit younger there..)

After looking at Korotkov's accurate electrical image of what your plasma (ghost) looks like after death


First look at how a jelly fish /medusa leans how to swim. It is a matter of getting all that sucking and squirting properly oriented. Similar to your plasma ghost after death- that jelly fish probably doesn't have handy the long row of computers NASA requires to navigate one single space shuttle.. altho the principles of navigation remain the same. Then consider what is the difference between ability to navigate that- and get up launch momentum. Versus- being stuck on the runway.

That is how those Maori who reached the cliff at the top of North New Zealand must have felt - (after dying) just before they followed their ancestor shaman ... and jumped.

Korotkov determined- that plasma 'ghosts' of people after death- go to certain places in the room or the house- WHERE CHARGE IS COMPRESSING. See images of how the 'place of power' (or 'sweet spot') in a room or house- is where the charge lines converge/implode (like a rose)- at . This PLACE OF POWER- (where tribal shaman always go to telephone their ancestors!) is where Korotkov measured the AIR IS FRACTAL - meaning charge is DISTRIBUTABLE- thus defining sacred space. SO - here in the place of plasma compression / acceleration - successful death (plasma projection) is possible! Examples discussed here include the Pent magnetic map of NECROPOLIS like Rennes Le Chateau- in Holy Blood Holy Grail.

We can now appreciate the 'gravity' of the problem!
In a physics community that fundamentally does not have a clue what causes the attraction that pulls you to the ground (cause of gravity)...
It is therefore wholly unsurprising that the same science community cannot tell you how to generate the attractive ( centripetal / charge implosion) force to direct your own aura:

Donut shaped plasma field domains- like your ghost after death- all have the same issues. IF you remain centripetal - (it really sucks) - THEN you get to squirt and steer. Every shaman who ever lived taught that you gain inertia when you FEEL compassion. Now we have the physics.


- nested donut compassion

Compassion sucks in the embedding inertia of larger ambient field plasma (domains- the name for God is DOMINus). But don't try compassion with things like metal buildings, or friends permanently stuck in anger- because that is as fatal as trying to embed yourself in anything that DOESN'T look like a rose! (for example I have little compassion for recent popes- whose electrical understanding of 'sainthood' is nil - but tremendous compassion for the teachers of children).

And embedding yourself permanently in the fractal ambience of your death domain- is the ESSENCE of successful death. The Hopi shaman knew that when they rose up in anger to prevent the US government from putting metal sewage pipes across their ancestors burial ground (Old Oraibi ) Even DAVE knew that at the end of the film 2001, when he saw there were a seeming infinite number of dolmen-inside where he was seeing. When he came back in the movie 2010- he could project himself effortlessly .. into any electrical circuit. Rather like the output of a phase conjugate heterodyne.

Best way to be a shaman- learn biology's plasma projection science! This is a good place to explain the physics of the 'resurrection on the last day'. ( Link here- to our physics dictionary of Jesus language - link one - link two>reprint went viral) .You now have a glimpse that ancestors who do manage to die coherently- electrically (much more common in the past where tribes lived close to the Earth- see book review EARTHING - below- access to GROUND- is access to fractality for electrons AND people) - they form a collectivizing plasma domain field- which is accessable, communicable, and has tremendous survival will, and value. That collective field effect embedding all of DNA- is literally what Jung called the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS, and Christians called the COMMUNION OF SAINTS- and using it well clearly requires the electrical symmetry understanding of HOW charge distribution works! For example- (me being a bit clair-audient) - when I heard the clear voices of ancient dead Cherokee - I was literally standing on their sared burial ground which had been desecrated. I would not have heard them speak- if I had been in a building containing mostly metal and electrosmog. Korotkov proved that the place where to make a phone call to those ancestors- is the place where the air is fractal (by measurement).


picture of measuring tool:


In other words - charge distribution efficiency ( the only real definition of DIVINE / perfectly branched PRESENCE)- limits access to ancestral immortality.

