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50lsBIG.html - Star Map- for contex

AG1.html - Deep History of the URAS (Earth) Race ( vs. URU : Drac?)

AG2.html -New Colony in the Tiamat / Solar System

AG3.html - Humans- First Inhabitants

AG4.html - Foundation of Kharsag

AG5.html - Sign "how a conscious entity grows in a nonhuman evolution"

AG6.html - War (3) - in the Tiamat system

AG7.html - Search Se-et

AG8.html - Nungal Insurrection

AG9.html -Siensisar - using ARTIFICIAL WOMBS

AG10.html - Workers -Downgrading the Human Line

AG11.html - Twilght of the Age of Heroics- Annegarra

AG12.html - Road of Redemption- the Proof

AG13.html - the LANGUAGE Tree ( links to graphic

AGELoD.html -Enki-in the Land of the Dead

AGNebHeru.html - Venus- Neb-Heru- Morning Star- Enki /Osiris

KharsagStudy.html - Archeological Study of Kharsag- the real EDEN? -from Anton Parks- review by Zeitlin

Matrix.html - Gerry Zeitlin discussion of how to emerge empowered from the ET 'Matrix'-given the story here.

PleiadesCloseup.html -graphic- Pleiades- home stars

Preface1.pdf - a preface to Anton Parks- by Gerry Zeitlin - pdf

RP1.html - Awakening of the Phoenix (preview to Reveil du Phoenix - book- Anton Parks

Secrets.html - Intro and Background to Anton Parks- 'Secrets of the Dark Stars' article series from Gerry Zeitlin

Secret1.html - similar version of above article

Secret2.html - Relationships between DIMENSIONS

Secret3.html -Races- Geneology

Secret4.html -Gina'abul culture

Secret5.html -Status Report- Today

SecretD.html TRANSLATION THROUGH DECOMPOSITION AND DECODING, Using Gina'abul meanings for syllables/particles from the syllabary