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SuperImploder Plant Growth test results:


Personal note, from - Dan Winter , Inventor-

Thanks much for inquiry and your interest in our "Schaeuberger's Dream" Imploder Products.

Magnetic water treatment in general has overwhelming support in government and university research- especially for agriculture. The SuperImploder-with added ideal Implosive Nozzle- remains the most powerful magnetic water treatment device available- plus our own specific evidence of benefit to growth is additionally the worlds most extensive proof of effect. Please especially see our latest most extensive research updates ( below here..)

The science has many aspects- restored centripetal force and spin density - yet most of the effect can be summarized as a resultant solubility increase... "wetter water". Also for drinking - people invariably report feeling energized - invigorated

Note how in the latest upgrade design we have increased the delivered magnetic flux to over 4700 gauss from 8 large surface area supermagnets- amplifying the implosive spin effect which makes molecular clusters spin independantly (smaller) - AND more soluble.

See the latest film below- dramatic success in hydroponic greenhouse - lettuce growth time reduced a full week.. and a better product. Also you can study our new article: pure science behind the Imploder centripetal vortex and magnetic design-

There is also a new summary of all of our related 'restored centripetal forces' research projects with practical details at:

Being a new company altho we have overwhelming success reports around 20 countries- still we much appreciate your personal result story. So we have a special arrangement purchase offer- if you are interested in getting a SuperImploder to test and demonstrate -
- if you agree to do a simple growth comparison test- and send pictures as well as your results. If you are interested contact me below:

In any case - happy to chat if you have questions.. It is our personal connection with you that ultimately serves both of us...
-- Again- thanks for your interest in 'restored centripetal forces'

Dan Winter, email/ paypal: -US 310 651 8123 (or send your phone), skype danwinter

Updated info on the Imploder Shower:
Main film library:
New!- Empathy Training- Heart Linkup - Breath / HRV Biofeedback for iPhone/iPad/iPod-
Newest film / article Fusion in the Heart- Fusion in the Blood! -
Simple Structure Accelerates Growth / Life / Meditation:
Synergy with SuperImploder and Breakthru Agriculture Techniques:
Fractal Mathematics- Prove the Path out of Chaos - even in stocks:



Government and University studies (below) have ALL agreed that magnetic water treatment is beneficial to agriculture and growth,
SuperImploder is the STRONGEST Magnetic Water treatment available COMBINED with natures PERFECT VORTEX Implosive Nozzle:
The result- is the most powerful solubility effect available (reduced molecular cluster size PLUS increased spin density)- energizes ALL biologic growth!

New Oct 28, 2014- Australian Spring - Major New Study - 35-40% Growth Benefit- Detailed- Documented Study

Download 18p. PDF Here: AustraliaImploderResult35percent.pdf

Aug 2014- New Report- We are so excited about this!

68% Growth Benefit- Marijuana-with Superimploder - Link HERE:Special Offer for Superimploder to Marijuana Growers

168%Growth Benefit- Marijuana- Alberta Trials-Documented w/2 Photos Tester-

A.V.- Critical Study-Trials- Superimploder- Edmonton, Canada- wrote (quoting) >

Aug 1, 2014 - quote: “Hi Dan, Thanks a million for such an amazing piece of technology, I am so happy to have it- test results:​ (Hemp) Strain : Church - Result- Superimploder Growth Benefit to Marijuana= 168% church A - 227g - SUPER-IMPLODED water (Reverse osmosis) church B - 135g - Reverse osmosis water These two plants where grown under LED lights and all the variables have been kept the same, the only difference between them is the water type.”

New report from Sergei- in Russia- Aug 15, 2014- Photo Evidence- Dramatic Improvement in WHEAT Growth with Superimploder:


Commercial grower describes dramatic greenhouse hydroponics- growth success with SuperImploder..

Including - increased bio-availability of the micro-nutrients
- reduced a full week off the 5 week growing time for lettuce! .. and a better product.