So now- let's get back to the question about- what is collective resurrection on the last day. At this time when the solar wind prepares immanently for climax compression, the stresses and squeezing on the tectonics produces maximum piezoelectric voltage. That means that many burial grounds will spit out their plasma (your ancestors). This can be useful in the sense that this IS an opportunity for a better chance at getting accelerated as a shaman body - out thru the heart of the SUN .... IF .......... (in order to understand this IF- requires becoming SUN GOD.. the only way out of here- is... SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN...- we need a short history lesson..

Now we get to Akhanaton's unfinished homework assignment..


What is an infinite heterodyne (other than DNA itself) - and why is it fractal and bioactive? The same infinite heterodyne which rings hydrogen (clues at )- produces measureably superconductive SOUND, and battery charging (aka Bedini). AND the same circuit (Hermetically) RADIATES a bioactive field. (stay tuned for technology announcements here!)

The perfect tuned infinite heterodyne circuit produces little black holes and gravity. The harmonics of that circuit also produce superconductive battery charging... ( Bedini), and explosive/implosive super-efficient hydrolysis/desalination
The gravity making implosive black hole plasma field - producedby that circuit is BIOACTIVE... This article is about the potentially immortalizing effect of such ('shem') fields.



"For most- their mind isn't big enough to know consciousness and life force IS wave mechanics"

"Visualizing pure principle in the mind wave is the only self empowerment"

"Initiating centripetal force in the mind field- is the only origin of creation in thought - ( it is charge compression) "

"The pure principle of initiating mind is initiating (centripetal / phase conjugate) wave compression:
that's why it is the origin of alphabet

"Navigating in the mind space or the shaman world or the death experience- is always a case of plasma (your ghost or spirit) following where centripetal spin generates suction- exactly like the jelly fish or medusa steers. That's why it is SO critical to become conscious of the connection between COMPASSION and initiating (recursive) perfect compression in the heart's field effect. This embedding is the way living plasma (your spirit) nests inside a bigger field: how the tornado is steered."

Do not be impressed with your scientists for pretending to simulate an intelligent MIND in a computer- until (like is well proven for biologic mind)- the thought power of a computer itself CAUSES ELECTRIC FIELDS TO COMPRESS (initiates creation!). Only then will the creation of mind be understood.


Imagine how the Lakota Sioux shaman felt when they knew they were going to die- those chose the GHOST DANCE- SUN DANCE ritual- to project their collective ghost plasma IN to the future- to AIM to the place they could finish their collective karma- which WAS to insert the collective genetic plasma field memory of their whole ancestral line BACK - thru the Sun- inserting it into large star bodies.


Imagine Akhanaton- who got the assignment from his ancestors- and got the technology from the Sirians..

but failed.. His job (read: AKUNATON-The Extraterrestrial King - by Daniel Stewart)- was to build THE HALLS OF AMENTI- a bliss accelerating plasma imploding- 'temple' complex under Egypt- in which soul groups- properly focused in still - bliss- experience- could with correct stellar alignment- USE the temple's ambient charge compression/ implosive acceleration- TO RETURN THE SOUL GROUP PLASMA (ALCHEMIC / FUSED) FIELD- BACK THRU THE SUN INTO STARS. This is the ONLY way out of here. It is not escapist to choose to accelerate your plasma cocoon thru the Sun- it is rather the only way out of this 'Ground Hog Day' - kindergarten.

See Akhanaton's temple- dimensions..the so called HALLS OF AMENTI - almost became the desparately needed star gate / plasma accelerator - which would plasma project a 'soul group' phase locked coherently in a bliss experience- BACK THRU THE SUN.


AMENTI as Harmonic Implosion Bubble for Genepools... The Only ... Amenti: The Sol Pod.. Is the Implosive Coherence Cocoon Generated in Bliss Process - Enveloping Heart and Brain and Land - the Ultimate Description of Peace?

Physics of HEAVEN!+Phosphene Flares Mystical Synapse Alphabet ... coherent BLISS to accelerate as a pod into the stars- essential to surviving such times as now when Solar conclusions end genepools - discussion-

Black Hole, Bardo Quest and Heart of Orion Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids. Point to A Black Hole Near Orion, and Why? by Daniel Winter / Jan 07> update- complete index of Stellar Origins of DNA ...

LionPath, Lion Place, Secret Places of the Lion.. I commented in the conversation about the "wormhole recursion" geometry of what became known as the "hall" of AMENTI ( at ...amenti)... regarding the origin of the term ...

Healing the Schizophrenia-God's Names in EVERY KultURe-Are ... The climax of the SHEM technology for fabricating electric fields to trigger DNA, this solar fractal capacitor -AMARNA / AMENTI complex - would allow the soul group ...

An,URUk,5Continents Threatened-Gravity Makers Survive? It is appropriate to note here: In the AMENTI series, ( AMENTI as Harmonic Implosion Bubble for Genepools... The Only Way Home? ) -discussion ...

Unfortuneately poor Akhanaton was so bad with check books (ok- I did not do so good either)- that instead of finishing the Seraphim's necessary plasma accelerator, he had to take his (Akun/Atun) lineage and run for his life from the banker/ priests (Amun/Enlil). [I am sure there must be a wonderful metaphor for how George Bush finally got booted by the federeal reserve here somewhere] Then Akhunaton - changes his name to Moses- becomes a gold powder cook - the cash cow of the Essenes- later called the Benjamin / Mag / Hermetic / Arcadia / Bo-heme (grail) lineage. They were SUPPOSED to be the life force scientists- tho it seems they forgot their job was draining the swamp AFTER they were up to their ass in alligators. (You know the ones who tested the 'Egyptos' initiates - URU Dracs...).

This is also why there is a war over J-URU-ASSA-EL-m (Jerusalem-the place where the Assa/queen - URU - draco make the EL bio-plasma PHASE SHIFT): everyone knows that without stargate -no soul gets home.. unfortuneately - that one is broken (so put down your guns).


Imagine- Enki' ancestors- the HERMETIC line- telling him HOW to assemble these dolmen - to MAKE the immortality code...


---The BELL THAT LIVES FOREVER.. is the infinite heterodyne.. like the SUFI- whose initiation was PROOF he could MAKE AN ECHO- in the Gurdjieff book/film MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE MEN..

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar.


 related - inquiry letter: (quoting here)

Subject: Reincarnation Research, DNA- Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 13:17:49 -0500 (EST)

From: luckyclaud@ -------------, To:, Walter@ --------------

Hello Dan Winter, I am writing to ask you a few questions about your research relating to reincarnation research which I´m involved with. Since 2003 I´m a mamber of the International Association of Reincarnation Research and Therapies ( IARRT). And since 2006 a member of the European Assiciation of Regression Therapists (EARTh). Before that and, still occasionally now, I worked with Joseph Mason. Dealing with physics and reincarnation both I came across some questions of great interrest. A scientist and dear friend I work with - Walter Semkiw MD - is researching reincarnation cases and soul groups incarnated together and he is suggesting the proof for his theories through DNA fingerprinting - by testing contemporary person`s DNA and comparing it with earlier incarnations already dead, which have matching facial arcitecture and personality traits and perhaps even DNA. Those will be methods of the future he related to me and wrote in his books "Return of the Revolutionaries" and "Born again" which I can recommend very much.