Dramatic update on Imploder Nozzle Testing- Dec. 2012:
Multiple Reports- Large Increases in Plant Growth - when they are SIMPLY PLACED NEAR THE IMPLODER- NOZZLE!
(this would then apply to both Superimploder and Triploder)

At first it sounds unusual- that there are repeated reports that plants simply growing NEAR the nozzle itself- benefit dramatically- without even touching the water which passes thru it. But - if you understand the physics- it makes simple sense! - Particularly - as there is usually some mineral etc. in the water (as there was in the Schauberger vortex which made electricity from gravity- as it spontaneously cooled / imploded)- in this case the vortex is PIEZOELECTRIC. This means that you are generating a CENTRIPETAL electric field (related to phase conjugate dielectric).

The life force in a seed or plant- is proportional to how CENTRIPETAL is it's charge field.

Thus the growth benefit to seeds and plants- is their response to a CENTRPETAL flux field- for exactly the same documented effect- where seeds germinate so much better in Stonehenge like dolmen circles. The piezoelectric quality of the water with minerals in it similar to the reason schauberger saw coldness increase in the vortex.

Physics would suggest that the centripetal growth effect plasma field around the nozzle itself would increase with
- cooler water
- mineral in water ( we saw greatest effect in UK with HARD water)
- increase vortex speed (meaning slightly faster movement probably good)
- note that the angle of the vortex in the nozzle is calculated to fit the hydrogen shell geometry for this reason ( ) --

quoting letter from Carlo D. - Fri, 28 Dec 2012 05:28:27-From:
Hi Dan, The super imploder I bought a few months back is brilliant, thank you. I have some questions. Are you aware that the imploder nozzle when active generates a field of energy? This field enhances plants growth incredibly.
... what about a device that simply holds a small amount of water spinning in a vortex/imploder type manner to specifically generate this field?
... I wish to test this equipment further... the obvious water savings and benefits of your technology would alleviate many issues in developing countries, have you presented your products to WATER AID or OXFAM etc. I am certain they would be interested. Can I get a second machine on the same deal as before? ........... Carlo
also on follow up - Carlo emailed again - Jan 2, 2013: Hi Dan, Well London water is cold and hard this time of year!
I have to say this 'field effect' has got my attention! Can I get 4 x the nozzle alone to specifically explore this? Gonna try cycling water through one continuously and see what I can do with the field - great fun!
The imploder is used a few minutes a day but has doubled growth (just) by immediate proximity.


Amardeep - from Melbourne, Australia writes- Sept 3, 2013:
Thanks dan, and thank you for all your exciting contributions to humanity and consciousness itself. ... I had done a comparison experiment with plants but had to leave for another city before its completion. However I did do an interesting experiment germinating sprouts in bottles
1. There was clearly more sprouts in the bottle with the imploded water. (Will count next time and give more accurate figures was in quite a rush at the time)
2. I forgot to remove the sprouts for several days and stumbled on them still in the cupboard. The bottle of sprouts with regular water had gone bad and had a rotten smell and visible mould, while the bottle of sprouts with imploded water had a pleasant smell of a good fermentation akin to beer or kombucha. A very profound difference !
Thank you thank you thank you! Amardeep N.

== New July 2014

Grass Seeds- Would Not Germinate-Then Superimploder Solved the Problem (picture) -
on July 19, 2014 - Yves Van Assche - from Belgium wrote: "Hello Daniel Just noticed the first extreme result from the magnetic vortex combined with the triple vortex .... My son in law had put lawn seeds over a 10 m2 three weeks ago ... he had less then 10% germination rate... he said the seeds were too old and had been too long in our glass house... When I hooked up the Magnetic combined with the triple vortex, I started irrigating the area ... after 5 days of watering with the vortex we have now near 90% germination...!" (picture)..
Yves also wrote: (he then experimented..).."sprayed the water over my arm and two miniutes later all dead skin came loose"...


Update film: July 2013
new Superimploder Success- Installed in Greenhouse Water Recirculation Loop

New SuperImploder Report- 2013- Many Benefits even BEFORE you get to the garden!- Tony S. Colorado Springs- writes Feb 9,2013:
"Hi Dan, .. Yes, we got the Superimploder installed into the house plumbing. The results have been great.
My wife when she comes down to visit on the weekends brings bottles so that she can bring water back with her.
1) Water tastes better
2) Shower is silkier
3) Yippee, it looks like no more mineral deposits on the toilet.
- The hand washed dishes have fewer water spots on them, where they used to have far too many.
4) A neighbor comes with their gallon jugs for drinking water.
5) It hard to gauge, but I think it augments meditation.
This one has to many variables to say for sure. Further attention will be given.
As far as gardening, I'll be getting the supplies for the indoor garden boxes in the next month or so. We're really looking forward to the results there.



NEW- SuperImploder Upgraded Design: June 2012


Upgrade for Superimploder



New results report: June 14, 2013

New results report- March 3, 2013:


New- GREAT results- Mallorca- Dec 17, 2012- here is the report with pictures- DOUBLE THE WEIGHT RESULT IN IMPLODER WATER PLANTS!


Tomas Z., Canada- report- with image set- Nov 19,2012:
"Hi Daniel, How are you doing, I hope everything is going well with you and yours. Everything is good with me and I have been enjoy the imploded water by drinking it and using it on my plants. The plants are noticeably healthier and more resistant.... As promised I conducted a comparison study and it clearly shows the benefits of the imploded water. I noticed that the plant was more efficient, needing less roots to absorb water. At the same time, once the roots were out the branching was very symmetrical and consistent. The leafs on the plant was more consistently spaced out. The plant flowered much earlier and was more resilient to drought. All in all, lots of improvement. Attached you will find an image, showing the 4 most noticeable changes in the span of approximately two and a half months. I have about 30 good images showing the different stages, I believe that this is a very good example of how beneficial the imploder is. I hope you like the study and the results.. . Best wishes, Tomas Z."-pic below



The SuperImploder is the most powerful magnetic water treatment device in the world today.


The published literature is overwhelming that strong magnetic treatment of water- is of benefit at many levels of agriculture. The SuperImploder starts with 8 large surface area 3000 + gauss magnets- which are specially treated during the sintering process (while they crystallize)- with a frequency signature which is phase conjugate- meaning their flux lines produce the pine cone (compression / implosion) - This is an example of the breakthru concept of PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS - magnetic lines which are centripetal inside and outside the magnet.

Restoring constructive compression ( net energy gain DURING constructive collapse)- is the essence of IMPLOSION: restoring centripetal forces. In addition to the uniquely placed and polarized extreme magnetics- in the SuperImploder- we add an IMPLOSION NOZZLE. The vortex in this fortron super-plastic nozzle is precisely designed directly from Dan Winter's new equation which for the first time predicted the radii of hydrogen only by multiplying planck length times golden ratio exponents. Not only is this the Implosion geometry for net energy gain during collapse- which is the reason hydrogen exists (all golden ratio based)- it perfectly predicts in vortex angle for perfect implosion in water. This is why we call our nozzle "(Victor) Schauberger's Dream"!

Once the molecules of water have gained implosive centripetal force in their spin- at the molecular level- they then function like an armature entering a permanent magnet motor- as they enter the super strong magnetic fields. The result is decreased molecular cluster size- AND increased solubility. This is the major key to why the Imploder Water- is of benefit to most any growing thing. The molecules have more relative surface area (ready for solution)- in addition to their increase in magnetic coherent alignment. This is perfectly parallel to why the gold atom becomes super-potent to biology in the mono-atom state. Also why your blood cells are stronger (more soluble surface exposed) when they stand alone- without clumping into slimy groups in your blood.

For the SuperImploder - this all shows up in extensive individual and laboratory testing. Unlike other weaker products- ( for example- - which has no vortex, and which has no magnetics) - we also publish our own detailed tests- in addition to other public research on magnetic water in general. In addition to the dramatic 20-70 percent growth results you see in still and time-lapse photos all over our web sites- we consistently see - benefit in REDOX potential in lab measures. Redox- electron availability to react IS the essence of FRACTALITY- namely distribution perfected- for water! This also explains why the lab data shows dramatic reduction of things like chlorine in Imploder water. (see lab results). The molecules which least fit - (the chlorine molecule) are the first to be ejected. Spin density- like laminar coherence- is good for water- for the same reason centrifuges are essential for washing and industry. Perfecting compression (spin density) DOES the sorting. This also points to why so many sujective reports from people who drink SuperImploded water that they feel energized- when they drink it- even for a short time.