One of the Reincarnation cases in his book is John Hagelin, who I have found to also be involved with you. The Question that has mainly come to me now is : how does the DNA surpass the point of death and the interlife and incarnate as new in a similar manner in the newly developing foetus. It is knowen and proofed through the work of Ian Stevenson MD that information from the DNA - such as traumatic physical injuries can reoccur as birthmarks in the next incarnation, togerther with pastlife memories. I was just wondering how far you have gotten with your research on the DNA. I read something of a phase conjugation at the moment of death and perhaps we are not that far from finding answers to the questions in the sense of physics as we might think. I have drawn and channeled an interresting acrylic painting in which the DNA actually opens and desolves in a golden genepool at death. So that should be interresting since it may or even may not be the DNA itself which is the means of transport through the interlife. I would appreciate of you get back to me and I´m looking forward to perhaps a little exchange of information - that will also be used at a coming international world congress about reincarnation in three years. Thanks very much and best wishes Claudia Rattle "

--Summary: Korotkov not only measured the shape and movements of the plasma field (charge envelope) of a living ghost after death, he gathered some useful information about where ghosts navigate. This is excellent education on the practical physics of after death- and shamanic navigating.

Basically- the ghost has to go where in the room or the space- the waves of charge create centripetal compression - in order to gain the necessary plasma inertia to propagate. This is the essence of what shaman MEAN when they refer to sacred space. We discussed in several previous articles- various technologies for measuring sacred space:

In summary- sacred space is a place where dielectric of charge lines / and optimally- magnetic lines- even microwave lines (broad spectral inclusion) all converge - or CONJUGATE- centripetally- allowing implosive flux to add centripetal inertia to the living ghost plasma field. Remember that Korotkov clearly reports - that the first times he measured sacred space were where shaman tribesman - like the Kogi- went to telephone their ancestors. We can imply from this that the ability to communicate with ancestral memory DOES relate to this phenomenon we have called FRACTAL AIR (place of charge propagation efficiency- hence the term DIVINE- meaning perfectly wave BRANCHED).

In our International curriculum for biologic architecture - with many fine partners- we have developed this understanding of living building as the capacitance of centripetal forces.

Here we wish to develop the them toward an explicit hygiene of how to design death environments and rituals- which also has implications for communicating with the dead- and also - taking memory more efficiently thru death (reincarnation).


HeartBeat Earth: Notice how the map to Schuman resonance resonating out into stars.. looks like the map of how the heart is EMBEDABLE:



Exerpt here from

Our notes on the core science of Centripetal Forces:

Here we ask you to consider the literature suggesting how (golden ratio optimized) fractality or 'phase conjugation' is the electric cause of gravity
.. and All Centripetal Forces - including Black Holes, Color, Perception, Electronegativity, and Human Bliss!

When wave interference- is RECURSIVELY constructive (adds and multiplies) - Golden Ratio results in CONSTRUCTIVE (conjugate) compression / implosion of charge = gravity.
Note from my new equation here- how golden ratio is apparently the primary structure of hydrogen. I have software emulation (below) showing how golden ratio optimizes constructive interference-therefore compression (therefore gravity). I am also developing an equation (help?) showing golden ratio maximizes constructive wave interference in general.
My published hypothesis (conference proceedings 2006 below) : the reason golden ratio electrically causes gravity is that only golden ratio allows recursive heterodynes to constructively add and multiply PHASE VELOCITY - and thus compression becomes charge acceleration- called..gravity.
danwinter [at]

& of the origin of (self organization) in Time!

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: (bottom)- Technology release:

Updated Sept 2010- discussion of physics evidence / comparison to Nassim's Golden Ratio Black Hole Physics:


Golden Ratio optimized conjugation of phases (wave fronts and wave phase velocities add and multiply or heterodyne- recursively and constructively)...
simply is the best wave geometry for opposing vortex pairs to converge constructively...
as we say - it is "the only way for pine cones to kiss noses".
It is our strong hypothesis that this equation for golden ratio generated implosive / centripetal force-
is the geometric wave mechanic of
- phase conjugate optics, dielectrics AND (now we see examples of) magnetics!

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (

Fractal ECONOMICS! (- compare to PROUT - Progressive Utilization Theory)

Intro to the SUPER-Efficiency of FRACTAL ECONOMIC SYSTEMS- by Dan Winter , Mar 2012

Of course money is just a symbol for the (distribution of) human energy. Energy distribution made perfect (as in a pine cone)- is PRECISELY Fractal (phase conjugate)- and self organizing (centripetal and implosive). SO- it stands to reason that human economic systems WHEN they finally become efficient (perfect sharing)- will LOOK exactly (fractal) like a PINE CONE.