In our lab in Byron- with the SuperImploder - we are consistently measuring useful change in redox potential (fractality= charge distribution efficiency).

Users consistently report the water soaking in faster to the soil: 'wetter water' means less is needed...

Our SuperImploder, altho new, is already in enthusiastic use in dozens of countries- join us on the cutting edge- adding life force to water - for life!

--Joshua D., wrote June 16,2012: "Hi Dan, I received the Imploder yesterday and started growth trails today. My first observation was soil holds the imploder-treated water far better than regular water. I'm using long planter pots with drainage holes and watering with rain water. The regular water escapes out of the drainage holes in substantial amounts even many hours after soil application. Thanks, Joshua D"

John C., wrote Aug 2012 - from CA, USA- My shower head and DVDs came 2 weeks ago and I've been using it. Love it. Water is definitely different and more lively. I just feel better after using it overall. I have some thoughts and experiences with the imploder for the month I've had it. Used it for drinking and my jacuzzi water. I have a 800 gallon jacuzzi 10 ft by 8ft so a decent size pool that will seat 12. The water supports more life energy, so much so that I was putting in the maximum amount of chemicals (bromine and chlorine) and the algae bloom would not die! This would indicated more dissolved oxygen in the water as well. The super imploder is not recommended for filling pools and spas or ponds because of the ease of algae growth. This is to be expected because your products are intended for plant growth and sustaining life. It definitely overcame the chemicals I put in to keep the water clear which is exciting because it seems the proper use of this product will overcome a polluted environment! Bathing and drinking in the water, even just soaking my feet produced a overall feeling of well being and clarity of thought. My head would ring quite loud and the world in general around me seemed sharper and more defined. I just feel more aware and alive. Very cool! It should be noted that all water at my house is treated through a whole house (waterboy) water filter and is already purified and softened through their proprietary technology which I believe is the healthiest and best out there available right now. So my water is purified through the Waterboy and then structured and energized by the super imploder. I also took the time to water my sago palms and basil plants and the plants simply loved it. One sago that was not doing as well as the others (brown and yellow areas and slower growth) perked up noticeably and is now a healthy vibrant green. My basil seems more fragrant and stronger tasting. it should be noted that no nutrients or chemical fertilizers have been added to my plants in over a year! I only watered maybe 6 times in two weeks at the most.


Thomas G- wrote Aug 7,2012: from CA, USA- Hello Dan and Roger, > Thanks for the latest news on the Imploder. A while back I purchased an Imploder from Dan and it is now installed on my home farm located in Georgetown, California. I've enclosed a photo. The device is fantastic. I am growing vegetables on poor quality soil and getting great results. All the plants are incredible pest free as well.
> When I purchased the Imploder from Dan over a year ago, I promised him that I would send a photo after I got it installed, so I want to be sure he gets it. (above) - I met Dan in Calgary, Canada almost 2 years ago, so I hope he still remembers me. I've been very interested in his work since then, not only from a scientific interest but from a spiritual as well.
>> Thanks again for all your work on the Imploder. > Sincerely, > Thomas G.


Nov 2013: SuperImploder mounted on TRACTOR IRRIGATION SPRAYER- in Russia!

-another install in New England- USA:



Oct 11. 2012:




dragos report

Just a reminder to all SUPERIMPLODER USERS: The water must ENTER and the black nozzle end (spin before magnetics entry). The water must EXIT the white magnet tube end!


Report: Jan 2012 from ORGANIC INDIA Company-



J. C. writes again on Mar 11,2011: " Dan, Sweet Implosion! The roots photos are really great showing the difference between Imploded and non-imploded. The plants were cloned on the same day. They all had the same nutrients. The healthy white roots are the Imploded plant. The darker green, smaller roots are not imploded . . shows the huge difference. The Mature plant photos (not shown here) are all Imploded. Notice how some of the leaves point toward the light. My plants here at home aren't included but have had a big surge again since getting Imploded water again. Thanks again for all you do, J.C. - image exerpt:


Report: Dec 30, 2011 Jason Matozzo,
testing SuperImploder -The design of the new SuperImploder- is specific - in that the original Imploder served germination phase growth more than fruiting phase. To prove the new design - in HYDROPONIC environment- just as the plants approached - fruiting phase- (same plant type, soil, environment and water amounts)- one comparison set of pepper plants were given Superimploder water to compare.

"The pepper plant on the right was treated for 1 week with magnetic imploded water, started to bloom after the first week in flowering. The pepper plant on the left we used regular water, three weeks into flowering and we are just now starting to see peppers form. Unofficially, the imploded water cut two weeks of transition from veg to bloom phase. Further test will continue." - Chris Always Sunny Hydroponics. (new image:)

fruiting Phase


SuperImploder Results Updated Nov 2011:

The following new un-retouched actual time lapse photography - of the


was made by Jason Matozzo, Connecticut, USA- working with the SuperImploder - at
You can contact Jason in New England, USA about his Imploder work:

The plants are beefsteak tomato plants. 32 seeds total. Started on 9/11/11, completed on 10/21/11. 41 days total.

More Detail: The Left Front is SuperImploder treated water effect-note the growth difference!
The Left Rear is regular tap water
The Right Front is tap water with nutrients



Sacramento, California - Neil W. letter Nov 8, 2011: (quote)- Salutations Dan, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to thank you again for agreeing to the discount on the Super Imploder and give you an update on my findings so far.

I bought two identical plant packages and used the imploder water on one and tap water in the other. The first thing noticed was that the imploder water absorbed the soil in about 1-2 minutes, leaving the soil looking moist & fluffy and the tap water absorbed the soil after about 30 minutes. Even after 40 minutes the tap water Was not completely absorbed and made the soil into a sloshy mud. Both plants are placed in the same soil, same sized pot and in place in the same sunlight. The only difference between the two is the water.

Day 1) Tap : no significant change in growth. Looking a bit more brown. Imploder: immediate noticeable growth of 1/4" - 1/2". Plant is noticeably greener , straighter and has a new patch of red on the stock.

Day 3) Tap: growth of 1/4-1/2". still has some brown color. Imploder: growth Of 1". Vibrant green color.

Today Day 7) Tap: growth of 1". Slightly greener but still has some brown coloring , new red patch on stock, growth of two new stocks sprouting On the base. Imploder: growth of 2.5". Two new stocks spouting from base. Bright green and much straighter than the other. So far the the plant with the imploder water has double the growth compared to the tap water plant. Very impressive !

I have been taking pictures to document the results ...(here they are):

Up to Day 7: NeilResultTimeLapse

New- Neal added up to day 14- look at the difference in the update pic below!


Finally .. on Nov 25, 2011 Neal from Sacramento, California sent
the climax photo from his SuperImploder growth compare.. his word: “Unbelievable !”



News update: The New "SUPER-IMPLODER" url:


imploder1 imploder2


from Dan - July, 2010- Hi.. I was skeptical myself- so many science folks helped us with the original tests.. I had to test the replicability of this effect myself. Now we have set up yet another real trial group here in South France- (thanks to Colin and his wonderful family) and as of today- I am absolutely convinced- this growth effect is replicable!
Here- after only 5 days- we already had this dramatic difference in growth.. We had placed 7-8 radish seeds in each pot- look at the difference! Imploder water fed pots on the right. Many more seeds germinated AND grew much better.


few days later: (note pots switched sides- to eliminate any environment difference)
(we also put Imploder water in the swimming pool there at Colin's - we are all sure that it is more 'silky' water -everyone agrees much nicer swimming.. as well)..

Note in this growth - study we started with very nice mountain water. So - the effect is across water types. In UK we had water which had notably bad re-dox potential measure for growth. There we got such a dramatic (328%by weight!) growth effect. I was doubtful this would happen when starting with good water. But.. here we are next to mount Canigou- with nice mountain water- and STILL this dramatic difference!


radish results double

On Aug 4,2010: Colin reports from the Fractal Field growth labs:

"Dan, Please find attached the close out of the radish test. This is the one from the black containers that showed dramatic differences when comparing Imploder watering and regular water. - The end result of the radish was double the weight primarily due to the rate of germination. We planted the same number of seeds in each container and the results were 3g of regular water radish and 6 grams of Imploder water radish. ... New test underway tonight to test peas, beans and tomatoes for effectiveness of the Imploder water.