Another way of saying this- is to note that the REASON perfect compression (fractality) - IS perfect charge (or money) distribution- and therefore defining life- IS that in perfect compression / fractality- STORAGE IS ELIMINATED (in charge or money distribution) - and THEREFOR ABUNDANCE IS CREATED. SO- again- the WAY that fractality creates ABUNDANT energy in a pine cone (OR your countries economics) is- by eliminating/reducing storage- perfect sharing and ABUNDANCE IS CREATED!

SO- how would this look - in new structures for FRACTAL ECONOMICS applied to countries? It means:

1. Tax laws would be gradually re-written to penalize storing resources (money and equipment) - and reward sharing / distribution. For example- if your new (bicycle or commercial equipment- ) is set up to be shared all the time- you get better tax treatment (so if your hoard your resources you pay more tax on them).

2. Company and government organization and money and leadership structures - would gradually become less HIERARCHICAL- and the structures would instead begin to look more like ROSES and PINE CONES (fractal / perfect-multiple-connectedness).

3. The ENERGY FIELD (capacitance / life force/ and magnetic map ) of all successful a) gardens , b) corporate buildings , c) cities - would ALL be gradually changed to look MORE LIKE A ROSE! (fractal!!) The resulant centripetal and self-organizing charge would generate vitality and THRIVAL CONDITIONS. - example descriptions: , ,


--End exerpt from

Return to home page(s): --- ---




Jan 15, 2012 Announcements from -
Research on TheImploder- newer updates at

IF you are willing to help do a simple growth comparison and take pics- we have a special arrangement to receive SUPERIMPLODER: email
BONUS- The first 50 orders in 2012: (SuperImploder / Triploder / or Imploder Shower) -will receive free the THREE LATEST IMPLOSION SCIENCE DVD VIDEOS. (info>

Report: Jan 2012 from ORGANIC INDIA Company-



Exciting results now coming in- SuperImploder- (solubility) effects very significant and useful in HYDROPONICS! ( More tests underway in US and Australia..

Report: Dec 30, 2011 Jason Matozzo,
testing SuperImploder -The design of the new SuperImploder- is specific - in that the original Imploder served germination phase growth more than fruiting phase. To prove the new design - in HYDROPONIC environment- just as the plants approached - fruiting phase-
(same plant type, soil, environment and water amounts)- one comparison set of pepper plants were given Superimploder water to compare. There was a dramatic difference in the onset of plant fruit (pictures here) after just 2 Days different water!
(new image:)

fruiting Phase

earlier.. The Left Front is SuperImploder treated water effect-note the growth difference!
The Left Rear is regular tap water
The Right Front is tap water with nutrients


neal finalresult


(3 related research pdf) - . Here ends IMPLODER RESEARCH UPDATES..

--Other News Updates: Dan Winter's -Australia "SUNGASM"-Interview ( from ) -has gone Viral on the Web- thousands of views in 2 weeks:

Sungasm:Understanding and Surviving Solar Max- New Interview - with Dan Winter & Announcements-

Feb 16, 2011: url


Here is a direct link to the mp3 - audio interview file:

Here is a link to the podcast site:

Dan Winter discussed new information for example about why -after the solar magnetic collapse/ inversion- the Earth magnetic field collapse follows with some delay- during that collapse- of Earth magnetic flux density- the phase lock on the iron in the tectonics- loosens- freeing the tectonic plates to float more rapidly- on the liquid mantle core. The result is drastic speeding up of the tectonic movement- our professor says for example- the Australian tectonic plate- will reach up to 20 kph!- and believes that the New Zealand quake for example is the beginning of that kind of movement.