The existing bean plant test is now beyond belief. The Imploder beans are now 250 cm and 220 cm versus the 55 and 65 cm regular water plants. We are at week five and I am looking forward to letting this test run its course until the fall. Everyone who visits is astonished. If I wasn't the person growing them it would be hard to believe that the only difference is in the water! What force have you unleashed Dan? The implications for agriculture are staggering. We are getting in touch with a wine producer to start some grape tests as well. Talk to you soon, Colin"

How the Imploder Nozzle creates water- which is self-referring:

--Results keep coming in..
jeffs beans

Compare above Vancouver Beans test on Imploder- with early results here in France:
imploded beansbeans





The Imploder is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion- see nozzle below..
COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.. where the LIKE or SIMILAR poles of the Magnets ATTRACT each other:
(please show this to your physics professor.. after they fall off their chair- send us an email.. this is NOT an illusion- thousands have witness.. the ANGLE of the 2 like magnetic poles - when precise and octahedral across correct permissivity.. creates the ATTRACTION of like poles!)

The extreme converging magnetic flux lines- create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level- which creates the spin cycle of the wash machine- sorting by mass. Resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density (see measures below).

phaseconjugate magnets


& of the origin of (self organization) in Time!

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: (bottom)

This article continues from the original presentation Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio-Gravity's CAUSE-by Dan Winter,
in the proceedings International Unified Field Physics conference(s) Budapest 06(&08):

Implosion Group with Dan Winter- is Announcing: All New Suite of Fractal Tech:Projects>

Stay Tuned: , ,
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pdf imploder

Fractal Field: Technology: The IMPLODER- Now Available :--Note the growth effect and reduction in entropy etc below.



Finally: Imploder Nozzle design updates- and report preliminaries- from - May/June 2010

1. Chris Dean: - found 30% effect on sprout weight- with only gravity feed water pressure thru IMPLODER
- and probable improved resistance to pests- see photos:

Maggie wrote: " Hi Dan
Just spoke with Vern. He did some rudimentary work with the Imploder on himself. He found that our imploder water felt as good as the one he has in his house which has no magnets, the effect was immediate."

Paul Corben - Japan wrote:

hey dan me and my friend put water on lemon balm herb plants and overnight the stems became thicker and were standing up more when we checked this afternoon, [05/03/10] Paul Corben: i have had these 3 lemon balm plants small herbs for only three weeks from the store and the stems were flimsy
[05/03/10] daniel winter: excellent-
[05/03/10] Paul Corben: my pleasure Dan

[05/03/10] Paul Corben: i tested the taste with my friend and she was able to easily identify the water she said it tasted smoother
[05/03/10] Paul Corben: this has awesome potential

Thanks for your help!


Announcements- from Dan Winter- Implosion Group:

Update: TWENTY FOUR-New SUMMER 2010 Films! - over 30 Hours, & Technology Update - Released July 2010-from Implosion Group- with Dan Winter
Including:"The Vairocana Effect":The LIFE GIVING FIELD EFFECT-Hermes Real Revolution


Dan Winter- in Prague - Czech TV- Update July 2010- on New FRACTAL SCIENCE OF LIFE (English and Czech)
also see: new English and Czech web site for Implosion Group:

Also New: July 13,2010 New Radio Conversation with Dan Winter:



Mar10,10:Blockbuster Physics Summary:Overwhelming Evidence:PLUS:Best FILM SERIES EVER-Aussie10Reviewed Golden Ratio Fractal Phase Conjugation causes Gravity, Perception, Color, Life, Time: All Centripedal Forces. , PLUS -ElNaschie GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY - PLUS:NewRelease THEIMPLODER-Ready for YOU to Try..


Milan Libreria Esoterica: Presentation Dan Winter - March 2010


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