Solar orgasm is basically a compression wave- which requires fractality to survive without heat.- more in the interview...





school dance


Movie Review; Thrive

Actually- the hex FLOWER OF LIFE- cube lattice is the OPPOSITE of phase conjugation, the OPPOSITE of centripetal forces, and therefore the OPPOSITE of self organization and 'free' or limitless energy! - to show how confused- Foster Gamble is when he says the so called 'pattern' is the flower of life. Altho the cubic lattice is a pre-requisite to then rotating the cube into the pent/dodec - the tetra/cube itself- creates ONLY powers of 2 ratio's which create maximum DESTRUCTIVE wave interference- and therefore PREVENT self organizing and self-feeding centripetal forces- like LIFE, GRAVITY and ZERO POINT ENERGY!

Note also that the principle behind the Bedini and Hutchinson infinite heterodyning devices is also the OPPOSITE of cube/ octave symmetry represented by the hex / triangle FLOWER OF LIFE.


What sets you FREE is the (bliss enabling) ability to become centripetal and steer your OWN tornado ( aura/plasma body).

Compare the concept of FREEDOM- with the concept of self-organization- as in a tornado. A tornado is obviously free. It chooses where to go. The tornado becomes centripetal, self organizing and directional as a whole entity when it's toroidal vortex is enabled by golden ratio (fractality)- (as for example Nassim Harramein proved Golden Ratio is the origin of Black Holes, Dan Winter- showed in the origin of Hydrogen).

Now the ability of tornado's to apparently be 'sensitive' enough to FEEL - so as to choose to destroy metal buildings- but save stone temples- and humans- is actually explainable by physics. The same plasma core of the tornado that makes it centripetal is PHASE CONJUGATE - which is to say implosive. That core then is by definition linked to the faster than light charge radio- or FEELING BODY - which is the physics of the collective un-conscious / 'communion of saints' . That reservoir of coherent charge which LIFE enables (largely inside DNA's golden ratio / phase conjugate / implosive electrical structure) - is an agreed upon radio system which all of life uses.

SO- because the 'field' radiating from steel/aluminum buildings and electrosmog- is in fact the DEFINITION of all of pain (living plasma bleeds wherever fractality/compression -is broken)... SO the metal buildings which tornados obviously go out of their way to destroy ... 'FEEL' like PAIN to the tornado! ... On the other hand the ancient well dowsed- stone church- embedded with beautiful rose like fractality into the local magnetic Earth grid (like your house SHOULD be)- 'FEELS' like part of it's own body to that tornado! (dozens of story's of huge storms which leave the sacred site- as the only un-destroyed structure)..

It would also bear mentioning here - that then from my electrical engineer's perspective - until you learn your OWN source of bliss (access to charge) - not only are you- by definition a parasite... but until that time- you do not choose your own direction (you become self steering AFTER you learn bliss / implosion). Instructions in the kid's book: .
Perhaps that' why bliss hygiene - as self-empowerment was not the primary purpose of the George Bush administration...(no one told him.. & Cheney's heart IS a implosion there..)..
The hygiene for bliss is the ONLY (self empowering / self organizing / implosion in the aura) path OUT of terror..!

-- appendix - My views of that ET history of DNA story: and at

(Compare to Robert Morningsky 'Terra Papers' .. native roots.. : )



This film series- also now viral on the web: The ALCHEMY of FUSION..

Fractal Alchemy:Perfect Charge Collapse IS Implosion FUSION

Lecture series with Dan Winter, Byron Australia 2011-

(if you are viewing this in your email window-to see the films, you need to click on this article main url link to view this in your browser: )

More of this story line at and

designed to accompany:



--Part ONE

--Part TWO



Dec 2011 (we are just back from Ecuador- where the vice-president adopted us- check out the helicopter trip.. pics: :




Next - upcoming Mar / April 2012:


Below- Exerpt from Marysol- Upcoming March 30-April 2, 2012 - South Spain- event with Dan Winter:


4 días inolvidables en un lugar excepcionalmente bello y tranquilo cerca del Parque Nacional Cabo de Gata, con acceso a las únicas playas del Parque con coche.

Talleres, experiencias, mesas redondas y sesión de Tambor y evento holográfico multimedia.

Se trasmitirá parte de este ENcuenTRO de GAIA y HELIOS por
SOLirisTV Desde la sede de la fundación SOLiris

El programa del ENcuenTRO se desarrollará según vamos creando, viviendo experiencias y desarrollando mayor capacidad de percepción.

COHERENCIA y el CORAZON, ¿sabemos cómo sanamos? Este video presenta los trabajos de Dan Winter  y de Marysol Gonzalez Sterling sobre el corazón, además de otros investigadores relacionados al mismo tema de la física en la salud.

Este ENcuenTRO de GAIA y HELIOS es una experiencia para unir el corazón y la mente para todos los participantes, con el contraste de dos investigadores de la física de la salud, desde la perspectiva masculina intelectual con instrumentos de tecnología de CONcienCIA que se une a la sabiduría femenina de sensaciones y emociones para resolver cómo unir el cerebro y el corazón en un proceso evolutivo humano.

DAN WINTER ingeniero electrónico, maestro conocido de Geometría Sagrada y creador de interface de Biofeedback para reconocer las emociones en los armónicos del corazón, y la unión biofísicas de frecuencias del corazón con la ondas cerebrales. Nos demuestra la propocion Aurea en el ADN y en la teoría de implosión de la gravedad. Viaja por todo el mundo impartiendo sus teorías y creando grupos de bio construcción con geometría sagrada. Ahora ha creado el IMPLODER regenerar y da energía al agua por la espiral de implosión.

Paginas relacionadas investigación anterior de Dan Winter con Marysol, coherencia de Voz y Corazón en En esta página tenéis las experiencias que hicimos en el año 2000 cuando vino a verme a participar conmigo en un intensivo  y pudimos probar que la frecuencia de armónicos del corazón es la misma que se sale en la voz, por lo tanto hay coherencia vibracional en los estados de sanación.  Nos interesa participar con un electroencefalograma de 16 electrodos que ambos tenemos y que puede manejar el ordenador a distancia. Haremos experiencias participativas para que comprendamos que el corazón y el cerebro se conectan en momentos especiales de intuición y de éxtasis, además de entender cómo llegar a ello y utilizar estos conocimientos en nuestra vida diaria.

MARYSOL GONZÁLEZ STERLING, Presidenta de la Fundacion SOLiris, artista de CONcienCIA, metafísica y creadora de instrumentos y sistemas para la evolución humana. Investiga la física de la salud y la PsicoFisiología de la CONcienCIA a través de nuevas revelaciones del sistema Sacro-Craneal en el psique y organismo humano, siendo una ayuda potentísima para la meditación a través del sistema nervioso central. Fusiona estudios de luz, sonido, ojos, y la conexión de las  glándulas Timo y Pineal, para ayudar a generar el halo de los Santos o el mecanismo de autoconciencia que solo sucederá desde el AMOR y la verdadera COMPASIÓN. Creadora del software BiosonicFFT para análisis espectral de la voz humana. Tendremos traducción de inglés a español para DAN y para BILL.

AMBOS INVESTIGADORES ARTISTAS expondrán sus teorías y crearán practicas en un día completo cada uno y tendrán otro día juntos para realizar una interacción entre ellos para investigar con el publico con todas las herramientas disponibles de auto-conciencia y auto-conocimiento. Dan y Marysol tienen y quieren investigar con un interface de Electroencefalograma de 16 electrodos y esto será una novedad para ambos también. Podréis participar de los primeros experimentos que realicen con esto y diferentes estados de meditación, y de expansión de CONcienCIA ayudado por el tambor, sonidos OndasDMT, rayos del SOL  y mas.

Este día se elaborará por ellos con ayuda de los otros dos componentes del encuentro  Bill y Raquel, por lo tanto será una experiencia espontánea y creativa entre tod@s los participantes del ENcuenTRO.

El cuarto día se compondrá de elementos para guiarnos a volver a la madre Tierra GAIA y como auto abastecernos y ser autosuficientes en estos próximos años con:

BILL DONOVAN. Astrofísico y físico, investigador de energías libres y también amigo y colaborador relacionado a Dan Winter por unir la salud a la física. Vive en Carolina del Sur USA, viene de dar una gira de conferencias por Australia.

TENEMOS LAS COSAS CLARAS DE LO QUE TENEMOS QUE HACER EN CASO EXTREMO DE TORMENTAS SOLARES: Yo he dependido de la información de Bill en estos años y finalmente viene a España. Creo que esto de tener las cosas claras sin tener que meterse en bunkers, es importantisimo, porque alli estas atrapado y la luz del sol con precaución es importante para evolucionar. Que sepáis que esta es una ocasión única, viene un gran especialista a vernos a España, no solo como astrofisico, sino como físico especialista en energías libres y conoce todos los sistemas para poder aconsejarnos. Lo necesitamos como el comer, porque en España estamos pez en estos temas y con muchas fantasías. No conviene deciros mucho mas, confiar es colaborador y amigo de Dan Winter. En el tema astrofisico me quedo mas tranquila porque al no tener a Bill a mano y estar ya viajando por Australia, al menos tenemos aqui al Grupo Amateur de Metereologa espacial. Pero no en los otros temas, como proteger nuestros cerebros en caso de cambio de polaridad magnética, como proteger nuestras casas y nuestra energía eléctrica, nuestros ordenadores y la información en los discos duros, hay cosas caseras que podemos hacer y debemos conocer.


RAQUEL ENTERO  especialista en radiónica y creadora del bioespacio Tasta en Castellón en una bioesfera especial de aguas termales. Vice presidenta de la Fundacion SOLiris, Proyecto de con fotos en  y

Más SOBRE LO QUE HABLARÁ RAQUEL ENTERO...EL BIOESPACIO TASTA es una célula de convivencia participativa auto-sostenible. Una forma de vida en el futuro, no es una comunidad, es un grupo unido de amigos que comparten un espacio y una convivencia individual y colectiva, en casas independientes, incluso dentro o afuera de la bioesfera en la naturaleza de Arañuel en Castellón donde se encuentra Tasta. Al vivir en un ecosistema protegido aumenta el bienestar psíquico y físico que da el lugar de la naturaleza y el ecosistema en construcciones bioclimaticas y bioculturales de cultivo de permacultura, donde podremos recuperar las antiguas raíces en conexión con GAIA. Sera un lugar de conocimiento y apoyo para otras pequeñas comunidades de amigos de toda la zona y de toda España.


Podremos RECOMENDAR  hotel o apartotel en la zona para alojamiento con precio especial para la fundación y disfrutaremos de una comida buffet en el mismo lugar del ENcuenTRO.

Cuota 240 euros para la amortización de los gastos del encuentro mas una donación voluntaria para la Fundación.

Inscripción y reserva en

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2º encuentro de gaia y helios2012


11 11-11 participa con nosotr@ en mojacar




ondas cerebrales


1er e ncuentro de gaia julio 2011

tormentas solares


Soliris tv 2011 2012 que esta pasando en la tierra gaia

tormentas solares



tormentas solares


Ya comienza el ciclo 24 tan temido del sol Feb-Mar 2011


Los cuatro acuerdos de la sabiduria maya
Marzo 2011


Efectos asombrosos del sol
Clima Terrestre/Espacial
De Otoño 2010



ultimas paginas de la Fundacion Soliris con información excepcional sobre nuestra evolución










Junio 2010
YA es oficial las tormentas solares CNN y tv cuatro. CNN y en TV4:
NASA preocupada por el despertar del Sol: tormenta podría producir apagón masivo

Importante ya es oficial las tormentas solares cnn y tv cuatro. y recordatorio radio tv domingo 13 10.30 hora de españa


Mayo junio 2010
Desastrosa situación del Vertido del Petróleo en el Golfo de Mejico, Gaia habla

Vertido petroleo